We waited about 5 minutes, in the meantime, I walked back up to the open drive thru window asked for honey...I saw the employees drinking pop and bs ing...hello no wonder your times are bad and you all try to look productive.Once the same woman who took the order brought the other womans who was waiting I heard..."We were waitin on biscuits", again no respect, no cares for anyones time or wait she then handed me my food w/ no explanation, apology or thanks for my wait...but instead I got a glare and she then looked back again and I asked what are you looking at...she said I can look. I asked if the order was with "red beans and rice". Go figure, only luke-warm. Just look for the guy with the dreds. They do not practice procedure when they are handling food .on more than one occasions I go to buy food one of the reps hand was cut, he just started his shift he did not wash his hands nor put gloves on. However shortly after being at work the store manager would tell me another lie or I would look at my schedule to only see that my hours had been cut again. the minumum wait time is about 10 min. SMS is an operator owned cooperative that provides exclusive supply chain services for Popeyes Louisiana Chicken (the “Brand”). IM SURE NOTHING WILL BE DONE REGARDING THIS MATTER. World's Best for Corporate Office Info. I am calling to report and see why i am no longer on the schedule AFTER 36hrs in one week. Topeka Kansas has the worst management.. nearly as bad as the corporate customer care line. However I continued to work there because I was told when hired that I was being hired for an Assist Management job. We went to the store 11736. Now I am on Popeye's Corporate site and as soon as I am finished with this, I will be going on FACEBOOK and telling people about the service at POPEYES IN ST MATINVILLE, LA.My e mail address is [email protected]. They might have a sore on their hand I purposely ate here for 10 days straight, dined inside and observed. I feel thats wrong and havent been working in 3 weeks n dont think thats fair because i never got in trouble there in order get fire thought you gotta have three write ups for that but i just wanted my job back got fired for no reason dont want anyone to get in trouble i might just get a layer to look into this because i wanted to grow with the company but git fired for no reason. Popeyes #11305, San Antonio TX. I felt my blood pressure peaking. SORRY FOLKS, YOUR COMMERICAL IS NOT ABOUT POPEYES IN SUMTER. I will drive to the next town to my chicken. SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE needs to get this place under control and return it to the Popeye's of the founder's Vision. unbeknown too the asst manager, there are employees coming back and telling him these things. It took me 40 to get my order and when I received it, it was wrong. Phone Numbers (954) 578-8103. Well, strike three and you are out. I went to the restaurant on laBrea and centinela ave,. He underpays his employees. She got loud with me during the phone call and over talked me each time I tried to say anything during the phone call. Bill, she went away and came back with my soda, then left again and came back with my food. I had these big grant thought that maybe I could make a difference. I would not refer my friends or family to patronize that location e EVER as long as she is working there... Get it together or get fired because there are many other people in the unemployment line that would be mpore than happy to have your job and do it the right way!!!!! Now come on, I am not racist, but this appeared to be blatant racism to me. you have lost a customer it sucks. Seems suspect that within 3 minutes the manager would decide to balance the “til” right after you left. You can call Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen at (212) 725-7033 phone number, write an email to [email protected], fill out a contact form on their website www.popeyes.com, or write a letter to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc, 400 Perimeter Center Terrace, Suite 1000, Atlanta, Georgia, 30346, United States. When it was my time to get to the order box she said hold ...so I waited and waited and then all of the sudden she says "I said go ahead" hmmmm not a good start that is for sure. I didn't purchase anything and the neither did the person behind me. She said that the order was with "fries" because that is what she was told. Its sad when you cant order because the people working are illegal, and can speak English, hmm do i hear law suite. I drove home which is 3 minutes away. SHAME ON YOU. Popeyes’s headquarters are in 20690 NW 2ND AVE, Miami, Florida, 33169, United States What is Popeyes’s phone number? I live 1 hour from Popeye’s and we were in Huntsville on Friday. Comments are for review purposes. He displayed no professionalism whatsoever.I was very displeased with what I saw yesterday. Get access to exclusive coupons. Our goal is to satisfy our customers' demands and exceed expectations for the products and services each brand offers. But other things my son has told me i could not put on this . WAS VERY GOOD. g. The employees are dirty, dirty shirts, dirty aprons, dirty shoes, dirty fingernails, greasy hair and during my visits, often used racist remarks towards Caucasian customers behind their back. We were told it would but it has been a long hard summer with no Popeyes!!!! Sping,TX. YOUR the BEST and we need you up here in the hi-desert Good Luck on corporate repsonding. When I come into a restaurant, I am suppose to feel welcome and appreciated for my service, but here, I didn't get that at all. The chain of restaurants primarily service chicken dishes on its menu with spicy flavors. I visited popeyes on Wellington Rd. I was watching the show and started craving some chicken so My wife and I knew we could get in and out quickly (right) we went to the drive through placed our order and there were two cars in front of us that was told to pull over to the side and will bring it to you, Then we were told the same. THESE WINGS WERE SO SMALL NEVER SEEN WINGS THAT SMALL EVEN THE GIRL SAID THEY WERE VERY SMALL BUT SHE COULD NOT DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, NO MORE POPEYES FOR US. He feels that they may just back this asst up for fear of losing their job. After recieving our order, I went up and asked for a Ranch and a BBQ sauce, I was told they charge .11 cents each, no problem, I went and got a quarter out of my purse(I didn't even expect change). The service is terrible!! IF YOUR CUSTOMER HAS AN ATTITUDE YOU BETTER NOT HAVE ONE BACK IF YOU LIKE THE 7.25/HR YOUR GETTING!!! Popeyes is an American multinational chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants founded in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana and headquartered in Miami, Florida.Since 2008, its full brand name is Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., and it was formerly named Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits and Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits. or fingers. so you wait ... and wait . Popeyes, also known as Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, is a fast food restaurant. Contact; Popeyes Headquarters – New Light On A Pertinent Idea.. Back in early 2008, Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits languished in quick-service mediocrity. WE " Love that Chicken from POPEYE'S " Thanks for listening. Then the child was put inside the office and the door closed with NO adult inside. MUST PAY THE LADY ON TV GOOD MONEY TO LIE ABOUT THE SIZE OF THE CHICKEN , SHE CLAIMS LARGE Pieces DONT KNOW FROM WHERE SHE NEEDS TO COME TO TEXAS STORE 4508 ALSO THE GUY JOSE THERE IS VERY RUDE ...FOR A MANAGER, HE DONT KNOW HOW TO TREAT HIS CUSTOMERS AND HIS EMPLOYES HE YIELD AT THE YOUNG LADY THAT WE HAD TO TAKE WINGS BECAUSE THERE WAS NO LEGS . Popeyes also known as Popeyes Chicken & Buistcuits is based in Atlanta and the company sets up, franchises, and operates a number of restaurants across different locations. I visited the Popeyes in Melrose Park, IL last night. Every location i go to has nothing but Mexicans working, and can speak English, hmmm how sad to Americas future... call immigration I bet Popeye's will respond. I don't recall if she was wearing protective gloves or not. I purchased a 16 piece dinner last night, took it home to my family started eating and realized the chicken was not cooked all the way, called the location spoke with the manager told her the situation she said it was just because it was the "Spicy" I said no I know the difference between spicy and raw I then took the chicken back to the location she said that she would give me 1 chicken breast??? Like why do I have to move soo quickly..all they care about is their stupid clock when they should care more about upselling and GREAT SERVICE So I pulled nxt to the lady..we started talking, our windows were down and she said she was only waiting on an eight (8) piece and biscuits. The employee reached into his basket and attempted to take one of his tenders saying, " I gave you one too many pieces of chicken!" Some locations are a disgrace to the company yet, others are amazing. Had a chance to give some money away like other CEOS have, and she basically gave nothing. However, sometimes staff from Popeyes headquarters do read the reviews on this website. This phone number is Popeyes's Best Phone Number because 5,244 customers like you used this contact information over the last 18 months and gave us feedback. This time I went inside. No food tongs, no gloves, dirty fingers. k. Small child (I'm guessing) it was an employees child running loose in the back where food preparation was taking place. Would you like to visit a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Popeyes? a. We had gone to one of the stores for years once or twice a week love the chicken livers. [email protected] Find 41 listings related to Popeyes Chicken Headquarters In San Antonio Tx in San Antonio on YP.com. For Payment Issues/Enquiries. I will not ever go to this location again. I ordered the #2, a large red beans and rice Costing me $12. Twice they were closed well before they should have been. it's 8:01 and we are still sitting outside waiting, 8:10pm now and my wife was going crazy so she went inside to get the order and we get home to find out it was not right I'll stop here because it's getting me upset all over again. I noticed (not all inclusively): She was very argumentative with me when I called to speak to a manager. I pulled to the other side of the building and waited for my order. cause they lost a loyal customer at close to $200. I waited for 11 minutes before the car in the front of me was asked for his order. Thinking that since I live only 2 miles away, the chicken would be hot. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Corporate Office Of Popeyes Chicken locations in … ALL WE HAVE IS A MCDONALDS OR WENDYS. TRULY PATHETIC! I dont know what too do. Im commplaining about general manager from Cleveland area store dept#118 Frank Davis at clark stor i was employed with store since febuary of 2016 frank fires me because i wouldn't take the trash out after 1130pm. The best phone number and way to avoid the wait on hold, available live chat options, and the best ways overall to contact Popeyes in an easy-to-use summary, as well as a full comparison of the 2 ways to reach Popeyes, compared by speed and customer recommendations. The sign said "closed for renovation" will reopen in September. I also would like to know if this location is reopening!!!! I called 911. Of course he balanced. They caused my life to turn upside down by their lies and dishonest, they don't understand the damage that they have done!!!! Find 179 listings related to Corporate Office Of Popeyes Chicken in Houston on YP.com. They will try tricking u by giving u something u did not order I have tried this place 6 times because they r the only chicken place around. Give the manager a chance to take care of the situation. The manager Vannesa is the most unreasonable person there. I started to order a 12 piece, dark, mild. Just watched Popeyes Undercover Boss. It has been difficult and intimidating as well as being a hostile work environment. I can't believe they haven't been shut down!! She scanned my card, gave me my receipt and TOLD me to park in the parking lot and she would bring the order to me. We were hungry and decided to stop off for a couple of poor boy's and fries. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address: 5555 Glenridge Connector Suite 300 Atlanta, GA 30342 USA Phone Numbers: Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-459-4450 Fax Number: 1-404-459-4450 Customer Service Number: 1-404-459-4450 (Validation # 01041502893 if anyone else wants to use it, be my guest, because I will NOT be a guest of POPEYES any longer. h. Employees are rude. You should consider bringing one to our area Clinton , Ia. You see I was different, I did not fit in with the staff, I did not join in with the conversations that became sexually, I was always polite and respectful in my tone and the manner in which I spoke to the guest. there was sauce and do not know what the rest of the stuff was.I told the girl that was taking my order and she was cleaning up with the Manager came and took over. The person taking the order was very rude. Phone Number +4044594450 Founded in Atlanta in 1992 as AFC Enterprises, Inc., the Company is a developer, operator and franchisor of quick-service restaurants ("QSRs" or "restaurants") under the trade name, Popeyes® Louisiana Kitchen and Popeyes® Chicken & Biscuits. I won't be giving my money to Popeyes. Find Corporate Office: Search. He will be respected by others for taking the time to handle the mess, not his mom. And they will try to trick u by giving u something u did not order. WOULD LOVE TO SEE ON OF YOURS HERE, THINK YOU WOULD DO A GREAT BISNESS HERE, WE NEED A CHANGE. I WILL NEVER EVER BE BACK!!!!! When I asked for a refund I was basically accused of being drunk. called last week in reference to a survey I took and someone was supposed to return the call. Email Customer Care on [email protected] He gets angry when he gets home and takes his frustations out at home. i. At the popeyes located at weston rd and Lawrence, Toronto. I AM A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT AND MY BROTHER JORDAN MIKE HELPED ME GET THE JOB THROUGH HIS FRIEND BREEANA PARHAM. IF THIS IS HOW EMPLOYEES ARE TO BE TREATED THEN I SEE WHY WE HAVE SUCH A LARGE TURN OVER.ANY HELP OR ASSISTANCE WOULD GREATLY BE APPRECIATED, I ENJOY MY JOB AND DON\T WANT TO LEAVE, BUT I ALSO VALUE ME AND MY TIME AND DON'T WANT TO BE TREATED SO UNFAIRLY.SINCERELYANGEL COMAS, New Albany Ms popeyes manager has an attitude problem towards coworkers I think the owner needs to come and straighten this store out also Th eres too much entire playing in this store I really don't appreciate being treated like I'm being treated. When I told him not to handle my food he told me I should not be ordering fast food. EVER! Came back with her manager and an random employee to tell me I was wrong. Thanks and No thanks. ever since the East Indians and Muslim types have taken over the Popeye's outlets in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the quality of the food has gone downhill, almost as bad as KFC!The chicken portions are much smaller than before, is much greasier than before and what's with this Halal nonsense?If the Muslims want to have their food Halal, they can buy it from a Muslim butcher and cook it themselves, not that it would taste any different.Popeye's has been degraded to junk food outlets, the quality is very poor and there's no value for the money!Corporate greedy America at it again! Nike Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address: One Bowerman Drive Beaverton, Oregon 97005 USA Corporate Phone Number: 1-503-671-6453 C... Best Buy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, Wells Fargo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, Straight Talk Wireless Corporate Office Headquarters HQ. Popeyes is full of a BUNCH OF SLACKERS WITH NO TRAINING IN CUSTOMER SERVICE..ITS OBVIOUS THEY DONT CARE WHO THEY HIRE THAT THIS WOMAN COULDNT GET ANY OTHER JOB DUE TO HER ATTITUDE AND POOR WORK ETHIC AND TATOO COVERED NECK ETC...GHETTO!!! in London On The front counter was filthy. Attitude is more important in some ways than being a "good" worker. I will never patronize another Popeyes again! I am from New Orleans but I live in California. The population and revenue is here and I strongly recommend you research the area and consider building. Company profile page for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information LINE VERY LONG, PEOPLE WAITING, AND NO ONE LOOK LIKE THEY CARE. I could not believe what I was seeing! Needless to say, I called in the survey and was given a "validation code" for more LOUSY SERVICE AT THE SAME ESTABLISHMENT. So come to SUN CITY CENTER FLORIDA. 1800 sucks, Just to let you know that popeye's was my favorite place until i order some food (chicken dipper) I was given only 5 miniature pieces that not even i would give to my dog cause he probably would still be hunger after rec those pieces of chicken and have the nerve to charge 4.99. location one of the worst 121 & 7 ave no miami fl. Perhaps longer handled tools would help also, most of us are somewhat on the shorter side and I don't think I could lean over that size can and be able to reach bottom with the tool she was using. He was extremely rude not only to customers but his co workers as well. I told the clerk she didn't give me my change. Go all the way back to the store. The people of Canton, Ohio likes Popeyes chicken, and would like for some popeyes to be in Canton,Ohio area. The person who took my card was anything but nice either snatching my card out of my hand. he says he can tell when he is being talked about, because of the mannerisms that are displayed when he comes on too work.
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