Treasures in Shanghai Museum is a 25-episode micro-docuseries planned by the Shanghai Museum that sheds a light on the cultural heritage reservoir in Shanghai. It is also a tribute that the Shanghai Museum pays to the cultural relics and those who have safeguarded these treasures. In this micro-docuseries, the history of 25 national treasures collected by the Shanghai Museum and the touching stories of the donors will be unfolded through intriguing narrations. Multiple visual technologies are also applied to create an enjoyable experience for the audience.


Ep1 Famille Rose ‘Peach and Bat’ Vase《了不起的宝藏》第一集 清雍正景德镇窑粉彩蝠桃纹瓶

Ep2 Cowpea red Glaze Seal Paste Box《了不起的宝藏》第二集 清康熙豇豆红釉印盒

Ep3 Rhinoceros Horn Cups《了不起的宝藏》第三集 明代犀角杯

Ep4 Painting Table with Recessed Legs and Inserted Shoulder Joints《了不起的宝藏》第四集 明紫檀插肩榫大画案

Ep5 Zun of Marquis Lu《了不起的宝藏》第五集 西周青铜酒器鲁侯尊

Ep6 Peacock green Glazed Dish with Underglaze Blue 《了不起的宝藏》第六集 明成化孔雀绿釉青花鱼藻纹盘 Design of Lotus and Fi

Ep7 Da Ke Ding 《了不起的宝藏》第七集西周大克鼎

Ep8 White Glazed Ding Kiln Dish Moulded with Impressed Cloud and Dragon Design《了不起的宝藏》第八集 金定窑印花云龙纹盘

Ep9 Hubei Province Ben Sheng Guangxu Silver Dollars 《了不起的宝藏》第九集 湖北本省光绪银元

Ep10 A Trip to Mount Dan 元丹山纪行图卷

Ep11 Hou Chuo Square Ding 《了不起的宝藏》第十一集 厚趠方鼎

Ep12 Misty River and Layered Hills 《了不起的宝藏》第十二集 烟江叠嶂图

EP13 Silk Tapestry of Lotus Pond with Ducklings 《了不起的宝藏》第十三集 莲塘乳鸭图

EP14 Yi of the Marquis of Qi 《了不起的宝藏》第十四集 齐侯匜

EP15 Farewell at Jingkou《了不起的宝藏》第十五集 京口送别图

EP16 Surangama Sutra《了不起的宝藏》第十六集 楞严经旨要卷

EP17 Six facet Seal by Ding Jing《了不起的宝藏》 第十七集 《了不起的宝藏》第十七集 丁敬六面石章

EP18 The Isle Fanghu in Miniature《了不起的宝藏》第十八集 小方壶石

EP19 Moon white Glazed Jun Kiln Zun《了不起的宝藏》第十九集 钧窑月白釉出戟尊

EP20 Jade Dragon Ornament of the Warring States Period 《了不起的宝藏》第二十集 战国玉龙佩

EP21 Master Hongyi’s Calligraphy Works《了不起的宝藏》第二十一集 弘一法师遗墨

EP22 Eight Scenes of Autumn《了不起的宝藏》第二十二集 秋兴八景图

EP23 Round Case with Cloud Pattern 《了不起的宝藏》第二十三集 剔犀云纹圆盒

EP24 Ancient Coins of the Silk Road 《了不起的宝藏》第二十四集 丝绸之路古钱币

EP25 Jiu Ge 《了不起的宝藏》第二十五集 九歌图