2023 EDI Baby Contest: Community Harmony

2023 EDI Baby Contest for a Better and Harmonious Community

2023 24th ICiTi News Children Speech Contest for a Better and Harmonious Community


This competition is designed to communicate messages of friendliness and unity through voices, guiding children to cultivate positive values from a young age. It aims to make kindness and tolerance integral parts of their daily lives. By reciting these classic pieces, young participants develop a better understanding of the shared aspects among individuals, contributing to the building of a harmonious society.


The participants, dressed in traditional costumes, showcased their cultural characteristics to the audience while expressing a deep concern for peace and friendship on the stage. This theme resonated in their performances, fostering the children’s abilities to understand, tolerate, and respect different backgrounds and cultures. Each segment of the competition allowed us to feel the children’s voices, as if we could touch their aspirations for a better world.


Event components:

  • Time: August 19, 2023
  • Venue: 1409 Walnut Grove Ave. Rosemead, CA 91770 (University of the West Auditorium)
  • Registered Participants: 500+
  • Contest Participants: 100
  • Award Recipients: 60 (across 4 different age groups with difference ethnicities)
  • Speech topic highlights:
    • “The Color of Love” (Leon Gao, Aiden Yang, Jeremy Zhong, Jessie Feng)
    • “Our Family” (Chai Chai)
    • “Song of Peace” (Caleb Liu)
    • “Love Life” (Amy Jia)
    • “Praise to Mother” (Eric Han)
    • “Gratitude” (Yuechen Yu)
  • S. Congresswoman Judy Chu, along with the mayors of Walnut and San Gabriel, attended the event and presented awards to James Su, CEO of EDI Media.


The children’s recitation contest has generated a lively response within the community, leaving parents feeling the positive influence it carries and the power it holds in promoting community harmony. Many parents have expressed their positive feedback about the contest and have shared their insights.


Parent of Amy Jia expressed that through this contest, the children aren’t just reciting on stage; they are transmitting messages of kindness and unity through their voices. She considers this crucial for nurturing their tolerance and respect abilities. In her opinion, when children understand and respect diverse cultural backgrounds from an early age, they will find it easier to establish friendly relationships, thus contributing to harmonious coexistence within the community.


Jeremy Zhong’s parent, shared her feelings, noting that by witnessing the children recite classic passages, she gained a deeper understanding and experience of these works. She believes that while these works express history, culture, and emotions, they also convey emotional connections between individuals – a key factor in promoting community harmony. She firmly believes that children can grow confidently and flourish only in a harmonious environment.


Chai Chai’s parent, highlighted that the children dressed in traditional attire during the contest, showcasing their cultural uniqueness to the audience. This experience helped them appreciate the diversity of cultures more profoundly. He believes that nurturing cultural inclusivity in children from a young age will help them face differing viewpoints and values with openness in the future, thus reducing misunderstandings and conflicts and contributing to a harmonious community atmosphere.


In conclusion, the parents’ positive feedback and insights about the children’s recitation contest emphasize their dedication to nurturing their children’s kindness, tolerance, and respect. They recognize that through the children’s voices and expressions, seeds of friendship and harmony can be sown within the community, making a positive contribution to its prosperity and integration. This contest goes beyond a mere stage performance; it paves the way for a brighter future within the community.





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