The activity of taimen into the summer-autumn season is subjected to very specific fluctuations. The head of Sakhalin taimen is comparatively bigger than by any of salmon species, and the jaws - much more powerful. If the angler’s skills are up to the task, he or she will end up cradling a trophy of a lifetime. Siberian taimen (Hucho taimen)have the broadest distribution of all taimen, and are recognized as the largest member in the group. Fish.Travel – International booking service for fishing trips.Copyright © All rights reserved. Think it or not, you may have an opportunity like that, nevertheless it could imply flying into Russia and fly fishing for Siberian taimen alongside rivers that have been dubbed the “last frontier. 7 days fishing All incl Khabarovsk – Uda – Khabarovsk. Epic! Sakhalin taimen can reach more than 1 meter in length (40 inches)  and 25-30 kg (60-70 lbs) of weight. Mongolia is roughly the size of Alaska and is bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south. Most rapid growth occurs during the first 10-13 years, when its length increases annually by 8-10 centimeters (3-4 inches). 8 kalba apie tai. In September taimen is not very discriminate in its diet and would take any bait, but during the summer different size and color baits has to be tried. In the opinion of some fishermen, a drop in their activity at this time is also caused by the painful process of replacing the teeth. expedition TAIMEN from Black Fly Eyes on Vimeo. There is no more prestigious trophy for a fly fisherman than taimen trout. Jul 8, 2013 - Taimen fly fishing. Hucho perryi), also known as the Japanese huchen or Stringfish, is a large, East Asian species of fish in the salmon family (Salmonidae). Beside fish, this predators diet includes small mammals caught in the water. Siberian taimen fishing and rafting. Sergei Shushunov and Russian Hunting LLC offer Sakhalin taimen fishing on the mainland, in Khabarovsk region of Russia. Current IGFA record of Siberian taimen, caught in 1993 in Keta river of Khabarovsk region of Russia is measured at 42 kg (92 lbs). River is now well protected. Tour does not include: - alcohol and delicacies (participants, if necessary, bring yourself); - fishing equipment (on request); Additional services: - delivery of all fishing equipment to Turukhansk with the help of transport companies in advance; - Professional photography - 100 000 rubles (per group); - Individual video shooting with quadrocopter - 150 000 rubles (per group), will be presented in two versions: one short (as in the video of the presentation, only with your participation), the second will have all the pictures for the entire period; - Delivery by helicopter - the approximate cost of one hour flight is 137 000 rubles. Reception and assistance in Moscow and Abakan airport. It frequently stays in the pools and deep holes, under steep shores and in the mouths of tributaries. It has been well protected and looked after. It usually spawns in April. Russia; Fishing for taimen on the Putorana Plateau; Show gallery 6 photos. Trophy fishing trips to Russia. Uda river Khabarovsk territory. Chevitsa usually feeds on small fish. It is most high soon after spawning. The area is very sparsely populated and has few roads. Taimen fishing is difficult and requires traveling to some of the most remote places on earth. Both the White and the Barents Sea have a good population of this delicious fish. Extreme fishing trips to Russia. Unofficial records: Kotui river 105 kg., Amur river 80 kg., Yenisey river 63 kg., Lena river 60 kg. Location: Tuva republic, Russia Season dates: August 20 – September 30 Fishing method: Fly fishing, catch and release Accommodations: Tent camp Price per person: $4200 group of 5-6; $4700 group of 4; $5500 group of 3, Day 1: arrival to Moscow, overnight in Petropavlovsk. Contents SAKALIN TAIMENHOW TO DISTINGUISH ITSHAKALINTAIMEN SAKALIN TAIMEN Imagine the silver beauty and the fighting spirit of Atlantic salmon. Hundreds of kilometers from the tired city reigns virgin nature of Mongolia, and in the rivers splashing taimen, ... We return to Russia via the famous lake Hubsugul. Once found over large areas of Russia, Mongolia, and China, the species is threatened by overfishing and habitat destruction. Taimen fishing is difficult and requires traveling to some of the most remote places on earth. Abundance of food allows Taimen to grow really big here. Krasnoyarsk region. Fishing Adventures in Russia . Taimen The taimen or Siberian taimen is a fish species of the salmon family. Mature taimen is very territorial and is rarely found in proximity to oher taimen. The vast historic range of taimen includes parts of Kazakhstan, China, Russia, Japan, and Mongolia. When it comes to the Russian fishing scene, one sentence comes to mind: “So many things to do, so little time!” This incomprehensibly big country has countless awesome fisheries and can give you just as many angling adventures.
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