You can save a lot of time, birds, and grief by making the initial investment to predator proof your chicken coop and run. Do not handle the trap with your bare hands when a predator is inside as many will try to scratch or bite you and may be able to reach through the bars of the trap. - Duration: 21:14. 21:14. I do have a raccoon proof coop however, when the door was shut it was not latched correctly. I tried removing things that attract the skunks, predator lights, live traps, cameras, motion sensor lights, portable electric fencing, and hardware cloth. Skunks have the same killing style as a raccoon, but it is not hard to tell if they are your culprit by the smell they leave behind. Are you having trouble with skunks in the chicken coop? In my experience, no skunk has killed any of my chickens, tho they have attacked one that tried to protect her eggs from the skunk. After that incident each night as the skunk approached the cat food dish the cats would hide under the couch on the porch until the skunk was finished eating. Repeat introducing the dog to the chickens on a leash. An awareness of coop security basics goes a long way towards keeping backyard pets safe from unwelcome, hungry visitors 1. Proven Predator-Proof! Often, the same winter den is repeatedly used. Lock up chicken feed. Tracks - Skunks have five toes and you will likely be able to see their claw marks as well. Lock the lids so they can’t be pushed over and spilled. Raising the floor of your chicken coop will add extra security to your chickens. A few days later I had to shoot his mate, too. Different towns have different laws. How to Build a Predator Proof Chicken Coop to Protect Against Coyotes, Foxes, Opossums, Raccoons, Skunks, Snakes, Owls, Hawks and Eagles. The fencing attaches to the coop fencing. A skunk will most likely spray you if you get near them while trapped. I am quite sure it had left a scent on the food is why. Small chicks should be kept in a secure brooder. Secure Your Chicken Coop. To protect the chicken, you have to ensure that they are put in secure coops that run with the right fencing. The coop needs to be the most secure, with the run second most secure. There were two skunks coming around the chicken coop (we never locked the door up at night). In my experience, whenever skunks were hanging around my coops eggs and baby chicks would come up missing. To protect your flock from skunks ensure they are kept in secure coops and runs with proper fencing. Learn how to get rid of them and keep your chickens safe, for good! We stop and prevent raccoons, skunks, squirrels groundhogs, opossums, and feral cats taking up … The hens have helped us thoroughly test and refine our coops. Store chicken feed in rodent-proof containers, and consider a treadle feeder that the chickens have to step on to access food. including an additional fenced in chicken/dog run. Every night around 9:30 to 10:30 I would smell the faint odor of a skunk near my chicken coop. The temperatures has soared today well into the 60’s, and after I finish this post, I may have to hit the back roads on my motorcycle. I bathed her in tomato juice and baking soda and she was fine but the odor lingered for several days. Ms. Peaches has NEVER growled at me EVER. Put away trash cans. Over winter, multiple females (as many as 12) huddle together; males often den alone. 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I tried to approach her and she growled viciously at me. As for me, I'm working on a bear-proof chicken coop and still trying to figure out if that is the right thing to do. There's no doubt the skunk would go after the chicken too. Ms. Peaches cried out and I managed to run the skunk off without getting sprayed myself. 6. Remove dead leaves and brush piles and keep the outdoor area and outdoor run clear. 11 chickens and 3 ducks are no longer with us. The cats would not touch the cat food after the skunk ate and left. I may or may not wear my helmet – just don’t tell my daughters. This will keep the mice and rats from burrowing into your chicken coop and leading weasels into it. Product Features:Excellent for skunks - a skunk cannot spray while in this trap, they cannot lift their tail, arch their back, or see outFully enclosed trap keeps animals calmEasy to handleGreat for ADC work, on the farm, around the yard, by the garden, a we were unaware of the attack until the morning and we lost all our birds but one; the rooster. Bad news, Ms. Peaches could not see and was foaming at the mouth, she appeared to be a rabid dog. Don’t allow Chickens to Roost Outside Chickens are … Their tracks are often mistaken for a raccoons'. There are two main things you need to know about skunks if you’re going to make your coop skunk-proof; The first is that they are about the same size as a domestic cat, so they’re able to squeeze through small holes; The second is that they aren’t that good at climbing, but they’re great at digging Whether chickens free-range or are primarily confined to the coop and run, protecting them from predators can be one of the most challenging aspects of backyard chicken-keeping. Set live traps as soon as your chickens are locked securely in their coop. Use bucket feeders or automatic chicken feeders to keep the chicken food away from rodents. Skunks in the CHICKEN COOP! Keep grass and bushes well trimmed. As a general rule skunks do not kill chickens but they may maim them. The skunks are known to be nest robbers. As well as using them to protect themselves, they will also use those tools to attack. The eggs get opened at one end and the edges are crushed so that the skunk can put the nose in the hole in order to lick what it is found inside. Lumnah Acres Recommended for you. Both shep and coop have a corrugated metal roof. Proofing Chicken Coop Windows, Doors and Roofs. Rodents can attract skunks as can chicken food. Skunks like to eat both plants insects, rodents, lizards,salamanders, frogs, snakes, birds,larvae, moles, berries, roots, leaves, grasses, fungi, nuts, honey bees, and chicken eggs. I discovered this completely by accident. See Lady Frizzle's Story Here: Depending on where you live determines what kind of chicken predators you may have to deal with. Try as I might I was unsuccessful at capturing these last two skunks but eventually, I did successfully capture them. They would eat a few eggs, but leave the chickens alone. I have had quite a bit of experience keeping skunks away from my chickens and I want to share these with you. One of the hardest things in keeping chickens is keeping those chickens out of the reach of chicken predators. Here’s how to keep your hens safe. #CommissionsEarned, #ads, People Can't Get Covid 19 From Chickens CHOE, Go to Chicken Predators and how to get rid of them. Skunks are nocturnal, non-aggresive animals meaning they only come out at night and they do not attack other animals unless cornered. If your dog or cat corners a skunk the skunk will spray it. I waited about 30 minutes and tried to approach her again and this time she came running to me, shaky and scared. Although they have excellent senses of smell and hearing, they have poor vision". I left the opening and put the trap there. Tag Archives: how to keep skunks away from the chicken coop Keep Skulking Skunks Away from Backyard Chickens. 5 Ways to Snake Proof a Chicken Coop Prevention is the best method to keep snakes out of the coop and away from the chickens and their eggs. An adult I suspect is the father and one last baby skunk. Hello from the Maine woods! If a skunk were to find itself in a coop with a chicken and an egg, they’d eat the egg for sure. I shot him and of course stunk the coop up for months. I knew I had to do something so I purchased a live trap. One afternoon I went in to get the eggs and found one asleep in a nesting box. Secure 12 to 24 inches of hardware cloth on the bottom of your coop on all sides to prevent skunks and other predators from entering. Skunks do not prey on dogs and cats but have been known to eat baby chicks, puppies, and kittens.Whether or not a skunk will harm your dog or cat depends on what the situation is. If you have already had a snake invasion, if you don’t take measures to snake-proof your coop, the offenders will return. Region: Widespread. One night I opened the door and the two skunks walked away, they didn't run nor did they seem bothered much by my presence as I just stood there as still as I could, praying they wouldn't spray me. Remove the following things that attract skunks: You can sprinkle cayenne pepper in areas where you can tell the skunk has been digging or entering. I knew I needed to get her bathed quickly but there was no getting near her. LOMEREY Pack of 4 Soar Powered Deer Chaser Light Nocturnal Animal Deterrent Scares Coyote Fox Racoon Skunk Nighttime Animal from Garden, Yard, Chicken Coop 3.9 out of 5 stars 138 $31.95 If you approach the trap use a plastic tarp held out in front of you and quickly cover the trap. That is not to say that a hungry skunk will not kill a chicken as there are some who will assure you it can and has happened but it is rare. Take the time and resources to make sure it is impenetrable from any chicken predator that may be in your area including skunks, raccoons, dogs, weasels, rats, foxes, coyotes, mink, snakes, and birds of prey. 5. However, if you see a skunk during the day it could mean one of several things. A skunk's spray can reach approximately 10 feet accurately but the smell of a skunk can be detected about 3 1/2 miles if you are downwind of it. Banging loudly on a metal trashcan wouldn't even wake him up. How To Stop & Deter Any Wild Animal From Destroying Your Gardens & Livestock… In 7 Days Or Less! Keep areas around the coop clear and free of hiding spots for snakes. One of the best ways that you can protect your chickens and eggs from skunks and other predators is to fortify their coop. Bears are very messy eaters and leave parts of the chicken all around the coop and run. However, they remain generally inactive and feed rarely, going through a dormant stage. It seems that everything wants to eat chickens: neighborhood dogs, raccoons, foxes, weasels, even chicken hawks (our most-often visited predator here).But you’re smarter than they are. Raise the floor of the chicken coop off the ground . If you smell the acrid odor of a skunk you need to take at least a couple or all of the following precautionary measures to protect your chickens. If your coop is constructed out of chicken wire or hardware cloth with holes greater than 1/4 inch, cover these areas with 1/4 inch hardware cloth secured with zip ties. 6. Steps Give your dog plenty of exercise. I managed to catch all but two skunks. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases on this website. When building your chicken coop and choosing materials remember that rats can fit through anything the size of a quarter, mice can fit through anything the size of a pencil poke, skunks can walk right through chain link fence, and a opossum or raccoon can fit through holes between 2½ and 4½ inches. 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Build a small shed or hutch that is solid, free from any gaping holes … If you use a live animal trap and capture a skunk or other live predator it is best to call your local animal control, local animal shelter or police to find out how to dispose of them. This told me my chickens were in danger. Skunks are not true hibernators in the winter, but do den up for extended periods of time. Bears . Living Off Grid News – How to Build Chicken Coops and Raise Chickens for a Profit by Selling Meat and Eggs.. Raising chickens for meat and eggs has been an important staple for pioneers for thousands of years. (Skunks dig to find grubs to munch on. New Hampshire – Raising chickens for meat and eggs has been an important staple for pioneers for thousands of years. Let your dog sniff around inside the coop. See our list of chicken predators and how to get rid of them. As far as dogs and cats, my dachshund named Ms. Peaches encountered a skunk sneaking around the side of my truck while I was sitting on the tailgate talking to someone. 3-4 inch deep holes in your yard or flower beds. 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