General Electric provide information up to 74,285 component parts for your lookup. The Owner's Manual may also have directions for locating your model and serial number tag. This guide will help you identify most of the options built in to your breaker from the factory and which, if any, will need to be changed or upgraded. 1-877-477-7278. Where research meets reality to propel GE and the world forward. (3), September There are up to 4 more spaces for letters or numbers between the AK and 25 that are important. For example, a serial number of AD could be January 2002 or January 2014. Step 3: Select the Motor Only 1 left! At a glance, with the door closed, most AK-25’s look the same, but the missing digits between the AK and 25 reveal important information that is needed to assure a safe and proper fit. Our white door handle directly replaces part numbers AP2021148, 245574, AH232260, EA232260, PS232260, and WB15X0335. AC 100-240V normal working voltage range, Dual Smart USB Charging Ports: 5V 2.4A shared rating. These models featured improved electro-mechanical trip units and were designed to fit both AKD and AKD5 switchgear. Thank you! Home All Parts. You can use these quick guidelines to identify the specific model of a General Electric circuit breaker: In addition to knowing the brand and product number you’re looking for, here are some other questions to help us identify the perfect solution for your needs: To download this chart click here: flowchart for AK and AKR circuit breakers for guidance. The designation of the GE washing machine model is not complicated and is easy to decipher. Affixed to each appliance is a serial number plate which can give you information about the age of the appliance. Finding your suitable readers for general electric part number search is not easy. ✅ PART NUMBER WB15X335: This microwave door handle also replaces part numbers AP2021148, 245574, AH232260, EA232260, PS232260, and WB15X0335. General Electric Models. (1), January Manufacturer Part Number … $30.00. Knowing what information the manufacturer reflects in the label, you can find out about the main technical characteristics of the refrigerator. GE and GE Profile™ Appliances elevate your kitchen look with clean lines and a selection of premium finishes. Select your product type to see locations for the serial number and model number tag. GE has produced circuit breakers for over 70 years, which can make it difficult to match the right models and model numbers to your needs. Decode model number washing machines GE (General Electric) Example decoding model number of washing machine GE. (3), June G – General Electric product. If A, what is the voltage of the close coil, control relay and trip coil? Need help finding the model number or serial number of your appliance? General Electric® is no longer manufacturing central heating and cooling systems. Enter your search keyword ... Vintage 1940's General Electric Oscillating Fan - Model FM12V43 - Blue - $149.99. If the central heating or cooling system in question truly bears the name "General Electric®" (GE®) then it can be assumed as very old and has exceeded the estimated useful service life. furnace. General Electric (GE) is a manufacturer of household appliances including: refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers and stoves. For more information on how to understand what each letter or digit of the model number means, we’ve developed a guide. Use this tool to find the model and serial numbers on your Monogram appliances. One could be a “U” which would indicate the addition of current limiting fuses. Three complementary Surge Protection Circuits, TVS(transient voltage suppressor)+MOV(metal oxide varistor)+GDT(gas discharge tube), with response speed less than 1Ns, and minimum energy-absorbing capacity of 1680 Joules, its response time is much shorter than the traditional MOV surge protector circuit, It truly provides great protection of your precious plugged-in devices. General Electric Parts. CAD$ 11.52. Contact us to confirm compatibility. Finding your suitable readers for general electric company model number search is not easy. GE Pancake Switch Knob Small. The network surge protector features a right angle plug with a low profile that fits conveniently behind furniture. Step 1: Gather Nameplate Information Listed below is the information you will need to select your motor. General Electric is an American multi-national conglomerate incorporated in New York and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Luckily, replacing a cracked, missing, or damaged microwave handle takes only a few minutes. GE Generators is now Briggs & Stratton Standby Generators. This marked a huge step up from simple fused protection. You can purchase with confidence, with our 12-month replacement warranty, or 30-day money back guarantee! ... Search for your part below using your model number or part number. (3), April or Best Offer. The model number and name for the following item is: General Electric WB08X10016 Holder Lamp. Like other manufacturers, refrigerators have a model number. SIMPLE SETUP – Includes an easy to follow online setup video and the auto scan technology provides trouble-free setup, MASTER VOLUME CONTROL – Allows you to control the volume no matter what device you are operating. Toll-Free Phone: 1-866-678-3718 1-866-678-3718; Weekdays: 8:30am - 5:00pm (CST) Email: [email protected] It is a General Electric made in Toronto, Ontario. ✅ SIZE: Measuring your old microwave handle can help with determining compatibility. Microwaves lose their convenience when they have a broken handle. Search by GE appliance model number and find the official GE appliance part, water filter or accessory you need quickly and easily. Absence of an “A” indicates that it is for AKD switchgear, the presence of it indicates it is for type AKD5 switchgear. (1), September GE's innovation engine where ideas become reality to create a better world and deliver differentiated tech across the company's industrial portfolio. Get Questions Answered Instantly. General Electric Diagrams, Schematics and Service Manuals - download for free! The Serial number is Ser# 398 870 T21 The model number is BWL730G172B. As of 2016, the number of people employed by GE was 295,000.
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