Corporate specialist in Accounting Operations with responsibility for less than this full activity as concentration is on the maintenance and administration of the accounting portion of the financial management system. Managerial concepts are applied for planning and controlling of specific financial policy or financial system development projects assigned by the supervisor. Action is constrained by departmental policies and general direction of the supervisor. Learn how much employees earn by their job title. Resources: Weighted amount of $5.30M (B-1 = $5.28M, B-7 = $0.02M). This standard is to be used to establish the appropriate level for work allocated to the Financial Management occupational group and evaluated using the Financial Management job evaluation standard. Advises the Director and staff of other branches on development of policies and systems. Interaction involves influencing others when providing functional direction and guidance to the regional financial staff. 3,762 open jobs for Fi manager. Functional guidance is provided by the departmental corporate headquarters. Financial Transparency Files » Salary Schedules or Policies » FY 2019-20 » Classified Salary Schedules » . Directs the operation of the department’s Contract Administration function. Prepares departmental financial statements including those required for Public Accounts. the lead departmental executive for all aspects of financial management, program financing, financial reporting and disclosure, and for dealing with central agencies and other stakeholders. Position is in the corporate headquarters of a small department, one of a pool of six available to work on special projects for three Chiefs reporting directly to the Senior Financial Officer which are: Chief, Financial Planning and Resource Management, with five Financial Planning Analysts; Chief, Financial Policy & Systems, with five Systems Analysts; and Chief, Accounting Operations, with three FI’s. The position is one of a pool of four in departmental corporate headquarters. Job evaluation standards for public service employees, Resources Susceptible to Influence Worksheet, Bench-Marks Listed by Activities and Organizations, [email protected], Deleted benchmark 15 - Financial Control Manager, Increased the implicit price index for government current expenditures on goods and services. Other positions reporting to the Director are Chief, Financial Policy and Systems and Chief, Accounting Operations. For ease of reference, definitions relating to the types of resources (i.e., operating expenditures, revolving funds, capital expenditures, etc.) Interaction with others is required when negotiating the acceptance and implementation of changes where other jurisdictions are involved. Action is constrained by departmental systems and procedures and supervision by the Regional Manager. Directs and coordinates the FTE reports, functions and controls for financial management information systems. Download the Resources Susceptible to Influence Worksheet template: RTF 237 KB, Budget Amount (in millions of dollars) table 7 note 4. Reports to: Regional Senior Financial Officer. Start The 5 Day Challenge Your Shortcut to Traveling Better for Less […] The work requires recommending to the Chief, Financial Systems and Policy new or modified systems. The additional spending proposals for the current fiscal year for unforeseen events which could not have been included in previous in-year proposals. It is one of two Senior Financial Policy and Systems Officers, plus a pool of five junior systems specialists who report directly to the Director, Financial Policy and Systems Development. It is the remaining balance or unencumbered resources for a portfolio after outstanding commitments have been paid. The position is in a departmental corporate headquarters. Therefore, such officer shall be paid Rs.176/- as the salary increment for year 2016. A method of accounting that is concerned with the provisions and use of accounting information to managers within organizations, to provide them with the basis to make informed business decisions that will allow them to be better equipped in their management and control functions. Financial management systems are used for any of the following: The process of planning, programming and budgeting to determine the financial and other resources required to carry out the plans assigned to responsibility center managers, to obtain Treasury Board and parliament approval of departmental programs and resource requirements, and to provide a basis for budgetary control. Each description consists of a list of the principal duties and specifications describing the degree of each factor to which the position is rated. The total value determined for each job is the sum of the point values assigned by the raters. Professional specialist analyst working in one full central agency financial management activity (i.e., policy and systems development). Reduced hockey-related revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic will result in a “flat” NHL salary cap for the 2020-21 season. Work consists of developing, designing and documenting financial information and control systems, methods and/or procedures. Managerial concepts are applied for the control and co-ordination of the full range of financial activities across a department or agency; or across all departments and agencies for at least one major financial management activity. Reports to: Branch Director, Financial Management. For positions residing within departmental corporate headquarters, the ultimate decision maker is deemed to be the CFO; in a program/branch, it is the ADM or equivalent; in a region, the DG; in all others, it is a director or whoever is the effective line authority to make ultimate decisions for that organization. One of the Junior jobs has a pool of 2 Trainee positions reporting to it, each responsible for $60 dollars. Financial Statements present aggregate information and serve as a means by which the reporting entity demonstrates its accountability for the resources, obligations and financial affairs for which it is responsible. Independent action is constrained only by policy, legislation and regulations. Salaries posted anonymously by FICO employees. Resources: Weighted amount of $862.90M (B-1 = $437.80M, B-3 = $405.80M, B-4 = $0.30M, B-5 = $19M). The position is required to provide functional guidance to regions. The planning and coordination of all financial management activities across the Branch requires the application of managerial concepts. Reports to: Regional Manager, Finance and Administration. Resources: Weighted amount of $5.60M (B-1 = $1.40M, B-8 = $4.20M). Bachelor of Science (BS / BSc) $79k - $130k. Work requires more than a minimum level of specialization when contributing to the development of policies. Salary Increment 1 Salary Increment 2 Salary Increment 3 Salary Increment 4 Salary Increment 5 Salary Increment 6 Salary Increment 7; From: $ … Influence: Recommends directly to Regional Director. Position provides financial recommendations through two organizational levels. The Chief, Accounting Operations has responsibility for the full activity. A corporate specialist in one financial activity: Policy and Systems Development. Visa and the National Football League have teamed up to help teach financial concepts with Financial Football, a fast-paced, interactive game that engages students while teaching them money management skills. Resources: Weighted amount of $344.70M (B-1 = $280.50M, B-3 = $56.20M, B-4 = $0.25M, B-5 = $7.50M, B-7 = $0.25M). The position is located in a departmental regional headquarters. Independent action is constrained by both departmental and branch policy, regulations and standards and direction by the supervisor. Schools to reopen beginning Dec. 7. This is the department’s senior “full-time” financial officer position. The range might be from a centralized hierarchical line organization to a decentralized matrix functional organization. It also requires the preparation of work plans with target dates of projects and to ensure that they are met. Identifies and ensures prompt collection of accounts receivable; Develops regional revenue collection and reporting procedures and participates in the development of sector and departmental revenue collection and reporting policies; Determines client credit eligibility, also approves or recommends terms of revenue contracts and terms and conditions of payments; and. collecting, processing, maintaining, transmitting and reporting data about financial events and to maintain accountability for the related assets, liabilities and equity; supporting financial management, planning, budgeting and decision-making activities; accumulating and reporting cost information; or. Text Version of an organization chart showing three separate scenarios indicating how dollars may be divided within a division headed by a Director: This scenario shows the Chief, Financial Policy and Systems reporting to the Director, each responsible for $480 dollars. Policy and systems development requires creative and innovative thinking. This normally involves responsibility for specialized areas related to expenditure and revenue accounting and control, financial reporting, and recording and tracking of financial transactions. Implements and maintains the Branch costing system. Coordinates, reviews and analyzes divisional inputs to Branch program Main Estimates and forecasts; Collects cost data and prepares regular and special reports concerning cost recovery and product pricing; and. The work requires significant interaction with departmental managers in order to obtain agreements on new or revised policies, systems and procedures before sign-off by Director. A free inside look at FICO salary trends based on 917 salaries wages for 370 jobs at FICO. A tax is considered authorized when the related legislation has been approved by the legislature or council or the ability to assess and collect the tax has been provided through legislative convention. The level of influence is greater when the position provides financial recommendations directly to the ultimate decision-maker for the organization/organizational element being supported. Raters are to consider the requirements for the position to understand managerial concepts in the performance of the assigned financial activities. Financial Reporting and Evaluation Directorate. inventory build-up, year-end spending, advance payments); and, Provides functional guidance on cash management to regional officers. The supervisor’s position is the deepest specialist. Reports to: Chief, Financial Planning and Resource Management. Reports to: Chief, Financial Planning & Resource Management. Work consists of relatively similar tasks and finding solutions to problems when collecting cost data. Work consists of relatively similar tasks and finding solutions to problems in familiar situations, i.e. Analyses departmental financial systems and procedures and assists in the development and implementation of new or revised financial policies, systems and procedures. The position being rated is compared as a whole to positions to which similar total point values have been assigned, as a check on the validity of the total rating. Income Tax slabs on Salary. Work consists of finding solutions to problems in differing situations when preparing recommendations for system changes. Coordinates and manages the assigned financial management responsibilities across the institution. administration of the accounting operations. Revises and analyzes ARLU and Main and Supplementary Estimates and prepares variance analysis, expenditure forecasts and special reports on project costs; Conducts assigned projects in the accounting operations of a program, branch, region or department; and. Reports to: Director, Finance and Administration. The average FIS Global salary ranges from approximately $27,000 per year for Bilingual Customer Service Associate to $116,045 per year for Consulting Engineer. Independent action is constrained by departmental policy, regulations, legislation and direction of the Regional Chief. Browse job salaries by company, location, experience and more from data provided by real employees. Provides advice to senior managers of the institution on a wide range of financial matters; Plans, directs, and exercises financial control over expenditures and resource utilization and undertakes financial analysis of the institutution input to such items as the ARLU, Main Estimates and Public Accounts; Promotes, recommends and controls the use of sound financial management techniques throughout the institution, including accounting and reporting practices, procedures and systems; and. Pueblo County School District 70. 2.2 This standard is to be used to establish the appropriate level for work allocated to the Financial Management occupational group and evaluated using the Financial Management job evaluation standard. Please note that the organization chart below is not intended to represent any specific organization. Refers to the level of voted authorities for a department (i.e. Formulates proposals for new and develops revisions to existing government regulations, policies and guidelines pertaining to financial and operational management practices and systems; Provides consultative and advisory services to ensure understanding, acceptance and uniform implementation of new/revised policies; Conducts continuing government-wide programs to evaluate the viability and effectiveness of practices, policies and systems and compliance with and implementation of Treasury Board policies by departments and agencies; Plans and coordinates aspects of professional development for the financial community; and. Coordinates the analysis and consolidation of financial reports on departmental operations and provides advice and assistance to the managers both at corporate headquarters and in the regions. Reports to: Director, Financial Policy and Systems Development. It covers the fiscal year of the Government, which ends on March 31. support the management accountability of deputy heads and. The Chief and the Director each are responsible for resources of $480 dollars. Attribution of a full range of financial management to a position requires on-going responsibility for at least three full activities and does not require responsibility for internal financial audit. Designs, develops and implements cost accounting systems; Monitors and controls the operation of departmental cost accounting systems; Provides analysis for senior management in costing problems and for the use in negotiations with third parties; and. Go Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Your Journey to a Happier, Healthier Life When you have control of your finances, instead of the other way around, you’ll find that there is so much more to experience in life than the debt and paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. The report of the Government of Canada, which includes the consolidated financial statements, prepared annually for each fiscal year by the Receiver General as required by Section 64 of the Financial Administration Act. No subordinate positions report on a full-time basis (project matrix). The policies, systems and practices designed to improve the government and department’s cash flow, i.e. Changes to these financial resource requirements during the year are submitted to Parliament through the “Supplementary Estimates” process, of which there are three. A free inside look at Fi-Med salary trends based on 3 salaries wages for 3 jobs at Fi-Med. The ultimate objective of job evaluation is to determine the relative value of jobs in each occupational group in order that employees carrying out the jobs may be paid at rates consistent with the relationship indicated. Salary; IBM SAP FI/CO Consultant salaries - 25 salaries reported: $82,595 / yrCiti Associate, S&T, FI salaries - 13 salaries reported: $114,980 / yrDelta System and Software SAP FI/CO Consultant salaries - 12 salaries reported: $95,391 / yrAnid Infosoft Functional Systems Analyst (SAP Fi-co) salaries - 11 salaries … Resources: Weighted amount of $3M (B-1 = $3M). Action is constrained by policy, regulations and guidelines provided by Central Agencies since the work is to develop new concepts and alternative strategies for policies and systems but the supervisor is still the one to give final approval even if little direction is given to subordinate. Deputy Chief Financial Officer (DCFO). Work consists of making improvements to existing procedures and administrative systems. This is the department’s “deepest” specialist responsible for internal financial audit. A quantitative examination of the differences between planned and actual amounts and expenditures/revenues versus-forecasted expenses/receivables. Planning and Resource Management; Policy and Systems Development; and Accounting Operations are each normally considered a full activity). Bachelor of Arts (BA) $48k - $51k. The full financial responsibility is with the Regional Chief, Finance and Administrative Services. financial project management). The position is in a branch headquarters of a large department. Resources: Weighted amount of approx. For positions that are part of a pool of positions, it is important to note that the total weighted amount of resources must be divided by the number of positions found within the pool so as to identify the corresponding level of influence for each individual position. Two Financial Clerks, responsible for pre-audit and processing the accounts of the Institution report to the position. Please direct inquiries about this standard to your departmental corporate classification office. Independent action is constrained by policy, legislation, regulations and departmental systems design. Resources: Weighted amount of approx. A special revenue re-spending authority from Parliament that allows departments to use certain of their revenues to finance their directly related expenditures. Position is located in a central agency pool of 22 and reports through one of eight branch directors. A category of expenditure identifying mainly the operating activities of the Government of Canada as an accounting entity. This sub-factor is comprised of two elements: Managerial Expertise measures the expertise required to harmonize and integrate to achieve goals through the efforts of others. Reporting to this position are: Head, Accounting Operations with a staff of two officers and seven clerks; Head, Financial Policy and Systems with one officer; Head, Financial Planning and Resource Management, with a staff of three officers. In allocating a position to the appropriate group, the purpose of the position must be assessed according to all of the following criteria: the impact of the financial aspects of the advice and recommendations made on the overall achievement of the organization’s programs and objectives; the degree of responsibility and complexity of the financial work of the position, including the availability of, and the need to provide, financial functional direction; and, the degree of specialized knowledge, skill and experience required in the work; and. BU 03, Nonsupervisory / BU 04, Supervisory Employees in White Collar Positions BU 09, Registered Professional Nurses BU 10 CO / BU 10 HE, Institutional, Health, and Correctional Workers Interpersonal Expertise measures the expertise required to influence others. In the sub-factor “Financial Subject Matter Expertise”, a combination of disparate sub-activities of full activities is not cumulative and does not increase the breadth of expertise to warrant a full activity. Management Reports and Analysis which is part of Financial Planning and Resource Management). The work involves providing functional guidance, advice to management and justification or defense of the Branch’s request for funds at Treasury Board. FI-04. Fundamental specialized financial knowledge: principles, practices and techniques specific to accounting, financial control and/or financial analysis. Performing the duties involves interaction with others when presenting proposals to the operating managers. Conclusion: This ALV report developed for FI department to reconcile the posted salary data to GL and wage type wise, its helps to auditor for checking posted entry for both the module in single report. The position is in a corporate headquarters. Unconditional Transfer Payments table 7 note 3, Total Weighted Amount divided by Size of Pool (from III above), Size and Nature of Resources (Weighted Dollars). supporting the preparation of internal and external reports, such as departmental financial statements and input to the Public Accounts of Canada. The nature and dispersion of the line organization, both in terms of geography and financial delegation, for which financial services are provided and the extent to which this increases or decreases the intricacy of financial work; and. A Branch Regional specialist in one full activity (accounting operations). The Chief Cost Accounting to which the position reports is the departmental expert in the field. The total amounts which are due and payable for goods sold, services rendered (excluding Taxes Receivable), money loaned, or any recoverable payments. A method of accounting that recognizes revenues and expenditures when the cash is received or paid as well as payables that are due or owing at March 31. Branch specialist responsible for one full activity – financial policy and systems development. Researches data system processing to correct errors reported by client departments and agencies. The Treasury Board, as the employer, negotiates 27 collective agreements with 15 different bargaining agents. The level of influence of the position decreases in direct relation to the distance from the ultimate decision-maker based on organizational levels (e.g., in departmental corporate headquarters, the CFO; in a Program or Branch, an ADM or equivalent; in a Region, a Regional Director General; in a District, a Director; in an institute (e.g., museum, penitentiary), a Director, warden or whoever is the effective line authority to make ultimate decisions for that organization). Consults and negotiates all Operational Plans, Main and Supplementary Estimates with Treasury Board. 1.03 The parties to this agreement recognize that financial integrity constitutes … Performing the duties involves interaction with concerned personnel when discussing ARLU, Main and Supplementary Estimates proposals. Eight Accounting Clerks report to this position. The position is in a small department and is one of nine reporting directly to the ADM Administration, who serves as the CFO. SAP FI - Salary - Get a free salary comparison based on job title, skills, experience and education. Resources: Weighted amount of approx. Uniform application of degree definitions requires frequent reference to the descriptions of factors and the notes to raters. This factor measures the degree of influence of the position in terms of the relative size and nature of the resources that can be influenced either directly or indirectly, and its location in the organization. Reporting to the position are - Head, Accounting Operations with a staff of four officers and 13 Accounting Clerks; Accounting Systems Analyst; and Head, Financial Planning and Resource Management with one Financial Clerk. Influence: Recommends through four organizational levels. Reporting to this position are: Account Verification and Reconciliation Officer and five Finance Clerks; Systems Maintenance and Specifications Officer with a staff of seven officers and Systems Development & Liaison Officer with a staff of six officers and one Finance Clerk. Work is strictly supervised by a seasoned specialist as intensity of specialization is minimal. Out Put. The development and recommendation of financial systems require innovative and creative thinking. The Government of Canada negotiates rates of pay for employees in the core public administration as part of the terms and conditions of employment. Work consists of relatively similar tasks and finding solutions to problems in familiar situations. There are no subordinates reporting to the position. Two other positions report directly to the Comptroller - Director, Financial Policy and Systems Development and Director, Financial Planning and Resource Management. Three factors are used in this plan. The position is in a departmental corporate headquarters of a decentralized department which is organized into four branches each exercising considerable delegated financial authority. To obtain information on the application of this standard, a representative of the departmental corporate classification office should contact: Workforce Organization and Classification Compensation and Labour Relations Sector Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R5 Email: [email protected] A second tier specialist, in what is viewed as a full activity (cost accounting/costing). There is no requirement to apply managerial concepts in preparing budget submissions and reports or in controlling budgetary allocations. Interaction involves influencing others when providing advice on financial policies, directives and guidelines to senior managers. The average salary for Fi-Med Management employees is $87,250 per year. The duties involve interaction with others when providing information to departmental management. It is divided into three sections: position information, direct budget resources, and eight Indirect budget resources. (see Resources Susceptible to Influence - Worksheet). Any questions relating to the completion of the Resources Susceptible to Influence Worksheet should be addressed to your departmental classification unit. A significant grouping of associated financial management responsibilities (e.g. You will not receive a reply. Financial Transparency Colorado Revised Statutes, 22-44-304. The position description is studied to ensure understanding of the position as a whole. Resources: Weighted amount of approx. The work requires writing internal directives regarding small changes in financial procedures and policy. 3.1 This standard is a key component of the classification system and must be read in conjunction with the Policy Framework for the Management of Compensation, the Policy on Classification, the Directive on Classification, the Directive on Classification Grievances, and occupational group definitions. Influence: Recommends through one organizational level. Working across the worksheet, each budget resource has an associated weighting factor to calculate the weighted amount for each resource. Senior specialist for a program branch, in a single activity - Planning and Resource Management. Solutions which deviate from established precedents and practices are referred for functional guidance which is provided by the departmental corporate headquarters. The point values for all factors are added to determine the tentative total point rating. Interaction involves influencing others when providing advice and guidance to senior management on proposed and existing contracts. The position is a full time regional financial generalist working in Financial Planning and Resource Management and Accounting Operations.
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