You will do!…  But we’ve found a few work-arounds, and we do plan to remove the lower hanging soffits (so all the ceilings will be flush at 8 feet) and bring all the air ducts that are currently inside the lower soffits into the attic. I wish you all the best! i hung it above the nightstand in my bedroom so it’s one of the first things i see when i wake up and one of the last things i see when i go to sleep. But I feel so very thankful for this house and surrounding yard we get to call home and for the memories we’ve already begun creating in this new state and new space and new chapter of life. And then there’s the fun of having two toddlers often found with muddy feet most days running after a chicken or two. I wouldn’t worry about the 8ft ceilings- least of your problems!! Right before we put the official offer in on the home, I texted the queen of design and all things home renovation. I’m just a Utah girl who has been lucky enough to travel in my younger years; my goal to one day own an apartment in the city, even if it’s a shoebox, because it’s my favorite place in. Having her let us know the home had potential (and wasn’t a terrible idea) helped boost my confidence on the home front since all of this is so new to me. Love Naomi! The apartment is beautiful. Love the vibrancy of your space, motherhood and style. Thank you again for being an awesome human being. What a beautiful home you have! So exciting! We hope to add larger windows throughout the back side of the home to bring in more natural light, too. Where did you get your skirt ? we loved working with their team and would definitely recommend their personal styling service to anyone! What a dream!!! Happy demoing!! I LOVE everything about your new home. And the chairs are fantastic!!! Bless you sister. Love your space and the use of bright colors!! Where did you find the watercolor city line on the wall opposite the gallery wall? We’ve always wanted a ranch so you are making my dreams come true! It must feel delightful to have more space with the kiddies but also change the deco a bit – it must feel like a new lease of life! I love that the room feels so cozy and and never ever on my timeline, but such is life! Restaurant meals and nightlife entertainment are also known to be expensive and tenants are strongly encouraged to budget accordingly. We currently have 4 baby girls (GIRLS!) Friday Favorites starts with Design Style - Nesting With Grace. While it was the only home and property we walked through, we knew with time we could make this house a home, despite the house not really being our style or aesthetic just yet (a lot of brown tile, a lot of brown carpet, a lot of textured walls which I’ve since learned is called knock-down). josh didn’t want a nightstand on his side, and opted for this old wooden antique chair he found in DC several years ago that’s been in the back of his closet the past few years. It is all so beautiful, Naomi! I love your style Naomi, its so authentic and colorful, with different styles mixed together. you may not take any images or content from this site without written permission. just put this here! Do you still have a place in the city? I haven’t shared a ton of words or videos or hopeful plans surrounding the house just yet since we hadn’t really started, but I’ll do my best to keep the progress up to date since we’ve begun! so a great chair for a family like ours where blueberries may likely find their way out of the kitchen on more than one occasion. The kids must be over the moon with all that space! same with all the old woodwork. What a beautiful apartment…colorful decor…and happy family! I’m overwhelmed like 70% of the time, especially since this renovation often feels last on our list right now with Josh’s new job here and life with kids plus schoolwork and navigating the drastic changes 2020 has brought us by way of a new state and community and chapter of life. I am hopeful some simple maneuvers like these will help make the space still feel open and big despite not being able to raise the ceiling and expose the attic beams. I sent you over an email this morning about a collaboration. It’s so so beautiful. we got the velvet orianna headboard in emerald green and cannot believe how it transformed the space. i love how the space turned out so much and never ever ever want to leave. We to have very different decor tastes and finding things we both like takes forever. What a beautiful life! Overview of apartments for rent in Brantford, ON Your dream rental apartment in Brantford, ON, is just a few clicks away on Point2. I especially love the pink chairs, gallery wall and that amazing area rug! This is Natasa from Greece. And it’s so exciting about all the renovations! Where did it come from? it’s all in the details, i guess! The pandemic has also changed my life, and soon I will be able to create a new nest. also, i have a lot of opinions on the matter, so get ready. I noticed the storage in the woodwork around the windows…um…amazing!! when the kids go to bed and the apartment is quiet, it’s fun having all the lights off except for this one in our front room. we both fell completely in love with the losange chairs you see in these photos after we sat in them for the first time (and like i said, we sat on a lot of chairs!). I adore your guys’ style! It’s the MOST exciting. STILL! Glad you guys didn’t fight over it this time!! The green velvet headboard is to die for!! That yard is amazing. No one will be slipping on puddles of water gathered throughout the home like we did a few months ago and Josh and I now have access to the trash bins without opening the big garage doors on the side! Keeping five kids alive and healthy and thriving is one thing, but adding trees and grass and a home to the mix (where I can’t just call my landlord/super to help with a water leak or help me with a door hinge that’s busted and hanging)… it’s been a learning curve for sure. this apartment is so gorgeous! You guys killed it with your new apartment styling! A throwback to this big beautiful tree tucked in t, Adventures in spying from an open attic E, Guess we’re doing take-out tomorrow for Thanksgi, Focusing my heart on gratitude these next seven da, Always barefoot. i had a bunch of these little animal planters that i had gotten a few years ago from anthropologie in our old apartment and i loved transitioning them to this mantle. SO cool. Because you are just authentic and show the world — that love wins at the end of every day, no matter how hard the storm might be. also, see my fiddle leaf fig tree behind the sofa? Nearly $2000 for a set of chairs isn’t feasible for most people . Seriously, love every inch! Does that mean it’s from anthro or just arranged by anthro? ;). Enjoy you home with your sweet little family. At least I have some inspiration for my own apartment, just need to find some. Hope you get a cozy fire going in there come snuggling season. Enter to find a cozy sunken in den. And your house is to die for!!! And also, well done Josh on those chairs! This new space is incredible and I am OBSESSED with the pink chairs! Very exciting! So lovely. I’ve been waiting to see what you have done with that space! . My home is in a small city in the Midwest, so NYC living is so mysterious to me! It’s so beautiful! the. Thanks Josh! )….so NYC really would be extremely tough right now..but one day!! lots more info below, and a million photos because you know narrowing down images to just a couple has never been my strong suit. Love your new space! Gorgeous! a couch surgeon is a real thing and you’d never know we had to saw and unstitch that lovely piece of furniture and put it back together a few hours later. Can I move in with you guys? We have been looking for a 2BR with an elevator in a prewar building for awhile. I always want to say hi, and a, “ you’ve got this girl!” AZ winters will make you happy, just a short drive and you can ski and play in the snow! You have such fun decorating style and I love seeing little peaks into your beautiful, cozy, and fun home. I’m so happy and excited for you guys. We’re renovating a home that was built in 1870…I absolutely cannot wait to get it ready to decorate. Any blessings to you and your family! All the color, just shows your personalities! I think they are really really really great self paced courses to help with renovation. A post shared by Naomi Davis | Love Taza (@taza) on Mar 28, 2020 at 12:57pm PDT Mar 28, 2020 at 12:57pm PDT Your apartment is really vibrant and colorful, great choice leaving the walls white so the woodwork and colors pop. i found this blue and green rug early on in the summer from lulu and georgia and thought the colors would compliment the pink chairs and wood detailing nicely. It’s amazing how much clarity you can get on what you’d like to do with a space after really living in it for a bit and seeing how your family utilizes the rooms or how the flow of traffic works within the layout. :). Because when it comes to good and generous people, they don’t come better than Jenny Komenda (whom I’d first met when her family also lived in nyc several years ago).
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