Here’s an example of a tone pillar set, heavily altered for confidentiality purposes: Your tone pillars should not only be a seamless, natural extension of your brand voice, they should also complement each other. They either want to change the tense of a word or use a different (but similar) one they like better in its place. And finally, what you shouldn’t do in your content. Use the name of a specific institution in situations when the: Don't include references to your website on your website. (“We’re fun and approachable!”), Brand-specific copy rules, suggestions, and preferences. Don't use an abbreviation or acronym unless it's better known to the widest audience than its long-form equivalent. It’s how you deliver on the promise of your voice. They cannot arrive late or leave early, and they cannot use their phone or other electronics during the workshop. You’ll find that you’ll need to spend your time with your notes to prioritize the right ideas with the correct wording. In other cases, such as rice or pasta, you may serve yourself more than one Food Guide Serving. Column and row headers are different from headings and subheadings: Check that there is a consistent relationship between the columns and rows. Do you or your organization already have a GST/HST account? While your contributors may often be responsible for choosing images for their own work -- we do that at IMPACT for our blog -- notes about visual preferences (like natural photography with bright colors or no text on featured images for blogs) should live in a visual style guide. The complex table easily converts into simple tables. consistent with it, because someone may form a permanent, irreversible opinion about your brand based on a single piece of content. Links to your pages from other pages may also help improve where your page ranks in search results. Your links should be descriptive and able to stand alone so that it's clear what people can expect if they click on them. The techniques described in this guide complement the rules set out in The Canadian Style. We like to bold key phrases and words that should stick in the memories of those using the style guide, which has the added bonus of making the style guide easy to skim. And we’re now going to teach you how to facilitate it on your own! It makes it possible for people using assistive technologies to access the information conveyed by an image. For example: [Organization name or person name] [Additional delivery information] [Suite or office]-[Civic number] [Street name] [Abbreviated street type] [Abbreviated street direction] [City] [Two-letter province or territory abbreviation] [Postal code], Integrity Regime Departmental Oversight Branch Public Services and Procurement Canada Portage III Tower A 10A1 105-11 Laurier St Gatineau QC  K1A 0S5. Be strategic about how you place and create links on a web page and about how many links you provide: A Food Guide serving is how much food you should eat from each of the 4 food groups every day. (Review. What Else Shouldn't Go in Your Style Guide? Don't duplicate information provided on another organization's website. The complex table also easily converts into 2 lists. to inform your choices in building the style guide; and. Make sure they contain keywords that people use when searching for your content (for example, abbreviations familiar to your audience). Meaning, this is how your brand should always (and never) be perceived. A lot of ground is covered here, as this includes everything from newsworthy terms (e.g., Affordable Care Act vs. Obamacare) and slang (e.g., normcore), to industry-specific lingo (e.g. Its online access allows us to include those login credentials in our style guide, so our staff can access a full set of the rules, beyond the common rules we include as an appendix. However, if you think certain ideas, rules, or preferences about your brand’s style should be “obvious,” you’re opening yourself up to a lot of risk by not discussing them, agreeing to them, and documenting them in a content style guide. Your content style guide should be as long as it needs to be -- no more, no less. Figures do not include employees on leave without pay. Yes, that's so important, I had to highlight it in a different color. Be concise. If: In your page title, accurately describe what's on the page. We have, however, worked with brands where we had to do more heavy-lifting than usual in the drafting phase based on the results of the workshop.
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