The problem is associated with the affected cars' plug top ignition coils. I took the car to McDavid Honda in Plano Texas, where they diagnosed the “Engine Misfire” problem and told me that it will be covered by the extended warranty. Summary: Honda (American Honda Motor Co.) is recalling specific 2003 Acura 3.2CL, 2013-2016 ILX, 2013-2014 ILX Hybrid, 2003-2006 MDX, 2007-2016 RDX, 2002-2003 3.2TL, 2004-2006, and 2009-2014 TL, 2010-2013 ZDX and 2001-2007 and 2009 Honda Accord, 2001-2005 Civic, 2003-2005 … I didnt know about warrenty extension in 2016 so I put the car in local repair shop to change sparkplug and ignition coil with my pocket. it should be apparent that this issue was not specific to one manufacturing plant and that it is an overall design defect. Information for specific Honda models. Honda Pilot - Engine is misfiring - West Palm Beach, Florida Very thorough and identified the problem in my 2007 Honda Pilot with almost 260,000 miles. 2. *pe Get the latest 2012 Honda Pilot recall information - 9 incidents. The recall began August 12, 2019. Honda will notify owners, and dealers will replace the passenger frontal airbag inflator, free of charge. For example, P0304 is for a misfire in cylinder 4 in the firing order. For additional recall assistance, click the Ask Dave by Honda button. Honda: vehicles with multimodel vcm2 would experience misfire due to engine misfire of a fouled plug and a warranty extension has been issued to cover repairs. Owners may contact Honda customer service at 1-888-234-2138. Plus it pays 10 hours. Two weeks ago, the VSA and engine lights came up. I have since taken it to a shop which reconditions and repairs engines as a specialty. Our list of 9 known complaints reported by owners can help you fix your 2015 Honda Pilot. This makes diagnosing the misfire a bit more straightforward. As you hit your Pilot’s gas pedal, the fuel and ignition systems respond. The car was in excellent condition and the other day I was driving going 55 mph and noticed the engine shaking. Plus a disclaimer. Honda will recall around 18,000 of its new Fit hatchbacks due to concern about the potential for stalling. forum community offers tech info, troubleshooting, modification DIY’s and discussion for the Honda Pilot SUV. model 2009-2013 pilot. This is a record of safety issues for vehicles of this year, make, model and trim. Honda Pilot TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) Some things are often misunderstood about recalls and technical service bulletins (TSBs). There are other misfire related codes as well. Fastest one I did was about 3.5 hours. If you are dissatisfied with your vehicle performance or have a product complaint, please contact Honda Automobile Customer Service at (800) 999-1009. My Honda’s check engine light and VSA light were on. Learn about our recall process . As I pulled into my garage at an idle, it started shaking again. Honda will notify owners, and dealers will replace the passenger frontal air bag inflator, free of charge. model 2008-2013 accord v6, crosstour v6, odyssey, pilot. He was on time, worked quickly and found the problem. I'm having multiple misfire on my honda pilot and I took it to an auto parts store to check on the codes and I got P0300. American Honda is extending the powertrain warranty to cover repairs related to engine misfire (that triggers DTCs It's a warranty extension for oil consumption. Have a safety problem? Recalls do not have to be issued only because something is prone to failure. 2010 Pilot running rough - Misfire, VTM-4, VSA. But, the shaking went away quickly. P0301 No. 2 cylinder misfire detected, P0303 No. 4 cylinder misfire detected, and cause the MIL to come on. More Information Need more information on how to fix the P0302 HONDA code? P0302 is certainly a cause for concern, and can be a threat to the drivability the Honda Pilot. i purchased my 2011 honda pilot because i wanted a safe and reliable vehicle. If a particular vehicle has an issue, its perfectly fine to stay away from it. Well this job is not a recall. 2007 Honda Pilot Recalls. View the 2012 Honda Pilot recall information and find service centers in your area to perform the recall repair. Find out if your 2012 Honda Pilot is affected and what to do about it. Hello All, I am experiencing the same problem. I think I've done 25-30 of these piston/rings cars and they are not bad to do. But extrapolating that the brand in general has issues will make you quickly reject almost all vehicles ever produced. Average failure mileage is 162,000 miles. If the engine speed fluctuates enough to cause the Crankshaft Position sensor signal to vary, the Engine Control Module can determine that a misfire is occurring. Ok next. AIR BAGS Recall Date: March 6, 2019. All Bulletins » Honda » Pilot. In our commitment to maintain outstanding safety, reliability, performance and environmental standards, Honda occasionally asks our owners to bring their Honda to a dealer to perform recalls and/or product updates. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 20 Posts. P0302 HONDA Meaning When a misfire occurs, engine speed will fluctuate. P0302 is a relatively common Honda Pilot trouble code. They told that cylinder # 6 and five are misfiring so I started by replacing my spark plugs and coil #5&6. All safety recall repairs are FREE at authorized Honda dealers. They found the same problem and also found that the intake snorkel was split in two. The dealership immediately said "Oh you must have gotten bad gas somewhere." If you are a vehicle owner, search for recalls by your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The 2007 Honda Pilot has 1 problems reported for random misfire. VIN RECALL/PRODUCT UPDATE LOOKUP A simple, easy way to find recall and product update information on your Honda. 2011 HONDA PILOT Recalls (9) Campaign: 10V640000 on 12/21/2010 Component: Suspension Manufactured: 07/05/2010 - 12/01/2010 Affected: 10,823 Defect: Honda is recalling certain model year 2010-2011 honda accord v6 and model year 2011 honda pilot vehicles. 3 cylinder misfire detected, P0304 No. Honda's numbers for this recall are E5D and X5C. American Honda will voluntarily recall approximately 94,000 model-year 2018-2019 Honda Pilot and Acura MDX vehicles and 2019 Honda Odyssey, Honda Ridgeline, Acura TLX, Acura RLX and RLX Sport Hybrid vehicles in the United States to inspect and, if needed, replace the timing belt, for free. It stands for: P0302: Cylinder 2 → Misfire Detected. If the engine speed fluctuates enough to cause the Crankshaft Position sensor signal to vary, the Engine Control Module can determine that a misfire is occurring. You mean just Honda Pilots, correct? I have 2009 honda oddesey having a misfire p0303. Technical Service Bulletins of Honda Pilot Model Years . Again, the VCM problem has not been an issue with any other models but Pilot and RDX. Recalls & Safety Issues. The recall began August 12, 2019. I took the car to a local repair shop which diagnosed the problem as a misfire in the number one cylinder caused by faulty valves. There have been 6 safety recalls issued from NHTSA. Links to 695 technical service bulletins issued for 19 Honda Pilot model years. Acceleration isn’t Normal. The vehicle identification number tells you if your car is affected. But now the engine sign and vsa warnign showed up again and I jist heard about warrenty extensio of honda misfire. The Honda class action settlement resolves allegations that Honda manufactured more than 1.5 million vehicles that excessively burned oil, causing the engine to misfire and forcing consumers to constantly monitor oil levels and incur bills for repairs of components damaged by the Honda … It started again my chech engine comes on and the idle started to act up for a few seconds when the car is turned on but it drives well. American Honda is recalling 270 2013 Honda Pilot and Honda Odyssey vehicles because a worn piston may suddenly fail, causing the engine to stall. Hi. Car Problems . Full Forum Listing. 2007 HONDA PILOT Report Date: June 27, 2019 Campaign Number: 19V499000 Component: 2008-2013 Honda Odyssey; 2009-2013 Honda Pilot; 2010 2011 Honda Accord Crosstour; 2012 Honda Crosstour; Estimated Amount: The settlement has two components: Warranty Extension – the warranty will be expanded to cover engine misfires for 8 years after the purchase (not mileage limitation). Explore Our Forums . The diagnosis was cylinder 3 misfire, an apparent Honda problem and one that I’ve had fixed once before on this same car at the dealership where I bought the car. I have a Honda Pilot 2010, and I kept it very clean with only 65K miles, maintained all the service record from dealerships. Not that I get them all done that fast but I must have had a second coffee that day. If acceleration has diminished, it should be felt. 1 cylinder misfire detected, P0302 No. R ... Honda Pilot - Honda Pilot Forums. Get Access to Factory Service Manuals. I have a 2012 Honda Pilot LX. Problem with your 2015 Honda Pilot? can someone please explain why the class action against honda for the 2011 honda pilot engine misfire didn't include my vin# yet i continue to experience engine misfire? 11/22/13: NHTSA ID: 10053786 TSB ID: SB-13-082 Honda: on certain vehicles, piston rings for certain cylinders rotate and align and can lead to fouling spark plug and a powertrain warranty extension has been issued. It is in the dealer's shop right now with a p0301 code misfire. 2013 HONDA PILOT Recalls (4) Campaign: 13V016000 on 01/17/2013 Component: Air bags Manufactured: 08/26/2012 - 12/20/2012 Affected: 748,481 Defect: Honda is recalling certain model year 2009-2013 pilot and 2011-2013 odyssey passenger vehicles manufactured from march 13, 2008, through december 21, 2012. one or more rivets that attach the airbag module to the airbag cover may be … P0306 HONDA Meaning When a misfire occurs, engine speed will fluctuate.
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