Replace the cooking grid. Artisan Briquette Tray 100-2377 Uses 265-0030 briquettes and holds 24 Measures 16-3/4" front to back X 9-5/8" wide and holds 28, 2" X 2" briquettes, see parts BQLYX and 41628. BBQ Grill Mat Non Stick - Heavy Duty BBQ Grilling Mats for Gas Grill or Charcoal - Nonstick Grill Mats for Easy Use - Reusable Set of 2 4.2 out of 5 stars 33 £9.95 £ 9 . Luckily we carry replacement trays that fit several major brands. It also keeps the flames from actually touching the food, making for more efficient and uniform heat distribution. ... 1 product rating - Lynx Sedona Gas Grills OEM Factory Stainless Briquette Tray w/Briquettes 80743. Trusted Outdoor Living and Barbecue Grilling Experts. BBQs & Gas Grills > Browse Gas Grill Parts > Rocks and Briquettes > Rocks and Briquettes; Rocks And Briquettes. Fill the bottom of the grill with briquettes. The depth of your grill's briquettes grates are measured front to back. Doing so can cause increased stress to the grill, as well as clog vital gas ports. Sort by Sort by Show ... Coyote Kitchen Products & Ceramic Grill Accessories This Flame Tamer Set is for 28-inch Grills . Briquette Trays known as Flame Tamers have been around for many years. More than one required. Stainless steel briquette holder tray. Made of 304 grade stainless steel; .048" thick. Shop Replacement Stainless Steel 4 Pack Briquette Tray For Summerset Excalibur Pro 26, STG26, TR26, TR32, TR38, TRL38 Gas Grill Models Stainless Steel Briquette Tray for Summerset Grill Parts Zone is an online shop of Summerset Gas Grills Parts, BBQ Parts , Replacement Parts for Summerset Grills in Canada and USA. Light the grill, then close the lid and turn the heat up to high. Open your gas grill and take out the metal cooking grid. Ceramic holds heat and radiates this heat across the cooking grates. C $92.43. Shop around and you will find our Competitive prices and our Personal Customer Service and Satisfaction are one of the cornerstones of’s success. Ceramic Briquette Heat Trays Coyote Gas Electric BBQ Grill & Parts & Appliances . The briquettes will outlast the tray and they come either as one unit or as individual briquettes set on the trays. ... BBQ Gas Grill Cover Barbecue Waterproof Outdoor Heavy Duty Protection 57 67 75" $12.95. Summerset Pro Small Briquette Tray 11 1/2" x 14" — Regular price $84.99 Summerset Grills Summerset Premier Large Briquette Tray 11 1/4" x 16 3/4" — Regular price $87.99 // ]]>. Delsol Delta Grills - Gas Grill Briquette Tray. Fits Viking Ultra Premium VGBQ and VGIQ series grills. Please use the filters to refine by the depth of your grate. Briquette Trays known as Flame Tamers have been around for many years. Stainless Steel briquette tray. Let the grill … Outdoor Gas (OG) Grills come with a different number of briquette trays depending on the size of the unit. Gas Grill. Each briquette measures 2" X 2". 814556-R 6” Briquette Tray for some Wolf grills. The price does not violate any Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) requirement. 95 May fit other models. Ducane 1605 7200 Series Gas Grill Lava Grate & 70 Ceramic Briquettes Combo. Replaces original Wolf Briquete tray … Luckily we carry replacement trays that fit several major brands. var h1Addition = " & Grill Parts"; Maintenance is simple, as you can flip the single unit trays over and turn the grill on medium temp and close the lid for an hour or so, and do the same for the individual ceramic briquettes but you flip each one of them over and close the lid in the same manner. We will happily match the price if it meets these simple requirements: Submit a request here, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Compatible with: All DelSol Gas Grills, 3 needed for DSBQ25, 4 needed for DSBQ32, 5 needed for DSBQ40 Briquette radiant tray for Infinity gas grill. Ceramic briquettes utilize the same heat holding concepts as the Egg. These trays come with briquettes already locked in. STAINLESS STEEL CERAMIC BRIQUETTE TRAY INCLUDES BRIQUETTES. Series, Grilled Bratwurst and Special Mustard Sauce, Peppered Ribeye Steaks – Grillin’ in the Spring Series, Hawaiian Beef Sliders – Winter Game Day Series, Nation-Wide Grill Cleaning Referral Services. 032370-000-R-X4 Briquette Tray with briquettes for some Viking grills. Arrange the ceramic briquettes in the bottom of the grill, placing them as close together as possible. After enough use and exposure to heat, water, and the elements, your briquette tray will need to be replaced. We carry both OEM or aftermarket trays and briquettes. 31679 Lynx Briquette Tray Retaining Clip, Center, 31680 Lynx Briquette Tray Retaining Clip, End, Sedona by Lynx L400, L600, L700 Grills Complete Briquette Tray Assembly - 80743, Alfresco AGBQ Briquette Tray, 17 1/4 x 12 3/4 - ALFBT1 Replaces OEM 510-0005, Lynx L30, L42, L54 Briquette Tray Assembly - 90191, 17 7/8 x 12 5/8, Alfresco ALX2 Briquette Tray - ALFBT2 Replaces OEM 100-1132, 18 1/8 x 7 1/4, Turbo, Captn Cook Heat Tray w Briquettes - TCCFT, Viking Made in USA Stainless 18 1/8 Briquette Tray - VIKBT1 Replaces 032370-000, Viking Aftermarket 18 1/8 Stainless Briquette Tray Assembly - VIKCT2 Replaces OEM 032370-000, 80365 Lynx Narrow Briquette Tray Assembly, L42, L54 - 90190, 18 5/8 x 9 7/8, DCS, Frontgate Ceramic rod radiant tray - DCSHP3 Replaces OEM 214081, Summerset Sizzler Briquette Tray Assembly - BRNCOV-SIZ, Lynx L30, L42, L54 OEM Briquette Tray - 80645, Viking Made in USA 21 1/2 Stainless Briquette Tray - VIKBT2 Replaces 032381-000, Lynx L27, L36 Briquette Tray Assembly (SERIES: F&G, H - L) - 80363, Sedona by Lynx L500, L700 Left Complete Briquette Tray Assembly - 80744, 80006 - Lynx 27, 36, 48 OEM Briquette Tray, 18 x 11 1/4, Delta, Dynasty, Jenn-Air, Maytag Briquette Tray - DYNHP1, 100-2376 Artisan ART2, AAE 9 3/4 Briquette Tray, Lynx 27", 36" Complete Briquette Tray Assembly (2011-2014) - 90189 Replaces 80543, 16 1/2 x 6 1/2, Turbo Heat Tray w Briquettes - 94751, 80232 Lynx 27, 36 Briquette Tray - 0,1, E, F, G, H, J, K, L Series, 510-0522 Alfresco ALX2, ALXE 30, 42, 56 Briquette Tray Assembly, 11-00000 Forward - 510-0522, Summerset Briquette Tray TRL32, TRLD32, STG32, TRLD44 - BRNCOV-TRL-LG, Viking Aftermarket 21 1/2 Briquette Tray Assembly - VIKCT1 OEM 032381-000, Lynx 27, 36, 48 Aftermarket Briquette Tray- LYNXHP1 Replaces OEM 80006, 18 x 11 1/4, Briquette Tray, Dynasty | 92551, 17 7/8" x 10 5/8" Alfresco LX2, ALXE 36" Briquette Tray Assembly - Replaces OEM Part 510-0677 - ALFBT3, 19 3/16" x 12 1/2", Lynx Aftermarket Briquette Tray - LYNXHP3 Replaces OEM 80645, 31 1/8 x 16 5/8, Members Mark Flame Tamer Rack - P01722001B, 17 3/16 x 12 7/8, Briquette Tray, Alfresco AGBQ - 92541, 19 x 9 5/8, DCS36, DCS48 Lava Rock Radiant Tray - DCSHP1, Delta Heat 32" Briquette Tray Assembly - S23218-32Y, 80644 Lynx Center L42, L54 Briquette Tray, Narrow, 18 x 11 1/4, Dynasty Briquette Tray w notch - DYNHP2, Twin Eagles TEBQ 30", 42", 54" - 12" Briquette Tray Assembly - S21753Y, Wolf OG30,OG42, OG54 12" Briquette Tray Assembly - 814552, 17 1/4 x 33 7/16, Grand Hall, Members Mark, Turbo Flame Tamer Rack - Replaces OEM P01722021B, 17 13/16 x 12 7/16, Briquette Tray, Alfresco ALX2 - 92531, Delta Heat 26, 38 Briquette Tray Assembly - S23218-38Y, Twin Eagles TEBQ36 10" Briquette Tray Assembly - S21759Y, 16 1/2 x 10 1/2, DCS, Kirkland Radiant Tray - DCSHP2 Replaces OEM 213948, 19-3/16″ x 10-1/2″, Lynx Aftermarket Briquette Tray - LYNXHP2 Replaces OEM 80644, 100-1132 Alfresco ALX2 Briquette Tray Pre-2011, Lynx 27", 36" Briquette Tray (Series M, N&P, Q, U) - 80643, 100-2377 Artisan ART2, AAE 13 3/4 Briquette Tray, Alfresco Artisan ARTP, AAEP 9 3/4 Briquette Tray Assembly - 510-1025, S21761Y Twin Eagles 5" Briquette Tray Assembly, TEBQ 36, DCS OEM BGB30, BGC30 Ceramic rod radiant tray - 214421, Twin Eagles 6" Briquette Tray Assembly, TEBQ 30, 42, 54 - S21752Y, 100-2503 Artisan 13 3/4 Briquette Tray Replaces 100-2089, Alfresco ALX2, ALXE 36" Briquette Tray with Lock Bar - 510-0677, 18 5/8 x 9 7/8, Ceramic rod radiant tray, DCS - 92911, Artisan ARTP-32 Briquette Tray Base -100-2669, 19 x 9 9/16, DCS 36, 48 Lava Rock Radiant Tray, 17 3/8 x 9, Grand Hall, Members Mark Savor Plate Rack - P01717002E, Twin Eagles TEBQ36 10" Briquette Tray, No Briquettes - S21759X, Alfresco Artisan ARTP, AAEP 13 1/2 Briquette Tray Assembly - 510-1024, 100-1894 Alfresco Briquette Tray Base, ALX2 2011-Forward, 16 7/8 x 9 1/2, Lynx L27 Briquette Tray - 92571, Twin Eagles 12" Briquette Tray, TEBQ 30", 42", 54" - S21753X, 16 1/2 x 10 5/8, DCS 27, Kirkland, Lava Rock Radiant Tray, Viking Stainless Briquette Tray - 032381-000, 213583 DCS Ceramic Briquette Radiant 2 Tray, Summerset TR26, STG26 Briquette Tray Assembly - BRNCOV-TRL-SM, RCS RJC 26, 32 Junior Grill Briquette Tray with Briquettes ″ RJC009P, Twin Eagles TEBQ-36 5" Briquette Tray Only - S21761X, Twin Eagles 6" Briquette Tray, TEBQ 30, 42, 54 - S21752X, S22089Y Delta Heat Briquette Tray Assembly for Older Model Grills, 213581 DCS Ceramic Briquette Radiant 4 Tray, Delta Heat 26, 38 Briquette Tray Only (No Briquettes) - S23299-38Y, Viking OEM 18 1/8 Stainless Briquette Tray Assembly - 032370-000, Twin Eagles TPBQ 6" Briquette Tray Assembly - S21614Y, Twin Eagles TPBQ 12" Briquette Tray - 21620X, Twin Eagles TPBQ 6" Briquette Tray - S21614X. Use the table below to determine how many of each size are provided with an OG Outdoor Grill. Briquette Trays are a popular method of spreading the flame evenly across the cooking surface by utilizing a stainless steel tray with ceramic briquettes. Sold individually. Briquette Tray for the Premier Series Gas Grills Briquettes and tray included (1 Piece) Size: 16" deep x 7" wide (overall including the briquettes that hang off) X 1 1/4" high Fits: RJC26a - 3 Required; RJC32A / RJC32AL - 4 Required; RJC40A / RJC40AL - 5 Required Fits a variety of LYNX models. Artisan Briquette Tray 100-2376 Uses 265-0030 briquettes ad holds 18 Alfresco / Artisan Small Briquette Tray for outdoor grill. Coyote Ceramics Briquettes Heat Trays. Use the table below to determine how many of each size are provided with an OG Grill. Small trays have 12 briquettes per tray, large trays have 24 briquettes per tray. Product Description. We stand behind all the products we sell and are known for customer satisfaction, with Low pricing, quality customer service, and great on-time deliveries. Small trays have 12 briquettes per tray, and large trays have 24 briquettes per tray. The problem here is the uneven distribution of heat using a gas grill. Replaces OEM Part Number 80006. Trusted Outdoor Living & Barbecue Grilling Experts, Trash Drawers – Cutting Boards & Trash Chutes, Identify my Summerset Grill by Picture and Description, BBQ Chicken Burgers – “Summer Grilling Spectacular”, Herb and Red Wine Rotisserie Leg of Lamb – Christmas Grilling Series, Grilled Baby Portabella Pesto Flatbread Pizza – Thankful It’s Thanksgiving! Item is Listed by an authorized dealer (not manufacturer, distributor or 3rd party marketplace) with the same brand/manufacturer, item # or model #. Their signature "A" ceramic briquettes are designed with a hollow dome at the bottom to quickly heat up and radiate heat throughout your grill. Vintage Gas BBQ Grill Replacement Parts For All Repairs. The secret to the heat distribution lies in the use of the fuel used for the meal. Briquette Trays are a popular method of spreading the flame evenly across the cooking surface by utilizing a stainless steel tray with ceramic briquettes. Image Part No & Description Price; MCM404010000 - Nla Nla Nla Smkr-alu ... S-21759-Y - 10 Inch Briquette Tray Assembly Complete View Part Info: $209.99: Add to cart. Many grills of the past as well as luxury grills of today use this system. NOTE: This part is also available in economical multipacks of four, five, and six pieces. Can be used on any gas grill that utilizes a briquette rack or a briquette holder tray … For the gas grills, the gas used as a fuel may spread more heat at one spot than the others but for the same gas grill, you can either use lava rocks or ceramic briquettes. $149.99. Remove any old briquettes. $24.16 shipping. Shop Replacement Stainless Steel Briquette Tray/Heat Shield For Lynx L5430, L54PS, 2BR27FR, CS30, L27, LSB2, LSB2PC, LSPGE Gas Grill Models Stainless Steel Briquette Tray/Heat Shield Grill Parts Zone is an online shop of Lynx Gas Grills Parts, BBQ Parts , Replacement Parts for Lynx Grills in Canada and USA .
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