Berkeley is well known as a hub of liberal student activism: The Free Speech Movement – a 1964 student protest at Berkeley in response to the administration’s ban on political activity – gained widespread attention. [230] Astronauts James van Hoften (BS 1966), Margaret Rhea Seddon (BA 1970), Leroy Chiao (BS 1983), and Rex Walheim (BS 1984) have orbited the earth in NASA's fleet of space shuttles. Units 1, 2 and 3, located on the south side of campus, offer high-rise accommodations with common areas on every other floor. The most popular majors at University of California--Berkeley include: Social Sciences; Engineering; Biological and Biomedical Sciences; Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services; and Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies. Tarik Glenn (BA 1999) is a Super Bowl XLI champion, and Mitchell Schwartz (2011) is an All-Pro NFL offensive tackle. Under the direction of Dr. David W. Tucker, who was hired by the Cal Band as a composer, arranger, and associate director, but was later asked to direct the jazz ensembles as it grew in popularity and membership, the group grew rapidly from one big band to multiple big bands, numerous combos, and numerous instrumental classes with multiple instructors. [179] Notable BCS alumni include Norman Mineta, Steve Wozniak, Gordon Moore, Nathan Huggins, Marion Nestle, and Beverly Cleary. Alumni collectively have won at least twenty-five Pulitzer Prizes. [160] The winner was Frenchman Émile Bénard, however he refused to personally supervise the implementation of his plan and the task was subsequently given to architecture professor John Galen Howard. [9][79][80][81], Berkeley's 32 libraries together contain more than 13 million volumes and cover over 12 acres (4.9 ha) of land, forming one of the largest library complexes in the world. Nobel laureate Glenn T. Seaborg (PhD 1937) collaborated with Albert Ghiorso (BS 1913) to discover 12 chemical elements, such as americium, berkelium, and californium. [40][41] In 1964, the Free Speech Movement organized student resistance to the university’s restrictions on political activities on campus – most conspicuously, student activities related to the Civil Rights Movement. Foreign alumni include the President of Colombia 1922–1926, (Pedro Nel Ospina Vázquez, BA, Mining Engineering); the President of Mexico (Francisco I. Madero, attended 1892–93); the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan; the Premier of the Republic of China (Sun Fo, BA); the President of Costa Rica (Miguel Angel Rodriguez, MA, PhD); and members of parliament of the United Kingdom (House of Lords, Lydia Dunn, Baroness Dunn, BS), India (Rajya Sabha, the upper house, Prithviraj Chavan, MS); Iran (Mohammad Javad Larijani, PhD); Nigerian Minister of Science and Technology and first Executive Governor of Abia State (Ogbonnaya Onu, PhD Chemical Engineering); Barbados' Ambassador to brazil (Tonika Sealy-Thompson). Committee members are charged with the maintenance of the five Cal flags, the large California banner overhanging the Memorial Stadium Student Section and Haas Pavilion, the California Victory Cannon, Card Stunts and The Big "C" among other duties. do their own research independently verified. Berkeley offers over 350-degree programs through its academic departments. Half the applicants admitted to University of California--Berkeley have an The University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley, Berkeley, Cal, or California) is a public research university in Berkeley, California. Among its 14 colleges and schools, the university employs over 2,500 faculty and enrolls some 31,000 undergraduate and 12,000 graduate students, and its 180 academic departments a… Supported by a grant from alumnus James Simons, the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing was established in 2012. The Bancroft Library, which has over 400,000 printed volumes and 70 million manuscripts, pictures, and maps, maintains special collections that document the history of the western part of North America, with an emphasis on California, Mexico and Central America. Alumni such as L. Peter Deutsch[259][260][261] (PhD 1973), Butler Lampson (PhD 1967), and Charles P. Thacker (BS 1967)[262] worked with Ken Thompson on Project Genie and then formed the ill-fated US Department of Defense-funded Berkeley Computer Corporation (BCC), which was scattered throughout the Berkeley campus in non-descript offices to avoid anti-war protestors. Alumni have also written novels and screenplays that have attracted Oscar-caliber talent, including The Call of the Wild author Jack London. Some have concentrated their studies on the very small universe of atoms and molecules. Also at Xerox PARC was Ronald V. Schmidt (BS 1966, MS 1968, PhD 1971), who became known as "the man who brought Ethernet to the masses". Her career total matches the third-most by any U.S. Is Merced the Future of the University of California? Named after the Oski-wow-wow yell, he is cared for by the Oski Committee, whose members have exclusive knowledge of the identity of the costume-wearer. At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Natalie Coughlin (BA 2005) became the first American female athlete in modern Olympic history[302] to win six medals in one Olympics. Save schools, compare and take notes. [269] In 1992, Pei-Yuan Wei,[270] an undergraduate at the XCF, created ViolaWWW, one of the first graphical web browsers. Please choose a new set of filters and try again. Brown says 'normal' Californians can't get into Berkeley, a problem some Californians blame on Brown", "Engines of Inequality: Diminishing Equity in the Nation's Premier Public Universities", "Organizational Chart – Senior Administration", "UC Berkeley looks to philanthropy in place of state funding", "UC Berkeley sets fundraising record at $569M in donations during 2017–18 fiscal year", "University of California Annual Report on University Private Support", "Berkeley launches 'Light the Way' fundraising campaign, aims for $6 Billion", "Carnegie Classifications: University of California-Berkeley", "Statement of Accreditation Status: University of California at Berkeley", "Degrees Offered at the University of California, Berkeley", "General Catalog – Undergraduate Degree Requirements", "Academic Honors, Prizes, and Scholarships", "Graduate Degree Programs University of California, Berkeley", "2010 Rankings: Doctoral Programs in America", "Table 20. [171], The California Victory Cannon, placed on Tightwad Hill overlooking the stadium, is fired before every football home game, after every score, and after every Cal victory. As one of the nation’s top public universities, UC Berkeley is a leader in areas of national importance, such as social responsibility, clean energy, and technology. Compass and find out. Units 1 and 2 share a common dining hall, Crossroads. The university offers Master of Art, Master of Science, Master of Fine Art, and PhD degrees in addition to professional degrees such as the Juris Doctor, Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Health, and Master of Design. [37][38] Along with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley founded and was then a partner in managing two other labs, Los Alamos National Laboratory (1943) and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (1952). For four decades, @ucberkeley has had a little-known research fund for eugenics, an ideology that inspired the Holocaust and forced sterilizations of 60,000+people in … [189], Berkeley students also run a number of consulting groups, including the Berkeley Group, founded in 2003 and affiliated with the Haas School. [39], In 1952, the University of California reorganized itself into a system of semi-autonomous campuses, with each campus given its own chancellor, and Clark Kerr became Berkeley's first Chancellor, while Sproul remained in place as the President of the University of California. Berkeley Law is one of 14 schools and colleges at the University of California, Berkeley. In sports, University of California--Berkeley is part of the NCAA I. Unlock entering class stats including SAT scores and GPAs. Chris Innis (BA 1991) won the 2010 Oscar for film editing for her work on best picture winner, The Hurt Locker. More recently, alumni and their foundations have given generously to the university for core operations and capital expenditures, with major contributions from, among many others, the Haas, Goldman, and Koshland families; Sanford Diller (Class of '48) and Helen Diller ('50), over $250 million; Gordon Moore (BS 1950, over $118 million); the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation (Flora Lamson Hewlett, BS 1935, a total of $150 million, most notably a $113-million gift in 2007); William V. Power (Class of 1930); the Simons family—over $110 million from James Harris Simons (PhD 1961 — multiple gifts, including $60 million to establish the Simons Institute), Mark Heising and Elizabeth Simons (both alums, over $30 million), and Nathaniel Simons (BA, MA) and Laura Baxter-Simons (BA, MA); F. Warren Hellman (BA); Donald Fisher (Class of '51) and Doris Fisher; Laura and Stephen D. Bechtel Sr. (both Class of 1923); Sehat Sutardja (MS, PhD) and Weili Dai (BS); Gerson Bakar (BS); Edward and Carol Spieker (both of the Class of '66); Pehong Chen (PhD); Cornelius Vander Starr (attendee); Paul E. Jacobs (BS, MS, PhD); Richard C. Blum (BS); Michael Milken (BS), Lowell Milken (BS); Terry Rosen (PhD 1985); and Kevin Chou (BS 2002). Bowles Hall, the country's oldest residential college, is located on the north side of campus between California Memorial Stadium and the Hearst Greek Theater. In 1977, a graduate student in the computer science department named Bill Joy (MS 1982) assembled[266] the original Berkeley Software Distribution, commonly known as BSD Unix. [150][17] Berkeley has often been cited as one of the universities that have produced most entrepreneurs, and boasts its own startup incubator, Berkeley SkyDeck. The festival later included high school musicians. These buildings share a dining hall. James Schamus (BA 1982, MA 1987, PhD 2003) has collaborated on screenplays with Oscar-winning director Ang Lee on the Academy Award-winning movies Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Brokeback Mountain. [17][151][152][153][154], The Berkeley campus encompasses approximately 1,232 acres (499 ha), though the "central campus" occupies only the low-lying western 178 acres (72 ha) of this area. the Best Colleges rankings. Thompson, Lampson, Engelbart, and Thacker[264] all later received a Turing Award. Terry McMillan (BA 1986) wrote How Stella Got Her Groove Back, which was later made into a film of the same name starring Oscar-nominated actress Angela Bassett. These are followed by UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, UC Davis, and UC Irvine. [65], Berkeley is a large, primarily residential Tier One research university with a majority of its enrollment in undergraduate programs but also offering a comprehensive doctoral program. U.S. News 529 Finder It is run by students with a variety of backgrounds and majors. [180] University-sanctioned fraternities and sororities comprise over 60 houses affiliated with four Greek councils. Course Number: Music 149 Instructor: Christine Brandes Description/History The UBE is currently open to players of violin, viola, cello, bass, recorder, flute, keyboard, guitar (or lute) and vocal … [228] Peter Smith (BS 1969) was the principal investigator and project leader for the NASA robotic explorer Phoenix,[229] which physically confirmed the presence of water on the planet Mars for the first time. reported by the institution [68] The most popular majors are Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Political Science, Molecular and Cell Biology, Environmental Science, and Economics. The only time the cannon ran out of ammunition was during a game against Pacific in 1991, when Cal scored 12 touchdowns.[172]. The XCF, an undergraduate research group located in Soda Hall, has been responsible for a number of notable software projects, including GTK+ (created by Peter Mattis, BS 1997), The GIMP (Spencer Kimball, BS 1996), and the initial diagnosis of the Morris worm. Berkeley alumni have developed a number of key technologies associated with the personal computer and the Internet. Zilog was cofounded by Ralph Ungermannn (BSEE 1964). [21][22], Ten faculty members and 40 students made up the fledgling university when it opened in Oakland in 1869. From school colors and clocks to the secret steam tunnels, UC Berkeley has a lot of fun (and quirky) facts. Berkeley was listed as a "Public Ivy" in Richard Moll's 1985 Public Ivies. [34] Using the cyclotron, Berkeley professors and Berkeley Lab researchers went on to discover 16 chemical elements – more than any other university in the world. students and their [165], The official university mascot is Oski the Bear, who debuted in 1941. Ranked #69 in our overall Best Colleges ranking, University of California - Berkeley has a Learfield Score of 858.83. Berkeley became famous in the sixties due to a surge of political activism. Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Marguerite Higgins (BA 1941) was a pioneering female war correspondent[272][273] who covered World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Berkeley's excellence is founded on its Library. Marvell Technology Group was founded by Weili Dai, (BA Computer Science 1984) and her husband Sehat Sutardja (MS 1983, PhD 1988 EECS) and brother-in-law Pantas Sutardjai (MS 1983, PhD 1988 ). [19][20], Made possible by President Lincoln's signing of the Morrill Act in 1862, the University of California was founded in 1868 as the state's first land-grant university, merging the private College of California and the public Agricultural, Mining, and Mechanical Arts College. Other graduate programs offered include those in the highly ranked Haas School of Business, Graduate School of Education, College of Engineering and School of Law. Manage your school's public image and connection with students using U.S. News Student Connect. University of California--Berkeley is ranked #22 in National Universities. Outside of the Bay Area, the University owns various research laboratories and research forests in both northern and southern Sierra Nevada. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 31,780, its setting is city, and the campus size is 1,232 acres. With the exception of government contracts, public support is apportioned to Berkeley and the other campuses of the University of California system through the UC Office of the President and accounts for some 12 percent of Berkeley's total revenues. [287], Alumni have collectively won at least 25 Emmy Awards: Jon Else (BA 1968) for cinematography; Andrew Schneider (BA 1973) for screenwriting; Linda Schacht (BA 1966, MA 1981), two for broadcast journalism;[288][289] Christine Chen (dual BA's 1990), two for broadcast journalism;[290] Kristen Sze (BA), two for broadcast journalism;[291] Kathy Baker (BA 1977), three for acting; Ken Milnes (BS 1977), four for broadcasting technology; and Leroy Sievers (BA),[292] twelve for production. By 1942, the American Council on Education ranked Berkeley second only to Harvard in the number of distinguished departments. University of California—Berkeley's ranking in the 2021 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #22. The campus also offers resources for innovation and entrepreneurship, such as the Big Ideas Competition (Blum Center for Developing Economies), SkyDeck, the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, and the Berkeley Haas Innovation Lab. / University of California - Berkeley. Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, who worked on the development of the atomic bomb as scientific director of the Manhattan Project during World War II, was a professor at Berkeley. [106] Berkeley produces more Nobel laureates and billionaires than any other public university in the United States. Although there are more than 150 undergraduate majors and minors at UC Berkeley, the program you are looking for does not exist (yet). Typically, 95 percent or more of incoming freshmen at Berkeley choose to live on campus. Just south of Foothill, overlooking the Hearst Greek Theatre, is the all-women's traditional-style Stern Hall, which boasts an original mural by Diego Rivera. [188], The Residence Hall Assembly (RHA) is the student-led umbrella organization that oversees event planning, legislation, sponsorships and other activities for over 7,2000 on-campus undergraduate residents. The average freshman retention rate, an indicator of student satisfaction, is 97%. Alumni have also participated in the world of sports. There are more than 1,000 student organizations, ranging from political groups to a hang gliding club and everything in between. (That is, this is a wonderful law school formerly known as Boalt Hall of the University of California Berkeley.) The program offers around 150 courses on a vast range of subjects that appeal to the student community, including classes on the Rubik's Cube, blockchain, web design, metamodernism, cooking, Jewish art, 3D animation, and bioprinting.[195]. According to PitchBook, Berkeley ranks second, just behind Stanford, in producing VC-backed entrepreneurs. Michael Wolff and Andy Narell are just a couple of its more famous alumni. Berkeley Law School is a Prince of a law school. [222] National Medal of Science laureate Chien-Shiung Wu (PhD 1940), often known as the "Chinese Madame Curie", disproved the Law of Conservation of Parity for which she was awarded the inaugural Wolf Prize in Physics. The UC Rally Committee, formed in 1901, is the official guardian of California's Spirit and Traditions. [70] Three-hour final examinations are required in most undergraduate classes and take place over a week following the last day of instruction in mid-December for the Fall semester and in mid-May for the Spring semester. [203] ; Sandra Black, BA; Jesse Rothstein, PhD; Robert Seamans, PhD; Jay Shambaugh, PhD; James Stock, MA, PhD); Governor of the Federal Reserve System (H. Robert Heller, PhD) and President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (William Dudley, PhD); Commissioners of the SEC (Troy A. Paredes, BA) and the FCC (Rachelle Chong, BA); and United States Surgeon General (Kenneth P. Moritsugu, MPH). In particular, the Alto used a computer mouse, which had been invented by Doug Engelbart (BEng 1952, PhD 1955). [274] Novelist Robert Penn Warren (MA 1927) won three Pulitzer Prizes,[275] including one for his novel All the King's Men, which was later made into an Academy Award-winning[276] movie. The outgoing education secretary called proposals like free college and the cancellation of student loan debt ‘truly insidious.’. [299] Sports agent Leigh Steinberg ( BA 1970, JD 1973) has represented professional athletes such as Steve Young, Troy Aikman, and Oscar De La Hoya; Steinberg has been called the real-life inspiration[300] for the title character in the Oscar-winning[301] film Jerry Maguire (portrayed by Tom Cruise). The Museum of Paleontology, found in the lobby of the Valley Life Sciences Building, showcases a variety of dinosaur fossils including a complete cast of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. test scores and GPA against other students' data to The Daily Californian has both a print and online edition. Of enrolled freshmen, 55 percent were women. [28] In 1919, Los Angeles State Normal School became the southern branch of the University, which ultimately became the University of California, Los Angeles. In 1905, the University Farm was established near Sacramento, ultimately becoming the University of California, Davis. Berkeley Consulting, founded in 1996, has served over 140 companies across the high-tech, retail, banking, and non-profit sectors.[191]. Go The University of California is known for its world-class facilities. GENERAL [100–7914] (Title 1 enacted by Stats. A smaller subset of the Cal Band, the Straw Hat Band, performs at basketball games, volleyball games, and other campus and community events.[167]. [102]The Money Magazine Best Colleges ranking for 2015 ranked Berkeley 9th in the United States, based on educational quality, affordability and alumni earnings. [67] The university operates on a semester calendar and awarded 8,725 bachelor's, 3,286 master's or professional and 1,272 Doctoral degrees in 2018–2019.[10]. [9] The current faculty includes 260 American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellows, three Fields Medalists, 77 Fulbright Scholars, 139 Guggenheim Fellows, 78 members of the National Academy of Engineering, 149 members of the National Academy of Sciences,[78] eight Nobel Prize winners, four Pulitzer Prize winners, 125 Sloan Fellows, 7 Wolf Prize winners and 1 Pritzker Prize winner. The four-year, full-time undergraduate program offers 107 bachelor's degrees across the Haas School of Business (1), College of Chemistry (5), College of Engineering (20), College of Environmental Design (4), College of Letters and Science (67), Rausser College of Natural Resources (10), and individual majors (2). Established in 1868 as the state's first land-grant university, it is the oldest campus of the University of California system and a founding member of the Association of American Universities. This free college acceptance calculator plots your They tend to be quieter than the southside complexes but often get free glimpses of concerts owing to their proximity to the theater. Previously, live bear cubs were used as mascots at Memorial Stadium until it was decided in 1940 that a costumed mascot would be a better alternative. Perhaps one of the best looking alumni, Pine graduate in 2002 with a Bachelor’s degree in English. [133] Twenty-seven percent of admitted students receive federal Pell grants. Gregory Peck (BA 1939), nominated for four Oscars during his career, won an Oscar for acting in To Kill a Mockingbird. to evaluate the safety of a campus as well as the surrounding area. [71] Academic grades are reported on a four-point, five-letter scale (A thru F) with grade points being modified by three-tenths of point for pluses and minuses, save for the A+, which carries just four points. Cal students and alumni have also won 207 Olympic medals. The structures forming the "classical core" of the campus were built in the Beaux-Arts Classical style, and include Hearst Greek Theatre, Hearst Memorial Mining Building, Doe Memorial Library, California Hall, Wheeler Hall, (Old) Le Conte Hall, Gilman Hall, Haviland Hall, Wellman Hall, Sather Gate, and the 307-foot (94 m) Sather Tower (nicknamed "the Campanile" after its architectural inspiration, St Mark's Campanile in Venice), the tallest university clock tower in the United States. The California Golden Bears, Berkeley’s athletic teams, compete in the Pac-12 Conference and are known for their traditional arch rivalry with Stanford University. Democratic Education at Cal, or DeCal, is a program that promotes the creation of professor-sponsored, student-facilitated classes. At UC Berkeley, in one evening, you can attend a cultural event, join a political rally, go to a frat party, and top the night off with some good, cheap eats at Blondie's or Top Dog. Physics professor J. Robert Oppenheimer was named scientific head of the Manhattan Project in 1942. Berkeley teams have won national championships in baseball (2), men's basketball (2), men's crew (15), women's crew (3), football (5), men's golf (1), men's gymnastics (4), men's lacrosse (1), men's rugby (26), softball (1), men's swimming & diving (4), women's swimming & diving (3), men's tennis (1), men's track & field (1), and men's water polo (13). Berkeley hosts a myriad other performing arts groups in comedy, dance, acting and instrumental music, and include jericho!, Improv & Sketch Comedy, The Movement, Taiko drumming, BareStage student musical theater, the Remedy Music Project, Main Stacks, AFX Dance, and TruElement. At University of California--Berkeley, 44% of full-time undergraduates Joy, who went on to co-found Sun Microsystems, also developed the original version of the terminal console editor vi, while Ken Arnold (BA 1985) created Curses, a terminal control library for Unix-like systems that enables the construction of text user interface (TUI) applications. In addition, Cal athletes have won numerous individual NCAA titles in track, gymnastics, swimming and tennis. These requirements include an entry-level writing requirement before enrollment (typically fulfilled by minimum scores on standardized admissions exams such as the SAT or ACT), completing coursework on "American History and Institutions" before or after enrollment by taking an introductory class, passing an "American Cultures Breadth" class at Berkeley, as well as requirements for reading and composition and specific requirements declared by the department and school. With the completion of North and South Halls in 1873, the university relocated to its Berkeley location with 167 male and 22 female students.[26][27]. Daniel Kahneman was awarded the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for his work in Prospect theory. scores above these ranges and one quarter scored below these ranges. Gifted by Mary McNear Bowles in 1929 to honor her late husband, Regent Philip E. Bowles, the college began as a student-governed residence hall. California's Organic Act states that the "University shall have for its design, to provide instruction and thorough and complete education in all departments of science, literature and art, industrial and professional pursuits, and general education, and also special courses of instruction in preparation for the professions". [25] In 1870, Henry Durant, founder of the College of California, became its first president. Berkeley is most known for EECS or business, but it has the highest-placed sociology department in all of the U.S. as well. In the 1930s, Ernest Lawrence helped establish the Radiation Laboratory (now Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and invented the cyclotron, which won him the Nobel physics prize in 1939. Berkeley has also benefited from the generosity of friends, corporations, and foundations, notable among which are Mark Zuckerberg and Dr. Priscilla Chan (pledged $600 million, shared with UCSF and Stanford University, to form the Biohub); BP (pledged $400 million to research biofuels); the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (over $68 million since the foundation's creation), billionaire Sir Li Ka-Shing (multiple gifts, most notably a $40-million gift in 2005), Israeli-Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, Thomas and Stacey Siebel, Sanford and Joan Weill, and professor Gordon Rausser ($50-million gift in 2020). PCCJF brought jazz luminaries such as Hubert Laws, Sonny Rollins, Freddie Hubbard, and Ed Shaughnessy to the Berkeley campus as performers, clinicians, and adjudicators. [101] The 2018-19 Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) ranked the university the top public university in the nation and fourth overall based on quality of education, alumni employment, quality of faculty, publications, influence, and citations. [69], Requirements for undergraduate degrees are set by four authorities: the University of California system, the Berkeley campus, the college or school, and the department. [194] DeCal arose out of the 1960s Free Speech movement and was officially established in 1981. families to Paying for college doesn't have to be difficult or devastating. [107], Globally, for 2020–21 Berkeley is ranked 4th by U.S. News & World Report, 5th by the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), 7th by Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and 30th in the QS World University Rankings. [169] Both men and women are allowed to fulfill the role, despite the name.Overlooking the main Berkeley campus from the foothills in the east, The Big "C" is an important symbol of California school spirit. It is consistently ranked as one of the top law schools in the nation. Karen Grassle (BA 1965) played the mother Caroline Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie, Jerry Mathers (BA 1974) starred in Leave it to Beaver, and Roxann Dawson (BA 1980) portrayed B'Elanna Torres on Star Trek: Voyager. The UCPath Project is underway at UC Berkeley with a Go-Live date of March 2019. The university's athletic teams are known as the California Golden Bears (often shortened to "Cal Bears" or just "Cal") and are primarily members of the NCAA Division I Pac-12 Conference (Pac-12). Undergraduate data are based on the 2019 school year. Standing at 307 feet tall, the Campanile (also referred to as Sather Tower) is the third tallest bell and clock tower in the world. Geeta Anand Named Dean of Berkeley Journalism Chronicling the Elections, Racial Justice and COVID-19 An unprecedented Berkeley Journalism publishing initiative with stories in the New York Times, CalMatters, The Atlantic, KQED, Los Angeles Times and more. [17][18] The university, which competes in the Pac-12 Conference as the California Golden Bears, has won 97 national championships, and its students and alumni have won 207 Olympic medals. [113] In 2017, the Nature Index ranked the university the ninth largest contributor to papers published in 82 leading journals.[114][115]. [73], Berkeley has a "comprehensive" graduate program, with high coexistence with the programs offered to undergraduates, and offers interdisciplinary graduate programs with the medical schools at UCSF (various masters and doctoral) and Stanford (MD/MPH). [285] Edith Head (BA 1918), who was nominated for 34 Oscars during her career, won eight Oscars for costume design. 17, 2020. Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker was cofounded by John Scharffenberger (BA 1973). Berkeley also has a thriving Greek life with dozens of fraternity and sorority chapters.
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