At one point in the history of wind energy this was the largest wind farm in the world. MHI Vestas, a joint venture between Vestas Wind Systems (50%) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI, 50%), supplied the V164-8.0MW wind turbines for the Walney Extension wind farm. The offshore export cables have a total length of 136km and are linked to the onshore cables by a 23km-long interlink cable. The water depth of the location is 21 – 24 meters and the capacity of the two Wind Power Farms will be 367 MW with a possible increase. The Barrow Offshore Wind Farm is a 30 turbine 90MW capacity offshore wind farm in the East Irish Sea approximately 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) south west of Walney Island, near Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, England. Published 6 September 2018. The proposed Walney Extension offshore wind farm received approval from the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change in November 2014. N: 54.159, -3.777; E: 54.096, -3.749; S: 54.065, -3.764; W: 54.136, -3.919. Walney Extension wind farm is located in the Irish Sea, off the coast of Cumbria, UK. The 659MW offshore wind farm is co-owned by Orsted (50%) and Danish pension funds PFA (25%) and PKA (25%). Construction of the Walney I and II wind farms began in 2010/2011 and first power was achieved in 2011 and 2012, respectively. The offshore wind farm has 87 wind turbines generating enough green energy to power nearly 600,000 UK homes annually. The wind farm is co-owned by Orsted (50%), PKA (25%), and PFA (25%). Walney Extension was commissioned in 2018, at which time it was the biggest offshore wind farm in the world, surpassing the 630MW London Array Offshore Wind Farm which was commissioned in 2014 by Ørsted and its partners. Ørsted’s ongoing operations and maintenance activities will support more than 250 direct jobs in the region. This website uses cookies to improve the user experience. Enter your e-mail address below to receive our weekly newsletter, Create a partner profile on, State of Green Tours is open for visitors. We use them to give you the best experience. The Walney Extension offshore wind farm is installed with 87 wind turbines including 40 MHI Vestas V164-8.0MW turbines and 47 Siemens Gamesa SWT-7.0 MW-154 turbines. Orsted (formerly, DONG Energy) was awarded a contract by the Crown Estate to develop an offshore wind farm in Walney in 2003. The Walney 1 Windfarm consists of 51 turbines each with a capacity of 3.6MW, powering 160,000 UK households. The onshore substation comprises 220kV reactors and 400/220/16kV transformers along with high-voltage gas-insulated switchgear systems, static VAR compensators, and harmonic filters. For this study, the wind farm at Walney was located about 15 kilometers from the shore which was sufficient a distance for the divergence zone to reach the shore, while at Burbo Bank, which is less than eight kilometers from shore, the divergence pattern did not always form with sufficient strength to cause precipitation suppression at the shore. Van Oord has completed the installation of scour protection and the transport and installation of the 87 foundations for the Walney Extension offshore wind farm. Dillinger provided the heavy plates utilized for the construction of the monopile foundations of the offshore wind farm. It also includes a full-scale converter along with a horizontal split drive train and permanent magnet generator. Van Oord provided the transportation and installation services for the monopile foundations installed at the offshore wind farm. Construction of Walney Extension was co-ordinated from Ørsted’s West Coast Hub, at the Port of Barrow, which will now become home to the project’s operations and maintenance team. The construction of the Walney extension offshore wind farm was completed in two phases. Up to date information on Walney Extension offshore wind farm in United Kingdom: Power output, turbine statistics, water depths, developers and contractors, wind speed, project progress, maps, news articles, weather and discussion forum Walney Offshore is a wind farm project developed by DONG in the Irish Sea, some 20 miles from the coast at Barrow. Products/system used 1st coat - Interzone The completion of Walney Extension brings Ørsted’s total capacity operating out of Barrow up to 1.5GW. NKT provided the 220kV high-voltage AC subsea export cables along with the underground onshore cable system for the Walney Extension wind farm. Walney Extension offshore wind farm, located off the coast of Cumbria, UK, is the world’s biggest operational offshore wind farm to date. Spread over an area of 73km², the wind farms include 102 turbines with a rated capacity of 3.6MW each. Due to this change if you are seeing this message for the first time please make sure you reset your password using the Forgot your password Link. Reviewing all the constraints that can limit the best sites to go for can include a long list of considerations including available wind resource, noise, environment, history, landscape, aviation, air defence, electrical connectivity and electro-magnetic interference - as well as the location … Subscribers see an interactive map with Walney 1 Wind Farm and local projects displayed. Completed on time and on budget, the Walney Extension is a testament to the incredible development that offshore wind energy has undergone since the first pioneering projects in the beginning of the 1990s. World's largest offshore wind farm opens off Cumbria. The extension will be located in the Irish Sea, around 19km WSW off the Walney Island coast in Cumbria. The wind farm became fully operational in September 2018 and has an operational life of 25 years. Orsted divested half of its stake in the Walney Extension offshore wind farm to PKA and PFA in November 2017. Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy was selected to supply the SWT-7.0-154MW wind turbines for the wind farm, in March 2015. The offshore export transmission cables are connected to the underground onshore cables near a landfall facility located in the vicinity of Middleton Sands, Haysham. State of Green is a not-for-profit, public-private partnership from Denmark. Walney £1bn offshore wind farm is world's largest. MHI Vestas turbines were installed in the first phase, while Siemens Gamesa turbines were installed in the second phase. The West Coast Hub also services three further Ørsted offshore wind farms, i.e. Walney Extension, located in the Irish Sea, is the world’s largest operational offshore wind farm, generating clean electricity for nearly 600,000 homes. We facilitate relations with international stakeholders and are your one-point entry to all leading Danish players working to drive the global transition to a sustainable, low-carbon, resource-efficient society. Walney Extension offshore wind farm is the world’s biggest wind farm, with an installed capacity of 659MW. From other local news sites. Walney Extension offshore wind farm became operational in September 2015. The Walney Extension is the largest offshore wind farm in the world (Credit: Ørsted A/S). At the end of 2017, Iberdrola successfully connected the offshore wind farm to the national grid and, since then, supplies 350 megawatts (MW) of capacity to the German power grid and provides efficient renewable energy to 350,000 homes — representing some 20% of the energy demand of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern —. The windfarm turbine array consists of a number of rows of wind turbines connected by one cable from Walney 1 and one from Walney 2 which will carry The offshore export cables have a total length of 136km and are linked to the onshore cables by a 23km-long interlin… Covering an area of 100,000 acres, it has the ability to generate 781.5 MW of energy. The proposed wind farm is located in the Irish Sea between Cumbria and the Isle of Man, about 19km west south west of the Isle of Walney, Barrow in Furness. The West of Duddon Sands (WoDS) wind farm is a 389MW offshore wind power project located in the East Irish Sea, about 14km south-west of Walney Island off the coast of Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria. Fugro was awarded a contract by Orsted for the offshore pre-construction and engineering surveys for the Walney Extension project in March 2016. Construction of the extension wind farm was started in August 2015 and first power was achieved in September 2017. Find it in the State of Green Toolbox together with loads of materials to help you promote Denmark’s green solutions abroad. The SWT-7.0-154MW wind turbine has a rotor diameter of 154m and a swept area of 18,600m². Van Oord placed a subcontract with Menck for the deployment of the latter’s two hammers namely Aeolus and Svanen for the offshore installation of monopile foundations at the Walney Extension project. Barrow, Walney and West of Duddon Sands. Orsted delivered the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for the project. Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm is located approximately 19km west of Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria, off the North-West coast of England. The electricity generated by the wind farm is transmitted to two offshore substations, which are connected to an onshore substation by means of high-voltage AC subsea export cables with voltage ranging between 132kV and 220kV. Walney Extension extends over an area of 145km² in the Irish Sea, 19km away from the Walney Island Coast in Cumbria.
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