It's more then just honesty, hence the part I said; " my personal feeling is rape is all about consent and control" I would call it rape, the woman was giving herself to someone else not him, so he instead of him raped her. He was gathering info on … Lol, i love the way you tell me my logic is wrong, and then go ahead and spew your own misguided notions all over me like a drunk at kicking out time. good luck Mr whoever you want to be so long as you do good from here on in. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Soon, the National Public Order Intelligence Unit got interested in him. If she knew who he was then she wouldn't have wanted to sleep with him. Her ex-lover was not harmed. Seven years ago director Sheldon Wilson set out to tell a story involving crooked cops, a mafia Godfather, murder, a public poisoning, Elvis Presley, prison gang leaders and a ... See full summary ». Just had to ask, 'rape' wasn't on your mind after what Graeme Swan said on twitter about losing the Ashes was it? But on the plus side, it means that cops are motivated to obtain a search warrant and be sure that a search is conducted legally. Back in the 80's, Richard was working as an Undercover narcotics officer for the New York Police Department. Mark was surprised, so he resigns , doesnt realise how dispensible he is cause he simply is a bit too emotinal and craving daddy s engage in much critical thinking - - It was not his fault that in the course of his work he got selected for this assignment to infiltrate the activists and I am quite sure that at the beginning he would have no way of knowing that they were not violent criminals. His job was to infiltrate the crack infested underground, and find out where the drugs were coming from. It certainly is food for thought. There are isolated incidents, and the general class system which keeps people in their place, but there has never been genocide here, England has never seen secret police, and so on. After all breaking into a building caused a president to resign. 41% of the total crimes were committed while the officers were on duty. You must be the greatest person that ever lived to have written such a shining example of compassionate understanding. I think that shapes people’s impressions. They cherrypicked the perfect candidate to operate this for profit operation for the benefit of big corporations. On December 2018, the ex-adult film actress was apprehended in the Spokane International Airport in Washington, after talking with the undercover cop. in the US it was a daily routine. It was shot in the Netherlands and UK and took 2,5 years to be released. NPOI was being used. I do not have any sympathy for him Clearly he was an aspect of Kennedy himself. Starring: Tom Waes, Anna Drijver, Frank Lammers Watch all … It’s been 30 years since Kindergarten Cop turned Arnold Schwarzenegger into an undercover cop forced to deal with a kindergarten class of … Real-life surveillance footage is included. I think you're right with the law and the legal aspects. This means that a search warrant must be obtained prior to searching a home, except in extreme circumstances such as if a crime was actually taking place and a pursuit ended up in a home. Every order comes with a Certificate of … America was born out of a rebellion against a government seen as oppressive and violent. Just recently in Ferguson alone, have a read into the DOJ report on that mess. There are several ways to be notified about new content on TDF. (and as you say, that's nothing new or uncommon.) It does not sound like a simple situation at all and people so quick to judge should recall that these are humans we are talking about, not cardboard cutouts of "cop" and "activist". Documentary about how the police infiltrate criminal gangs. Its really hard to tell the good guys from the bad in these troubled times... That seems like an incredibly well reasoned point of view. Big thanks to Richard for telling it. But with a keyboard and monitor, Rodrigues met Lambey and later Depew. “Billed as a true-crime version of The Sopranos, the story of Russell's violent life as an undercover cop cum trusted associate of the Genovese crime clan in Newark, N.J., has more plot twists than the acclaimed TV series. People like you are the reason Rape is one of the most underreported crimes in society! It is pretty clear to see if you look at any of the data. With exclusive access to Mark Kennedy, Britain’s most controversial undercover police officer, this gripping and revelatory documentary tells the definitive, inside story of Mark Stone/Kennedy. Where in England you get remanded on the seriousness of the crime and your criminal history. His childhood was uneventful, happy... normal. The law known as "fruit of the poisoned tree" means that in the USA, illegally obtained evidence may not be used in a prosecution. And does he think it is right to get paid for the interview? The actual story, I first saw on an online video service and it involves a New Jersey State cop going undercover in a Newark branch of the Genovese 'family'. I think they will suffer from his actions long after the dust has settled. so if i meet someone, tell them my name is celia (not my name) and have sex with them i am a rapist? Do you see the problem? He was a test-purchase officer, part of a whole investigative team usually based on particular London estate. My little knowledge of it comes entirely from Andy Zaltsman's puns on the subject. I have been on the inside and seen just how bad it is first hand. I mean it came out when he said , he was surprised how liitle "care" he got from this police guy who was "debriefing" him.. I certainly see where you're coming from and I'm not disagreeing that what the guy did is in some regards morally reprehensible but I think using rape to describe this particular type of duplicitous behaviour is opening a door to degrees of interpretation on many other scenarios. Two faced prick. George is ... See full summary ». It is damaging for the officer, damaging for anyone he interacts with etc. It was ethically wrong at the very least. His eyes give him a very distinctive look and I recall him as serving food at one of the camps, I believe it was the Nottingham group. He had spent over a decade ... See full summary », Undercover is a documentary film starring Richard Bert, a Brooklyn man born and bred. (In my limited understanding, rape seems to be about physically expressing control over someone else, negating their personal right to self determination and choice. Undercover is a documentary film starring Richard Bert, a Brooklyn man born and bred. Do you have anything else to add to the conversation, or is Men are Evil the only point you wish to express? The fact is the Police and all the other alphabet offsprings are the biggest gang in the world. Mark's whole career was based upon crossing that line, and obviously he could not separate his professional and personal lives, so he ended up crossing the line with his relationship. An "America Undercover" documentary relating the true story of how Mike Russell, a lone former police officer brought down an entire organized crime organization in one of history's largest sting operations. I may be wrong but from my understanding sexual assault in rape, just like manslaughter is murder. I agreed with the ex Minister of the Environment's speculations that none of the activities sanctioned by the NPOI,( in this doc), were intended to actually protect the public. Sleeping with somebody that thinks you're somebody else might be a lot more prevalent than you think, it's a matter of degrees in my experience. Gender has nothing to do with one's level of honesty in my experience. • Channel 4 (2011). movies I want to see you've probably never heard of. Available on My5 Upcoming Episodes Clips News Characters Competition About. Rape is about dominating regardless of the victims wish's and feelings. What about married guys that are secretly gay? Spies have ALWAYS been encouraged to use sex as a way to get close to people they want information from and indeed, after this story broke it transpired that this was not a unique situation and that other undercover officers were sexually involved with their marks. A&E has a documentary television series called 60 Days In. I agree with the rest of your assessment, I just think 'rape' is a bit too strong a word, deception, dishonest yep. Just like every other sphere of life, there are "good" cops and "bad" cops but mostly there are human cops who have a bit of bad and a bit of good all mixed together. An undercover cop and a mole in the police attempt to identify each other while infiltrating an Irish gang in South Boston. 4/ "REALLY raped" Great so now not only are you passing judgement on what is and isn't rape you're now mocking rape in general...You're a classy bird ain't ya? I remember when this story came out and the first pictures of Kennedy/Stone were released. No , you've not understood my point properly. He was invited to a couple of meetings and interviews and he was finally selected. He did not seem out of place at all but totally blended in. There isn't a 'forcing against the will', in my opinion dishonesty/fraud is a better fitting word then rape. In the film, I explain undercover cops cause more harm to citizens than drugs do. It is stupid reactionary nonsense to call the USA a police state and I would wager that you, alfredkarius, have never set foot in the US. I’m less worried that a guy will mug me and get away with it because they'll be probably be caught on camera. That pretty much cuts to the heart of it doesn't it? I personally send those hopes toward his victims. (not defending anyone in this doco or anything, don't get me wrong) If it's not being honest with a 'prospective "score" ', then many people are guilty of telling lies (or half-truths by omission , to get what they want. (off topic a bit probably, more about what is and isn't a rape I suppose. Also when I've been in the USA there is an overwhelming amount of private CCTV and houses and business compared to Britain which must be down to the crime, especially in the Cities. Yes, his kids and wife are innocent and paying the biggest price. Ahh, ok. After reading more of the posts you've made on other threads it makes sense now. Usually forcibly. What was he supposed to do then, quit his job, go confess to the activists and hope his girlfriend didn't dump him when he told her he was a cop? Pity the world is full of guys like that etc etc. From what I've seen 5-0 is in the bag with Mitch Johnson man of the series and 40 wickets. I have a feeling the above comments were written by men? At the same time a case that has dominated her career is about to reach its conclusion. She is about to become the first black Director of Public Prosecutions. He thinks these criminals care for him, because he had to think like that to survive and succeed at his job, Thèse activists are nt and weren t "criminals" they were as he said people , the few people, ...with a social conscience Britain has had close to half a century of terrorism, to one degree or another. Now it's time to pay the piper, he doesn't like it. It sounds to me that your going by your own experience rather than an informed and educated position. One of the reasons I got out of the UK activist scene was because I found this type of dualism to be rampant and ridiculous in the extreme. What this copper did was much more then a 'pinch' or feel-up. profit-motivated police crime (1,592 cases of 1,396 officers). (The only children he had was with his legitimate wife is what I recall watching. ) For what, some intel on a few of what the police consider 'nutters' breaking into some private businesses. Went into view without a clue and WOW what a well put together film but the story will rival most for capturing a whole person's story. I'm sure after being tossed away like a bum after all the work he did, he now realizes he was just a corporate puppet. Most people agree that deception is harmful to the way society and interpersonal relationships function, and so I base my definition of 'immoral' upon that premise. What's your point? Hi a_no_n, how's things. Secrets and lies: untangling the UK 'spy cops' scandal Mark Kennedy, who posed as an environmental activist, shows his injuries after being assaulted by police while undercover in 2006. (2014). U bring an innocent life into it. I think one of the most disturbing aspects is the operation itself, surely the cost to the tax payer with no results should indicate poor management of resources to say the least. English too are you? The movies on this list all tell the story of an undercover cop in one way or another; most are dramatic and suspenseful in nature, while some put a comedic twist on the idea. We can drink at 18, have sex at 16 and yes we can own certain types of guns, just it's far far more controlled. even if he isnt a rapist or pedophile No doubt they justified it by giving off the impression that it's an on going case and they were gaining very important intel from their man inside. Detective Charles Meyer returns to work after an extended period off after witnessing a traumatic event. The criminal empires that have existed during the troubles can no longer operate and are being shut down. You hit the nail on the head the innocent parties that have been thrown into this sordid affair is his actual wife and children. That is why police departments shouldn't put people undercover for years, and why they often don't because it is damaging. Just to show the difference in the level of professionalism lets look at a study that identified 6,724 cases involving the arrests of 5,545 sworn officers across the USA between 2005 and 2011 for a variety of criminal acts. Thanks for clearing that up. drug-related police crime (739 arrest cases of 665 sworn officers) With practice he adopted a new personality, he opened up lot of doors, he met lot of different people involved in crime, and he broadened up his horizons. A cold murder-on-video case sets two friends on an investigative journey of their own. Many people tell white lies in job interviews to make themselves seem more skilled and appropriate for the position for which they are applying. I thought it was a very good documentary. Prob not a dignified form of job, but for some women desperate to make ends meet and put food on the tables of their children its a job. Snitches end up in ditches! Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? If I owned a business and was breaking no laws I would expect that society would prevent people from willfully breaking into my establishment. TV Guide. Actually, a_no_n your logic is wrong, though it makes for an interesting side-discussion. The truth can set you free... what's that...the guy whose job was to emotionally manipulate people is displaying an easily faked emotion...he must be telling the truth, there's no other possible answer.
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