Some staff members frequently have to go on mission to the other principal places of work of their institution. 4. Article 15 of the Protocol No 7 on Privileges and Immunities of the European Union provides that certain data of officials and other servants are to be communicated to the governments of the Member States. 3. The period of notice shall not, however, commence to run during pregnancy if confirmed by a medical certificate, maternity leave or sick leave, provided such sick leave does not exceed three months. If the spouse works outside the institutions of the Union and benefits from comparable leave, a corresponding number of days shall be deducted from the official's entitlement. There is an AR for how a CQ duty roster is to be set up but not on the actual times, length of the duty, and the time off after the duty is completed. The minimum of two years in the grade before promotion of an official to the next higher grade is maintained in order to allow for faster promotions for high performers. Where parental leave is taken in the form of half-time leave, the maximum period provided for in the first paragraph shall be doubled. Promotion shall be exclusively by selection from among officials who have completed a minimum of two years in their grade after consideration of the comparative merits of the officials eligible for promotion. The same applies to the cover under the joint sickness insurance scheme. That report shall have regard to the survey conducted under Article 2 of this Annex and shall assess whether, in particular, the evolution of purchasing power of remuneration and pensions of Union officials is in accordance with the changes in the purchasing power of salaries in national civil services in central governments. In that case, the first two paragraphs of Article 3 of Annex IVa shall not apply. as of the age of 58 during the last three years before he reaches pensionable age. Eurostat shall update the economic parities using the change in the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices of the Member States and the most appropriate indices as defined by the Working Group on Articles 64 and 65 of the Staff Regulations referred to in Article 13. On termination of service, removal shall be effected within three years as provided in the second subparagraph of Article 6(4). Travel expenses for children aged less than two years during the entire calendar year shall not be reimbursed. Should it recommend dismissal or, in exceptional circumstances, extension of the probationary period in accordance with paragraph 1, the report and the comments shall be transmitted immediately by the immediate superior of the contract staff member to the authority referred to in the first paragraph of Article 6. '; paragraph 1 is replaced by the following: '1. By way of derogation from Annex I, Section A, point 2, the following table of types of posts in function group AST shall apply to officials in service on 31 December 2013: 2. (5)  Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data (OJ L 8, 12.1.2001, p. The official shall have the right to obtain his complete personal file and to take copies of all documents relating to the procedure. The appointing authority of each institution shall lay down provisions conferring the right to lodge an appeal within the reporting procedure, which has to be exercised before the lodging of a complaint as referred to in Article 90(2). About HR Handbook . Without prejudice to the principle of promotion based on merit as laid down in Article 45, that plan shall ensure that, for each institution, the number of vacant positions at every grade of the establishment plan on 1 January of each year corresponds to the number of officials in the lower grade in active employment on 1 January of the preceding year, multiplied by the rates laid down in Annex I, Section B, for that grade. With a view to adjusting career structures in the current domains of AST staff even further to different levels of responsibility and as an indispensable contribution to limiting administrative expenses, a new function group 'AST/SC' for secretarial and clerical staff should be introduced. The flat-rate payment shall be based on an allowance per kilometre of geographical distance between the official's place of employment and his place of origin. In order to facilitate engagement on the broadest possible geographical basis, the institutions shall strive to support multilingual and multicultural education for the children of their staff'; In paragraph 5, the words 'Each institution' are replaced by 'The authority referred to in the first paragraph of Article 6'; 1. Whenever possible their duties Report from the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat). '; 1. The increase of basic salary in paragraph 7 shall not be paid after promotion and shall not be included in the basis used for determining the increase in basic monthly salary referred to in Article 7(5) of this Annex. The appointing authority shall decide which of these candidates to appoint to the vacant posts. '; An official's remuneration expressed in euros shall, after the compulsory deductions set out in these Staff Regulations or in any implementing regulations have been made, be weighted at a rate above, below or equal to 100 %, depending on living conditions in the various places of employment. <> Those indices are calculated by multiplying the Joint Index by the change in the economic parity. Changes in the purchasing power of salaries of national civil servants in central government (specific indicators). Officials with 20 or more years’ service on 1 May 2004 shall become entitled to a retirement pension when they reach the age of 60. The power to adopt delegated acts referred to in Articles 56a, 56b and 56c of the Staff Regulations, Article 13(3) of Annex VII and Article 9 of Annex XI thereto and Articles 28a(11) and 96(11) of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants shall be conferred on the Commission for an indeterminate period of time from 1 January 2014. By way of derogation from the eighth paragraph of Article 50 of the Staff Regulations, an official who is retired in the interests of the service in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 50 of the Staff Regulations shall be entitled to receive the payment of a pension under Article 9 of Annex VIII in accordance with the table below: Date of the decision under the first paragraph of Article 50. Fully qualified in recommended None MOS (DA … Where, however, in the case of a given country, the variation in the cost of living measured on the basis of the weighting and the corresponding exchange rate is found to have exceeded 5 % since the last update, an interim update of the weighting in accordance with the procedure laid down in the first paragraph shall take place. '; in Article 13a, the words 'various institutions' are replaced by 'appointing authorities of the various institutions'; '1. قم بمراجعة لقطات الشاشة، وقراءة أحدث تقييمات العملاء، ومقارنة التصنيفات لـ Police Bus Staff Duty Transport 3D … '; Within the limits laid down in Article 56 of the Staff Regulations, overtime worked by an official in grade SC 1 to SC 6 or grade AST 1 to AST 4 shall entitle him to compensatory leave or to remuneration as follows: for each hour of overtime, he shall be entitled to one hour and a half off as compensatory leave; if the hour of overtime is worked between 22:00 hours and 07:00 hours or on a Sunday or on a public holiday, the entitlement to compensatory leave shall be two hours off; in the granting of compensatory leave, account shall be taken of the requirements of the service and the preference of the official concerned; where the requirements of the service do not permit compensatory leave to be taken during two months following that during which the overtime was worked, the appointing authority shall authorise remuneration for uncompensated hours of overtime at the rate of 0,56 % of the monthly basic salary for each hour of overtime on the basis set out in point (a); to qualify for compensatory leave or remuneration for one hour's overtime, the extra time worked must have been more than thirty minutes. The appointing authority may decide to grant a supplementary premium in addition to the allowance for living conditions in cases where an official has had more than one assignment to a place of employment considered difficult or very difficult. Each of those indicators shall be established in real gross and real net terms. '; RULES FOR IMPLEMENTING ARTICLES 64 AND 65 OF THE STAFF REGULATIONS, ANNUAL UPDATE OF REMUNERATION PROVIDED FOR IN ARTICLE 65(1) OF THE STAFF REGULATIONS, 1. looking for other ways to word out what army battalion/barracks staff duty/cq is, on my resume. However, the agency may, where appropriate and in duly justified cases, authorise the engagement at grade AD 9, AD 10, AD 11 or, on an exceptional basis, at grade AD 12, for posts with corresponding responsibilities and within the limits of the approved establishment plan. That update shall take place before the end of each year in the light of a report by the Commission based on statistical data prepared by the Statistical Office of the European Union in agreement with the national statistical offices of the Member States; the statistical data shall reflect the situation as at 1 July in each of the Member States. Employers must do whatever is reasonably practicable to achieve this. 6. By way of derogation from paragraph 2, travel expenses which relate to a transfer involving a change between a place of employment within the territories of the Member States of the European Union and a place of employment outside those territories or to a transfer involving a change between places of employment outside those territories shall be reimbursed in the form of a flat-rate payment based on the cost of air travel in the class immediately superior to economy class. These rules should therefore be adapted, in order to allow in such cases the reimbursement of accommodation costs on the basis of a flat-rate sum. until 31 December 2015 as from the age of 55; until 31 December 2016 as from the age of 57. OF PAGES ORGANIZATION OR INSTALLATION LOCATION PERIOD COVERED FROM TO HOUR DATE HOUR DATE ITEM NO. That report shall be communicated to the person concerned, who shall have the right to submit his comments in writing within eight working days. '; In point (b) of Article 3b, point (i) is replaced by the following: Officials or temporary staff in function groups AST/SC and AST;'; In the first paragraph of Article 8, the words 'Article 2(a)' are replaced by 'Article 2(a) or Article 2(f)'; in the first sentence of the first paragraph, the words 'Articles 11 to 26' are replaced by 'Articles 11 to 26a'; in the third paragraph, the words 'second paragraph' are replaced by 'third paragraph'; '1.
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