– Russian Proverb, The horses of hope gallop, but the asses of experience go slowly. Meaning: If you want to know something, ask the people for it. (A person should concern himself with his own trade or occupation and should not engage in, or give advice about, other trades or occupations), There will come a time when the seed will sprout. – Russian Proverb, For some people war is war, for others – dear mother. Transliteration: Ne bylo by schast’ya, da neschast’ye pomoglo. – Russian Proverb, A girl never grows into a lady. English equivalent: A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit. – Russian Proverb, Makes the bed soft, yet hard to sleep. (People who often lose their temper and make many loud threats seldom carry them out. – Russian Proverb, If the thunder is not loud, the peasant forgets to cross himself. See also: На зе́ркало не́ча пеня́ть, ко́ли ро́жа крива́; В чужо́м глазу́ сори́нку заме́тно, а в своём — бревна́ не вида́ть. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, Water does not run under a lying stone. – Russian Proverb, A fool may throw into a well a stone which a hundred wise men cannot pull out. English equivalent: Life’s not all beer and skittles; Life’s not all wine and roses; I never promised you a bed of roses. – Russian Proverb, There is more light than can be seen through the window. – Russian Proverb, Love and eggs are best when they are fresh. – Russian Proverb, The riches that are in the heart cannot be stolen. Compare: Сло́во – не воробе́й: вы́летит – не пойма́ешь. – Russian Proverb, You cannot pull a fish out of the pond without work. (There is nothing to prevent an ordinary person from l looking at a person of great importance so long as he tries to do no harm), No money is taken for just looking. (Every must take consequences of his own actions), As you make your bed, so you will sleep. – Russian Proverb Closest English equivalent: He who sups with the devil must use a long spoon. (Do not judge people by what they appear to be), Not everything is a mermaid that dives into the water. A man is known by his friends. – Russian Proverb, The apple doesn’t fall far away from the apple-tree. Translation: Any wise man has enough of simplicity. “A fop sometimes gives important advice.”, Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux, L’Art Poétique, IV. – Russian Proverb, He that would learn to pray, let him go to sea. – Russian Proverb, In the land of hope, there is never any winter. English equivalent: Nature abhors a vacuum; The throne is never vacant. “Another belief of mine: that everyone else my age is an adult, whereas I am merely in disguise.”. (Do not change arrangements while yyou are in the middle of a difficult task or till a crisis is past), You don’t get a headache from what other people have drunk. – Russian Proverb, Those who love you will make you weep; those who hate you will make you laugh. – Russian Proverb, There are more whores in hiding than there are public ones. Compare: Дру́жба дру́жбой, а табачо́к (де́нежки) – врозь. English equivalent: Trust in God, but lock your car. – Russian Proverb, You can bend an alder-tree, if you do it gradually. Meaning: Great wealth stems from illegal activities more often than not. English equivalent: A stitch in time saves nine. English equivalent: The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. (If the final result is good,previous failures are forgotten and there is no need to complain, since the end result is the most importance thing), As long as a child does not cry, it does not matter what pleases it. Translation: A woman’s hair is long, and her mind short. (Russian Proverb) Chipped china lasts two centuries. Не плюй в коло́дец — пригоди́тся [воды] напи́ться. – Russian Proverb, It was smooth on paper, but forgotten about ravines. Translation: Live for a century — learn for a century. – Russian Proverb, The first blin always turns out lumpy. ), Heart with pepper, soul with garlic. Translation: One shouldn’t beat the one who fell. – Russian Proverb, It makes chicken laugh. – Russian Proverb, Small children give you headache; big children heartache. – Russian Proverb, However would the string wind, the end will be reached. The following list includes some of the most popular Russian proverbs and sayings grouped according to their usage. – Russian Proverb, The elbow is near, but try and bite it. – Russian Proverb, Fortune and misfortune live in the same courtyard. – Russian Proverb, If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one. See also: Бери́сь дру́жно, не бу́дет гру́зно. – Russian Proverb, It is easier for the horse when a woman gets off the cart. ‘Tis a hard winter when one wolf eats another. – Russian Proverb, You cannot sew buttons on your neighbor’s mouth. – Russian Proverb, What johnny will not teach himself, johnny will never know. – Russian Proverb, Ride slower – you’ll get further. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, He who doesn’t risk never gets to drink champagne. English Equivalent: The cat shuts its eyes when stealing cream. – Russian Proverb, A bad rumour flies on wings. – Russian Proverb, Warm a frozen snake and it will be the first to bite you. – Russian Proverb Proverbs and sayings are words of wisdom, told and retold for centuries. (Do not take risks with dangerous articles,especially when it is foolish and unnecessary; do not put yourself into a position that may be dangerous), Do not praise yourself when going of to battle going into battle; praise yourself coming out of battle. Translation: One [should] count chicks in autumn. – Russian Proverb, One sprinkles the most sugar where the tart is burnt. Russian Proverb A kind word is like a Spring day. Modern mockery: Не учи папу трахаться. – Russian Proverb, If everyone gives one thread, the poor man will have a shirt. Meaning: One is much more likely to protect one’s own property than anybody else’s. – Russian Proverb, Russia was tsarist – became proletarian. – Russian Proverb, Any fish is good if it is on the hook. – Russian Proverb, Thanks to one small candle the whole of Moscow burns. – Russian Proverb, Death does not come free of charge, for it costs us our life. – Russian Proverb Translation: love’s evil, you’ll love even a goat. – Russian Proverb, A good borrower is a lazy payer. – Russian Proverb, If you rush things, you’ll just make others laugh. – Russian Proverb, Elder-berry is in the kitchen-garden, therefore your Uncle is in Kiev. – Russian Proverb, They wait three years for what was promised. – Russian Proverb, The newborn baby yells; you die in silence. English equivalent: No pain, no gain; Nothing ventured, nothing gained. – Russian Proverb, If Moscow is the heart of Russia and St. Petersburg is its head, then Kiev is its mother. English equivalent: The leopard cannot change his spots. Translation: [For every] one with a plow — [there’s] seven with a spoon. – Russian Proverb, Do not look for good from good. – Russian Proverb, Work is afraid of a skilled worker. – Russian Proverb, There are no bad ships at all, there are bad captains. Translation: What’s on sober’s mind, is on drunk’s tongue. Не всё коту́ ма́сленица, бу́дет и вели́кий пост. Translation: You cannot break a wall with your forehead. Translation: Simplicity is worse than thievery (crime). – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, Your dog wishes you a long life. English equivalent: Nothing ventured, nothing gained; He that never climbed, never fell. English equivalent: Forbidden fruit is sweetest. 5. – Russian Proverb, Even one person in the field is a warrior, if he is a soviet warrior. – Russian Proverb, If age and experience came at birth, We would have neither youth nor mirth. Дру́жба дру́жбой, а табачо́к (де́нежки) – врозь. Alt. – Russian Proverb, Mass is not repeated for the deaf. Meaning: Sometimes it is impossible to get two desired things at the same time. – Russian Proverb, Habit is a shirt that we wear till death. – Russian Proverb, That’s, Grandma, the Yuri’s Day. – Russian Proverb, If you have eaten the morsel on Wednesday, do not look for it on Thursday. – Russian Proverb, It is not the horse that draws the cart, but the oats. – Russian Proverb, After the head is off, one does not cry over the hair. – Russian Proverb English equivalent: The pot calls the kettle black. – Russian Proverb, An uninvited guest is worse than the Mongol invasion. And in English and in Russian proverbs, undoubtedly influenced by different times, different social relationships. – Russian Proverb, What the young one begs for, the grown-up throws away. – Russian Proverb, As you cooked the porridge, so must you eat it. English equivalent: A tree is known by its fruit. “An uneducated man cannot judge of the attainments of the learned.”. Although, if to literally translate those sayings and phrases, they will turn out to not make any sense at all. Modern mockery: Я — не я, и жопа не моя (‘Ya ne ya, i jhopa ne moya. – Russian Proverb, As chicken is not a bird, woman is not a human being. 11. Ско́лько во́лка ни корми́, он всё в лес смо́трит. English equivalent: Best is the enemy of good. – Russian Proverb, Having a good wife and rich cabbage soup, seek not other things. Transliteration: Po odyozhke vstrechayut, po umu provozhayut. The proverbs originated from oral history and ancient written texts … – Russian Proverb, The moon gives us light but no heat. – Russian Proverb, Even an eagle will not fly higher than the sun. – Russian Proverb, There is only one good – knowledge; there is only one evil – ignorance. – Russian Proverb, If everyone were a gentleman, who would make the mills work? English equivalent: He who pleased everybody died before he was born. English equivalent: Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. – Russian Proverb, Living mindlessly is paradise. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, Elderberries in the yard and an uncle in Kiev. – Russian Proverb, The fish always stinks from the head downwards. Transliteration: Ne boysya sobaki, shto layet, a bosya toy, shto molchit, da khvostom vilyayet. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, A spoonful of tar in a barrel of honey. Translation: A bad peace is better than a good quarrel. Translation: [You] cannot throw a word out of a song. – Russian Proverb, The devil is not so frightful as he is painted. A Russian isn’t clumsy, he is “an elephant in a china shop.” (slon v posudnoi lavke) 12. Meaning: You might be my friend, but it doesn’t entitle you to using my assets (or not repaying my debts). – Russian Proverb, Laws are silent in time of war. – Russian Proverb, Hope in the Lord, but exert yourself. – Russian Proverb, Idleness is the mother of all vices. – Russian Proverb, When god will punish, he will first take away the understanding. Meaning: One can suffer for his/her activity or initiative; result is sometimes an oposite of expected. You will speak more and express yourself better. Translation: Hope for God, but do not be reliant. – Russian Proverb, The tallest tree is rooted in the ground. Meaning: Newcomers are the most ambitious. – Russian Proverb, Don’t raise your stick and the dog won’t bark at you. W.F. – Russian Proverb Modern mockery: Что написано топором – не вырубить пером. Translation: Not every day is a Shrovetide, in time it will be a Lent. Transliteration: Ne oshibayetsa tot, kto nichego ne delayet. – Russian Proverb, All roads lead to Moscow. Compare: Го́лод не тётка(, пирожка́ не поднесёт). Translation: The nightingale can’t be fed by fables. Meaning: Drunk people have poor self-control, often saying things they shouldn’t have said. Translation: Another person’s soul is [in] darkness. – Russian Proverb, Small faults indulged in are little thieves that let in greater. Compare: С волка́ми жить, по-во́лчьи выть. Russian language proverbs are words of wisdom created in Slavic languages by Slavic peoples. English equivalent: Slow and steady wins the race. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb (If you called yourself a milk-mushroom — keep on your treatment.). – Russian Proverb, Don’t drive a Binya into the woods if he has found his way to your house. – Russian Proverb. Transliteration: Boltun — nakhodka dlya shpiona. Compare: Глаза́ боя́тся, а ру́ки де́лают. English equivalent: Always be prepared (or “always bring more than you need”); Better to have and not need than to need and not have. See also: Всяк кули`к своё боло`то хва`лит. English equivalent: Little strokes fell great oaks. – Russian Proverb, The word is silver, the silence is gold. To talk bullshit it’s not to roll over the bagful). Translation: Living [your] life is not like crossing a meadow. – Russian Proverb, Close to the Tsar, close to death. “A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.”, Translation: Truth is spoken from the toddler’s mouth; From the mouth of babes. – Russian Proverb, There is no smoke without fire. – Russian Proverb, A wife should be as humble as a lamb, busy as a bee, as beautiful as a bird of paradise and faithful as a turtle dove. Translation: One cup (of liquor) is for health, second one is for fun, third one is for nothing. Сла́вны бу́бны за гора́ми (а к нам приду́т, как луко́шко). – Russian Proverb, With seven nurses the child loses its eye. – Russian Proverb, Who talks little hears better. Meaning: One cannot (or should not) expect to benefit without making some effort. Translation: Unless thunder strikes, a man won’t cross himself. Translation: [You] cannot hide an awl in a sack. – Russian Proverb, One fisherman recognizes another from afar. – Russian Proverb, A guest has not to thank the host, but the host the guest. Translation: A spooked crow is afraid of a bush (a carriage [wheel’s] squeak/its own shadow). Чем бы дит́я ни те́шилось, ли́шь бы не пла́кало. – Russian Proverb, Fear the Greeks bearing gifts. – Russian Proverb Podschitalee — proslezealees’. (People of similar interests,tastes or characters are attracted to each other and stay close together), One good daughter is worth seven sons. – Russian Proverb, The fall of the leaf; is a whisper to the living. – Russian Proverb, Have a good time if you want — but don’t overdo it. Ба́бушка (гада́ла, да) на́двое сказа́ла ( — то ли до́ждик, то ли снег, то ли бу́дет, то ли нет). – Russian Proverb, Do not spit into the well you may have to drink of. Compare: Что в лоб, что по́ лбу; Что пнём об сову, что сово́й об пень. English equivalent: Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings come great truth. – Russian Proverb, An enemy will agree, but a friend will argue. – Russian Proverb, A bad dancer always has trouble with his balls. Any Russian child knows that fishing involves hard work, all thanks to this popular proverb which was even included in the official school curriculum during the Soviet years. Translation: You can’t escape your fate [even] with a horse. Pronunciation: STAHry DRUG LUCHsheh NOHvyh DVUKHTranslation: An old friend is better than two new onesMeaning: Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver, the other is gold; old friends and old wine are best. English equivalent: He is so pig-headed; Stubborn as a mule. Translation: The eye can see it, but the tooth can’t bite it. This is sad, because many superior such books exist; in particular, I would mention Kuzmin and Shadrin's Russian-English Dictionary of Proverbs and Sayings (Russky Yazyk, Moscow, 1989). Meaning: Promises aren’t usually carried out immediately. Translation: Ride slower — [you’ll] get further. Если бы молодость знала, если бы старость могла. – Russian Proverb Translation: [Just] because one fears wolves, is one not to go into the woods? — Also: Don’t rush things. – Russian Proverb, As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far place. Translation: Even one matters in the battlefield. – Russian Proverb, You cannot please everybody. English equivalent: We’ll see what we’ll see; maybe rain or maybe snow, maybe yes or maybe no. – Russian Proverb, Work makes you into a hunchback and then rich. – Russian Proverb, Good brotherhood is the best wealth. – Russian Proverb, Living your life is not like crossing a meadow. Оди́н сын – не сын, два сы́на – по́лсына, три сы́на – сын. Yiddish proverb. – Russian Proverb, You can’t move faster than your shadow. – Russian Proverb, Still waters are inhibited by devils. – Russian Proverb, A bachelor is never sent as a go-between. – Russian Proverb, No year has two summers. It really reflects the Russian way of looking at the world through a prism of romantic adventure. – Russian Proverb, The one who pulls a cart is urged on. – Russian Proverb, There were people before us and there will be people after us. – Russian Proverb, You can get used to anything — even hell. – Russian Proverb, Success has many fathers, while failure is an orphan. Translation: For a drunk, the sea is knee-deep (, and a puddle ear-deep). Meaning: Work goes well when you know what you are doing. – Russian Proverb, Will heal before wedding. English equivalent: Neither here nor there. – Russian Proverb, Rain falls alike on the just and the unjust. Compare: Я́годка по я́годке – бу́дет кузово́к; У стра́ха глаза́ велики́. – Russian Proverb, You cannot buy wisdom abroad if there is none at home. – Russian Proverb, If you called yourself a milk-mushroom-get into the basket!. They’re Russian idioms. Translation: Do not look for [further] good from good. Translation: Without effort, you can’t [even] pull a fish out of the pond. – Russian Proverb, The tongue always returns to the sore tooth. Transliteration: Na yazyke myod, a na serdtse — lyod. English equivalent: I need to sleep on it. Translation: A spring egg is dear at the Easter day. – Russian Proverb, What you go looking for, you will find. – Russian Proverb, A net will catch more than a pole. (Do not discuss your fault, mistakes, private, and especially family, grievances, troubles, quarrels, scandals, etc., in public), Do not cut the bough you are sitting on. – Russian Proverb Modern mockery: Назва́лся ку́зовом — принима́й гру́зди. English equivalent: Neither fish nor flesh. English equivalent: Give one an inch, and he will take a mile. – Russian Proverb, One never tires working for oneself. Meaning: A person can never change his character. (Every man praises what is familar and dear to him), Every seed knows its time == All in good time. Transliteration: Pozhalel volk kobylu, ostavil khvost da grivu. – Russian Proverb, An axe does not cut down a tree by itself. English equivalent: Don’t change horses in the midstream. – Russian Proverb, God wanted to punish mankind, so he created lawyers. – Russian Proverb, Beat your own and others will fear you. English equivalent: All hat and no cattle. Literal: The appetite comes during eating. English equivalent: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. – Russian Proverb, How is prompted, it will bounce back. Meaning: When eagerness is coupled with lack of understanding of the task, one’s efforts will be more of a hindrance than a help; Better not to follow instructions literally but understand their purpose. Translation: Paper has no soul – you can put anything on it.”, Latin version: Epistula non erubescit – A letter doesn’t blush (Cicero). The literal meaning of Голь is extreme poverty, and this proverb highlights the tough socio-economic conditions many Russians lived and continue to live in, still managing to invent some fascinating solutions to the problems they encounter. – Russian Proverb, Trust in God, but mind your own business. – Russian Proverb, When gold speaks, everything else is silent. Maia Nikitina is a writer and Russian language translator. Appetite comes with eating. – Russian Proverb, Don’t swear off of beggary and jail. – Russian Proverb, Give your children too much freedom and you lose your own. – Russian Proverb, Gossip needs no carriage. This article does not cite its references or sources. (It is better to come (to repent, to do something,etc) late than never to come (to repent,to do something,etc.) Sometimes Russians shorten a proverb to just the first word or two, expecting the listener to know and understand the rest of it. – Russian Proverb, Love has its own language, but marriage falls back on the local dialect. I am talking to you, daughter-in-law, so that you could hear it, neighbor! (When a woman gets off the cart, the horse will notice.). Meaning: If you’re afraid of doing something, relax and and let your reflexes do the job; — Also: Don’t be afraid if the amount of work seems large; it can be handled step-by-step. “I always pass on good advice. Translation: Strike while the iron is hot. For instance, a person living in a messy house is messy. But when you’re studying a foreign language, you have to pay particular attention to them. English equivalent: Seeing is believing; One look is worth a thousand words. (One should remain within the limits of what one has or what one can afford), Strike while the iron is hot. Time is money. – Russian Proverb, It is good to be visiting, but it is better to be at home. English equivalent: A burden of one’s own choice is not felt. – Russian Proverb, The bear dances but the tamer collects the money. – Russian Proverb, The cub does not teach the Wolf. – Russian Proverb, Plan your life as though you were going to live forever, but live today as if you were going to die tomorrow. Translation: God keeps those safe who keep themselves safe. “There is only one good. Compare: И́ли грудь в креста́х, и́ли голова́ в куста́х. – Russian Proverb, A titmouse in the hand is better than a crane in the sky. (One should beware of an attractive offer, for there is very likely), One may make up a soft bed, but still it will be hard to sleep in. English equivalent: Fine words butter no parsnips. – Russian Proverb, As long as the sun shines one does not ask for the moon. Подсчитали — прослезились, Transliteration: Yeley-peeley, veselealeas’. – Russian Proverb, One naturally prefers one’s own kind. Конь о четырёх нога́х, да и тот спотыка́ется. Посади́ свинью́ за стол — она́ и но́ги на сто́л. – Russian Proverb, It’s easier to tear a hole than to mend one. Не ошиба́ется тот, кто ничего́ не де́лает. Transliteration: Odin syn – ne syn, dva syna – polsyna, tri syna – syn. English equivalent: A new broom sweeps clean. Translation: [It’s] not gods [who] make pots. – Russian Proverb, There will be trouble if the cobbler starts making pies. – Russian Proverb, Near is my shirt, but nearer is my skin. – Russian Proverb, Those who are discontent to remain in one place will not earn much. – Russian Proverb, Soap is grey but it used to be white. Dogs that bark most bite least), You will reap what you will sow. – Russian Proverb, The scythe ran into a stone. Translation: What was written by a pen can’t be erased by an axe. – Russian Proverb, It’s better to see once than hear a hundred times. 2. French Proverb. – Russian Proverb, Don’t worry if you borrow, but worry if you lend. ; Proper timing is everything. Meaning: If too many people are working on the same project, everybody will expect that another one will do the actual job. – Russian Proverb, Take thy thoughts to bed with thee, for the morning is wiser than the evening. – Russian Proverb, It is unpleasant to go alone, even to be drowned. Translation: Bragging is unlike mowing; it won’t make your back ache. Do not exaggerate the importance of matters), Do not make jokes that cost more than a ruble. Пло́х тот солда́т, кото́рый не мечта́ет стать генера́лом. Curiosity killed the cat. – Russian Proverb, A sea will not dry up, a nation will not get lost. – Russian Proverb, What plant, that will harvest. Pronunciation: ZHYvy BUdem ni pamRYOMTranslation: We will be alive, we won’t dieMeaning: Everything will be alright; let’s hope for the best, Pronunciation: Bud’ Shto BUdyetTranslation: Let it beMeaning: Whatever shall be, will be. – Russian Proverb, Each time it is different. Пожале́л волк кобы́лу, оста́вил хвост да гри́ву. – Russian Proverb, God comes with leaden feet but strikes with iron hands. – Russian Proverb, When you are in a pack of hounds, you either bark or wag your tail. Meaning: Men tend to co-operate, but women – to compete. – Russian Proverb, What makes you happy, makes you rich. – Russian Proverb, Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. – Russian Proverb, The crow flew over the sea but returned still a crow. – Russian Proverbs, You can not write in the chimney with charcoal. – Russian Proverb, Jabber, Emelya – your week. – Russian Proverb, The tongue speaks, but the head doesn’t know. – Russian Proverb, Partnership is an invention of the devil. – Russian Proverb, No man can be a good ruler unless he has first been ruled. 10. Заста́вь дурака́ Бо́гу моли́ться – он (себе́) лоб расшибёт (и други́м но́ги поотшиба́ет). (A keep worker who is doing his best should be left alone and not urged to work harder), You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother. Моё де́ло -- прокукаре́кать, а да́льше -- хоть не рассвета́й. Translation: Don’t cast beads before(in front of) pigs. – Russian Proverb, Smeshnoi ruski eto krytoi ruski Translation: A funny russian is a cool russian Perestroika, as it wasn’t believed at the time that they will last), The Spirit Which Receives Moral And Intellectual Education, Humanity, Love, Kindness / Quotes by Topics. It may cover or hide a much less favourable content. (God watches over those who are careful, and the jail wardens watch over those who were not.). English equivalent: Every cloud has a silver lining. – Russian Proverb, You could even hew sticks on head. – Russian Proverb, A woman’s tongue is longer than her hair. 30 pages, $6.99 http://www.amazon.com/German-English-Proverbs-Sayings/dp/1494347245/ – Russian Proverb, Do not make an elephant out of a fly. – Russian Proverb, Our eyes are our enemies. Source note: this proverb originated as a line in Boris Pasternak’s poem “Hamlet.”. – Russian Proverb – Russian Proverb, Even walls may have ears. Мно́го шу́ма из ничего́. See also: Ско́лько верёвочке не ви́ться — коне́ц буде́т. – Russian Proverb, Chickens are counted in autumn.
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