Phlebotomy Jokes – Humor for Phlebotomists, How To Write A Phlebotomy Cover Letter w Examples, Essential Phlebotomy Career Training Programs and Requirements, Proficient in collecting blood by venipuncture and capillary techniques, urine drug screen collections, alcohol testing, paternity collections, Thorough understanding of phlebotomy protocols, compliance and safety, Outstanding communication and patient-handling skills, Certified in CPR by the American Heart Association, Assist phlebotomist in collecting blood specimens using venous and capillary techniques, Verified specimen information with the laboratory information specimen prior to collection, Followed hospital policies and procedures, Communicated with patients and staff regarding status orders, Handled phone calls from patients and doctors for appointments, Excellent communication and listening skills, Adept in working with a diverse community, Willing and able to learn and grow as a phlebotomy technician, Obtain blood samples for medical testing and transfusion through capillary sticks and venipuncture on adults and children, Selected venipuncture sites according to patient status, Maintained custody of blood samples to be used in legal cases, Follow order of blood draw to avoid cross-contamination, and safety procedures in phlebotomy procedures, Play an integral part in transitioning to EMR practices, Prepare venipuncture equipment, draw blood, and safely store and transport samples, Handle patient records, ensures accuracy and patient confidentiality, Inform patients about instructions for blood withdrawal process and paperwork requirements, Label, split and centrifuge specimens as specified by test order, Exhibit excellent skill in adopting new technologies and new software applications for EMR, Administered first aid to patients who fainted during phlebotomy procedures, Honored as a member of mobile team that collected 20,000+ units of life-saving blood, setting a new record for the organization, Assist phlebotomy technicians in collecting blood samples using straight, syringe and butterfly syringe, Professionally handle patient records and verify information prior to phlebotomy procedure, Disposes biohazard materials according to schedule and best practices, Support medical office staff with filing, sending communications (via email, fax or email), answering phones and setting appointments, gaining knowledge in laboratory protocols and work ethics, Learned effective and communications skills necessary to deliver the best in patient care, Deal with people with different personalities and lifestyles eventually learning to work successfully in a diverse community, Comprehensive understanding of specimen allocation and centrifugation, Proven track record in working in a diverse community, Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians, National Association of Phlebotomy Professionals. Why is an arterialized specimen required? Phlebotomist VanBrooks Paramedical Examiners - N/A 08/2009 - 07/2010. The objective statement for an Entry Level Software Engineer needs to convince the hiring manager that you have what is required to perform above and beyond what is expected. Describe the venous anatomy and veins and skin surfaces on which phlebotomy can be performed. Phlebotomist, Non-Profit Organization (Anytown, NV), 2004 to 2010. Resume Format 1. Entry Level Phlebotomy Jobs Near Me. At a high level, the company is looking for someone to come in and excel at specific actions and activities. Data Entry . Skillful and precise in performing venipunctures and capillary punctures; collecting, preparing and storing blood samples; and verifying medical records. Image description. After you have completed your resume it would be a good idea to look over some phlebotomy interview questions which may possibly come up during an interview. CPT-certified and state-licensed phlebotomist with four years of experience within laboratory, hospital and blood-bank settings, Careful and precise in performing venipuncture, capillary puncture and fingersticks on patients of various ages and vein conditions. Accompany your letter phlebotomist entry level phlebotomy certificate and get a phlebotomist to cultivate a phlebotomist entry level certified by the professional.
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