I looked down once again, only to see that the confused expression on his muzzle was long gone and was instead, replaced with a smile that was anything but innocent. "Well until then, you and Tiifu are betrothed, understood?" ... why does my 'southern' side suddenly feel all wet and moist down there? "Whoah, Tiifu, what're you doing?!" Ah yes, Fuli. "It was... tiring. "WHAT??!?!!" The cheetah had always had a crush on Kion ever since the day they met. "Have you told him yet" Tiifus father, Baba, questioned. It's been a rather long day," he explained, chuckling at my observation. But need him to do what? "Have you told him yet" Tiifus father, Baba, questioned. Meanwhile in a barren wasteland known as the Outlands another lioness was plotting her revenge. To make it fair for the members, Simba had suggested they take shifts to patrol the border so as to reserve their energy for the next day. Kion questions Zuri and Tiifu of Kiara's whereabouts But Kion, annoyed at Kiara's bossiness, decides to try to move the bees instead, and he and the Guard soon return to Pride Rock covered in bee stings. The two clashed in "Can't Wait to be Queen" when Tiifu, along with Zuri, served as an adviser to Kiara during her temporary queenship and made a snide remark at Kion because he wasn't as quick thinking as Kiara and she immaturely relished in her "power" as an advisor. Cast Tiifu (The Lion Guard) as Dora the Explorer The Chipmunks (Alvin And The Chimpmunks) as Boots Kion (The Lion Guard) as Diego the Animal Rescuer Young Kaa (The Jungle Cubs) as Russia Tigger (Winnie The Pooh) as Map Kanga (Winnie The Pooh) as Backpack Hubie (The Pebble And The Penguin) as Benny The Bull Marina (The Pebble And … 3:54. However, she also was snobby and ung… Bunga said quickly, "I'll talk to you tomorrow.". That is, until one fine day, I stumbled upon this humble little den near the border while playing with my two friends. #romance I smiled as I returned his nuzzle. Tiifu went to go get Simba while Kiara stayed and watch. She played Lilac in Judy in Wonderland. You uh... you okay? Want to discover art related to tiifu? She played Princess 3 in The Cheetah Princess. He then shifted his gaze back towards the night sky, but not before adjusting himself to bring his body closer towards mine. Nala, Rafiki, Simba, and Tiifu have been watching the battle from the sidelines, and as Rafiki cheers, Simba accepts that Kion's choice is a wise one. "Yeah, I'm here," I responded, getting up onto my fours to welcome my guest. Kion (pronounced "Kay-on") is the son and youngest child of Simba and Nala, the younger brother of Kiara, and the protagonist of The Lion Guard, a movie and television series inspired by The Lion King. "Sure!" He let out a comfortable sigh before focusing his gaze onto the vast heavens above. What will the new couple do now that the mystery animal su... #fanfic "I.. As such, I was never actually bothered by what was actually going on between them. "It's okay, I'll just sleep near the entrance, don't you worry about me," I briskly said, as I ushered him to his reserved sleeping spot. I cheerfully said and patted on the vacant ground to my left. I almost let out a dreamy sigh as I watched that charming smile of his that graced his lips, his lucious red mane that was blown against the gentle land breeze, his- Is it just me, or is everything around me getting hot all of a sudden?! And anyways, it was also their business and I'm not one who likes to pry into other animals' personal matters and intimate relations with each other. Kion and Tiifu by HydraCarina on DeviantArt. "Wow, that was fast," I commented, as I almost expected him to sleep through the entire night with his fatigued state. I heard Kion yell out at me. "It's getting dark, I better head home before Timon or Pumbaa starts to worry." But about ten minutes later, however, I heard Kion stirring restlessly in his sleep. I felt the snarl on my muzzle slowly disappear, only to be replaced by a look of confusion. But I didn't have to worry about anything though, because about fifteen minutes later, I heard a familiar voice call out to me just outside the den's entrance. After cleaning up, I found myself being even more tired than before as I plopped myself onto the floor for the second time that night, desperately trying to keep myself awake until Kion gets here. This is where I'll be writing The Lion King/The Lion Guard lemons and hopefully to make entire collection of them right here in the TLK fandom! Zuri: Our fur won't lay straight it's too hot and dry around here. I think I'll only have the energy to catch up with you once I get my rest.". Now, one thing you should know about me is that I actually live alone and I like being independant. Under maintenance Who's this visitor you ask? She played Joy in Nala's Nest (aka Charlotte's Web). Kion y Tiifu se enamoran pero nadie lo sabe solo jasiri y por eso hace que Tiifu se valla pero Kion se enoja y le pide a Fuli que le ayude a buscar a Tiifu. Well, to make a long story short, after many occasions where Outlanders were caught breaking into the Pridelands at night, King Simba had asked for the Guard's favor to patrol along the border during the nightfall and into the morning. I looked behind to see that he had already gotten up and appeared to have abandoned any intentions of retreating back into his slumber. An OC, Tama, created by Tamathecurious, is shipped with Kion, as well as Chumvi's OC, Sita. Tiifu Zuri what's wrong? "Ye bye! Tiifu has creamy coloured fur with white ear rims, a hair tuft, green eyes and pink freckles under her eyes. She, Kion, Tiifu, Zuri, Timon, and Pumbaa then join in with Bunga singing, "Zuka Zama." I let out an a soft sigh as I savoured the feel of his soft fur and firm muscles rested against my body. Let see, the environment around me felt hot all of a sudden, my heart is beating twice as fast against my chest, and now I- err. He is the son of Simba and Nala and the younger brother of Kiara. She later witnesses Bunga's announcement that Kion is to lead the next Lion Guard, and watches as he sings " Zuka Zama ". As soon as he entered he was pounced on. Tiifu: Lion Guard! She is first seen witnessing Zuri try to pry her claws out of a log. "Kion, we need to talk" Simba boomed as Tiifus parents, Baba and Kujali, walked out of pride rock. The moment he entered my den, I couldn't help but flash my sweetest smile at him. I said with a small laugh. I'm not really used to sleeping all by myself," he admitted, his face looked somewhat better though it still showed signs of exhaustion. Navigation and Actions. ", Fuli gave him this sweet smile, one that showed she cared for him, "Night Kion! I assursed him with a smile, though I was actually quite disappointed because I planned to spend some time and have a little chat with him. "But what about you? "Ye, ye I heard you, but to who?" "Hey. 4:01. they were heading home from a mud whole and Beshte went home as well as Ono, but Bunga, Kion and Fuli all went back to the guards lair... when they finally got there Simba, Nala, Kiara, Tiifu, and Zuri were waiting for Kion. He said in a tired voice as he gave me a friendly, brief nuzzle. I just don't understand. Browse more videos. I doubt that I'll be able to stay awake by the time he got up. More details inside... (Images in story cover taken from various sources. ". Her nose is maroon, and her claws are gray and shiny. I hope you don't mind, but is it alright if I join you?". Kion, Kiara, Tiifu, Zuri, and Bunga must navigate through a network of underground tunnels and meet an adorable golden mole with a sweet singing voice. I'm so sorry," I stuttered as I tried to apologized to him while holding back the unshed tears that were slowly filling my eyes. Where are you gonna sleep?" On each ear is a pale marking in the shape of an oval. ", "Yeah, I am tired. Kion said. Beshte: That's Tiifu and Zuri Kion: Uh ohit's sound like's they're in trouble. Of course, as he was my best friend's younger brother, I was happy (well, obligated was more of the right word) to have him over. "Hey, thanks for having me over, Tiifu. "You and Tiifu are betrothed" Simba and Baba said together. "Are you upset about it, cause it seems like your upset about it.." Fuli asked, hopefully. Playing next. Kion X Tiifu Part 2. yingyangmaster. She has olive green eyes, a maroon nose and three, small, pink speckles on each cheek. "Kion, we need to talk" Simba boomed as Tiifus parents, Baba and Kujali, walked out of pride rock. It was true; Zuri, Kiara and I almost ended up in the Outlands while we were too preoccupied during our intense game of 'Monkey in the Middle'. #jasirixjanja Kion's eyes widened as he move his legs up to his mom and couldn't help but resist the tears on her coat. You're a great friend. And who is the mystery animal that appears during a time of war in the pride lands? Kion laughed at this but his eyes told me that he was indeed grateful for my hospitality. "Don't you have to agree to it?" Check out inspiring examples of tiifu artwork on DeviantArt, and get inspired by our community of talented artists. I was quite surprised by his request at first, but I decided to brushed it aside, thinking that he probably just wanted to spend some time with me before he could properly go back to sleep. In fact, I found it quite comforting to be in such close proximity to him for the very first time in my life. I'm kinda.. Betrothed.." He said nervously. Her ears are rimmed. I can't believe that this was the first time I've managed to get a proper feel of his firm and sexy body despite having so many encounters with him througout my li- Wait, did I just called him sexy?! In The Underground Adventure, Kiara helped Tiifu overcome her fear in the dark. She has a small tuft of fur on her head, light brown ear rims, and softly-rimmed inner ears. My best friend's younger brother? "Tell me what?" I don't know yet" Kion admitted, defeated. Credits to their respective owners. Unfortunately for me, I soon found out. Saved by DeviantArt. With that the group of young animals were on their separate ways. I really hoped that the directions I gave him earlier were clear, because, as I mentioned before, my hobbit-hole den was pretty much hidden. #love This causes Kion to go after his sister, but not before berating Zuri and Tiifu for not doing their jobs. Bunga asked. ). Going against what little self-control I had at that point, I got up and unexpectedly lunged my self towards him, catching him (and myself) completely by surprise. He asked. #lion Well, seeing as I was more or less 'alone' once again, I decided to do something to pass the time at least until Kion wakes up. "Well then who do you love, Kion?" Ono: Negative the calls are coming from inside Pride Rock. You'll find the ground is much warmer if you curl yourself up properly," I told him as I nudged my head towards the only living space of my tiny, little den. His eyes shyly deviated from mine for a few seconds before he finally looked up to me once again, but with a nervous smile this time. I was actually very much excited that Kion was coming over, it's been a while since I had others visiting my humble den. Feeling slightly daze in the heat of the moment, I looked down, only to realize that I was somehow on top of him, pinning his shoulders to the ground as he shot a confused look up towards me. Fuli said while getting comfortable. That's when I realized I was actually snarling at him, as if he were my prey that I managed to corner. I have to admit, I actually thought he looked even more attractive since the last time we met, save for the groggy look on his face and the heaviness in his eyes that made him look like a notorious catnip-addict who hasn't slept in weeks. #thelionguard Luckily, the Guard were nearby and warned us before we got too close to the border. Before I could comprehend what was going on, he unexpectedly used his strength to flip us over, so that I was now lying with my back onto the floor while he towered over my body that was now spread out below him. Kion asked with a confused look on his face. TLKTLKTLK. "I am, it just came out of nowhere, and they didn't even talk to me until they officially announced it to all of my family. #fuli the cheetah said with a smirk on her face. Her stomach, muzzle, and paws are a pale cream. tired. Tiifu and Zuri just seems to be full of shock and surprise. I'm not really sure if such rumors were true, given the obvious difference in species and the fact that I'm not really close to either of them. Bunga said quickly. 273. "Ha you got me! After being bitten by Ushary, Kion and the Lion Guard journeyed to the Tree of Life for … For those few wild seconds, I froze. Work Search: tip: words:100 5 Works in Kion/Tiifu (The Lion King). Now, unlike most girls, I'm not really bothered by spiders and the cobwebs they build, it's just that I had to make my den a little more presentable than usual since I'm expecting a certain guest who will be temporarily crashing in my place for an hour or two tonight. "Ohhh... Kion..." I breathed, staring into his gleaming, hazel eyes. ♪ Why? After spending the entire day chasing around my two best friends, Kiara and Zuri, and on top of having to hunt on my own for my dinner, needless to say I was totally smoshed from all the day's activities. I didn't know what had gotten into me, I- I had no idea what made me lunged at my friend out of the blue. Kion x Tiifu V2 Zuri is as sassy, easily upset, melodramatic, and sensitive, despite being a predator, she doesn't like to hunt, preferring others to hunt for her. "Because it's supposed to get cold tonight, and my den gets cold easily." A Day in the Limelight : Tiifu gets the biggest focus in this episode, portraying her as having a fear of the dark. Well, it's none other than Kion, fiercest member and leader of the famed Lion Guard. Fuli x Kion. Tiifu is a character from Disney Junior show Lion Guard.. She is first seen in Lion Guard: Return of the Roar. Kion X Tiifu Nekozilla. Despite my being older than him by a few months, Kion and I were considered to be good friends, eventhough we only occasionally see each other, and also despite the minor disagreements that we've had in the past. But the groggy look on his face told me that he desperately needed his nap. I could feel my breathing intensified as I tried to steal another glance at the Lion next to me.
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