Will go back to my regular brand. I just colored my hair for the first time since February and aside from my roots, I had no exposed grey. No ammonia & a really well conditioned and healthier shined finish! It does leave my hair soft and smelling great! So I would like to try this. It is best for anyone with natural hair between light brown and black. Im waiting for the color to set. I LOVE, LOVE & LOVE Garnier's Olia! Our at home hair dye visibly improves the … If you prefer a lighter color that still reflects naturally, try shade 4.0, "Dark Brown." Best thing about Olio is that it does not contain ammonia Colour matches colour chart. This hair colourant is easy to use, with its own applicator which can be used to part the hair when applying. L'Oreal's bottle is prettier with a similar pump mechanism. I love Olia! The color Garnier Olia color I picked was 5.3 Medium Golden Brown 60% Oil Blend with Natural Flower Oils. Olia B+++ maximum bleach achieves extreme lightening with maximum colour performance and luminous long-lasting blonde hair colour. The result is best on blonde to light brown natural hair and dark blonde to light blonde coloured hair. Garnier Olia Superblond Extreme B++ Super Bleach Discover, intense lightening performance for luminous, long lasting blonde and a unique sensorial experience with non-drip velvety texture and delicate floral fragrance. After several washes, the color is still just as red and my hair is still feeling healthy and looking shiny. My hair feels luxurious as well. Love it! my hair is beautiful and soft not like most bleaches. Garnier. Since this product contains oils, my hair felt soft and moisturized. I really hated that bottle. I've tried many shades from bright blue, purple, and fire engine red to pricey complex process salon dye jobs. I highly recommend this product! Modern design is all well and good, but if the design isn't functional, it's a fail.Hope your hair comes out great! The eSalon team are experts. Its too big to fit into my hands and hold the top hole at the same time. ), maybe a different color or maybe for whatever reason they just didn't like it, but I never want to try another hair color product again. It just goes away! Ask or answer below, and help each other buy better. The oils help to reverse roughness and dullness without hair feeling weighed down. My recovering self-ombre’d, then re-dyed hair was in desperate need of refreshment. If you try Olia, be sure to have the bottle really close so it doesn't drip onto the counter. 812. I have pitch black hair, and gave this product a try for an at home highlights session. © 2020 Buchanan Group. One of the best hair colour lines. The photos below were taken for this blog post, but I really had to use two hands while mixing. I would like to have a blonde color dye that doesn't frye my hair but leaves a beautiful color without fading fast. I noticed some bad reviews and I can only surmise that some people need practice (we all do initially! I have colored my hair blonde for a few years now. I have never had a problem with color holding in my hair and I need 2/3 boxes because my hair is so thick and long, so that’s about $30-$45. “garnier olia conditioner” ... Garnier. Hey there!! Olia’s 60% oil blend formula with natural flower oils gives you brilliant colour, whilst also creating visibly healthier hair with up to 100% grey coverage. In the company’s own tests — I wasn’t able to find any independent tests — a lipophilic carrier system worked to dye hair, as well as le… This shade is not reccomended on 100% grey hair. It has been hard to find a ammonia free bleaching product for hair. @nursepeggysue, what brands have you tried in the past? The oil-enriched formula includes sunflower, camellia, passion flower and limnanthes alba oils to help deliver radiant colour, cover greys, and protect hair and scalp from damage. However, I find that it only lasts a week or so if you are coloring your roots and they are mostly grey. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 October 2018 Colour: 9.2 Rose Gold Verified Purchase I've always liked Olia since it hit the market. The color stays on for about 3-4 weeks before I have to use it again. Instead, Garnier’s hair dye uses an oil delivery system that’s probably based on parent-company L’Oreal’s patented lipophilic carrier system. While I like the organic shape, I do not like it's girth. 2017-03-15. true. Color is beautiful and it does not dry hair out. 2. Garnier Olia 7.0 Dark Blond: rated 3 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. well and my experience so far has been really good! I had tried this before and I love it . Hair felt soft and nurished afterwards. Like Olay, the product is in an opaque container, which helps keep the contents from being af, Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Hair Color Review, Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Hair Color Review: UPDATE, Switching from Olay Regenerist to L'Oreal RevitaLift, Garnier Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Overnight Peel, Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser and Fragrance Mist. Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Bleach is a 60% oil-powered formula, with natural flower oils and ammonia free for a pleasant scent. I love the ingredients of it . It makes my hair feel smoother and shinier! Olia is one brand we trust when its about coloring hair and not wanting harmful chemicals as amonia leaving you worried weather to use hair color or not. Watch the video to see how it turned out. I really like the product...didn't quite get the color I wanted but still turned out nice. Janie,I'm sorry to hear Olia didn't last long for your grey coverage. That said, I wasn't all too happy with the color (way too light) and found the red faded quite a bit after the first several weeks. 4.6 out of 5 stars with 812 reviews. The bottle is fairly wide and I had a difficult time gripping and holding the tip. I love the SPF 25 (it's now 30) the thick moisturizing quality, and how fresh my skin feels once it's absorbed. Give in to temptation with this deep red, rich and vibrant. Garnier Olia Ammonia Free Hair Color Reviews 2020 I was really excited to try this hair dye, as it is “powered by oils” and is supposedly good for your hair. Last August, I tried  eSalon . All in All I am pretty happy with it. (0 Reviews) I think it was a L'Oreal color like performance preference or something.My stylist suggested that it's not worth trying all the new products all the time. I love this because my hair didn't feel super dry My hair feels luxurious as well. Garnier Olia Oil Powered Permanent Hair Color at Walgreens. I love this bleach. Garnier Olia is the #1 Permanent Hair Colour with no Ammonia. Since becoming engaged over the holidays, I’ve focused my priorities on achieving natural, bridal beauty by the time we get married next year :( :(. Hi Samantha, Thank you for your post on this shade of Olia, I've just found out about it, and am grateful to see the results on a real person! Write a Review About Olia Permanent Hair Colour The formula is composed of 60% oils made up of Natural Flower Oils for optimal scalp comfort whilst and after colouring. I love this hair bleach and will use it again once I need to touch up my hair color. Discover, intense lightening performance for luminous, long lasting blonde and a unique sensorial experience with non-drip velvety texture and delicate floral fragrance. Review: Garnier Olia Haircolor Tuesday, February 12, 2013. Get free shipping at $35 and view promotions and reviews for Garnier Olia Oil Powered Permanent Hair Color Let them help you find the right shade and apply color correctly. Powered by a 60% oil blend formula with natural flower oils, Olia propels colorants deep into the hair, giving you vivid color results and 100% gray coverage. I would definitely suggest this product to friends and family, as well as , by a second time to use in my own hair for a second time. After a couple months, I'll probably go back to brown with a different Olia color. I have medium length hair, layered, not thick, and I ran out of product before all of my hair was saturated during the 10 minute period at the end of the coloring cycle.
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