It’s sort of a silly running gag in the game, and they refer to Quina like that more than once. 1 listopada 2020 przez . *Damage depends on the number of frogs Quina has caught. Frog Drop's damage scales with the number of frogs caught and Quina's level. This will defeat the enemy instantly and teach Quina any abilities that enemy may have. On the way out, the man drops a Chimera Armlet. Gastro Fork – Quina. 3 Use the blood sword If you have managed to get the blood sword from Treno then Steiner's attacks will be very powerful at that point. You need to get all of these people up to level 65-80, (Zidane probably being higher then the rest. Also, this is my first playthrough of this game so i kinda have no clue wtf i'm doing tbh . soon as you step off the tram, immediately get back on and head Game8 - Your Go-To Platform For All Game Walkthroughs and Strategy Guides, In order for us to make the best articles possible, share your corrections, opinions, and thoughts about. How to Get Quina. List of Quina's Abilities Blue Magic Eat / Cook. However, to add a twist, the princess was planning on escaping the castle all along, even asking the troupe to "kidnap" her. Both Dagger and Quina require the Holy Miter in their Pandemonium setups, but only one copy is available at that time. Feel free to be creative and choose the ones that you want to!The Knight of Pluto from Alexandria packs a powerful punch. She is a blue mage and can cast blu mag spells obtained from enemies by consuming the enemy who possesses the attack. In FF9, you’re never explicitly told what Quina’s gender is. To get around this problem, you can start training them with their "Any time" setup before you enter Pandemonium, up to a point where one … But this diabolical contraption is Quina’s Ultimate Weapon. Deals Holy-based damaged to all enemies whose level is a multiple of 4. The Wiki entry for Quina says: After the party leaves the Outer Continent leaving Quina behind, s/he swims away from Madain Sari and, with no real explanation, ends up in Treno. Everywhere. After Conde Petie you go to Qu's Marsh. Latest FF9 Forum Topics. In order to learn new spells/skills/abilities you must first master the spell/skill/ability that you want. Quina is a Qu, which is a race of gourmands who dedicate their lives to eating only the finest "yummy-yummies." Perseverant frog catchers will be rewarded with Quina's ultimate weapon - but not without a fight. Phoenix to revive the dead. Quina Quen is a playable character in Final Fantasy IX. 99 frogs are necessary to obtain Quina's strongest weapon and will also aid in increasing damage of Frog Drop. After the scene, Eiko joins the party and Quina runs off. Quina . 2. go east of the swamp and over a bridge/river: you'll come to a dome shaped forest (chocobo's forest). It may look more like a torture device than a weapon. QUINA: Cook Quina's "Eat" ability changes to "Cook". Using blue magic 100 times in the mobile and steam versions earns the im so blue achievement. 4 Answers. However, if you will select her in the first go, it will make the troublesome area of the game smooth and effortless. Quina ff9. Headgear arm protection and … Get Quina: without him/her, killing the beast so early is but the fevered dream of a madman. November 1, 2020; 0 Comment(s) ... Quina Quina Quen is a playable character in Final Fantasy IX, who is a Blue Mage with the ability to cast Blue Magic obtained from consuming specific enemies. Once everyone has Auto-Life cast on them, have Quina cast Frog Drop. A scene will show Quina smelling a frog, and heading off to an area inaccessible through normal means. Blue Magic in Final Fantasy IX is a rare form of magic that can only be used by Quina. Climb up the hill to the left and up the vine. Go to the swamp just north of lindblum, catch a frog and give it to Quina, for those who didn't know how to acquire him/her. Also, Quina does have an story arc all to himself/herself. Fuck off with that tedious shit. The Four-Armed Man plans to kidnap Eiko, but ends up running away from Quina instead. Final Fantasy Ix Characters Quina Jegged Com. Altairz. Sep, 16 - 2020 Uncategorized. (This is recommended if you use Quina for the end game, but isn't really needed unless Quina is in fights with enemies/bosses that inflict a lot of status effects) Frog Drop - Gigan Toad from a Qu's marsh. The Eat command can be used on any enemy after their HP drops below 25%. I would also like to get a hold of the person who was in charge of the achievements and give him or her a giant slap in the face for the "Jump 1000 times with Vivi" achievement. In Quina's defense, with the exception of endgame weapons, Quina's forks usually have a higher attack power than other weapons available at the same time. You'll get Garnet's strongest Summon, Ark, from defeating Ozma but it is a very hard battle. Only one is accessible at first, but eventually, Quina will get to take a dip in all of 'em. You can buy rare items at the auction house and resell them for a profit. Instead the game instead uses s/he to refer to Quina a few times. Once it joins you, head back to the start of the marsh, then head all the way to the right, then up. Answer Save. Quina Quen is a playable character in Final Fantasy IX. Quina cannot be missed as a party member and Quina will join the party once the player attempt to head outside the Mist Continent. i was playing ff9 i missed out on Quina Quen on the first disc so can i get him/her on the 2nd disc? On the final note, when Quina is low on life, use a tent on the world map or in battle to heal it. She begins her own quest to find a cure for the Arisen's affliction. He also has very good weapons, although lacks good armours. move. ), and you need to have the secong highest weapon for Steiner, Ragnarok, which can be gotten only by using Chocobo. Eiko Carol Quina Quen Final Fantasy Ix Action Figures Figures. ff9 quina weapons . 1 decade ago. If you don't want to waste time then heal all every turn.See How to recruit Quina early Final Fantasy 9. Unlike past FF's, the script is hardly affected by whatever your team is, which makes my job so much easier. Prove your worth in battle and Quina will be given the Gastro Fork. Wanna follow me on twitter? You can get quina on disc 1 all you have to do is visit Qu's marsh when your on your way to gizamaluke's grotto when you get there you'll see quina at the pond catch a frog and speak to her/him after that a scene will play and quina will offer to join say yes. Quina Queen Tumblr. 33: “We’re never gonna give it to you!Hey guys, I’ve had a change of heart and a change of mind about the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Final Fantasy Ix Bring Arts Eiko And Quina Quen 2 Pack The. BTW I've beaten the game & I believe my characters were around lvl 60. All in all I'd rate FF9 higher than 8 but 7 still has my heart when it comes to the PS1 FF's. how to get cheat codes to work with ePSXe guide, Final Fantasy IX CodeBreaker/Gameshark Codes Index. The Eat command will become the Cook command when Quina is in a Trance. This can be a little bit painful to get to though unless you have the airship. You can also get Dark Matter at the auction house, which will allow you to summon Odin. Final Fantasy Ix How To Get Quina Early Youtube. I don't remember it ever being explained in-game either. ff9 quina how to get. Quina is from a genderless race, and is on a quest to consume new cuisine (and enemies). Initially Quina lives in Cassardis. You won't get to use the Qu for a while so remove any important gear s/he may have. There you'll find Quina (it doesn't matter if you found s/he earlier in the game or not). The Gastro Fork, Quina’s strongest weapon, can be found by completing the Frog Catching side quest. The hostile energy of enemy attacks induces Trance, so that's why being attacked by your allies can't cause Trance. Which leads me to believe that it is never mentioned. How to get: To get this fork you’ll have to catch a total of 99 frogs at Qu’s Marsh, which will trigger a boss fight against Quale. I recommend you use the Quina Lv 5 Death method … This is a walk through of how to get a chocobo in FFIX, play chocobo hot and cold, and how to use chocographs! It's 25% enemy HP for Quina to eat an enemy and 50% enemy HP for trance Quina to eat an enemy. Anyways, after choosing your team, you're on the World Map in the boat. Read on to find out where to obtain this ability and its effects. To get the Gastro Fork, Quina's ultimate weapon you must participate in frog catching at the marshes around the world until you catch 99. Using "Cook" allows Quina to eat enemies that have 1/4th of their HP left, instead of 1/8th. Suggest games? Quina should give a Elixir, Ether, Also, try equipping Bird Killer and High Tide. Favorite Answer. Quina Eating A Boss Earth Guardian Final Fantasy 9 Youtube. In case you selected that you do not want Quina to join the party, you will still be forced to get her later in this game. Final Fantasy IX HD Walkthrough Part 18 - Treno: Deliver the Stelazzio Coins, buy Items from the Auction House and battle the Griffin. Quina will be pulled out of the water and will assist with the remaining preparations. You can use Limit Glove to deal a fixed 9,999 damage to enemies but only if Quina is at 1 HP. Quina learns the spells by using the “Eat” command to eat specific enemies to learn their skills. Quina is an optional character during Disc 1 on the path to Gizamaluke's Grotto. Head to Qu's Marsh on the path to the Grotto then help the Qu catch some frogs. I had caught 99 at the time (the minimum to obtain Quina's ultimate weapon) and Frog Drop was doing about 6,700 HP damage for me. You can try and have Vivi cast Slow, this sometimes works. Most people don't get hostile over minority characters. In my case, I chose Zidane, Quina, Amarant and Freya. White Wind - Either a Zuu from the Cleyra trunk or a Griffin. ff9 quina night. quina ff9 gender Need some light. Now let the Dracozombie cast Zombify (or whatever it's called) on Quina. Pointless as it may seem, attentive frog catchers can get a couple of Quina's better weapons prior to their availability at shops. on World of Warships, How to get to tier 2. The damage caused by Frog Drop is equal to Quina's level x the number of frogs Quina has caught.
You need to get all of these people up to level 65-80, (Zidane probably being higher then the rest. The damage Frog Drop causes depends on how many frogs you've caught in Qu's Marshes. Handy for when you pick up Roulette from the Zombie in the same location (near the save moogle). Arguably the most valuable Blue Magic for Quina. 1. yeah, I think so,, I don't think I got him/her on the first disk either:P. Just go to the Qu's Marsh and help him/her with the frogs and Quina should join you ;) 0 0. One final note... You could say that the origin of Trance comes from hostility. Relevance.
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