Secondly although Dynaudio specifies minimum impedance as being 3Ω at 100Hz, Newport Test Labs shows that minimum impedance of its test sample was a little lower again, at 2.8Ω (at 100Hz). The ability of the Dynaudio Evoke 50s to create not only a superb stereo image, but a complete soundstage, is second to none… and you don’t have to be in the sweet spot either. It isn’t the exact same tweeter, of course, but the most important design element is the same, which is that the 28mm fabric dome sits just on top of a hidden ‘inner dome’ in a geometry that Dynaudio calls a ‘Hexis’—and if you look carefully at the fabric dome, you can just see the dimpled surface of the sub-dome underneath. If you use just the outer ring, you simply reduce the size of the port. No it’s not quite an Esotar3, I don’t think its extreme highs are quite as extended, but you’d have to be listening to extremely well-recorded high-res recordings to pick the difference… and even then you might not! This huge Danish company can now lay claim to having the largest and best-equipped anechoic speaker measurement chamber in the world, as well as one of the most advanced loudspeaker manufacturing factories in the world, both of which were the direct result of a huge injection of capital from Chinese manufacturer GoerTek, after it purchased Dynaudio in 2014. The Evoke series took trickle-down tech from their higher-end lines and packaged it into something a little bit more affordable. (Foam surrounds tend to rot, particularly when exposed to ultraviolet light, of which there’s a lot in Australia!) The speakers themselves feel very substantial and well put together. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? This gives Dynaudio unprecedented control over the entire manufacturing process—there are very, very few loudspeaker manufacturers in the world that make all the drivers that are used in their speakers. It didn’t fool the dog though… but then no loudspeaker ever has! Lifestyle images . I could go for an AudioQuest Niagara 1200 Noise-Dissipation System Mains Conditioner instead of those insane speakers and it be a lot cheaper. Evoke 30 continues Dynaudio's strong run in european design competitions with a prestigious win at the annual European Product Design Award. but in the particular case of the Dynaudio Evoke 50, its unique double-dome structure would make such a repair challenging, to say the least. Impedance: 4 ohm. Find your local dealer online. Dynaudio has been creating speakers that perform out of all proportion to their physical size for over 40 years, and Evoke 10 is no exception. In the centre of the Evoke 50 tweeter’s magnet is a specially-shaped vent and behind that magnet, a larger rear chamber. With Evoke, it will. The port is 100mm in diameter and 200mm long. If you’d like to hear something fabulous that has both the piano and the violin working the Dynaudio Evoke 50s’ midrange hard (as well as those superb bass drivers), I can totally recommend Brahms’ Complete Sonatas for Violin and Piano on Calliope (Harmonia Mundi) as performed by Andrew Hardy and Uriel Tsachor. Dynaudio’s Evoke 50 loudspeakers returned an excellent set of results in Newport Test Labs’ acoustic test laboratory, and is notable for having a particularly-well-extended bass response. With the half-bung fitted, the output from the port drops by 5dB, as you’d expect, and the peak output also drops in frequency down to 32Hz. This is because the train whistle’s sound waves are compressed when the train is approaching our listening position and ‘stretched out’ when it’s departing our position. Christmas Gift Guide 2018: the best gift ideas for music, film and tech fans. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. The blue trace shows one bass driver’s response when the port is fully blocked, resulting in a sealed (infinite baffle) enclosure and you can see that at 60Hz, instead of rolling off, the response extends linearly downwards at around 12dB/octave, as theory would predict. "Concise and with body, no trace of the presence emphasis many compact speakers struggle with." It's considerably more petite than other high performance floor standing loudspeakers. Read review A wake-up call from Jupiter . That’s when you smile, shrug and invite them to sit down in the sweet-spot on your sofa. The ‘Hexis’ geometry Dynaudio developed specially for its Esotar3 tweeter—as used on the company’s Confidence range—is now fitted to the latest Dynaudio Evoke 50. You’re likely already familiar with the principle of Doppler distortion, which describes how the speed of an object affects its perceived pitch. You can see that for this trace, taking 95dBSPL as the 0dB reference point, the response extends from 900Hz to 22kHz ±2.5dB. Post your items for free. Speakers come in big brown cardboard boxes short on special opening experiences. You can see that without the bung, peak output is a bit above 40Hz, itself just a bit above the bass drivers’ minima at 38Hz. Click here for more information about Australian Hi-Fi, including details on how to subscribe. The five speakers range between £1100 and £3900. More importantly, it would be difficult to see that the inner dome had been damaged by a customer in the first place. Whereas ‘bespoke’ loudspeaker manufacturers buy the essential bipolar capacitors and high-power resistors for their crossover networks from distributors at premium prices, Dynaudio buys its capacitors and resistors direct from the manufacturers. What Hi-Fi? The Dynaudio Evoke 10 Audiophiliac speaker review - YouTube If you want to learn more about Dynaudio, you can read our Reviews of the Dynaudio Confidence 50 and the Dynaudio Evoke 10 & 30 for free.
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