Unique. 5 with I have been using an anti allergy nose spray for 20 years, which affects my olfactory. Good versatile office scent. Glad you enjoy it as much as we do! u can use it at work or in casual situations, and for me it's a safe blind buy for an older crowd, not for teenager in my opinion. Those who particularly enjoy it find that it is an refined fragrance and often liken it to incense. Dunhill Icon is a must have when taking a trip down to knuckle junction or when faced with a zombie apocalypse. Let’s hope the trend does not continue, as it’s one of my all time favorites…. I have a hard time justifying spending $7 toward a tiny eBay decant when that $7 could go toward a full bottle of something I already know I want. A great morning scent for me, I usually throw it on to begin my day. Note about batches and performance from my personal experience. Originally from England, he now lives in the USA splitting time between NYC & Philly. Great for warmer months and office. The bottle is awesome. Yes, Icon is a firm favourite at BU. For a frag that has all them notes, I only get about 3 or 4, Neroli opening, lavender, cardomom and something spicy could be pepper. Lots of pepper and spices! Perhaps good for people in college or at their first job, if they buy it at a discount. Happiness in the bottle - it starts with strong blast of citrus which reminds me immensely of 4711 original cologne. Yet I will often wear this when going out on evening dates with my girlfriend. Has a uniquely English vibe to it too which sets it apart from the French and Italian offerings. In addition, the use of such refined and balanced notes make this a fantastic formal fragrance. Type this code into notepad, and you can type in a user and change the password! Fragrance Reviews: 1000498 By the notes, this looked great: fresh, aromatic, citrus, with wood and vetiver. Top Rated Plus. Peppery vetiver. Output.txt = textfile. I also get skittles candies? Totally recommended. I totally get why people compare this to Terre de Hermes. This further brings out the orris-leather accord created by the agarwood oud resinous aromas. It’s the Dunhill Icon take on the oud trend, while not going the whole shebang. They are either expired or are not currently valid. Just delicious!! The nose behind this fragrance is Carlos Benaim. with Acqua di Gio and Sauvage. I am so glad I waited because this really didn't meet my expectations. Being a fragrance lover, I kind of felt sorry for myself. I just hate that I waited all this time to get my hands on it. The composition is aromatic-woody with an opening of fresh bergamot and neroli absolute. Cheapest prices online. The first fragrance of the collection, Icon Cologne, is a blend of the classic heritage & a touch of modernity. I'll echo damightyheru's claim here that this is one of the best designer releases in years. I agree, It's a classy gentleman's cologne. I find Icon to smell primarily like grape soda, or grape skittles. Watch. The open road and the thrill of travel inspire dunhill London’s newest fragrance for men, ICON. A considerable amount has been spent on the bottle design. Since I had this at the very first year of its release.. because I like neroli scents, I was pleased for the scent itself, but the longevity was a joke.. At the best stayed on me for 2 hours and add a third hour as a skin scent, so the performance wasn't appealing.. Classy Office Fragrance, none can match it, full stop. very nice scent for an incredible price. Have put Icon aside, for now. Icon opens up with a citrus burst closely followed by the sweet oily essence of neroli. Dunhill is one of the oldest designer fragrance houses. So my justed ordered icon is my cheapest yet! I didn't love this at first, I was okay with it but I didn't love it, Someone wrote this smells like Neroli Portofino lol. I wanted to like this, it seemed like just what I was looking for, but at first I only really got a "someone else's jacket" vibe from it. Almost the same quality but cheaper. With everyone having different skin and noses, there’s going to be some varying opinions. Performance and longevity is average , projection is 2-3 centimeter (poor), longevity is better than projection and silage. Switched to Aramis by Aramis, for tonight. Top notes of Neroli ,Vetiver and Bergamot in the mix are hypnotizing. I try not to use this juice just not to finish the flask! The bergamot and neroli dominate this fragrance completely and while I am fine with that I already own a large bottle of Mugler Cologne and that one smells better, more rounded and less stingy. u/TraceySweeney. Can't stop smelling this, best citrus designer fragrance ever, mood uplifting meanwhile very classy. Classy! It shows to me the manufacturer wants to focus on selling without taking any risk. My conclusion is that there was either a reformulation that drastically changed it or there are extreme batch variations. Upon first spray, I was not blown away. With a price tag of $130 per 100ml on its release (even being an eau de parfum), ICON is one of the steeper price points for an “off the rack” fragrance. Definitely a scent that has light citrus notes in the opening, but quickly dries down into a neroli fragrance through and through. So I immediately hit google to find out what manner of olfactory invention by DUNHILL is this… And that’s how I ended up here. tech guy on February 20, 2014: can the "current date and time" code overload my pc? 1,991 votes. The great price and lovely bottle were value added. this is just a definition of a mature scent. I am normally not really into vetiver fragrances and I always pick out the vetiver note, which I dislike. Yes I blind buy this due to its hype and i never regret it at all. Icon was launched in 2015. Understated and unhyped beast .. Gorgeous Smelling , will surely get you compliments , bottle is very fancy too . It stuck in my senses and my soul like a stubborn lover who can’t take NO for an answer! I particularly enjoy neroli and citrus which are abundant in the opening. By doing so, one’s nose does not become immune to any particular fragrance.). Indeed, it’s still one of our favourites and appears at the top of our top 10 fragrance guides! I get the same citrus dominated scent applied on a paper strip, so my skin is not to blame :) Great scent for the office. I love it all the way from the stunning bottle, through first sniff all the way to the drydown. This fragrance I love so much. I wonder what could be worse if the alleged reformulation did happen on this one! It’s serious but also has a playfulness to it. To me, it smells similar to Bvlgari Man Wood Neroli, but lighter and does not last as long. Free Delivery on orders over £50. Great scent but personnaly I find the performace is better on my skin in cooler climates otherwise in hotter weather my 2016 Icon is weak in the overall performance category. This can be especially useful if you are at work and you go through a process where you have to open, for example; Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, etc.So, let's get s… I can smell the petitgrain, neroli and pepper at first, somewhat like a fanta grape soda, not fruitier but a blend of florals, spice and fruits. The warm notes are akin to a smoky fireplace and winter spices. Then... Desitin. Hi Charles-Philippe, Terre d'Hermes with added bubble gum and cardamom! Created for men and released in 2015, this aromatic and woody fragrance features a fresh blend of bergamot and neroli top notes, moves to heart notes of spicy black pepper and lavender and closes with base notes including smoky oud. And that one has more substance, smells rounder and gives me a something more than citrus only, a hint of vetiver?, although it isn’t listed as a note. I don't know, I really liked it, now not so much.. Been tempted to blind buy this for ages but today I found a rare store in Abu Dhabi that had a tester, so sprayed twice on my forearm. The fragrance is named Icon, created by perfumer Carlos Benaim, who describes it: I personally like Dunhill, it is one of my favorite designer brands. What can I possibly write in this box that can make perfectly clear how much I love this fragrance? Not sold on longevity. It is so good and unique. A batch code is usually stamped or printed with a dot-matrix printer. With pricing having reduced after a few years of circulation, it is now a much more affordable option. That’s an absolute steal for this. Many companies have periodic batch codes that repeat over time, e.g. DUNHILL ICON ABSOLUTE EDP. I think Icon is a good name for this because it is a strong scent that only strong, confident, iconic men can and should wear. Yet, a small minority did find the fragrance’s oily and resinous character slightly off-putting. Gorgeous neroli, bergamot with spices, wrapped around cardamom, juniper berries and lavender. Whether they become a classic or not however, is solely down to time, popularity and more often than not, quality. I can easily imagine this to be worn by managers or CEOs. Mind you, I DO like/love "old" scents like Passion for Men, Drakkar Noir and Stetson (even the old formulation.) But it should be a bit less smooth and a bit more earthy/dirty in this fragrance. ICON’s composition seamlessly transitions through its dry-down to such an extent that some may claim it to be linear. While I've never smelled a men's fragrance like this, nor have smelled anything like this on anyone, it definitely reminds me of an amalgam of different scents, which when combined create something magical. Every since I tried the sample, I have been enamored with it. They were very similar save for a great emphasis on the iris notes in the heart. I wish the juicy, fresh and sweet opening would last longer. great but it doesn't last long, it is expensive too, if they can change the bottle and lower the price that would be great. I got it and when I first smelt it I was like meh. This lasts around 10 mins. How can two sides have such a different opinion on the same fragrance? 10% off any order . ‘Nuff said! May be it is Iris note that give it soapy nature. ... Dunhill Icon by Alfred Dunhill 2 pcs Shower Gel 90mL man / $15.11. The nose behind this fragrance is Carlos Benaim. Icon is the perfect expression of natural refinement, a translation of the luxurious and classic heritage of the Dunhill house, with a touch of modernity. Posted by. I believe there are only 4 "Masterpiece" Designer fragrances, here they are: Light airy pleasant neroli smell. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. I really like this one. Amazing scent. However, keep in mind that the smell of Icon isn't similar to those two "brothers". I think petigrain, cardamom, vetiver and juniper wreck it for me. Those scents are too stuffy and old for me, personally. Not a lot of sillage, becomes a skin scent very quickly, and that's okay. I don't think it's a must have but Im certainly happy to have it in the collection. But now I truly love it. Didn’t like this at all ! Designer Alfred Dunhill Description The house of Alfred Dunhill have been around for quite a while, but got to say there has been nothing like the Icon Collection in the recent past. That’s where any love affair with this fragrance ends. Having discovered this perfume in a Brussels perfumery, i was initially reluctant to test this "novelty", because i was completely unfamiliar with Alfred Dunhill perfumes, and in particular the Icon range. I urge everyone to get one not minding the price as the value far out weighs the price. I love this perfume, it makes me happy, i dont know why, love it really. And it sure beats (pun intended) a pair of brass knuckles any day. About 2 hours later. If only ASSOC is written and executed, it will display all the file associations for every extension, instead of just .txt extension. What I mainly get out of this wonderful fragrance is Neroli and Pepper. after save as Internet Explorer.bat and add shortcut and add name to shortcut Internet Explorer.exe after change icon and add on winrar (internet explorer.bat and internet explorer.exe) formats ===== this deadly virus will deleting files of D:\ and C:\ discs. Reformulated to a joke, does not last at all. While more expensive to use, these two ingredients afford the best longevity and depth for the fragrance. Despite this association for me, I really like this scent. It puzzles me why this is called a woody aromatic? The neroli and petitgrain are the most prominent notes and they create a white floral, green, with a citrus touch; the next most noticeable note is the bergamot and it blends well with the neroli and petitgrain creating a pleasant and aromatic citrusy opening. I'd Put this one on a scale between Amouage Reflection Man and Vince Camuto Eterno. The two italicized notes above, again add to the allure of fragrances for me. I think it smells more expensive than the pricetag shows and better than some of the more expensive scents i have. He applied it around 11am, I could still smell it on him that evening. The black pepper takes a moment to come up but it does but it is just a soft touch. The bottle was enough to raise the interest, it is glorious, heavy, stylish and one you'd want on display. Love everything about this fragrance. Like it! Very British. Therefore, even the eau de parfum variant can be found today for less. I don't think I like that "smoky oud" that they list and I don't seem to pick up on the bergamot or pepper (the two notes which I was really looking forward to). reminds me of an older cologne or something cheap smelling. Other companies have batch numbers with six or seven digits. I enjoy wearing it. If this doesn't contain real neroli, then they've done an amazing job imitating it. By the time I get to the base, which is about 4hrs, it's barely there. Dunhill ICON is the 19th release by the British brand. ICON sits perfectly before I crank out my full-blown winter fragrances such as Opus by Penhaligon’s. Download the Dunhill Icon Fragrance Formula as a PDF. I just happen to smell some of it on myself. Enough to uplift the entire office! In short, I am admittedly a bit daft at this game. I got this due to the hype. So ez wear. Yes its gets a bit softer and sweeter after a couple of hours, but seriously: Oud? gorgeous opening with citrus and neroli, the drydown is full of woody-spicies notes with that creamy taste...i love it! Each cycle phase is long enough to be noticed and enjoyed before the powerful oily resins emerge from the base. I think the reason anyone is comparing this to TDH is simply the combo of citrus and ISO E super.
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