Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 17, 2012. Good kribensis tank mates include any fish of a similar size, especially if they live on different water layers in a fish tank. However, in general, the region you pull your species from will give you a rough idea. A good rule of thumb is to always select tank mates that are as large as or larger than your African Cichlid . But that’s more a lucky situation than anything else in our experience. Almost all of them are known to be territorial, most of them are also quite aggressive, and a substantial amount of cichlids are predatory. They are pretty capable of reaching a larger size (20 inches) which makes them huge in terms of fish tank species but if you are planning to keep a single one of these in the tank with the convict cichlid, everybody will be fine. Oscars should only be kept with other Oscars in very large and open aquariums. Some aquarists had fantastic luck with Jewel cichlids being kept in community tanks. With an average lifespan of around 8 to 10 years, this is a fish that will stand the test of time given the right care and conditions. This striped beauty is one of the most widespread types of cichlid and it is the least demanding fish you will ever come across. If yes, then no! Make sure you add in a water heater large enough to keep the water warm at all times. But, they don’t kill everything in sight. If you are wondering about which fish will prove to be the best in your tank with African Cichlids, then you are at the right spot. However, African Cichlids are not likely to get along with angelfish. This cichlid has a very pleasing coloration and is not shy about swimming out in the open. As the name suggests, it features an electric yellow colored body. In our African Cichlid care guide, we have covered all basic points to get you acquainted with the species and understand their basic needs. Aquarium Forum; Freshwater Aquarium; Saltwater Aquarium; Search; Up. Just give them enough space and some cool hiding places! Whenever you think of having other fishes with them you must have a large volume of the tank as Uaru Cichlid loves to swim in a group and require a lot of space. Common plecos grow more aggressive as they age, and while they can more than handle a convict cichlid, their behavior means these fish will rarely interact with each other. They do very well in groups and will often exhibit schooling behavior. I have a 55g tank with loads of Texas holey etc. The cichlids do not destroy live plants and they thrive with a sandy substrate. Firemouth cichlid tank mates. Even little caves make great additions to the African Cichlid tank. You can keep Bolivian Rams with other dwarf cichlids or other fishes who are peaceful in nature. They do very well in groups and will often exhibit schooling behavior. African Cichlids have the fastest evolution of all vertebrates. [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons, Care Level: Very Easy to Take Care Max Size of Fish: 15 inches Temperature Range: 72 to 86 degree Fahrenheit pH Range: 6 to 7. The cichlid you select will dictate your tank size and water conditions. Discus should be kept with other South American species like Tetras that are smaller and peaceful. Jewel Cichlid. While most Cichlids are too aggressive for most community tanks there are a few more docile Cichlids that can be used in a community tank such as; Angelfish, Rams & Apistogramma. One very common fish tank species that is popular all over the world is the convict cichlid and in this post, we’ll share a few convict cichlid tank mates that will keep a peaceful aquarium.. As long as you don’t overstock the tank, don’t put the extremely aggressive cichlids together, and restrict the amount of males in a tank, you shouldn’t have trouble caring for them. It is a very thin or compressed-flat fish with a dynamic blue body. This is how you know it’s a Botia Loach. The majority of African Cichlids are omnivore with some predatory carnivore exceptions, but those aren’t exactly suitable for aquariums or community tanks. Some African Cichlids can also survive for up to 15 years in an aquarium. The Cichlid won’t breed if it isn’t 100% comfortable in its surroundings. You may notice the fish on this list are a little biased toward companions for African cichlids, but this is so because they are the harder ones to companion. That’s why these fish can only be tankmates with other fish that can hold their own, like the African Cichlid. Any fish that is small, docile, and not aggressive should not be mixed in with the African Cichlids. They paired them with African cichlids and even some varied tetra types. Yes, they are aggressive. Ram cichlid is found in tributaries of rivers in Venezuela and Bolivia with other fish you can call blue ram cichlid tank mates. You will also have to ensure the water stays at a comfortable, warm temperature of around 23-28 degrees Celsius or 78 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Its fins have orange edges, and the entire body has orange accents or highlights that make it even more visually appealing. For food, have bloodworms, brine shrimp, and plenty of flake or pellet food on hand for the Botia Loach. Bolivian Ram Tank Mates. Breeding African Cichlids is easy. However, the content on this blog is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. They occur in Yucatan Peninsula … African cichlid. TropicalFishCareGuides.com does not intend to provide veterinary advice. How Long Does It Take To Dechlorinate Water? However, Blood Parrot Cichlids also make wonderful community fish! You will need to create smooth currents to recreate the motion of water from their natural settings. Even speedy tank mates who don't make an easy dinner can get stressed out by the constant territorial aggression of cichlids. African Cichlid Tank Mates. There are more subspecies of the jewel cichlids – blue jewel, green jewel, jewelfish and … African Cichlid Tank Mates. Plants are not as necessary but plants such as, Of course, they are very active fish and they move around a lot. How Many Neon Tetras In A 15 gallon Tank? Other species of fish can live with African Cichlids, which we will discuss next. This is because these fish spend most of their time at the bottom of the tank. "}},{"@type":"Question","name":"Can I put an Oscar with African Cichlids? When looking at pH, the clown loach prefers a pH of 6 to 7.5. Make sure that you consider only species mentioned above so that it is easier to keep a handle on the conditions in the fish tank and establish a community. Remember to keep the. Thanks in advance for your support! This list looks at fish you can keep with cichlids that are not bottom-dwelling. Out of all the cichlid types, the Electric Yellow cichlid is the most popular among aquarists. If … Similarity: The Venustus Cichlid (Nimbochromis Venustus) is commonly good with other semi-forceful … Bala sharks can get up to 10 inches in size and are more than fast enough to escape a few African Cichlids. Make sure the African cichlids are fed well. The Orange Zebra is a bright orange-colored Cichlid. Firemouth Cichlid. If African Cichlids are cared for properly they can live five to eight years in an aquarium. In most cases, try to avoid using driftwood as some driftwood has naturally occurring tannins that can sometimes lower the pH of the water. Also, depending on how aggressive your Oscar is and the Africans in the tank, they are likely to fight to the death. Cichlids aren’t for you! Some are easy to keep; others, not so much. Although these fish have big mouths they do best with small food. The common pleco, a notable tank buster, is not a fish that the average person can keep. Cichlids tend to be mostly tolerant of non-cichlids, particularly fish that tend to hang out at different levels of the tank. African Cichlids love plenty of hiding places to create their territory. 11 comments. Thanks in advance for your support! Note: This is not a fish for beginners to keep in the tank. But, don’t let their beauty fool you. Venustus Cichlid Tank Mates. Since African Cichlids are known to be territorial and aggressive, it’s best to keep them with fish of their kind. If you are keeping Cichlids for the first time, I will suggest you go with one in the beginning. Provide plenty of hiding spots for the convict cichlids and try not to keep too many pairs because of their aggressive nature. Speedy Cats. We would, however, recommend you keep the size of the tank larger than 40 gallons due to their aggressive nature. While it is not difficult to take care of the species in and of itself, there are some considerations you need to take in order to make sure that they are properly cared for. Firemouth cichlids need tropical temperatures of 75-86 °F, and a PH range of 6.5-8.0. the fish are often seen moving ornaments around the tank, and they can even dig out and move plants. The smallest size of tank you should use is 30 gallons, but not any less. Below you’ll find our African cichlid tank mates along with a great cichlid care guide. However, often size is not the only criterion, besides this, the fish should have a fairly peaceful character (the ability to get along even with smaller species), and not cause serious harm to the aquarium plants, do not dig soil, etc. African Cichlid Tank Mates. Also known as the Salvini’s Cichlids, this species of cichlid is also known as the yellow-belly cichlid because of its yellow underside. Looking for more fish keeping tips check out the TFCG blog. Cichlids are also able to crossbreed. As such, Jack Dempseys typically stay … These cichlids stay in the lower and middle levels of the tank. There really is no way you can tame the Cichlids, but you can reduce the aggression if you set up your aquarium right. They don’t need a river water-like fast-flowing current, but they do need movement in the water, which a bubbler can help you recreate. Did you know you can keep some Cichlids in tanks as small as 10 gallons? We need to set up a 60 female network tank with an assortment of cichlids. The convict cichlid is an aggressive and territorial fish. Maybe, some say yes, some say no. Jack Dempsey has over 20 years of experience with freshwater aquariums. Otherwise, these long fish -which can grow up to two feet in length – are great tank mates for your Oscar cichlid. One very common fish tank species that is popular all over the world is the convict cichlid and in this post, we’ll share a few convict cichlid tank mates that will keep a peaceful aquarium. It’s typically tan and black and has four barbells that can be seen protruding from its mouth. These catfish spend much of their time hiding during the day and are most active at night. They get their name because they are widely found in several African lakes. The best tank mates for a Blood Parrot Cichlid is more Blood Parrot Cichlids. Sailfin Pleco by Wisky (CC BY-SA 3.0) Kner scientifically announced the existence of Sailfin Pleco (Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps) in 1845. Cichlids in general get a bad reputation for being aggressive and in general they deserve this reputation. The Venustus can get aggressive. There are eight fish that are best suited as tankmates – but this isn’t true all the time, however. If you walk by your tank and notice your Scavenger Catfish hanging upside down, don’t get scared. This means similarly sized fish that aren’t aggressive is the way to go. However, we suggest you provide them a healthy amount of protein obtained through flakes and pellets and include live plants in the tank set up to ensure they get the best of both worlds. They barely get along with other cichlids so you should understand that the tank mates you should keep away from convict cichlids are pretty much all other species than the ones we have mentioned. The best thing about it is that you do not have to worry a lot about taking care of this species. It has a yellow body with two black lines of flower-esque designs running along the sides while the upper side also features the same black lines. The Giant Danio is in no way a large fish as the name suggests, but it is definitely a good companion for the convict cichlid in the tank. It also features a bump on the head though significantly smaller than that on the Blue Dolphin Moorii. Compare that to the ape that only evolved into three different species over a matter of 10 million years. The thing is, this fish is also inherently aggressive but beautiful. Botia Loaches are typically bottom feeders so that’s the part of the tank they’ll generally stay on. So you may need to cook separate meals when they’re with the African Cichlids. When it comes to the convict cichlid, beginners should try to keep their convicts in a separate tank due to their aggressive nature. In fact, some cichlid types are not at all social and will kill those that dare invade their space, yet aquarists do keep them. One of the struggles you will face when building up a Cichlid Community tank is the natural behavior these fish display. Moving on to the main part in your African Cichlid Care Guide, the tank set-up. If not you’ll see the aggressive side of both fish come out! However, in general, the region you pull your species from will give you a rough idea. Home About Contact Privacy Policy © 2019 All Rights Reserved. Well, it might be a bit of a surprise for those who don’t know, but you do have some options for convict cichlid tank mates. Tiger Barbs are known to be pesky aggressive little fish. This is the reason why having a small tank may not be the best idea if you want to keep a couple of these fish. As such, Jack Dempseys typically stay in waters of a temperature of 72-86 °F (22-30 °C). You can also feed them a variety of plants, such as spinach or other green foods. Mbuna Tank Mates. Setting up a Pleco and Cichlids Tank Community. To maintain this temperature, you have to use a water heater. You can keep Bolivian Rams with other dwarf cichlids or other fishes who are peaceful in nature. However, the exact lifespan depends upon the species. Can I put an Oscar with African Cichlids? Member. Dec 30, 2016 #6 chriscoli Board of Directors . What other fish can live with African cichlids? Cichlids are active fish that like to swim. A cichlid of this size can easily cause harm to itself or others if housed in an inappropriate tank or with unsuitable tank mates. However, some have noted success with mixing African cichlids with South American Cichlids noting that to succeed, you’ll need a big enough tank and lost of fish to ensure not one fish is getting bullied all the time. They are also excellent when it comes to breeding because of their receptiveness to mates. You can give it algae, frozen foods, flakes…anything goes with the African Red Eyed Tetra just as long as you feed it. ","acceptedAnswer":{"@type":"Answer","text":"Although most Cichlids would be considered aggressive fish most Cichlids can live with most loaches, catfish, shark species, plecos, and larger tetra species. These fish are semi-aggressive and are not just another pretty fish to look at. African Cichlids do not have too many potential tank mates. Occasionally you can also give them frozen shrimps as treats if you feel like pampering your cichlids a little. We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. Best Tank Mates For An Apistos Cichlid. Convict cichlids have around 9 vertical stripes of black against a lighter-colored tone and that is what makes them look like convicts. "description": "I love thumbs down that let me know that I'm doing something right for the ones that do give me a thumbs down let me see your tank the proof is in the pudding to all my loyal subscribers and YouTube family I love you guys My stock list \"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\"\" Aulonocara Peacocks Aulonocara stuartgranti(Ngara) Aulonocara jacobfreibergi\"Eureka\" Read should Strawberry Caroline sunshin Benga Peacock, New Yellow Regal Ruby red Lwanda Blue regal German red Bi-color 500 Haplochromis Venustus red Empress electric blue Ahli Protomelas sp. Choosing the right tank mates for firemouth cichlid is very much necessary However, this would be ideal fish in a community aquarium with similar-sized tank mates. Good tank mates for cichlids are fish that prefer the bottom or sides of the tank, out of the cichlids' way. Kribensis Cichlid (Krib) fish profile and care information such as tank size, tank mates, life span, diet, foods, breeding, behavior, tank setup and temperament. Can Cichlids and Angelfish be in the same tank? The Peacock Cihclid is stunning, yes, but it may not be for everyone. Almost all African Cichlids will grow much larger than most Tetras and likely feast on them. "}}]}, { You need to have a sizeable tank for the convict cichlid. Below you’ll find our African cichlid tank mates along with a great cichlid care guide. Best Cichlid Tank Mates. It is a carnivorous fish, which eats insects, crustaceans, worms, and other fish. You're not going to find much from Tanganyika that won't compete with them. Except when spawning, they ‘re calm fish. It is also a rather big fish to keep so it requires a bigger tank in order to live comfortably. It is its tail and fins that depict beautiful patterns and capture the attention. Natural Habitat. The plecostomus is a very common aquarium fish, known for its ability to eat algae. The Electric Yellow Cichlid Labidochromis caeruleus is likely one of the hottest African cichlids due … Bottom-dwelling fish can make good tank mates, as long as they match the cichlids for size and aggression. Peacock Cichlid Tank Mates. But if you have a tank large enough for a common pleco, then these fish make great tank mates for convict cichlids. They enjoy tanks with sandy bottoms and lots of plants. You should also remove the fry from the tank and place them in another within a few days, or the Cichlid may eat their own child. The Tank; Gravel; Caves; Filtration; Lighting; Temperature; Water; Selecting Cichlids; Non-cichlid Tankmates; Feeding; Medications; Non-cichlid Tankmates. When kept in these groups, the fish tend to be more confident and less affected by stress. you will have to add a substantial amount of rocks in your aquarium to make sure all the cichlids have ample hiding spots. The answer here is a bit mixed, many have had success with Clown Loaches (CL’s) in an African Cichlid tank, and many that warn against it. The best tank mates for a Blood Parrot Cichlid is more Blood Parrot Cichlids. They are known to like their highly vegetated areas so add a couple of plants in there to keep them happy, but not too happy because then you’ll get the African Cichlids mad! Some cichlids are omnivores, so you will also have to add in live plants in your tank decoration to give them something to nibble on between mealtimes.
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