Thanks for your time, From Josh Kirschner on November 16, 2020 :: 11:40 am. Recent interactions play a large role, especially if someone has recently viewed your profile page. Ads make the Facebook world go round, and the company has become better and better at targeting advertisements tailored to your interests. It is SO frustrating!! Tagged photos. It is an interesting way to notify users who all people recently saw their story. In this article, you will learn what a blue dot means on different services and social media apps. Head to your profile page, then find the “About” button that lives right below your cover photo and to the right of your profile picture. On, you can see Facebook live streams happening in real time all over the world. The blue dot is actually a UI feature added by developers to seek the user’s attention. What is the green dot on my iPhone photos? I follow many groups and ‘save as’ a lot of photographs/memes I like. Every time you log in, FarmVille or the Kim Kardashian game remind you that it’s been a year since you last played. And if one particular post is the last straw, you can also click on the downward facing arrow at the top right corner of any individual post, then ‘Unfollow’ the page or person. My sister has a Samsung, it takes much better pictures. If you’re on a desktop, click the downward facing arrow at the top right corner of the page, then select “Settings,” then “Timeline and Tagging.” From here, you can choose whether you want to review a friend’s post or photo before it appears on Facebook, who you want to enable to see the posts and photos you’re tagged in, and who can receive tag suggestions if a face in a photo looks like you. Sometimes when reading a news article, or science or whatever thats NOT on, or through, facebook, in order to post a comment on the site it asks me to login to FB to post. From Polly Royster on June 02, 2020 :: 8:42 am. This brings up the first page of your most recent messages. All posts? The social media movement is in response to the ongoing atrocities currently taking place in Sudan. From there, you will be able to see all of the apps that you have authorized to use your account. My timeline isn’t loading. While you have to be on a desktop, it’s easy to edit who can see the pages you’ve liked, although there are some caveats. Join Facebook to connect with Blue Dot and others you may know. Do you have any suggestions? It sounds like what might happen if you are using an ad blocker and it’s blocking the in-feed ads on Facebook. What browser are you using (or is it phone app)? Can’t discontinue it and return to facebook. Many have replaced their profile pictures on Facebook to a black dot. They have viewed your profile and/or you have viewed their profile – Total amount of views when compared to other friends profiles viewed. Similarly, mobile users should press “More” at the bottom right-hand corner of the app, then “Settings,” then “Videos and Photos.” You can then choose whether you want videos to autoplay using data and Wi-Fi, on Wi-Fi connections only or never. Luckily, you can just ‘unfollow’ people to say sayonara to their posts-- and they won’t even know. Head to your profile page, then find the “About” button that lives right below your cover photo and to the right of your profile picture. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on what you use the site for), this doesn’t extend to things like profile visits and photos. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! When you see the same blue circle, but this time with a check mark, your message has received Facebook servers. At the upper right hand corner of each grouping, select the pencil button that says “Manage.” Then select “Edit Privacy.” You can then determine who you want to see the movies, games, interests and other pages that you’ve liked. BUT FREQUENTLY (once or twice a day) when I click off the picture I am on, instead of returning me to where I was in my newsfeed - it takes me right back to the very beginning with a new set of posts. Edit Oct 5th, 2020 . Interactions on Facebook. On mobile, press “More” in the bottom right-hand corner of the app, then select “News Feed Preferences.” Next, select “Unfollow People to Hide Their Posts,” then ‘unfollow’ all of the pages or people you would like. Similar to Facebook Messenger, a blue dot on Instagram means that you have unread DMs in the Direct Messages. Hover over the offending app, then press the pencil, or “Edit Settings,” button. Are you using an ad blocker? If there’s a blue dot or indicator on someone's profile saying he or she was Recently Online, it means that person visited Zoosk at least once within the last seven days. If you don’t want to download an ad blocker to block them entirely, you can adjust some of your ad settings in Facebook. Please, how can I fix this? To put it plainly, it means that the message has successfully been sent from you to where its going, it just hasn’t made it to where it is supposed to go yet. When your friend’s small round profile picture appears next to the message, you have proof that your message has been read/seen by your Facebook friend, so you can now start to get the hump if they take their sweet ass time messaging you back. From Roy Minton on March 25, 2020 :: 2:44 pm. Perhaps, if you’re new to either of these mobile OS and wondering why there is a blue dot on your phone then you don’t need to worry. There are so many things you can do on the social networking site that you probably don't know about everything. Hi Roy, I’m not following what the issue is that you’re facing. Your email address will not be published. I spent a lot of money for my iPhone 11, and I don’t think it should be doing this. I do not have that blue arrow. Blue Dot Photography capturing those unmatched moments for your Story Book! I see 3 posts, then a gray blank screen, then 3 more post. Facebook users can tag their friends in any photo they post, whether it be a good or bad one. What can I do? The dot appears next to all the messages that you haven’t read yet and goes away once you view them. Is Apple going to come out with a fix to remove the blue dots when taking night time photos. My old motorola took better pictures. It won’t allow me to “say something about” the photo or post it. Page loads on mobile. Mayur Agarwal is the founder and editor-in-chief of WebTrickz. But this raises plenty of privacy and security concerns. Profile views. Next, click “Unfollow people to hide their posts,” and select the friend or page whose posts are just too much. I have to discard it or the page stays frozen. From Josh Kirschner on June 02, 2020 :: 12:31 pm. My carrier T-mobile in partnership with Google has implemented RCS Universal Profile. That’s where the browser extension Social Fixer comes in handy. The whole page on Facebook is so Tiny, I can not read any of it. RELATED: Who are the other viewers on Facebook story. What does Other Viewers mean on a Facebook Story. Are you saying you can’t make comments on other people’s posts? When you use these links, you help support our ongoing editorial mission to provide you with the best product recommendations.© Techlicious LLC. NOTE: There is no way to turn off or get rid of blue dots, neither on iOS nor Android. I’ve done all the usual suggestions. by Chelsey B. Coombs on March 25, 2016in Facebook, Tips & How-Tos, Privacy, Tech 101 :: 22 comments. Any music, movies, books, … From the Facebook mobile app, press the “More” tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Can I Turn Off Orange and Green dot in iOS 14 on iPhone? Select the profile picture to view their story, and it will play within the Facebook app. From Anthony Barr on October 05, 2020 :: 4:14 pm, they use to show you pic .and your back now your screw if you change your password ..there’s a phone number i don’t even use on there ..bullcrap ..been trying and trying frustrating madness..facebook is starting suck for real, From Gerald Johnson on November 11, 2020 :: 11:43 am. When you log into Facebook, the Newsfeed automatically orders the posts you see according to its own algorithms. If there’s a green dot or indicator on someone's profile saying he or she is Online Now, it means that person is currently active on Zoosk. I keep trying to read it but it shuts me off. A Blue Profile Picture Has Become A Symbol Of Solidarity With Sudan. From Ann Martin on August 23, 2020 :: 8:09 pm. You can’t hide that you’ve liked individual pages, but you can hide certain groupings. When viewing the list of viewers on your Facebook stories, you must have noticed a blue dot next to the viewers’ names. An open blue circle means that your message is in the process of sending. From Josh Kirschner on March 26, 2020 :: 9:00 am. After numerous tries. Stuck with a particular music video. The blue dot next to Facebook story viewer represents a new view(s) since you last checked the views for that particular story. What does the blue dot next to someones profile on KIK mean? On the Facebook website, the green dot appears on a person’s profile page. To just pare down the number of their posts you see in your news feed (rather than getting rid of them altogether), click on the downward grey arrow at the top right of any of their posts on both desktop and mobile. The Mattar Blue movement started after the death of Mohamed Hashim Mattar, … I can scroll down and down, saving dozens of images - and in many groups I use the forward/back arrows to see what other pics I might like. It is worth mentioning that WhatsApp doesn’t show blue dot for muted status updates. Any help would be appreciated. You must have often seen a blue dot next to various filters on Snapchat. Just in case you’re tired of Facebook blue. Is this on your phone or desktop? How to Reply to a Specific Message on Instagram, Who are the other viewers on Facebook story, How to turn off notification dots on Facebook app.
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