And every branch smells of deliverance. away at human exceptionalism? Increasing source strength by CO2 fertilization of plants in AMF networks, in contrast, has had no effect on carbon transfer (Fitter et al. Heil and Karban (2009) similarly suggest that interplant communication via VOC stress signals may be an unavoidable consequence of individual defence strategies or are an extension of within-plant signalling. Five years after the publication of the highly acclaimed Orfeo, the National Book Award-winning novelist returns with a dense, passionate, and suspenseful tale of the connection between humanity and some of the planet's most ancient, massive, and indispensable living organisms. (379). Let me sing to you now, about how people turn into other things. Ferguson BA, Dreisbach TA, Parks CG, Filip GM, Schmitt CL. I wanted more than this short sentence: “At Holyoke, Mimi is a LUG: Lesbian Until Graduation” (38). Her “aha” moment was when her dog Jigs fell into the outhouse by the lake. What kind of paper does Amazon use to print my own reissued novels? In reality, author Peter Wohlleben wrote The Hidden Life of Trees in 2016, using Simard’s work as a central focus. 2001, 2002), growth (Teste et al. And why will I continue to make In the first section of the novel, “Root,” which introduces the nine main human characters, Quinn has placed a sketch of leaves from each character’s tree at the start of the chapter that bears their name. 1994b), indicating a mechanism by which MNs play a role in host fitness and adaptive behaviour. Yet what about all the books I had bought? As a professor of literature, I need to green my Underground ‘tree talk’ is a foundational process in the complex adaptive nature of forest ecosystems. Adaptive behaviour of plants, including rapid changes in physiology, gene regulation and defence response, can be altered when linked to neighbouring plants by a mycorrhizal network (MN). Search for other works by this author on: Soil hypha-mediated movement of allelochemicals: arbuscular mycorrhizae extend the bioactive zone of juglone (K Field, Ed. metafiction. 2014; Beiler et al. Some species of EMF form epigeous mushrooms and others form hypogeous truffles, predominantly from the phyla Basidiomycota and Ascomycota. 2013; Johnson and Gilbert 2015). Perhaps Powers focused on white characters because we white 1994a, b). The extent of fungal mycelium in the soil is vast and the mutualisms between the fungal species and host plants are usually diffuse, enabling the formation of mycorrhizal networks (MNs). As discussed above, the connections created by mycorrhizal fungi are agents for both positive (Song et al. Barto EK, Weidenhamer JD, Cipollini D, Rillig MC. The time is now, my third sabbatical. 1). These drawings, which resemble sketches done by character Nick Hoel, add to the novel’s beauty. 2009). Group selection is considered to occur where natural selection expresses at the level of the group instead of the individual. I’m helping to trigger the sprawl that mars Iowa’s gently rolling hills—and hurts my own heart. The text I used, the popular Steven Lynn’s Texts and Contexts: Writing About Literature with Critical Theory, barely mentioned ecocriticism. The primary importance of plant–sink strength in governing the magnitude and direction of resource transfer through MNs is illustrated in studies showing transfer of carbon to rapidly growing EMF saplings with high transpiration rates, or to shaded EMF seedlings with high respiration demands for survival and growth (Read and Bajwa 1985; Simard et al.
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