Balance, feel, workmanship are tops! My initial reaction was its weight. And because the blade is made of 1095 Cro-Van steel, this means that it’s easy to care for as well. Finally, the Machai is a pure chopper, with a recurved 6.625-inch blade and sturdy.187 inch blade stock. Another thing to note about the Alala is how thick the blade stock is for this size of knife. This knife is very well made, the handle was comfortable no hot spots and was sharp out of the box. To unsheath the knife, simply wrap your grip around the handle and you thumb falls naturally on the retention lever. Designed in NC and manufactured in NY, the Alala has great value and at its suggested retail price of just $159.00, it possibly could be the perfect gateway knife into the world of Spartan Blades. But don’t let its compact size fool you, for this knife was designed for hard use and tough work. Spartan Blades offers a range of high quality, custom, sheaths and attachment hardware. Silver - Pro Grade Collection Manufactured in the United States, quality driven design for soldiers and outdoorsman, a more affordable price point and materials will include steels like 1095 CroVan and 420HC, crafted to be pushed to the limit. Spartan Blades | Alala Alala is means "battle-cry" or "war-cry" in Ancient Greek. Textured canvas micarta handle. The fact that compact tactical knives can be carried more comfortably means that you’ll have them with you and they are a great alternative to carrying a firearm in places that forbid those. Micarta may not be the most elegant synthetic handle material but it really does excel at being a durable and comfortable handle material. A compact design with great ergonomics makes this a perfect choice for an everyday carry fixed blade keeping you constantly at … So, if 1095 is good enough for that knife, it’s definitely great as a general user steel. There’s also an included secondary button snap strap which offers carry alternatives and extra security for the Alala. The slender drop point shape offers a good belly for slicing and scraping. Full Tang. Spartan Blades Alala Fixed Blade Knife Specifications: 7.88" (20.02cm) overall 3.75" (9.53cm) black powder coated 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel drop point blade Black canvas micarta handle Full tang Lanyard hole Flat There’s also an active retention lever built into the sheath. Spartan Blades Spartan Blades Spartan Blades Spartan Blades Harsey Dagger, fde/black Harsey Difensa, 緑 Harsey Folder 2020 Special Edition Northwest Coast Harsey Folder 3.25 刃長: 155 mm 刃長: 159 mm 刃長: 100 mm 刃長: 83 mm Blade Style:              Fixed – Drop Point – Flat Ground, Coating:                    Black Powder Coat, Handle Material:      CE Canvas Micarta® (Black or Green), Sheath:                     Injection molded sheath with active retention thumb lever and secondary retention strap, Weight:                     0.294 LBS (Knife), Enyo - Inside Waist Band / Neck Knife EDC. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Spartan Blades Knife Alala Pro Grade 1095 CV Steel Black Blade Black Micarta at the best online prices at … The smallest of the three is the Alala, an EDC-sized fixed blade with a 3.75-inch drop point. The guys at Spartan Blades will argue that there is no such thing a "Tactical Knife" but there is no arguing it has become a monicker for knives that can serve in a military role. Original and new Spartan Blades made in the United States, using premium U.S. made steel, double deep cryogenically treated, and premium PVD coatings. Es sind drei sehr stabile, feststehende Messer aus 1095 Posted by By Dexter Ewing on Sep 14th 2020. The only downside were the straps that you use to attach to your belt. The Sparta Blades Alala is a compact tactical fixed blade that is a great addition to any belt, vest, or pack. Very cool knife, ordered for my Pelican Go Box/Man Purse...slim small but sturdy feeling knife, low profile but feels big n strong enough to do the job, WHATEVER that may be, Posted by Vinchenzo Amanzo on Jun 3rd 2020. When its locked inside the sheath there is no way it will fall out when held upside down and given a few hard shakes or bumps. I really like the thumb retention device but I wish I could purchase a belt attachment piece like is offered on the two other Pro Grade fixed blade knives I would like. Debuting at the 2020 Shot Show, Spartan knives is bringing out the Alala, a fixed blade tactical belt knife named for the battle-cry of the ancient Greeks. Comes with a an injection molded sheath. Therefore, this is a knife that has the lateral strength to withstand some light prying. You know, like the other Spartan Blades models like the Damysus, Machai, and Difensa. Even though i just got it I can tell it's going to be my favorite edc & self defense blade.I wish I would've discovered you all earlier & plan on purchasing more knives from in the future.Keep up the good work, Posted by Norman Gonzalez on Aug 11th 2020. Buy Spartan Blades SNSBSL004BKBK for $159.00 with free shipping - Spartan Blades Professional Grade Alala Fixed Blade Knife 3.75 inch 1095 Black Powder Coated Blade, … Spartan Blades pairs micrarta and 1095 Cro-Van together for all their Pro/Silver Line of knives. If you’re searching for a stout, compact fixed blade, look no further than the Alala. Spartan Blades Alala Black Micarta 1095 Cro-Van Fixed Blade Knife 004BKBK 7.88" overall. Smaller tactical knives are just as versatile as their bigger brethren but while you may not be able to have the length or mass to hack and chop, you will have a stout blade that is easy to carry, also with a handle that’s built for ergonomics and maximum hand retention. The Alala from Spartan Blades is the smallest knife in their Pro/Silver Line of knives. How can 1 + 1 = 4? Spartan Blades Alala Black 1095 Green Micarta Silver Line Fixed Blade SBSL004BKGR In Stock Model # SB-SBSL004BKGR $159.00 Spartan Blades Damysus Black Model # … A Spartan Blade’s knife is designed and made to perform in the most demanding environments. You know, a knife that is big and brawny, that can easily chop or hack its way through saplings, vegetation, split wood, open cans, break glass, light duty prying, and such. Personally, I tend to favor drop point blades for this purpose. If I could purchase such a "belt loop attachment" for the Alala it would be as close to the perfect EDC knife as I have found, but, without that I am afraid of loosing the knife so I don't carry it as I would like to. Our … This is designed and engineered as a tactical knife but it also has possibilities in the outdoor market as well. Next up is the Damysus, a 5.5 inch-bladed hard use knife with a similar drop point shape and a large forward finger choil. Nouveaux couteaux Spartan Blades 2020 En 2020, trois nouveaux couteaux apparaîtront dans la gamme Silver Class - Professional Grade. We are pleased to announce that the Spartan Blades Hybris is the KnifeNews Dealers’ Choice for Best New Tactical Fixed Blade 2017. Tx, Spartan Blades SBSL004BKBK Alala Fixed Blade Knife Brand: Spartan Blades 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 ratings Price: $126.99 & FREE Shipping. It’s built tough, and able to take on some serious cutting work, indoors and out. Nothing more too it. A straightforward design, executed very well, and has an excellent sheath for the money. The buttons were very weak, and did not stay snapped. I could not use this knife as intended because of this problem. All three are Spartan models through and through. Since the moment you open the box you can tell the quality of this product, i used for work, and the sheet it comes in is awesome, if the Ares Blade had this same sheet i would buy it as well. The sheath was solid and the thumb lock worked well. 1095 may not be the latest and greatest high horsepower blade steel but it’s a steel that’s proven itself time and again over the years, and it just flat-out works. Das Alala entspringt der neuen Silver Line Linie von Pineland Cutlery der Zusammenarbeit mit KA-BAR, deren Ziel es ist erschwingliche Werkezuge für die behördichen Anwender … I want to make it my EDC knife but belt carry with this sheath is not secure or comfortable. The handle scales are micarta, in a choice of OD green or black. The micarta sports a heavy checkered machining pattern to promote a nonslip grip. The Alala is a perfect EDC fixed blade Posted by Kiyo on Oct 14th 2020 I just started carrying the Alala as my fixed blade EDC, I love the weight (a bit heavy compared to many knives of its size) and it … Spartan Blades Spartan Blades Spartan Blades Spartan Blades Alala, zöld Damysus, fekete Harsey TT, molle, fekete Machai, fekete Pengehossz: 95 mm Pengehossz: 140 mm Pengehossz: 114 mm Pengehossz: 168 mm Posted by [email protected] on Apr 29th 2020, The knife is exceptional. Spartan Blades Alala Fixed Blade Green (3.75") quantity Add to cart Description Additional information Reviews (2) Description 7.88″ (20.02cm) overall. When you put together Spartan Blades and KA-BAR, of course! What else can one ask for? But tactical can also be on the more compact size, as not only is “tactical” a mindset, but a style of build as well. All of the Pro/Silver line knives have micarta handles with this same texturing pattern. The only issue I am having is finding a good way to attach to my belt for a good draw and at the moment I am using it as a boot knife until I find a better solution. Jim R. This is the best blade retention system on the market now! Spartan Blades - Alala Fixed Blade 148,00 CHF Disponible Aperçu rapide 0 Review(s) Spartan Blades - Damysus Fixed Blade 181,00 CHF Disponible Aperçu rapide 0 Review(s) Spartan Blades - … Spartan Blades' Alala will strike fear into the enemies that are your everyday cutting tasks with a sturdy and comfortable design that fits well in a variety of environments. When people think of tactical fixed blades, they generally lean towards the larger blade sizes, such as 7 inches or above. The sheath locks up around the elevated thumbrest on the handle spine. Thank you! That’s quite a backbone for such a knife. Starting with the blade, the Alala uses 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel for edge retention and ease of sharpening out in the field. It's blade is made of American 1095 Cro-Van steel with a black powder coat to help resist corrosion, and a black canvas Micarta handle that provides a positive grip, even when wet. 【仕様】 ブレード (下部)約10.3cm、全長約19.9cm、刃厚 約4.76ミリ 鋼材:1095 Cro-Van、ハンドル:マイカルタ、シース・箱付き、新品 The field knife is called the Damysus. 56-58 hardness. Neue Spartan Blades in 2020 2020 wird es drei neue Releases in der Silver Class – Professional Grade geben: das Spartan Alala, Spartan Damysus und Spartan Machai. This knife would be cool with a tanto blade. I just started carrying the Alala as my fixed blade EDC, I love the weight (a bit heavy compared to many knives of its size) and it feels great in my hand. It's made of super-tough 1095 Cro-Van steel with a powder coat to help resist corrosion, and a canvas Micarta handle that provides a positive grip, even when wet. The knife feels very secure! Take a look at our custom kydex and nylon sheaths! Aside from tactical applications, this knife is a capable everyday carry tool made from 1095 Cro-Van steel. Every knife is designed for the task, has great ergonomics, and is crafted from the best materials. The Pro/Silver Line is built by Ka-Bar Knives, and because they uses a ton of 1095 Cro-Van steel in their own knives, including the famous USMC fighting/utility knife that they have made for years it is well trusted. 3.75″ (9.53cm) black powder coated 1095 Cro-Van carbon steel drop point blade –. Micarta is a great choice to handle material for a knife of this style due to its weather resistance, resistance to fluid absorption, light weight, yet very strong material. Whether it is the best fixed blade knife for a special operations mission or a small fixed blade knife for your walk in the woods, there is a Spartan Blade for Spartan Blades Alala Fixed Blade (3.75") quantity Add to cart Description Additional information Reviews (2) Description 7.88″ (20.02cm) overall. Spartan Blades crafts professional outdoor and everyday carry cutlery. There’s a notched thumbrest on the handle spine for comfortable placement of your thumb. Votes cast by dealers indicated that other great new blades in this category included the Böker Kwaiken Fixed … You know, a knife that is big and brawny, that can easily chop or hack its way through saplings, vegetation, split … Again though, the knife itself is the absolute tops. The Alala is Spartan’s fixed-blade EDC (everyday carry) model. Greek soldiers attacked the enemy with this cry in order to cause panic in their lines. I was looking for an edc carry for protection. Then, there’s the chopper, the Machai. The large, finger recess allows you to index your grip and in conjunction with said thumbrest, locks your grip in place on the handle. It is very thick, coming in at 0.190 inches. Nevada, Posted by Edward Shattuck on Feb 27th 2020. Great Product. 3.75" 1095 Cro-Van drop point flat ground black powder coated blade. While it has the horsepower to get tough cutting jobs done, the size overall is kept to a minimum which means the Alala can be carried on the belt or in a backpack pocket comfortably, so the knife is with you on all your outdoor adventures. It was the personification of the war cry in Greek mythology. So if you are looking to get into fixed blades, getting a smaller fixed blade could be a good transition blade into this style of knife. Built in the USA by Ka-Bar Knives and designed by Spartan Blades in NC, this knife rounds out the Silver/Pro Line by adding in a compact fixed blade That can be carried and concealed easily, ready for whatever awaits you. The Spartan Blades Alala is a compact tactical fixed blade that is a must have to any belt or pack. I had to order kydek clips separately. From the beginning, Spartan Blades has been known for fixed blade knives. The Spartan Blades Alala When people think of tactical fixed blades, they generally lean towards the larger blade sizes, such as 7 inches or above. This thing is the real deal. If you normally carry a folding knife, especially a larger one, then a smaller fixed blade would be a great carry alternative as the overall length of the fixed blade approaches that of the opened folder. My only gripe would be the sheath and how you intend to carry. The flat grind of the blade ensures the tip is reinforced a bit against breakage. Push it upwards with your thumb and it unlocks and comes free of the sheath. The sheath that comes with the Alala is an injection molded style that is form-fitting to the blade, similar to a genuine Kydex sheath.
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