The concept of good and bad feng shui directions is a very popular one in feng shui, ... you can rearrange your bedroom to see if you can sleep facing one of your best directions (the direction the crown of your head is facing). Particularly a plot that slopes from North to South. The office table shall not be placed between two walls, or you will back the corners, which is harmful to your luck. The office setup sounds pretty bad! Ensure that the plot of the slope inclined from the south to North (if the plot is inclined). For more information on vastu for home, for industry, for factory or for numerology consultation, get in touch with Vaastu Mangaal. Just like a big wall right infront of the main door is bad. I am sitting in south west corner facing north, is this sitting is safe and good. South facing house vastu - is it good or bad for its occupants, Role of bedroom vastu and useful Bedroom vastu tips that you must apply, Vastu for study table- its significance and useful vastu guidelines, Your ultimate guide to know all about Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom, Kitchen vastu- its significance, guidelines and vastu remedies, Understanding Significance Vastu Purusha Mandala, Place the main door in the 3rd or 4th pada of Vithatha or Gruhakshat for. In vastu, each direction is associated with some deity and element and its correct alignment can help bring positive influence in our lives and failing to do so can bring severe consequences. Thus, its placement is very critical for every home, including a south facing house vastu. Good luck and good … Place the bedroom in either north or East direction. Should I do it now? The fear and myths surrounding such houses make people apprehensive before buying such houses. It is a common belief that north east is the best direction for a kitchen, as it is the zone of water element. Any unwise or random choice can lead to vastu imbalance in the house. Since the past couple of decades, South facing houses has got very bad reputation and negative popularity among most people. I'm sorry but no there is no remedy, once you have faced south in your office there is no way out, I know peeeps who have tried standing in the middle of their office on one foot holding the other up by their opposite hand and hopped around in a circle counter clock wise while smoking a cigar with one eye open and a pencil sticking out of the left ear while the church bell chimed at noon on a rainy Friday the 13th and it didn't help. There is no bad direction in vastu. Apart from these 3, all the other 5 padas are extremely inauspicious. Redwood tree situation - growing in close proximity. Placing the bathroom in the north west side is most recommended for such a property. Many of them believe every South facing house vastu to be inauspicious, but it is nothing but a huge misconception. This is a common and general rule for any type of vastu, irrespective of its directional orientation. What do you think of the answers? There are certain color rule that you should consider while painting various rooms of the house as each room represent some important aspect of everyday life. The suspicions and myths that surrounds it, is what arises these doubts. People associated with administrative services are suitable for such properties. If that is not feasible, go for north west corner. In some office or home office environment, due to space constraints, you might position your working desk against the wall, so you are sitting facing the wall, but this is a Feng Shui no no for people who are still running their own business or climbing the corporate ladder. Place your bedroom or office in the location that corresponds to your favorable direction. The south western corner of the office should never be kept empty. Let’s proceed to understand the key rules regarding the placement of various rooms and main door that you should stick to while getting a south facing house vastu. The main head or owner of the business organization must face North while working or dealing with clientele. No, south facing house does not necessarily bring bad luck. The office building facing the north, northeast, northwest or northeast is said to be very prosperous. I want grow a plant in a pot, can I grow anything I want if I get a seed for it? The negative zones like the west and the south can be used for the construction of heavy structures. Good luck! These can get you under huge debts and lead towards financial losses. Good office Feng Shui desk and layout advice can change the way you feel at work. This is a fairly common situation in offices with limited space or built-in furniture. Northeast and southwest directions should not be used for toilet. Particularly avoid any underground water reservoir in the front side of a, Strictly avoid placing a kitchen in South West corner, Ensure there is no cross road or T-junction in front of a. Yes, south facing house main door can bring good fortune, if it is balanced as per every aspect of vastu shastra. Some of these are Ill-fates, misfortune, Illness, disabilities and Financial losses. It goes the same for the other directions as well. This place is suitable for the main entrance door to the South facing shop. The idea of standing desks is, in theory, a good one. Worse still, South facing sites and houses are usually rejected. quit your job and find another facing west? All the employees should face North or East direction to make sure the sitting arrangement in office is as per Vastu. If you have a desk at home, do you prefer to face the room or have your back to it? When should I pot my tomato plant? If it is 210° or 150°, then need to change the main entrance door based on the compass directions of that establishment. • Placing bore-well or fixing tank in the direction of south is not really recommended. However, the coloring of the front face of the home, which is also known as the façade, is most crucial. i had a northwest facing home i would like to make office in bedroom my bed room in my house south west should i make office there and desk should be … Or, do you prefer “floating” in the middle of the room? Only a slight but significant variation is all you need to make it perfectly vastu compliant. So, if vastu rules are followed properly, even a South facing house vastu can bring prosperity and be auspicious for the occupants. But the South entrance door is also very good for South facing shops. You should follow some given following tips for success. The Best Feng Shui Office Desk Positions. Their advice on the placement of the main entrance can help you, the occupants of the house, get wealth and prosperity. So, before making any purchase deal, it is important to evaluate the competence of the occupants with respect to the vastu. If it is at proper place center point of South to South South East direction. Unless and until you are facing problem in your office due to facing South, only then think of some remedy. Can I use my freezer outside in the winter while is unplogged? The other biggest benefit you get is the adequate amount of sunlight into your house. Toilets can be built in the west or northwest. Despite the common myths, having a southern facing house can be exceptionally beneficial to some people, if the entrance is placed in the 3 padas (we will discuss this later in below section). The South-eastern direction is the best-suited location for the accounts department. Also I would think that the other employees might well understand your need for a different kind of desk since the setup is so challenging. All of these 3 spaces represent water element and build water force around them. Business owners can be suitable for such a property, but individuals involved in offering services are highly recommended for it. A bedroom in the north side can be considered as the master bedroom. There is no bad direction in vastu. A plot that has any cut on any side, is considered bad. Staircase in the center of office is not good. It can lead to heavy financial losses. From west to east (from left to right), these are called- Mrigah, Bhringraj, Gandharva, Vama, Grihakshat, Vitath, Pusha and Anil. No direction is considered as bad as per vastu. It is considered as bad luck by many people who understand very little of vastu shastra. But you need an expert to make the best out of south facing house vastu. Go for south east direction if you have a south facing property. Depending on the direction it requires further analysis by vastu expert. It is a wrong conception.There is nothing good or bad in any direction. The needs of the occupants, along with their profession and/or their zodiac signs are quite crucial as well. East facing office is considered good bountiful. For a south facing house vastu, you have to ensure that no underground structure (let it be a tank or reservoir or septic tank or water outlet) is placed in front of the house. In fact as per Vastu Shastra, a South facing house/site can be Planet Mars rules the south direction, so, people involved in real estate and health industry are ideal for such a property. You can unroll them each separately, to block the worst of the glare. All Rights Reserved. Try to keep the headboard of the beds aligned in the South that can promote sleep per Vastu. By all means face South.There is nothing wrong with it.
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