Check out 100% verified customer used cars as per your budget and book your appointment online. While Skoda does still offer value-led cars such as the Skoda Rapid, it has left other brands such as Dacia to occupy the truly budget end of the market. Skoda Rapid continues to soldier in India, but now with the new 1.0-litre TSI motor. Skoda Rapid: Good car, painful service! I … Second-hand values of Skodas are not quite as good as for VW so, if you're considering a used car, a Skoda could make sense. In these nine years, most of its rivals have received at least two substantial updates, some of which have even managed to create a stir in the segment. The car runs well but although this model has all the bits it is still a basic car. The Rapid was not my first choice but the deal from my Skoda agent was too good to resist. This comes as a pretty bold move since it’s a pretty dated sedan in an SUV-favoured market. Search & read all of our Skoda Rapid Spaceback reviews by top motoring journalists. Skoda Rapid owner reviews "It's one you'll buy with your head rather than your heart, but the Skoda Rapid is a very practical, affordable and dependable family car" The Rapid is a pretty decent all-round car, offered in petrol and diesel models. The Rapid is the best selling car for Skoda. It’s been around for a few years now (the Rapid was facelifted midway through 2017), and is one of the few remaining small, European VW Group cars not based on a version of the MQB platform. The car rides like a … Yet, it is not the segment leader and has settled at an average sales of 1900 units a month in the past six months. Maruti on the other hand, sold 18000+ Swift cars, which is their best seller. I have got mileage 18 Km/ lit to 26.4Km/ lit on country roads and highways (four-way and eight ways). Buy Used Skoda Rapid Online in Bengaluru - Cars24 offers Second Hand Skoda Rapid for Sale in Bengaluru at the best price. The Skoda Rapid is an increasingly popular car in the mid-size segment in India and for good reason. Cars like the Ford Focus and Vauxhall Astra are more enjoyable to drive, and Skoda’s Octavia is a much better car for not much more cash. It raised my status wherever I drove it as it's name. But in November, the figures for the best seller are less than 900. The car that we have with us today, the 2020 Skoda Rapid TSI, doesn’t quite reflect this philosophy. I own Skoda Rapid 1.6 TSI MT Elagance for six years it stands more than a new car in my house with neighbour s envy. I bought my Skoda Rapid Ambition 3 years ago, everything is adorable about the car, space and looks are good. At such low numbers, I don't think its good news if you cannot meet the demand for a variant - Rider, in this case. The Rapid, as you see it today, has remained largely unchanged since 2011. The Rapid provides lots of car and a very big boot for your money, but it has some formidable opposition and we think you can spend your money more effectively.
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