Slightly older than other halls but amazing atmosphere and staff are amazing. Would recommend to anyone, had an amazing time! I was torn between 2 unis and I'm so glad I picked Nottingham, best choice I could have made! The newly renovated student Union is a handy hub for food as well as support, be it financial or employment. Nottingham is an amazing city with tonnes that will appeal to a wide range of people, except the goobers that attend this uni. Amazing campus with all the facilities you could want. Back. Wide range of clubs and societies to get involved with. Great here, help me with keeping my room. The university experience has proven to be challenging. The SU organises fun and safe activities. University Park is full of green spaces, trees and even a lake- its stunning all year round. However the food in the canteen in jubilee is a bit lacking and the canteen in university park is not very student price friendly. There is such a wide variety of societies to join and the campus is beautiful. My time at the University of Nottingham has been great so far. The campus is amazing, so many opportunities for students. I would rate the content of the course a 5 star but the delivery maybe a 3 star. For a city that is often eclipsed by the likes of Bristol or Leeds, I’d preach that you don’t have to end up at Ocean (the home of cheese) or Crisis (Uni of Social night) to enjoy yourself.. Being a campus university, the massive open spaces provides a constantly open space for you to explore, breathe and take a walk around. Nottingham’s first civic college was opened in 1881. With far too many societies to join even half of the ones that seem interesting and a great SU to back them, I would definitely recommend Nottingham to anyone looking for a University. We use cookies on our website to ensure you get the best experience and to deliver our products and services. Loved it so much I came back for more. Fab uni, brilliant sports (rowing) and incredible department (chemistry). Delivering world-leading research that transforms lives and societies. I’ve enjoyed my time studying there massively. timetabling) was sometimes questionable but as a university I loved every minute. Overall atmosphere for learning is great. Campus is stunning, buildings are great and I’ve loved my experience in the halls of residence. Come to Notts for the all rounded experience! Certainly shouldnt have dropped that far down the rankings, The best environment for student to study, It is a great time and there is tons of stuff to do. If you’re looking for a uni with the full package: education, sport/hobbies and social then this is the one of you. We love helping people make the best decisions about University life. Have really enjoyed first year, my accommodation is great but the food could be better. Lovely campus but bad course (film and television), Have loved my experience at uni, it has the perks of a beautiful large campus but everything is close enough together, and loads of stuff to do in the city. An amazing Uni, where everything is top notch. The main university campus is gorgeous and open and green, with all the main facilities and buildings within walking distance of each other. The campus is beautiful, there are many contact hours and loads of opportunities to learn about research and postgrad education. If your course is on sutton bonnington campus or Derby campus- you will be isolated or have to get up early to commute so i dont recomend that! Accommodation is even worse. Subjects. Nottingham is home to not just one but two universities, meaning there is a large student property market. Good, but I obviously have nothing to compare it to, Lovely green campus with lake and activities. All data is based on UCAS standard definitions. All the staff work to provide the best service possible. Campus is huge and green, but there are enough buses that it doesn't feel like a massive chore to slog across it. Some of them overcomplicate everything to the point where you have to go to a different lecturer who explains the concept in a sentence, rather than going around the houses. Best. Amazing campus, really helpful lectures, - best three years. The lecturers are great and really helpful. Filter Results . The University of Nottingham has award-winning campuses in the UK, China and Malaysia, and hosts a global academic community in all 3 countries. It's been interesting studying here. University is very big and staff is very friendly. The campuses are beautiful. Academic Studies in Education (11) … Not had the chance to fully experience the uni since my lectures are mostly online, but happy so far! Uni sports is insane! I guess after they let the clubs out any city is unsafe. The campus is beautiful and the internet is great. Eduroam is terrible, everything else is incredible, I hate the University of Nottingham, I’ve been here for three years and all I want is to leave. The uni is very pretty and the campus has a lot of great facilities and is close to town. A fantastic university with great facilities. I have had a superb time at UoN. Nottingham is home to plenty of employers, and offers particularly good opportunities in areas such as life sciences, engineering, digital media, finance, business consulting, retail and leisure. Campus is great, restaurants are convenient and cheap, my course is an absolute doss so that’s all Gucci. Student services are on another level. The grounds are stunning on hot days and it’s the best choice I made city wise, Had an amazing first year notts is such a good night out and the campus is beautiful! Always spam you with lots of survey and feedback forms but those forms are merely just a useless piece of paper. halls food a bit rubbish. Graduate employment one of the best in the UK. It is ranked #99 in QS Global World Rankings 2021. WiFi is problematically low range and difficult to sign in to. Lovely uni, I'm staying on its so nice, but timetabling is annoying and is 'fixed' every year, Rubbish uni life is rubbish and full of weirdos. The student union is a bit underwhelming and I’m not entirely sure what they’ve done! Nottingham Civic Exchange is leading Good Work Nottingham with partners from across the country and the region. There's a lot to do in spare time with a variety of food and drink establishments. They're modern, clean and the general community vibe and atmosphere is great. I have had the best time of my life at this university. Great university with excellent facilities. Don’t study here, no one cares about you. Everyone is so nice and welcoming; lecturers as well as course collegues! I reluctantly chose to go to Nottingham due to it being a ‘good’ RG university for my course (think Economics, Law etc), and decent nightlife. I'm not happy that the course has not taught us enough human anatomy/biology. Nottingham uni is a great mix of newer and older buildings, a beautiful campus with a lake and loads of opportunities for recreational activities. Great contribution from student union with many societies. Excellent student facilities and union. Excellent campus and great help with careers advice. Average range for University of Nottingham entry requirements. I have absolutely loved it here. #62. The social atmosphere is great as you'll always find people that will like you or who you are as most people here are very friendly. The university has amazing views, the campus is beautiful. The campus is one of the best in the country. Excellent university with great facilities. So safe too! Even within each school/ department, everyone is very involved and helpful. The placement team for pharmacy are extremely unhelpful. Such a good atmosphere, beautiful campus, great teaching staff and a wonderful city to spend three years in. Student union building does not have a good location for night life/parties, hence these all occur in the city, which can be a hassle to get to if you live on campus. The university is a great place to meet people and the campuses are beautiful. Also, please can we have a Greggs or Birds or something. Prices for food within the university are expensive however this shouldn't put you off trying a Chinese at the top of the Portland building every once In a while, Instead of different campuses one would be better. It was the first British university to establish a campus in Malaysia, in 2000, and the first foreign university to … Nottingham is a great university that has a beautiful campus, amazing sports facilities, an intense mathematics course ect. Nottingham has everything in regards to facilities and academic rigor. Excellent place, having an amazing time, some issues with timetabling but otherwise perfect. Ever. Nottingham University has always produced the best set of highly resourceful and employable graduates and that has made its graduates a target of top firms for recruiting good employees. An amazing campus with great facilities. Eduroam is terrible, couldn't connect for weeks then suddenly worked again. There are a wide variety of food options including vegan and halal. Nottingham Trent University is probably the best decision I have ever made. The campus is beautiful - Absolutely love it here. Amazing campus, staff are really friendly and always willing to help, Such a lovely place to be with so much going on and green spaces make it have a great atmosphere when you want to relax outside of going out or working, The campus is absolutely stunning- so much green space, beautiful buildings both historical and new. Then over the course of the year it will start to f*** you off because it turns out maintenance is all the uni will happily spend their bastard money on. Had a duel honours course which had lectures programmed back to back on different campuses. Being an international it was difficult to understand the type of exam as in my country academic writing isn't a thing. Never dreamed of it to be so great. Course Type. Not only is the accommodation some of the best you'll get in UK universities but the services and academic quality provided are great too. University of Nottingham is a fantastic centre for further education. It is laughable that the highest category rating (4) I could personally give related to ‘Internet / Wifi’. Like I’ve visited Loughborough uni for a few hours and it’s noticeably just a lot better. It's not safe to walk alone on any city street these days. You’re never alone, the well-being team is amazing. Very good university. It is mainly used for Business School and Language students (particularly Chinese language students). Needs a better range of food available on-site. Especially when I have trouble to use them ,there will always be someone to help me. amazing university with diverse backgrounds of students. Whether it’s related to welfare , disability, grades or just in need of advice, the concern is disgenuine and rarely gets anywhere. Start Term. Very helpful staff good level of teaching. Voted one of the most 'green' campuses in the UK Nottingham has so many beautiful places to discover, the gym is beyond amazing too! All in all, toss uni. It is okay, but not as great as I expected. Course is amazing and is always listening to student's feedback and then improving. First off the accommodation and halls are great for freshers. As soon as you walk onto Uni of Notts campus you’ll be struck by the vast amount of greenery and gardens that are around you. Employees are very helpful, campuses have beautiful scenery. Everyone tends to be really friendly and there are many groups and societies to also give you the chance to make friends. Shame about exurban though! Supportive and friendly environment. Loads of clubs and societies on offer, as well as a giant student's union! To top it off you'll be getting an education from one of the best uni's in the world at a absolutely beautiful campus. Main campus is less modern than the Business one but still has well kept buildings, lots of libraries and great facilities. Also, the hopper buses are un reliable and often too full. StudentCrowd is free to use, but in order to report, vote, and leave reviews, you need to create a free account. Lovely city, with nice scenery, good transport and nice centre. the university as a whole is amazing! Beautiful buildings for the students to be in good conditions while studying. They ensure that you have fun at freshers week but the support throughout the rest of the degree is appalling. The halls was a little expensive for the quality of food you get but this was expected, the food could be a lot worse and some meals were nice. UoN is great . I absolutely love being a student at UoN, wouldn't change it for anything. This is the latest available data, published by UCAS - 30th January 2020. Very rich university with nice equipment. It’s a bit further away from town but only a 10 minute walk or bus ride away from Business campus. deaddddddddd ting man dead ting i swear to god. Buildings are really nice and comfortable, and the constant wifi access is a massive bonus! We have a campus bar, lots of campus cafes and shops. There are a huge variety of things to get involved in. Campus is nice lots of green space, teaching is varied and support is poor, especially for people with learning difficulties and when wanting help with careers or life after uni. Full trained intoductors with much experience in different fields. From my experience as a former Postgrad, it is one of the best Universities in the UK. The uni park campus is traditional and beautiful, but some buildings look tired. Every course is unique and very specialised! The Wifi is very fast and can be accessed easily on all campuses and even on Hopper buses between campuses. ways of learning in lecture,libraries. Lecturers and wonderful, modules too, lots of clubs to join and be part of. Nottingham is a beautiful campus and attracts great students. Facilities are full of useful resources and staff (on my course anyway) provide you and point you in the direction of lots of useful sources and literature. The students union is great and doesn't focus solely on nights out as I know many unis do. The internet is poor, sometimes it can take 10mins at the start of your lecture just to get online so you can load the powerpoint. Great university to help its students grow into more knowledgeable and better people. I like the new sports centre, it is fully equipped and a the facilities are new and good. The University of Nottingham is a Russell Group and Universitas 21 university with a global reputation for teaching and research, ranked in the world’s top 100 and UK top 20 universities in the QS World University Rankings 2021..
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