But a forest ranger is educating citizens … Mumbai’s mangroves boast a history older than the city itself. A few months earlier, protests were held in Mumbai to criticise the exploitation of wetlands and felling down of mangroves for ambitious construction schemes. Mumbai mangroves can provide a large base for research opportunities for researchers in Botany, Flora and Fauna of Mumbai coastline studies. The authoritative record of NPR’s programming is the audio record. Mangroves protect shorelines from damaging storm and hurricane winds, waves, and floods. Important mangrove sites along India's coast are the Sundarbans in West Bengal, Bhitarkanika in Orissa, Chilka lake in Orissa, the deltas of Godavari and Krishna and Pulicat along the east coast, and Vembanad in Kerala, Kundapur in Karnataka, Honnavar in Karnataka, Malvan in … PATHAK: These mangroves are dying, says environmentalist B.N. The city is blessed with lush, green mangroves, trees that can act as a buffer against tides. Covering an area of 2,000 hectares, Vikhroli’s mangroves form one of the largest private mangrove forests in Maharashtra (managed by the Godrej Foundation since the 1940s). We have partnered with the Mangrove Cell of the State Forest Department and the Mangrove and Marine Biodiversity Conservation Foundation to … Accuracy and availability may vary. The bullet train is expected to destroy at least 30,000 mangroves. Today, many of these mangroves have disappeared and only a few remain. PATHAK: "If mangroves are saved," she says, "Mumbai will be saved.". Mangroves in and around Mumbai have undergone massive destruction. In Maharashtra, ongoing efforts to protect mangroves, both public and private, have been exemplary. V. MANGROVE DESTRUCTION IN MUMBAI Rapid developments like housing, industrialization, pollution and increasing population of Mumbai has resulted into degradation of mangroves. In 2015, United Way Mumbai (UWM) launched the Mission Mangroves campaign, with the aim to restore Mumbai's depleted mangrove cover, which serves as a protective shield from natural disasters like floods, cyclones, tsunamis, etc. ... As storms become more erratic and severe due to climate change, the importance of mangroves with their complex root system holding on to … About 40 ha of these newly-protected areas are along the Mithi river, which is choked by illegal construction. Since the 1940s, the Godrej Foundation has also been managing and conserving some of the largest private mangrove forests in the world on Mumbai’s coastline. Somehow with imposed laws and vigilant citizens, sea cleaning became the priority and many NGOs tirelessly worked towards the same. But a forest ranger is educating citizens on the value of the trees, hoping to save them. Mangroves in Puerto Rico Ecological values. Until such plans see the light of day, it is always possible to stop by these shrubby jungles next time you happen to pass them. They act as breeding grounds for fish. Mumbai’s mangroves boast a history older than the city itself. Mangroves are flood buffers and they also help in stabilizing the climate by moderating temperature, humidity, wind and even waves. The Government of Maharashtra constituted the “Mangrove Cell” in 2012 and the “Mumbai Mangrove Conservation Unit” in 2013 to protect mangroves in and near Mumbai and changed the status of mangrove forests on government land from “protected forests” to “reserved forests”. Roots of the Water World Mangrove forests have a unique character of floating foliage and roots. The … The Mangrove Wetland Centre project is the product of years of research on the mangroves in Mumbai and once completed it will be an example to emulate along the coasts of India. Mumbai: People make their way through a flooded street during heavy rains in Mumbai on Tuesday. As an island city dependent upon mangroves for its survival, Mumbai is the ideal location for such a nationally important project.
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