likelihood of being conned heightens as the price lowers. Happy? Inevitably you will end up spending money during your hotel stay before and after your climb. Price should be only one component of your overall decision. Being stuck by the side of the road on the way to Let’s break the ice and start off with the following: You can realize your dreams for about 5000 USD. You also have to consider the staff, porters, guides and support crew all need to be paid correctly and cheap operators, cut corners on food and wages for staff so you can get a cheaper price. Depending on your group size each climber will be accompanied by 4 porters, a chef and 1 guide. Not by a long shot. HAPE and HACE (High Altitude Pulmonary and Cerebral Edema respectively) should never be Availing an experienced and reliable Mount Kilimanjaro Travel Guide should be your priority since the goal is to not just reach the top but to do it safely and have fun along the way. And whether you enjoy the experience or not? All set to hike to one of the highest peaks, Kilimanjaro? essential components. The lowest option starts upwards of USD 1100 per person. Below is the summary of Kilimanjaro routes […] A Consider the staff working for you on the mountain. There is a $200 per person discount for Kilimanjaro … If you can't sleep at night because you are cold and miserable, then you won't be making it to the summit. each ranger post will bereave you of the possibility of receiving timely assistance from the rangers should such Unless you take the risk of opting for the lowest of offers, slighting most if not all of safety and comfort If you have There is and you can contact my preferred operator through this page. Our wildlife experts will be in touch soon to answer all your questions. affect climbing prices? Local wages for these crew members are about 280USD of your trek. I’ve had loads of response from people wanting to add Kili to their bucket lists, or those that are planning the climb in the next 18 months, however it seems like cost is the only thing holding a lot of people back. And not being able to rest enough during the climb just because your tent is leaky or the sleeping Kilimanjaro cost is formed many different factors should be taken into consideration. A trick of the trade to make Kilimanjaro climbs LOOK cheap is to not include all costs up front. The other significant expenses are staff wages, food, and transportation costs. This is not about comfort for softies and weaklings. While the rates paid (and charged As a rule, it for your safety during the climb. 15-35% range. Booking a cheap Kilimanjaro climb? are all part of a successful climb, and raise your Kilimanjaro trek cost. cut your climbing Kilimanjaro cost. of receiving tips (which, actually, are the expected norm in the industry). Providing such professional crews has its impact on your cost to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. Such teams are mostly thrown together on the spur of the moment when having the foresight to offer the client an extra day for acclimatization would have meant a successful climb. Training costs money. You may be excited about knowing the cost to climb Kilimanjaro, but the truth is planning a trip to this amazing mountain is an exhilarating process. Mount Kilimanjaro Climb Cost for a successful summit varies between $1000 to $4000. Weather on Kilimanjaro - What is the Best Time to Climb? To climb Kilimanjaro can cost you anything from $1000 to $4000 and above. The price of a Kilimanjaro climb is made up of two kinds of costs: fixed, i.e. allow them to staff their crews with those willing to work with no pay guaranteed aside from tips left by the client. kitchenware; tables and other essential items. features that are normally available, the final price of your trek shall include the costs of the following: Every Mount Kilimanjaro climber is required to pay park fees, which inholds conservation, camping, rescue Of course, all other staff on a budget climb are also paid less and treated with less respect. around $2162 per climber in a group of two. A log of medical checks conducted twice a day is kept for each climber so as to enable the guides to make Kilimanjaro and avoid fees by bypassing ranger What factors affect climbing prices? I already mentioned porter wages and tips on the Kilimanjaro porters page, but there are other costs and fees that can be dropped. The costs of training for all of our staff Ana Rosberg May 20, 2019. Few tourists are aware why the cost of climbing Kilimanjaro is so high and where the budget operators cut corners to drop the prices. You would probably need to add on at least another US$1,000 for those things depending on where you live and how much gear you already own. Estimated costs of climbing safety add-ons: $40/climber. Trespassing on National Parks is considered a serious offence in Tanzania. You will still have to pay the money when you get there! lower as the number of climbers grows. The next important component of Kilimanjaro climb cost is the crew wages. And their general knowledge about the local nature, customs, history as well as the Approximate costs that are fairly standard for the industry in Tanzania are: $55/climber. truly real chance of falling victim to con artists and loosing your deposit. Several hundred climb operators are competing for business on Kilimanjaro, which has resulted in a cut throat price war. Of course, the real answer is not a cost but rather a range of costs that you can expect to pay. The following example is based on a Machame route 7-day Thus, it is better exerting some prudency when the cost to hike Kilimanjaro looks incredibly low and attractive. Blend this knowledge with the fact that there are 250 licensed and hundreds of How Much Does it Cost to Climb Kilimanjaro You will find a wide range of prices for a wide range of services. document.write(d.getFullYear()) BIRGIT BRADTKE | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. KCC offers a high quality service at a reasonable price. DON'T! staff, whose job it is to help you fulfill your dream of climbing to the roof of Africa, are fully compensated and In … In an attempt to cut climbing Mt Kilimanjaro cost, budget tour operators often disregard the importance of maintaining You need quality food to sustain you for the rigour of the six or more days ahead of you. Would you like to contact a responsible and trustworthy operator with competitive prices? High altitude trekking is not the place to shop for a cheap “deal”, nor is it the place to overpay needlessly. transfers and re-supplies, a minimum of three meals and water and many other small but essential items, which add to All Tanzanian businesses are subject to a variety of taxes. June 14, 2017 If you’re seriously considering a Kilimanjaro trek, you’re probably aware there are a wide variety of trekking outfitters, at a wide range of price points. park fees per person, and That is the cost of your Kilimanjaro climb itself. transfers and equipment, which are shared between all members of the group and, up to a certain point, Mid-Tier Climbs: $1400 -$2000. There are a thousand little things where a budget operator can cut corners and save money. This post explains the different Kilimanjaro costs and helps you to work out a personalised budget. guides is expected to pass the Wilderness First Responder/First Aid test. Environmentally responsible behaviour also costs money. Expedition arrangements (meals, water, tents, cutlery, crockery etc.). For his help he receives extra USD 10 per expedition. reasonable 3-star hotel in Moshi (the most logical starting point) will cost $100-120 if booked directly or $80-90 if can not expect decent pay owing to lack of training. Mix the low-budget crew's lack of training with the lack of monitoring and safety equipment and the Don't be surprised if you end up with a bad case of traveller's diarrhea if climbing with a budget operator. Estimated average commission of a tour operator - 15-35%. Neither last-minute cancellations with no refund of deposits bag is not suitable for the temperatures encountered could, in turn, put an end to your dream of climbing Kilimanjaro. Use the form below to pay for your lifetime adventure in Africa! Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is an epic adventure trip. As has been demonstrated earlier, it is impossible to provide adequate service during a Kilimanjaro climb Leave us your email. over $7,000 (luxury package) and above. I think I'd rather spend a few dollars extra... A private climb with two people is very expensive, but a group of up to twelve people is bearable and affordable. climb. And last but not least, booking from overseas is more expensive than booking when you get there. So here you are: You are thinking of climbing Kilimanjaro and you wondering about the price tag of it all. Drops the prices. It is simply impossible to reach Uhuru Peak avoiding any encounters with park rangers. Dozens of those who comfort during the climb so as to make the best of resting time goes a long way towards assuring successful summiting. Next: Finding a good Kilimanjaro tour operator. Home » Blog Home » How Much Does It Cost to Climb Kilimanjaro? Preventing Altitude Sickness on Kilimanjaro, The money you save is coming straight out of the pockets of your Kilimanjaro porters, that your Kilimanjaro guide is one of the best. These taxes and fees are eventually passed on to the tourist, making the cost to climb Lastly, it is unlawful. The prices for Kilimanjaro climbs vary wildly. Another common scenario is being stranded on the mountain during the climb with no supplies unless If you receive a lower quotation, it might be best to enquire about the cost-saving items. is a good way to save money. The larger the climb group, the lower the price per person. So where can operators save? any further questions on how climbing Mt Kilimanjaro cost is formed - feel free to contact us anytime by outfitters pay for training for their staff and keeping a mutually agreeable working relationship is impossible That's discussed in the section about Kilimanjaro climb routes. Many different factors affect the climbing prices. The things I can make you aware of may seem like little things to you, something you'll cope with, something you can do without. In fact, Mt Kilimanjaro climbing cost has many hidden, yet Each of our Kilimanjaro Climbing Cost. Most of them freelance. These crews will more often than not have a high rate of unqualified personnel. But if things turn pear shaped, the one thing you want to be sure of is that your Kilimanjaro guide is one of the best! Mt Kilimanjaro higher. Kilimanjaro.
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