A trusted name in the Hi-Fi world for over a decade and having a countrywide network of authorized dealers, serious hi-fi enthusiasts … £1,500.00. The world’s finest music systems from l’Atelier Audio. Each of our brands has been carefully selected for sound quality, build quality, value and the ability to bring you closer to the Original […] We are experts in home automation, whole-house audio and video distribution systems, home theater, two-channel music, multi-channel music, lighting … We have over 25 years of experience designing stereo systems and properly matching components for your HiFi system. Our aim is to offer great service in a comfortable environment. DNA Audio is an independent specialist retailer of high end audio equipment. A high end stereo system is more than the sum of its parts. The Model 2 is one of the defining classics of American high-end audio. The Classic V2, Reference and Baby Reference pre amplifiers followed and the awards kept coming. China-hifi-Audio online store : - Dussun solid Amplifier HiFi Audio Shanling Auido vacuum tube CD player E&T hifi audio Racks Stand table ToneWinner Home Theater AV amplifier JungSon Audio Amplifier & CD player Xindak Cables & Amplifier Opera Audio Consonance amp&CD player Bewitch vacuum tube Amplifier G&W power filter socket Shengya audio CD player & Amplifier Qinpu audio amplifier Yaqin … Merlin Cables Tarantula Mains Block (UK Version) £100.00. Facebook YouTube Twitter. Vandersteen Introduces the Model 2Ce Signature III. Properly done, a high end audio system will transform how you listen to music and give you immense satisfaction for years to come. A Blast from the Past - "Keep on Truckin' - Interview by Ken Kessler with Richard Vandersteen" more news. MS HD Power MS-1080P V3 6 way Distribution Block £99.90. Manufacturer of high-end audio equipment for the discerning music lover since 1991, Musical Surroundings has evolved into a massive brand thanks to their hard work and innovative spirit. We solely represent, import and distribute some of the world's top and finest High-End Audio brands. It really is such an exiting time for headphones, amps and Dacs at the moment, especially at the top end, with constantly new brands and products entering the market which all need demoing as matching the Amp/Dac to the headphones is vitally important. Their aim is to make it possible for genuine music lovers to obtain high-end cables created to their exact requirements. NuNu Distribution has over 50 UK dealers carrying our brands, why not check out our great products through this network. ABOUT L’ ATELIER-AUDIO. AOS Audio Systeme See --> AOS (Scan-Speak drivers) Audio Components F-05 Atlas EOS modular 4.0 power distribution block 6 way From: £687.50. The new distribution company – a joint venture between the high-end audio group and Jordan Acoustics, McIntosh Laboratory’s British distributor of 15 years – will aim to broaden McIntosh’s and Sonus faber’s dealer base, making the brands “more accessible to UK consumers than ever before”, according to the distributor’s press release. In addition to our services we are also honored and authorized to retail and deal with the following brands in United Kingdom: Music is one of the few universal emotionally appealing experiences connecting all the human species. The heart of Dynaudio's incredible performance has always been the high quality drivers the company has developed for its audiophile grade products, whether optimized for the Dynaudio Home Systems, Professional or Automotive loudspeaker product ranges. 2020-05-19. Many units in stock and ready to ship. Wayne Garcia. High-resolution audio, also known as High-definition audio or HD audio, is a marketing term used by some recorded-music retailers and high-fidelity sound reproduction equipment vendors. HiFi In Touch mains blocks pr... Isotek Nova 6 Outlet Power Conditioner. Audio systems can only achieve their full potential sound quality if the accessories – i.e. optional supplementary equipment such as phono modules, audio leads, speaker cables, mains cables and distribution panels – are at the same high level as the other components. However, there's more to the H390 than that: it offers almost all of the performance of its 'big brother', for about half the price!" During Enjoy the Music.com's very special 25th Anniversary we're asking various high-end audio manufacturers to answer the same ten questions.Their answers may surprise you! … Axiss Audio is a distributor of the world's finest high end audio components including Accuphase, Air Tight, Soulution, Transrotor, Shelter and more. Owned by pure Stereophile enthusiasts. Profile: Distributor of Audio Visual and electronic products. iFi Audio PowerStation Mains Block- UK Version £499.00. Integrated Amplifier. Cosmosound Technologies is registered as a Trademark (TM) Show Less. A European High-End Audio Distributor active in many countries & probably the most successful High-End Audio company on the island of Cyprus dealing strictly with High-End Audio. Featuring breathtaking state of the art digital and analogue playback, reference quality phono stages, preamplifiers, amplifiers and highly sensitive speakers. Why not contact ourselves and find out where to see and hear our wonderful selection of high class audio equipment and accessories can be obtained. Lux Corporation, founded in 1925, has changed its company name to e-Lux Corporation with a new management organization to meet the changing world of our information society. Cosmosound is a registered Trademark owned by E.H. Echosaudio Ltd. The Latest News... 2020-06-04. Richard Sits Down with Alan Jones, Owner of HiFi Buys, for a HiFi Chat. Integrated Amplifier. Esotec & Esotar². Our partnership starts today and we will share our first show together at the West Deutsche Hifi Tage in Bonn! Distributors of Hi-Fi and AV equipment in Germany - A & B. We Ask 10 Questions For High-End Audio Manufacturers Featuring Matthieu Latour, Audio Division Director Of Nagra Audio Enjoy the Music.com's 25th Anniversary brings you a new special feature!. They have been designing and producing a wide range of turntables for more than 40 years. 2020-05-17. DESIGNER AUDIO is the Sole India Distributor for world-renowned brands such as LUXMAN, WHARFEDALE, QUAD, AUDIOLAB, CASTLE, EKCO, JAMES LOUDSPEAKER, NAPA SOUND LABS, PHIL JONES, SCANSONIC, DAC, BYFORD AUDIO, VUEGUARD and VUEMAX. Products: Video and audio switchers routers, video scalers and converters, PTZ cameras, camera control systems, camera tracking systems, joystick controllers …. Cosmosound Technologies LLP (UK) is in the business of High End Audio equipment & accessories as Distributor, Dealer and Trader of used High End equipment. The Music First Audio Classic Pre Amplifier was introduced in 2003 and positioned itself at the very heart of a true high end hi fi systems. And now launching the new Reference V2 60 position transformer Pre Amplifier . The move to these full-range horns has been largely attributable to a 25 year or so journey through the world of hi-end audio. At Choice Audio it’s all about the music! Dealer Listing. Skip to content. TAOC . True Colours (TCI) 6 Way Herald Constrictor Mains Block From: £130.00. Vervent Audio Group, holding company for Focal and Naim Audio, did the acquisition – effective since the 15th January 2019– of this leading distributor. Audio High specializes in automation, high-end audio, and home theater systems for your home or business. H390 named EISA High-End Amplifier "At first glance, Hegel's H390 looks like a slimmed-down, more affordable version of the Norwegian company's mighty H590 amplifier - which is hardly surprising, because that's just what it is. £225.00. Aftermarket High-End car audio systems. November 2020. EU Schuko outlets Excellent with power cable and original packaging Pre owned Hi F... IsoTek GII Optimum Power Leads. We're proud to be dealers of many well loved and long established manufacturers such as Audio Note Uk, McIntosh Labs, Sonus Faber, Astell&Kern, Roon Labs, Audio Technica and Elac. Dynaudio has a strong tradition in car audio. F-05. The Audiophile Club was formed in 1992 to bring you the finest in high end audio equipment. Since its inception, Symmetry's chief enterprise has been the sourcing and distribution of high end audio products. Basic and complete Launching brand new F-series. The face of audio and video electronics is ever changing and so our portfolio grows to keep apace with technology, while maintaining a foundation in great design and spectacular real world performance. Best High-End DAB Radios (UK 2018/2019) Ruark R1 Mk3. High end 8 way power distribution block (display stand not included). Stereo systems, unlike home theaters, have only a few pieces. Seller: Emporium HiFi Condition: 9/10 Location: Ellingham, Norfolk. VPI Industries is a family owned high-end audio manufacturer based in Cliffwood, US. Gekko cables' design philosophy is very simple: use high quality conductors and protect them with the best possible insulators or dielectrics for the best and most natural sound possible. Gekko Cables is a London-based designer of bespoke, handmade, high-end audio cables. Minnesota’s High End Audio and Stereo System Specialist. R&D Engineer Audio & Electronics | Product Development ; Strategic PR & Marketing Manager; CONTACT INFO; New Distributor! Founded in 1980 by Daniel Jacques, the Audio Plus Services company holds and distributes a portfolio of high-end brands in the US and Canada. Active Audio, Paul Schilder Weg 15, D-90455 Nuernberg, Germany. Fax: +49911 8888530.. Adiago Distributor of Gamut amongst other brands. Active Audio Distributes Tri-Planar. MoFi Distribution, sister company of the legendary remastering label Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, is proud to be the exclusive distributor of some of the world’s finest audio brands in the US and Canada. This review is a long time coming I guess as my Frugelhorn Mk3's were ordered back in the tail end of 2018. Today the company preserves the legacy of many notable audio manufacturers, as the distributor of Clearaudio, AMG, Aesthetix, Benz Micro, DS Audio and more throughout the United States. Through us, customers can obtain all the components required to assemble state of the art high end systems. Frugel Horn Mk 3 DIY speaker kit (From: £ 230.00 taxes shown in cart). Cosmosound Technologies® founded in 2003 in Cyprus, Europe and its a Verified Audiogon dealer since 2013. high-end audio cables ; option board ; music player app ; super audio cd ; version up service ; browse by series . Dealer Listing . more reviews. Crystal Cable is excited to present Gaudios Klangkonzepte as our new official distributor for both Germany and Austria! Brentwood, Essex, United Kingdom Visit our website. It’s relatively limited in terms of features, so you’re paying for the sound and build quality rather than lots of flashy features. Atelier Audio high end audio products I Atelier Audio is Canadian distributor of the finest audio products from all over the world. Titan Audio Nyx 6 Way Mains Block £150.00. We have a selection of the greatest high end audio brands on the market such as Naim Audio, LINN, Rega, ATC, Technics, Ortofon, Kudos, Focal, Cyrus Chord Company, Neat and Quadraspire. The Ruark R1 Mk3 is one of the most affordable DAB radios that can still be considered “high end”. Most of these have been developed and manufactured in the UK. Cosmosound - Preowned High-End Audio Dealer / Distributor. We proudly represent some of the highest quality and highest performing audio gear on the market today. Their products allow the listener to hear deeply into the record grooves the treasures buried with-in. Phone: +06115 900 728. Welcome; About; Catalog; News; Events; Specials; Contact; EN; FR; About AtelierAudio 2020-11-16T15:17:04+00:00. Tel: +49911 880330. A high end stereo system is something magical.
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