aircraft carrier translate: der Flugzeugträger. As the soviets were retreating, they would leave a lot of their tanks and equipment behind and just move the production lines farther back. Or cult leaders who continually develop wackier and wackier dogma. When Jesus was born he was said to be the ‘son of God’. His response was to offer redesigned versions of the then-obsolete JU-87 Stuka dive bomber and older versions of the Messerschmitt 109 fighter. The Graf Zeppelin was 920 feet long and weighed 19,250 tons. (2) German attacks on Britain. In the 1930’s Germany did indeed put out a call for two aircraft carriers the first of which would be the Graf Zeppelinlaunched on December 8, 1938. Introducing German aircraft carriers: everything you need to know to achieve victory! Her top speed was to be 33.8 knots. - Model in planned operating condition - … On August 16, 1947 she was towed out to sea and used for target practice by Soviet ships and aircraft. It’d be like burning a pie in the oven! Thus, the German naval strike force would probably have stayed in the eastern or mid-Atlantic Ocean (to avoid being detected by North American air patrols). Forget about theological issues (as well as the direction of motivation) and just look at the men as historical figures for a moment. Another thing is if the Japanese had not dragged the US into the war and just moved their troops into Russia and knock them out of the war. Additionally, I find it extremely hard to believe that the Kriegsmarine could have mastered the art/science of carrier warfare and logistics to the same degree that the UK, Japan and USA had. Aircraft weren’t tremendously useful in hunting subs, which were really more like ships that could operate underwater for a short period of time, compared to today’s subs. That was December 1946. However, I’d argue that — hands down — Jesus and Mohammad had far more motivational skill. Aircraft were extremely useful in locating U-boats, the Germans even designed 2 Flak U-boats in an effort to counter the British air threat in the Bay of Biscay. I think even having ‘smaller’ aircraft carriers would have made a HUGE difference. The first German carrier, laid down as "Flugzeugträger A" ("Aircraft carrier A"), was named Graf Zeppelin when launched in 1938. Her top speed was to be 33.8 knots. Their motivational powers are still strongly felt thousands of years after their deaths. The incomplete German cruiser Seydlitz was also started to be converted into an aircraft carrier. One knowable, though, was that there was NO WAY Hitler was going to authorize any kind of strike at the U.S. With Barbarossa in the planning, Germany did not need America as a fully active member of the Allies. The carrier would have had a complement of 42 fighters and dive bombers. As noted she was with the Bismarck during the sortie with the ill-fated Hood in May 1941. "German Seaplane and Aircraft Carriers in Both World Wars". Generally speaking, subs were either discovered steaming on the surface or after launching torpedoes. Though the V-2 attacks on London caused little damage and loss of life, the psychological impact was considerable. Copyright © 04 March 2006 All Rights Reserved. Please do not distribute without written permission from Damn Interesting. While the Graf Zeppelin had some advanced features she displayed her designers’ lack of knowledge about carriers. I have a pet theory in development, that megalomaniacs simply like to push their luck until everything just falls apart. The Italians were working on at least two, also. i think the people would have lost all hope. I wonder also did the Soviet Union have any aircraft carriers during WWII? Angela Merkel has voiced support for some major aspects of CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer's EU vision. With the British navy gone the germans wouldn’t have any oposition against allied shipping. To take another example, what if more faith had been put in the V-2 rockets and they had been developed to a much greater extent than they had been? On the Prinz Eugen (pronounced prinz oygen), she was the last heavy cruiser commissioned by the Kriegsmarine. All text/images/media © copyright their respective creators The carrier could have provided effective support for capital ships and cruisers with air cover, and would have increased their potential for destruction considerably. Thank God for the infighting among the Nazi high command. What does this have to do with AIRCRAFT CARRIERS! Work on this design began a bit after the beginning of the construction of the Graf Zeppelin. The idea was suggested by her party’s leader, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. The aircraft carrier II was a proposed conversion project for the incomplete French cruiser De Grasse.The ship was laid down in November 1938 and lay incomplete in the Arsenal de Lorient shipyard when Germany invaded France in May 1940.In 1942, the German Kriegsmarine decided to convert the cruiser into an auxiliary aircraft carrier with a capacity for twenty-three fighters and dive bombers. READ MORE. Her name was the KMS Graf Zeppelin and though launched in December 1938 she was never over 80% completed. Look at the time frame here. The true is you it was really Germany against the rest of the industrialized world (I know Italy, Hungry…) had the UK fell and the US not gotten involved in Europe and Russia had not gotten involved then there is a “What if” that could really made a long term difference in the war. During World War II, Nazi Germany attempted to build several aircraft carriers. Being Agnostic I am not totally opposed to believing Jesus existed. I love how we’re comparing Jesus to Hitler. During World War I, there was an attempt by the German Empire to convert the unfinished Italian passenger liner Ausonia into an aircraft carrier, codenamed "I". I doubt that these things would have been a float long against the Brits or the US anyway. Gardiner, Robert; Chesneau, Roger (1980). Please ingore the last idiot … Don’t we all have the right to comment and say as we wish? entries in the Military Factory.. No? James is correct. Germany could have then taken over sub-Saharan Africa, as most of the countries there were territories of conquered European nations, anyway. The people around Hitler took advantage of his popularity for their own ends, just as the entourages of any political figure do. Not to mention that by 1944-45, the USN had plenty of carriers, planes and pilots to spare. All in all if Hitler was really going to dominate the world he would have needed aircraft carriers and better aircraft for them. Oh…and in the last couple of years of the war, the USN had a large excess of submarines in the Pacific with no targets to hit that also could have transferred to the Atlantic. Where can I buy a really big boat? It’s not the accomplishment they are after, it’s the sadistic joy of pushing people around. There was a paln to convert the cruiser Seydlitz into a light carrier, so that would make 5…. The German for aircraft carrier is Flugzeugträger. But it’s always interesting to learn about the nuances of the war and peel back the layers of the strategies and lack there of. Her crew complement was 1,760 and she was to … The Germans had none of the experience that the American, British and Japanese navies had gained in the years between the wars. The Germans have never sailed an aircraft carrier since. Sadly, he passed away on 20 March 2011. As far as being a leader or having great ‘motiviational’ skills. To fully appreciate this marvel, one needs to stand on the stern which rises from the water over 9 meters (30 feet) while her bow over 199 meters (654 feet) is under 31 meters (100 feet) of water. If properly equipped and used the battle for the Atlantic could have been very different. Certain elements not to scale. Design & logo © 2005-2021 Alan Bellows Her moorings broke during the storm and divers placed pin charges along the hull in hopes of scuttling her in shallow water. Plans were also afoot to convert SMS Roon to become a seaplane tender. There was a original Star Trek episode where some people recreate Nazi Germany, and Spock mentions that the Nazis were very efficient. U-boats get all the ink but the US subs were successful in prosecuting their warplan to the finish. as an escort. Furthermore, the “quest for the ultimate weapon” mindset was proven fatally wrong by simple and mass-produced Allied designs such as the T-34, the Sherman or the B-17. The production capacity of Germany didn’t even come close. A chance to get a special combat mission that will unlock Early Access to a German aircraft carrier. See more ideas about aircraft carrier, zeppelin, aircraft. Send out the Graf Zeppelin with the Bismark, Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and evenatually Tirpitz every so often as a taskforce instead of fruitless individual convoy raiders and you force the British and Americans to bring in dozens more battleships and carriers etc from other theatres. Learn more in the Cambridge English-German Dictionary. How to Earn German Tokens. I have aerial photos taken in 1944 of the Graf Zepplin in dock inNorway along wih the Tripitz, Admiral SCHEER, Prince Eugen and Hipper. Huff Duff, or High Frequency Direction Finding, was used to pin point most U-boats (triangulated by 2 ships reception) well before they even had a chance to attack a convoy. Going back to the article for just a minute… Now thats fucking well said. (1985). The quantity of aircraft would be roughly equal and the quality of aircraft and pilot experience would have been off the chart in favor of the US. The Graf Zeppelin was 920 feet long and weighed 19,250 tons. There were to many problems and Hitler listened to Goeing and quit. Greger, Rene (1964). We don’t even know he existed. You should all be ashamed. Receive an email notification whenever we post new original content. Mistakes made by the Axis that lost them WWII: (1) Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Over the course of 20 years, Germany and Japan could have controlled the entire ‘Old World’. • Ozervize, ze vorld vould be ourz! You people just don’t know History. Hitler’s attitude vacillated on the project and it never had his full backing. At the same time, there was an attempt to convert the ocean liner Europa into the carrier codenamed "I". He was such an ego-idiot refusing skilled advice and so on. The ship was laid down as Irresistible, but was renamed in honour of the famous WW2 aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal, from the deck of which Swordfish aircraft took off that inflicted critical damage on the formidable German battleship Bismarck. By comparison today political leaders have a hard time convincing there countrymen to stop an ongoing genocide i.e. Involved in various campaigns and even surviving a British torpedo off the coast of Trondheim. They went to Japan for the plans and came back and started building. It could’ve easily been completed by 1940. These Photo were taken by the 325th Reconnaissance of the R.A.F. Aircraft weren’t tremendously useful in hunting subs, which were really more like ships that could operate underwater for a short period of time, compared to today’s subs. My dad was intelligence officer during the war in the pacific but later was stationed in England in 1951-54 and came across theses photos, and the history.The germans almost did it. From there, it’s a short step to the Sarahan countries, Arabia, and Persia. In response to the comment by radiatidon which was many many years ago but i felt compelled to write. The Germans were never a seafaring race, Hitler’s plan for world dominance was based solely on an obsolete concept of a land-based empire, and his power was based on a personality cult with the head surrounded by a bunch of cronies who owed their ascendance purely to their personal relationship with the leader. Even if the Nazis got a few aircraft carriers actually up and running, there is no reason they couldnt have been sunk or immobilised or whatever before they did any real damage. Had she been commissioned she would have provided a considerable commerce-raiding capability. However, with the limited spee… He was able to motivate them to build up a military support the idea of world domination. When Most torpedoes were launched while surfaced. Similar to what Bush did after 9/11, although his staying power is proving to be less. There is no question Hitler was extremely skilled at motivating. But that is just my humble option I have been known to be wrong. Going back to the article for just a minute…I’m not aware of aircraft carriers playing any significant role in the Atlantic theater during WWII…please correct me if I’m wrong. Afterwards, they would have put into motion even further plans to hound the German fleet at port and on the high seas. Aircraft successfully tested for use from it included Me109s, Fw190s and Ju87 Stukas not to mention the Bv155s that the Nazi’s prevented. Great speaker…and he did a lot good. She was the only aircraft carrier launched by Germany and represented part of the Kriegsmarine's attempt to create a well-balanced oceangoing fleet, capable of projecting German naval power far beyond the narrow confines of the Baltic and North Seas. the German navy believed it needed such vessels for. The Stern with screws can still be see today jutting out of the lagoon between Calson and Kwajalein islands. Their motivational powers are still strongly felt thousands of years after their deaths. The German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin photographed on 6 February 1942 at Gotenhafen (today Gdynia, Poland) by a British Royal Air Force aircraft. I’m not sure that anybody feels the motivational powers of Jesus. >> Their motivational powers are still strongly felt thousands of years after their deaths. It also had a major detractor in Goering, who was resentful of any incursion on his authority as head of the country’s air power. I believe i Hitler really wanted world dominance he would have needed aircraft carriers. For each completed task, you will receive German Tokens. Now wait a minute, how is what he said factually incorrect? However, I don’t buy every story hook, line and sinker. Due to her being the only German major surface warship to survive the war intact, her crew fondly dubbed her “the lucky ship”. The plan was to help her weather the savage storm and then bilge her later. Incursion into the Med wouldn’t have made any sense because the Italians already had battleships and airfields in the area. Planes and ships then shot shells and dropped bombs on her to demonstrate how to sink a carrier, presumably American. Goering’s tactics worked and the Graf Zeppelin’s construction was halted in 1943. 4 were drawn up but only two were being built but because of money only one was almost finished. But she wasn’t quite ready for the scrap yard yet. After twenty-four hits the Graf Zeppelin stayed afloat and had to be finished off by torpedoes. The report includes photos of the damage to prince of wales caused by the 7 hits 4 from bismarck and 3 from prinz eugen. Since the construction of new aircraft carriers would have taken too long, several existing ships were planed to be converted to aircraft carriers. Within a year or two Britian would have fallen, and the germans would have taken over Europe, and would now be focused on Russia or United States. As for the old adage that we would all be speaking German if this would have happened or that would have happened I consider that mostly BS. The German Graf Zeppelin aircraft carrier was laid down in 1936 and would still not be ready for service by 1945. 87–91. No? After gaining control of Great Britain he would of had to launch a massive invasion of America. He was so incompetent they thought it would be better to watch him fumble around rather than let the numerous skilled staff and still very potent army drag it out, gain concessions, etc. Lovely! When it comes to her background, so far, people aren’t 100% sure of it but she might be based on the “Kleiner Flugzeugträger” design. A three-masted sailing ship, possibly one of the German Navy’s vessels (Horst Wessel (1936), Albert Leo Schlageter (1937), or Gorch Fock (1933)), appears at a nearby pier. The German Kriegsmarine, Aircraft Carrier, Kriegsmarine Ships, Aircraft Carrier. There were lots of German U-Boats, battleships, cruisers, and destroyers, but no flattops. This is interesting. Wrong! With Germany’s rapid advanc… Jesus existed…and he was a super cool great guy. Is it just because they happen to be religious figures that you disagree? Just a FYI…….. THoM said: “i think the people would have lost all hope…that guy had motivational skills like the world had never seen.”. Since the model is optimized for 1/1800th scale, it is not ideal to print larger versions due to a lack of detail. Hunting down Allied convoys may even entailed cruising into the South Atlantic. If you were to read the investigation by the british navy into the battle between hood prince of wales and bismarck and prinz eugen you will find that prinz eugen hit hood at least once and prince of wales 3 times. a fair historical comparison could only be done in time frames of a closer length… 50 or even a hundred years ago for Hitler is nowhere close to the time span passed to reflect the “motivational” effect of figures, Jesus and Mohammad ,as well as historical facts are sketchy to nonexistant about many details there….whereas Hitlers time has provided and continues to provide details about many aspects, horrible tho they may be to contemplate…. He didn’t believe that it would be as powerful as it turned out to be when we used it in Japan; therefore, he didn’t fund the research near as heavily as the US. Any US carrier task force comprising of at least 2 fleet carriers and the proper escorts and support ships would have made short work of even all five KSM carriers. Likewise, if Germany had not attacked our strong ally Britain, we would have been nervous about their takeover of the rest of Europe, but would probably have treated these incursions as ‘more of the same’ imperial fighting that had given rise to WWI. Oh by the way, He was going to build 4 but ifyou read about this carrier and the others goeing told Hitler that his Air Force cold take care of the problem. Just imagine if Hitler had managed to get his hands on something so destructive! The heavy surface armament was of little use and accounted for too much weight; the anti-aircraft armament was heavy but badly sited, all on the starboard side. He was his own demise and didn’t even know it…. justjim1 said: “Please ingore the last idiot … Don’t we all have the right to comment and say as we wish?”. I hate to be the one to go against the “what if” Nazi alarmists. No the Russians did not! While I would never complain about the Nazis losing the war, it’s rather pathetic to see an otherwise brilliant war machine humbled in this endeavor by mere pettiness. It seems “the lucky ship’s” had turned. 1/1800th scale German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin model. All rights reserved. The Germans got as far as partly installing the catapults when the ship was then turned into a floating warehouse for u-boat parts. classified restricted. You can see this pattern in other sociopaths as well, such as serial killers who get progressively “sloppier” or more outlandish until they get caught. The Bv or He155s in particular were large but fast and very long ranged. The radius of action was low for a fleet carrier intended to operate with the capital ships on the Atlantic shipping routes. A lot of dispicable things are on his resume, but simply being able to have them carried out by willing people shows just how powerful he was. “The 'European aircraft carrier' is such a ridiculous and meaningless proposal (don't get me wrong, ... Once again, he said, the German Navy has more basic, pressing problems. Projected recognition drawing had Graf Zeppelin been completed in 1942, Historian Erich Gröner states that full load was defined as "[equal to] type displacement plus full load fuel oil, diesel oil, coal, reserve boiler feed water, aircraft fuel, and special equipment.". During World War I, there was an attempt by the German Empire to convert the unfinished Italian passenger liner Ausonia into an aircraft carrier, … Graf Zeppelin would’ve never stood a chance. The German Reich planned several aircraft carriers (Flugzeugträger), some of which made it to the construction stage, and one of which was launched, the German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin. I don’t believe Hitler had the same going for him. Just think of the psychological effect of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Forget about theological issues (as well as the direction of motivation) and just look at the men as historical figures for a moment. If the Graf Zeppelin had completed sea trials by the time of the Bismark and Prinz Eugen sortie in May 1941,and had sortied with them, it would have rolled the dice/shuffled the deck as far as the ensuing sea campaign. Net result – most probably a black eye for the Royal Navy, but not an Earth-shattering defeat. Hitler took over a nation and rallied them to support his actions, it truly is remarkable what that man accomplished. Last updated 17 July 2020. The German designers had no experience with aircraft carriers, so they came with a mixed design, incorporating ideas from various navies and various other ships. Aug 18, 2020 - Explore William Miller's board "German Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin" on Pinterest. If this would have happened we would have reacted differently. Taking the ships into the Indian ocean probably would have caused panic and havoc in the area, but then the Germans would have had to fight their way back through a fully aroused Home Fleet, Gibraltar force, and any and all small Royal Navy detachments locally-based. German Aircraft Carrier GRAF ZEPPELIN - Model kit of the first and so far only German aircraft carrier. Garzke, William H.; Dulin, Robert O. Without time or specs of the superstructure the plan was serious flawed and she rolled. So Brain, gnarf, what’re we going to do tonight? How lucky for us! Some of them were true believers, some were just opportunists, but they all had their own axes to grind. Throughout Update 0.9.6, four chains of combat missions will be available to players. I have arierl Photo p this Aircraft Carrier taken in STETTIN in 1944 Feb,21 by the R.A.F. I probably am as I can see them being useful in a submarine hunt. Virtually everything that they had was for coastal defense. If he had built just one the outcome would be totally different.He could o bombed USA coast,his E-Boats would let it know where th convoys were and send fighters to attak it. Thank god! Like most German capital ships, she was divided into nineteen watertight compartments. If the germans had finished the 5 aircraft carriers, before the outbreak of WWII. He would have needed them to first support his main fleet so they do not get destroyed by the Brits aircraft carriers to break through the British blockade. After unloading her cargo she was named “PO-101” (Floating Base Number 101) by the Soviets. To bad the Russians have to steal information to get ahead. Flag images indicative of country of origin and not necessarily the primary operator. She was surrendered to the British in May 1945 and given to the Americans. The 2nd designated Flugzeugtrager Bwould follow but would quickly find itself scrapped. That really is a damn interesting article. I have seen the only existing model of the Graf Zepplin in a private nautical museum in Hamburg Germany. I wonder how long it would have taken for Germany to collapse had Hitler been taken out at the height of the war, in January 1942 or so. The only weapon that could have made a long term difference for the Axis would have been the Nuke but oops the US was already on that and again ahead of the game. as having the impressive motivational skills. All the major navies in the war used them extensively, except for Nazi Germany. She measured 820 feet in overall length, 850 feet at the waterline. Even if this scenario were to have become true, I doubt if the two nations (or three for that matter, if you include Italy) could have dealt with the underground resistance of three continents filled with people treated as ‘inferior races’ for long. I wonder also did the Soviet Union have any aircraft carriers during WWII?”. Details on how the Nazis planned to use the carrier in action have been lost to obscurity. Introducing German aircraft carriers: ... and/or modifications of ships and aircraft are used only for the purpose of historical consistency and do not assume any funding or other involvement in the project on the part of the holders of trademarks. (3) German attacks on Russia There would have been immediate repercussions for convoy routing, and Royal Navy capital ship movement in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and even the Indian Ocean. Graf Zeppelin, the only German aircraft carrier to be launched. Read “Black May”. and these things could well contribute to motivational perceptions or not only time will tell… at any rate, presenting current unequal measures or projecting them without any other regard is poor historical judgement in my view. How much worse would that have been if there had been a simultaneous German attack on New York, Philadelphia, or Norfolk? Toledo, Ohio: Naval Records Club, Inc.. pp. Hitler on the other hand had to convince a down trodden economy depressed group of people that they could take-over the world and that the Jews were the root of all evil and should be eliminated along with every other so called deviant.
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