Technol® 246 Fuel Tank Cleaner and Algae Sludge Dispersant that focuses on the filter plugging sludge problem. It has been specifically formulated to remove and eliminate diesel sludge/algae and keep the fuel system clean. It has been specifically formulated to remove and eliminate diesel sludge/algae and keep the fuel system clean. You can dispose of the fuel sample taken and the test strip to comply with your local codes and reuse the test tube and pipette as before. Take the fuel sample using the supplied pipette so it contains fluid from the bottom of your larger container and add it to the test tube until the tube is ¾ full. This fits your . Usage Directions: by Reelcraft. More than 200 resellers worldwide to better serve you. We have also a repair service if you are facing problems with your actual truck engine. Technol STR-2+ will stabilize your fuel while sludge detergents and dispersants breakup any sludge already within your tank. In that case, Technol 246 Super Sludge Dispersant is recommended. You do not need but I once of water. Serving Car & Truck Fleet Management Professionals, Serving Corporate, Executive, & Financial Managers Of Large Commercial Fleets, Serving Public Sector Fleet Professionals, Serving Transit Bus, Private Motorcoach, & Passenger Rail Professionals, Serving School & Pupil Transportation Fleet Professionals, Serving Leaders In Fleet Mobility & Emerging Technology, Serving Medium & Heavy Duty Commercial Truck Professionals, Serving Vocational & Service Fleet Professionals. On for 420 Gallons then off for 30 minutes, Includes Manual Fueling Nozzle and two 13 ft Hoses. You have 10 tests. We check: Viscosity, Fuel Dilution, Water Content, Fuel Soot (for diesel engines only), Wear Metals, Additives & Contaminants. led headlights, led interior, f250 f350 dodge ram chevy silverado ford super duty led bulbs lifetime leds ford powerstroke drama cummins This test will indicate free amounts of DEF in diesel. Call: 902-616-8100 Apply 1 gallon to 1,000 gallons of fuel. Designed for use in distillate and residual fuel tanks and depots, Technol 246 acts as an enzyme destroyer, breaking down sludge formations into minute particles allowing them to pass through filters and burn off harmlessly. outstanding drawbar power. Take a sample from your separator into a glass jar so you can see the separation between water and fuel. One side of the slide is “white”. Also will clean dirty diesel fuel. Powerstroke - Duramax - Cummins: There are a lot of products on the market that mention better fuel economy… but none of them will back that with a Risk-Free Guarantee. Ritchie Bros. sells more new and used industrial equipment and trucks than any other company in the world. Diesel Tech is a leading online retailer of diesel parts and accessories for Ford Powerstroke diesel trucks. A Ford Certified Master Technician, Loren Taylor and his expert team of ASE Certified Technicians are specialists in every aspect of repair, maintenance, and performance upgrades for the popular Ford Power Stroke. BG Diesel ISC® Induction System Cleaner powers through oil deposits and unburned fuel left behind by the exhaust system. Well, check out Banks Power’s new 3.0L V6. Call us to find your nearest dealer at 1-855-932-0060 or fill out the form below and a representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Black smoke from poor combustion is eliminated, biological growth in fuel is retarded, and an increase in fuel economy can be seen. Take samples from desired vehicles or equipment. • This may mean you must take a large tank bottom sample. This is a PASS or FAIL test. Tests for Water and DEF in All Diesel Fuel . Technol 246 Super Sludge Dispersant: Benefits: Technical Data: Safety Data Sheets: Complete Set: The industry's ULTIMATE sludge remover! The kit consists of 5 each test tubes with the reaction powder capsule in them and one transfer pipette. Enlist in the Diesel Army newsletter. Our team is one of the skilled Large Independent suppliers of Diesel Engines, Long blocks and Overhaul Kits are available for many engine applications. Receive the latest newsletter with the content you love from Diesel Army, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! Diesel Systems Technician 1. January 7, 2013 The more acidic the more damage it is doing to your fuel tank. Put on the test tube lid and hold the tube upright and do a visual inspection of the test strip. Looking for a diesel powertrain for your rig, but don’t want to use something big and bulky? Email: [email protected], Get a Quote in Atlantic Canada You can dispose of the sample taken and the test strip to comply with your local codes and reuse the test tube and pipette as before. Water will show as brown to pink where the DEF will turn BLUE in a few seconds. This will detect MOLD between 36 and 48 hours after exposure. Your sample must contain “free water/DEF” in it. Get a Quote on West Coast Call: 61-2-95334433 This will detect BACTERIA between 24 and 36 hours after exposure. plus Australia and South Africa. By clicking the submit button below, you are agreeing with Bobit Business Media’s Privacy Policy and this outlined level of consent. Now in suspension, these small particles can pass harmlessly through filters and nozzles without plugging or doing damage. This improves horsepower and torque output, fuel and engine efficiency. 9:00 am to 6:00 PM PCT, Magnum Group Welcome to DIESELCRAFT, a mechanical services business conveniently located in the Walliston industrial area. Call: 800-665-2494 This is a complete plug and play industrial system. Email [email protected], Get a Quote in Gulf Coast States Lively Tech’s Diesel Technology program is a state of the art training facility offering a program at a fraction of the cost of programs like Lincoln tech and UTI. Call: 27-82-7822331 by Staff. We offer a vast assortment of performance upgrades, … The 1-gallon container includes a self-contained tip and measure bottle. The core competence of Diesel Technic is to develop brand spare parts in guaranteed quality (DTQS) for various requirements and to ensure a worldwide supply of spare parts for DT Spare Parts and SIEGEL Automotive products. Technol® 403 is a premium warm weather diesel fuel improver designed to raise Cetane, improve fuel lubricity, increase fuel combustibility, and clean the fuel system. Technol® 246 Fuel Tank Cleaner breaks up algae sludge. For sales and technical questions One uncontrollable factor is that you were delivered a “sludgy” load of fuel, which is an instant problem. Any questions call Dieselcraft. When you receive your sample kits: Call 337-277-5417 Is your diesel not running like it should? Diesel Spec Inc. is the leader in truck diesel engine ECM tuning technology. Make games, stories and interactive art with Scratch. Dip the slide into the fuel for 30 seconds. New Low Price…Sale ends soon… Now only $399, Find out in less than 48 hours what is growing in your fuel tank. Diesel repair is our specialty. Diesel engines equipped with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) are infamous for fuel residues and carbon deposits that plug up the EGR valve and the intake manifold. NO spots are good news. Now Only: $2,995.00 USD. You must work on removing the water from the fuel. The 246D features the following: Industry leading sealed and pressurized cab option. Technol 246 is available in 8-ounce bottles or 1-gallon, 5-gallon and 55-gallon containers. impressive mid-lift reach and excellent digging performance with. Post made from aircraft aluminum. We will send your sample kit directly to you. Call 530-613-2150 We specialise in the servicing, repairs and maintenance of all makes and models of 4×4 vehicles, on road and off-road trucks as well as the full range of earthmoving equipment. The kit consists of 1 each test tube with 10 test strips and one transfer pipette. 246D Skid Steer Loader, with its radial lift design, delivers. We work on all types of diesel trucks, including Ford, Chevy, and Dodge brands. The Pro Diesel Module fits that need! Email [email protected], Get a Quote in Eastern States Dieselcraft says 8 ounces of Technol 246 will treat up to 275 gallons of fuel and 1 gallon of … Email:[email protected], Get a Quote in South Africa © 2020 Heavy Duty Trucking, Bobit Business Media. Acidic fuel could be caused by bacteria growing in the tank. Diesel Tech INC. 91 likes. PO Box 4625 With over 50,000 medium and heavy-duty diesel truck tuning performed, Diesel Spec has built its reputation with countless satisfied customers all over the world.
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