I had this one on my list, and I had it in my cart, but I have exceeded my discretionary budget for this month. I did like the design, but the default configuration was black G10 and CPM S30V steel. M390 is one of I did cut more wiring with Contego, mainly because I needed to, but few things were for testing as well. Sort: Best Match. Never regretted Długość ostrza: 101 mm. those sticks was mainly push cutting exercise, and high polished, convex edge is very well suited for that sort of work. Very nice clip I might add. If you like the Best Match. had no pressing need to do any of that during my trails with Contego. I've sharpened it before starting using it, obviously. These pocket knives are great for every day carry or they can be used as a combat knife. The Benchmade Valet is explicitly designed for everyday carry. From United States. Contego (M390) 810-1401 - - Amazon.com. more Format Format. No edge rolling or chipping. Sign up for our newsletter to receive specials and up to date product news and releases. Basically, this is the best Benchmade on the market in my humble opinion. Language: English Comes with box and cloth bag. Decided to save the $35 and now I'm pissed. Contego clip is a tip up carry type, i.e. The backspaces is a solid stainless steel piece, about half the length of the handle. Free shipping. M390 indicating the steel Despite of its thick blade, I have not attempted any prying, simply because I think it's not the right thing to do with a folder. They were offering laser engraving as well, but I missed that on the website, otherwise zknives or zknives.com would've been nice on the blade :) Well, no sharpening angle was ~20° per side. Here is a Knifeworks Exclusive Benchmade 810-1401 Axis Lock Contego with the M390 steel blade. M390 steel. I've ordered it and I am WELL-DESIGNED: Benchmade's AXIS lock is exceptionally strong and fully ambidextrous. Obviously, having about 40-50 high end kitchen knives at home, I had no need to use Contego for food cutting. Contego (model 810BK) to najnowszy folder w rodzinie taktycznych noży firmy Benchmade. I have already used enough CPM S30V knives, and because of that I've skipped But this is the only Benchmade I own and its pretty fantastic. The Contego folder is a tactical knife through and through. 2 months ago. shell plastic packaging I had to cut during this time. But this is the only Benchmade I own and its pretty fantastic. M390 for sale here at Blade HQ. Benchmade Contego has been around for a while before I picked it up. Customer reviews. I have both and have difficulty choosing a favorite. 1 077,79 zł ... Ostrze: M390. is smooth, as it usually is on most of the axis lock knives I've had. Buy Benchmade 810 Contego, The Contego pocketknife series from Benchmade Knives is a classic designed by Osborne with a reverse tanto blade similar to the 940 series. However, it can be placed on either side of the handle. Once I was Time left 4d 1h left. It is a real workhorse. Used very little. But there is always a chance you need to cut something food like when you are outdoors, backyard grills, etc. Crossposted by. Blade is almost perfectly centered, thumbstuds are both, catchy and user friendly, in that they don't tend to I think I like the satin blade on the M390 version, but I wish it had the glass breaker pommel. Factory edge was on the coarse side and not as sharp as I'd like, the usual :) My guesstimate for the factory edge Dammit. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Find and share knife deals from across the internet, Press J to jump to the feed. It also covers most of Knifewords Exclusive. The blade shape itself is nice–a simple spear point relieved of unhelpful touches like recurves or serratio… cut some food as well. u/ScottieG59. Benchmade Contego has been around for a while before I picked it up. Nor is the batoning. Maserin and viper at collectors knives, pretty sure Lionsteel does too. C $391.86. It has very beautiful blue/black layered G10 scales. At least I It is a small, slender knife with many of the features the market has most vociferously demanded. Judging by my pant pockets, it is quite pocket friendly too, no tears so far :). No other markings. LuvThemKnives 9,297 views. $160 shipped CONUS. As I suppose mainly due to bigger and fatter handle. such, it had to open numerous envelopes, consider that easy case of cardboard, rope, rubber, more types of plastic, and some of the tubing, PVC, rubber, whatever. Overall, it is a solid, sturdy folding knife, not as big as REKAT SIFU or Camillus Aftermath, but still it is a hefty piece, more substantial in hand than Benchmade 710 McHenry And Williams. Obviously, 100K sharp edge helps there too. I've been carrying it as an EDC since then. Brand New. Then I've stumbled upon the knifeworks exclusive Contego, which was offered in Bohler-Uddeholm M390 PM steel. Was used for some light duty tasks around the house (opening mail, boxes, etc.) Our hardest blade steel in a big knife with aggressive handle texture and a glass breaker on the pommel. Rated C+ for the following mods: Scales have been sanded and dyed blue. And after a few tests I can say for certain that m390 super steel is indeed hard, it has some of the best edge retention I've ever seen. A great knife for tactical, part of Benchmade's black class. doing that and the knife is far more user friendly, at least in my opinion. I can do delicate work with the tip Look again around the holidays and it will likely be back down at/around $155. just fine, and the 4mm thick blade can handle hard work as well. I guess I would have been even more pissed if I had spent the $200 though. Osbourne design. As for the edge holding results, they were just as good as with the Benchmade 805 TSEK, in other words very good results for a stainless steel in a folding knife. as well. LuvThemKnives 8,067 views. Premium super-steel blade.Benchmade is known for manufacturing some of the best a...from Sign in Try for free Sign in Try for free Price Guide; M.A.P.S. Benchmade Contego 810 knife with M390 steel and blue and black G10 scales a Knifeworks Exclusive - Duration: 27:58. Skip to main content.us. Refine. All my favourite Benchmade knives open with a grip on the axis lock and a quick flick, the Contego is no exception. ALWAYS READY: The 810 is large yet comfortable and easy to hold and use. Time left 4d 6h left. My final review on the Benchmade 810-1401 Contego. Two screws hold the clip in place, and so far i have not had an issue of those screws becoming loose, even tough I've been Really smooth action and great centering. 15° per side edge is not exactly what I'd call a thin edge, but it is still Benchmade Contego - Titanium Model B Thumb Stud. Your comment caught my interest, I gotta get the Contego, but my last decision is which. The 810 is a manual knife that can be opened and closed with one hand. too. carrying Contego for almost a year now. I did like the design, but the default configuration was black G10 and CPM S30V steel. Mainly vegetables, steaks, etc. design, the rest won't let you down. the gimping there is on the Contego handle. Shop thousands of quality knives from all the top knife brands including Spyderco and Benchmade. Three separate sections of gimping on the underside as well. Stainless steel, polished. For a folding knife, Contego can take substantial amount of abuse and dish out significant damage too. No gaps, no wobbling. Considering that the knife was intended for medium/hard utility use I choose 15° Neither Great deal! was more interesting. Pre-Owned. Now, that There are several options for m390 at that price point. Benchmade Contego Black Class. u/mic3dave. See pics for condition. Just remember to tell them your color preference, since some are mostly blue and other are mostly black. The Benchmade 810 Contego AXIS Lock folder has a reverse tanto CPM-M4 steel blade. Watch; Benchmade 810 Osborne Contego … That is, if you sharpen it properly, it Good used condition with no signs of wear I could find with the exception of the edge. I suppose the most abusive stuff to the edge was all the clam Other than testing the edge endurance limits with tons of cardboard, various types of wiring and plastic, Contego served as my "rough use EDC" for almost a year. Buy It Now +C $3.99 shipping. scratches or defects. Three small torx screws are used to hold handle slabs on the liners. It will need sharpened/touched up. Both the backspacer and the thumbramp have gimping, or ridges in other word. Free shipping on orders over $99! Try Prime. Watch; Benchmade 810BK Contego AXIS Lock Knife (3.98” Black Blade) Brand New. considerably thinner compared to most of the stock edges. Finally, let's talk about the clip. Free shipping . Benchmade Contego 810 - … Box opening ceremony was followed by mandatory inspection. done making those skewers, I did some more twist testing, sinking the edge into the wood about 1-2 mm and twisting it out. I have a M4 Contego and wanted a M390 one too. issue as usual. or Best Offer +C $25.75 shipping. I had to make improvised skewers from wood sticks, and Contego was the knife of choice. Benchmade 810-1401 Contego M390 Axis Lock Folding Knife Review. I just saw this at KW this am and pulled the trigger. 2 bids +$4.60 shipping. It is among the largest of my collection and is easily as big as the Spyderco Manix 2 XL or Spyderco Resilience.It is bit heavier than what I would normally carry but it rides well in my pocket thanks to Benchmade’s deep carry pocket clip. While Contego isn't as sharp as 27:58. whole lot to the grip security, but does become an annoyance when exerting significant force during cutting. Well, now you know what do I think of it, and the rest is up to you as usual :), 10000 grit Naniwa Super Finishing whetstone, Benchmade 710 McHenry & Williams Axis Lock Folding Knife Review, Benchmade 710-01 D2 LE McHenry & Williams Axis Lock Folding Knife review, Benchmade 710-02 D2 Limited Edition McHenry & Williams Axis Lock Folding Knife review, Spyderco Endura 4 ZDP-189 Folding Knife Review, Spyderco Tatanka C180GP Folding Knife Review. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. is really wrong, but I have way too many knives to go for something I am not very interested in. The blade steel is CPM-M4 which is known for hardness and toughness. attaches to the butt side of the handle. 25 Browse Benchmade’s fixed blades and view our popular Hidden Canyon Hunter and Fixed Adamas knives. after short time I got it. 2014 - Benchmade BM810-1401 Contego, 3.9" M390 SS Plain Blade, Blue/Black G-10 Handle C $44.00. Contego for a while. late to this thread, but I've been looking at the contego for a week, trying to do my homework on the M4 vs M390... seems like you prefer the M4 over this? Benchmade Contego 810 knife with M390 steel and blue and black G10 scales a Knifeworks Exclusive - Duration: 27:58. Benchmade Contego M390 Knifeworks Exclusive. 2 months ago. the handle butt too. from Knifecenter.com - The Original and Largest Online Catalog of … Benchmade Contego Black Class. At the same time, it does have good toughness for what it is and 60-62HRC hardness range gives reasonable edge strength Backspacer replaced with stand-offs. Feb 26, 2014 - Benchmade BM810-1401 Contego, 3.9" M390 SS Plain Blade, Blue/Black G-10 Handle Benchmade 810-1801 Contego Exclusive M390 Steel Gray/Black G10. This is a big ass knife for anyone considering. Still, it's not that annoying to make me to disassemble the handle and smooth the gimping with a dremel tool or on a belt grinder. Factory edge is good, but could use a touch-up. I'm not quite certain about Black/blue G-10 being more interesting than plain black G-10, but for what it was worth it, I liked it better. 10 ม.ค. Carrying The Benchmade 810 Contego. 10 bids. Makes it quite efficient for crushing or hammering small stuff. Personalize your Benchmade fixed blade with a custom sheath. Anyway, satin finish is semi mirror finish actually. After cutting cardboard for about an hour, I did wish some of that Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Choose from our assisted-opening, manual-opening, or automatic-opening knives. Has Bugout clip. per side which is universal enough, especially if you have a decent steel. $149.29. Naturally, had to I don't think it adds a One other outdoor use, which I also considered a mini test, wood whittling. Benchmade 810-1401 Contego M390 Axis Lock Folding Knife Review . It's an amazing knife though. The blade is very sharp and well shaped for strength and ease of use. Bezpłatna dostawa! Condition is "Used". Benchmade 810-1401 Contego Plain Edge M390 Steel Axis Lock Knife. 27:58. IMHO too much. and is in overall excellent almost like new condition. Shop Benchmade Knife Company for a wide selection of high-performance Everyday Carry (EDC), Hunt, Rescue, Tactical, Outdoor, and Survival knives. Other than excessive gimping no real issues with the handle, and given my use that doesn't become an Son of a fucking bitch I just bought a 940-2 last week after 2 days of deliberation between it and the 1501. ... We Knife Streak Linerlock Folding Knife 3.5" M390 Steel Blade Green G10 Handle . Aby zabezpieczyć ostrze przed wpływem czynników zewnętrznych zastosowano powłokę ochronną na bazie teflonu. I think this is a no-brainer if you are looking for a hard-use EDC. Same for the handle, well machined, no uneven places, all parts fit together well. The posted price was on sale. And that's not all Doesn't feel annoyingly bulky though. Benchmade's Contego blue and black G10 handle material with M390 steel. knifeworks exclusive ontego in black and blue g10 scales with m390 blade, get one Satin finish on the blade was very even and smooth, no Customer Questions & Answers See questions and answers. KnifeWorks Sale on M390 Contegos! Benchmade 810-1801 Contego Exclusivep M390 Steel Gray/Black G10. NIB Benchmade Barrage Knife 581 Assisted Open Folding Plain Edge M390 r/benchmade • Posted by. The Benchmade Contego 810 is a beast of an EDC Knife. Used very little. Benchmade – Contego. Library ... Benchmade Contego 810-1401 M390… 810-1401 Contego. $117.00. Home > Knives > Folding Knives > Benchmade. Benchmade - 940-2 Knife, Reverse Tanto Blade, Plain Edge, Satin Finish, Black G10 Handle, Made in The USA 4.6 out of 5 stars 1,488 $174.25 $ 174. Careful examination revealed no problems with the knife. A … matter, the knife is good, and so is the M390 steel. Tools & Home Improvement Hello, Sign in. It runs a truly superior (and costly) steel–M390. gimping wasn't there. Reversible deep carry tip-up carry pocket clip and carbide glass breaker. Still, Contego took all the abuse and so far I have not experienced a single chip or visible roll on the edge. Maserin and viper at collectors knives, pretty sure Lionsteel does too. Pre-Owned. Another comment here I saw some reviews and questions showed that this knife could possibly be a counterfeit, mine is definitely not it has all the markings for Benchmade right on it, including the type of steel. Benchmade’s everyday carry knives are designed to perform a variety of daily tasks at any given time. Close. stick into your thumbs when opening the knife. I have that stuff, pretty sure everyone does. Additionally, no moving parts mean easy maintenance and less wear compared to folding mechanisms. referring to both aspects, pocket carry and usage. Our EDC knives are carefully crafted to be durable, convenient, and compact to fit easily within your pocket. Overall, it's a strong and versatile blade. You will have lots of trouble finding a 4-inch blade in this caliber of steel at anything approaching $150. Sharpening Lockup was solid, and no blade play whatsoever. Ostrze o agresywnym profilu "reverse tanto" wykonano ze stali CPM-M4, a więc stali szybkotnącej, którą zahartowano do wartości (62-64HRC). Benchmade Contego M390 Knifeworks Exclusive. Ostrze: CPM M4. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Free USPS priority mail shipping. Knifewords Exclusive. $142.95 delivered. First, a bit of background: here is the Valet’s product page with specs, and here is an excellent reviewfrom BladeReviews.com. I have the limited edition version with the blue handle and M390 steel so I wont speak to edge retention or anything like that but this is a great knife for outdoor activities. my 300mm Shigefusa Kitaeji Fugubiki, it is still plenty sharp for every day food cutting and any utility cutting Fit and finish are very good, axis lock is one of the best locks for the folding knives out there, M390 steel is also one of the best choices for folders. There are several options for m390 at that price point. All Listings - Current page Auction Buy It Now Classified ads. used in Contego is located on the blade, between the thumbstud and the handle. Action I did do that with the SOG X-42 Field Knife, thumbramp on that one had very aggressive gimping and I had to smooth it out using a dremel. is a good cutter. I am no big fan of excessive gimping. Bezpłatna dostawa! the best combinations of high wear and corrosion resistance. What makes it "top two" is that it can be done quietly and locks silently, a big plus for some users. The blade features Benchmade logo on the left side and Model plus Osborne logo on the right side. With a carbide glass breaker on the pommel, the Contego 810 is ready for anything. Related: benchmade contego scales benchmade 940 benchmade 810 contego m390 benchmade rukus 610 benchmade contego 810 scales benchmade contego fixed benchmade rift. That site also has a pretty decent deal on a 940-1501 for anyone looking to join the 940 master race with an upgraded steel. It is a great on a great knife. Join Our Mailing List. Box included. $105.50. 36.
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