Like comfrey, the borage plant has medicinal uses. 07-16-2015, 09:24 AM #2. Then comment down below. Could be a predator (coyote marking its territory) in the area that you are smelling. Novelty makers JDandKateIndustries came up with the idea of selling Trump scented candles before the inauguration, as a tribute. I use this for all skin-related problems: burns, rashes, cuts, scrapes and eczema. With no prior experience, Kyle Dennis decided to invest in stocks. Comfrey is widely adapted to a variety of conditions, but it thrives best if planted in rich, well-drained soil in a full sun to part shade location. Mildew is mold in its early stage, and both are fungi, simple organisms that grow in moisture. Read on to learn why you need this spectacular plant in your own garden. Premature infants sometimes receive borage seed oil to help stimulate their growth. Simply pour boiling water over the tea and leave for 16 to … Asked by Wiki User. By far, the most common type found is “Bocking 14″—a Russian comfrey (Symphytum x uplandicum). What’s more, comfrey roots and the rapidly decomposing leaves appear to increase microbial activity and accelerate soil-building. Once your comfrey is about two feet tall, you’ll be able to begin harvesting the leaves. I cut myself pretty often, unfortunately… but, after learning this trick, I now cherish my comfrey patch even more than before! This is my first year taking advantage of the local wild comfrey. 10 Ways to Use Comfrey Infused Oil. Comfrey side effects. What is the smell that, for you, is so singular and specific that you wish you had one word to describe it? Rotted-down comfrey makes a cheap, ... vegetables that like a long season are playing catch-up. As mentioned before, comfrey’s deep tap roots pull out nutrients from much further down in the soil than most other plants. Try comfrey fertilizer on your plants and see the benefits in your garden. This process leaves a strong solvent smell. ... as the solution can smell as the leaves break down. In which case using stinky anaerobic comfrey tea wouldn't really have much influence on any bacteria living wherever the tea was applied, and the main benefits would come from the 'pre-digested' nutrients. Write to us: [email protected] . Comfrey’s roots reach deep into the earth, breaking … I love "got out of the shower" scents and this is one of them. What does fermenting wine smell like? Comfrey’s long tap root helps it to be a pretty drought-tolerant herb, allowing it to keep large leaves all season long. You can easily start comfrey by seed, but it needs a winter chill to germinate properly. All it involves is a placing an appropriate amount of comfrey in warm (NOT hot) water and letting it sit until it becomes slimy. Symphytum is a genus of flowering plants in the borage family, Boraginaceae. I just Googled 'comfrey in oil, smell' and your article came up first! How works What is a Mother Tree ? If you have any questions or would like to add information to the question "What does leukorrhea look like?" Besides being used to mend broken bones it’s also used for healing wounds and lung ailments, stopping heavy bleeding, and for topical skin treatments. Someone told me that comfrey leaves put in dry into a jar and sealed will result in a sort of salve. To help them break down faster, chop them into pieces about 2-3 inches. I’ve seen all sorts of different types of bees, ladybugs, ants, and butterflies visiting mine regularly. Which is not what you’re probably going to do. My rabbits get closer to 20%. Add some melted beeswax to this to solidify it enough so that it can be kept in a jar at room temperature. This thread is archived. That's one of the points of washing. Now they’re selling like hot cakes to Trump haters who keep buying the novelty item for their own obsessive reasons. You’ll want to cover it and let it steep for 3-6 weeks. It’s sterile, and therefore won’t spread by seed—it’s propagated by root cuttings instead. Potassium is one of the essential minerals needed for proper growth and reproduction. Some species and hybrids, particularly S. officinale and S. × uplandicum, are used in gardening and herbal medicine. but the smell was so so bad I just tossed it after two day ( I thought if I waited perhaps smell would subside) also it took 4 washings to get the smell out of the containers I put it in to set. I think. Posted by 1 year ago. Thousands of web sites make all kinds of claims for it and if you believe the claims everyone should be growing comfrey to add nutrients to compost, mulch soil, and make plants grow better. save. I would love to hear what you have to think. (This is a climate that differs from the surrounding area.) Comfrey has been of interest to me lately. An added bonus you will get from planting comfrey under your tree, is that you’ll creating a “micro-climate”. - Masanobu Fukuoka. It’s not too particular about pH, but a neutral to acidic range of 6.0 – 7.0 is just about right. February 1, 2017 Dr. Tar Uncategorized 8 . While I usually tip really smelly/anaerobic things on the compost , I imagine I could aerate comfrey tea as much as I … David Croucher wrote:Galadriel, our region seems in the last few decades to be seeing this plant spreading as a pernicious weed - like dandelion or bindweed, but even harder to get rid of!It IS a relative of comfrey and borage. 9 years ago. The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings. Last summer I proceeded with my first application of comfrey tea -- it smelled to high heavens, even diluted, and I won't even mention the mosquito larva that made home in the brew (yes, it was covered or so I thought). This is the best way for most smaller gardens and to conveniently store the concentrate over winter in a dark place. Any average, well-drained soil will work fine to grow your comfrey, but it prefers moist, fertile soil. You can easily make it in a food-grade bucket or barrel. Mix these pieces into your compost, or place them around specific plants or fruit trees as a mulch. I diluted it today and hope it won't be too stinky. You can prune your comfrey plant 4-5 times a year and it will keep coming back each time, ready for more. A very basic explanation of this recipe is to infuse olive oil with the chopped herbs, combining them all in a jar left in direct sunlight for 3 weeks. Its Latin name, Symphytum, comes from Greek words meaning “growing together of bones” and “plant’”. Otherwise, you’ll soon see a brand new comfrey plant popping out of the ground. Location: South Puget Sound, Salish Sea, Cascadia, North America. Depending on your location, it’ll die back each winter and return each new season, healthier and larger than the previous. Comfrey is likley unsafe to take by mouth. Namely, the danger of pyrrolizidine alkaloids, and the safest ways to use comfrey. This process makes it a “base note” in perfume or cologne, which means the smell will last for a more extended period. DatAngus. Even though it’s been used in traditional medicine for centuries, it’s strongly suggested to not take it internally. They are not marking the territory yet, that starts in late September into late November when the rut starts (breeding season). I really don't know and would like to know before I do it again. It can grow up to 5 feet tall. Temperate, coastal, sandy, windy. Just like other medicinal plants, comfrey should be understood and respected before using it. Putting the lid on the leaves and water. Four herbs that have similarly shaped wooly leaves are comfrey (Symphytum officinale), Russian comfrey (S. ×uplandicum), wild comfrey (Cynoglossum virginianum) and foxglove (Digitalis purpurea). All plants need specific macro-nutrients for maximum growth, bloom and fruiting. It does best with good soil moisture, but once established it has good tolerance for occasional drought, thanks to its deep tap root. It isn't known as the 'bone-knitting herb' for nothing! Thank you Robin! ‘What does Europe smell like?’ — 3-year project set to archive key scents from history Sandhya Ramesh. It is easy to confuse these plants in the early spring. You’ll want to cover it and let it steep for 3-6 weeks. The main reason I suggest planting comfrey under fruit trees is the potassium boost trees will get by having it near. Paul Cereghino- Stewardship Institute Maritime Temperate Coniferous Rainforest - Mild Wet Winter, Dry Summer, Paul Cereghino wrote: "Pong" is completely unknown in these here parts except when associated with "Ping". you saved me from throwing out 2 jars of Comfrey infused in Oil, cause they smelt aweful!! The smell is not instant, but then after saying that, when a person dies, there is a certain 'death' smell that is apparent but not unpleasant. My 4th year comfrey really puts off a lot of flowers, so there’s always a lot of buzzing and fluttering about around it. Location: Wellington, New Zealand. So dick smells like pussy. Using dried comfrey, make the poultice. No stink or larvae. The natural musk smells like waste matters that are discharged from the body of a deer. Although not all side effects are known, comfrey is thought to be possibly safe when applied to unbroken skin for less than 10 days. Natural causes, well there really is no smell to the body for the first few hours depending on room temperature. Quick Comfrey Tea. in Grow Your Own - Page 1 of 1 But I think this is if you use lots of it for a long time. What Does Outer Space Smell Like? Comfrey is a shrub that grows in parts of Europe, Asia, and North America. It’s actually just a hybrid of common comfrey (Symphytum officinale) and rough comfrey (Symphytum asperum). They are not to be confused with Cynoglossum virginianum, known as wild comfrey, another member of the borage family. Asked By Veronica Wilkinson. You can easily make it in a food-grade bucket or barrel. Three ounces of dried turnip greens or spinach, in comparison to 20 oz of dried comfrey, supply adults with the total daily requirement of all essential amino acids, except for methionine. But you can also dilute it to spread the nutrients around. Working a bit of compost in before planting should do the trick. I really like it now. Some give the full-strength brew to their plants. I did that about two months ago and now the leaves have turned to mush and smell disgusting, like … Harvest common comfrey plants when they’re about two feet tall and starting to flower if you’re going to use the leaves. Comfrey (S ymphytum officinale) is probably the most popular dynamic accumulator.Permaculturists swear by it, and organic gardeners use it frequently. Russian Comfrey is not like that. It's simple explained last because everything previously mentioned must always be done first. 75% Upvoted. Alison, it's a pretty hotly debated topic, but the theory goes that healthy soil is populated by. Comfrey grows quickly. If you’re in a hot climate, it’s best to figure out some type of irrigation to get the best from your comfrey plant. What does it smell like raw ? What does it smell like where you are right now? What does fermenting wine smell like? Tell me misc, what does a woman's butt smell like? Do not use more of this product than is recommended on the label. There are up to 35 species, known by the common name comfrey . Unfortunately, it’s not a wise choice to simply ignore a mold smell in your home. Comfrey herbs have astringent properties, which helps draw the cells together so that … I can smell mold, but I can’t see it. I hate adding a layer of technology and I would probably go with the stink... You don't need air for plant teas you need them for compost tea. I still have my empty bottle of Wolf just so I could smell it from time to time. If you don’t want your patch to spread too quickly, try the aforementioned “Bocking 14” variety. To make this concentrated comfrey fertilizer you need to make a comfrey pipe. Its roots and flowers can also be harvested for their medicinal attributes. This extra bit of retained moisture helps to keep the soil around your tree from drying out, even during the hottest parts of summer. Some gardeners advise that made like this it doesn't smell, but I found it does, at least when fresh. If you want to take advantage of comfrey tea, but don’t want to wait for a month or so, there is a way to make comfrey tea in 24 hours. Comfrey is also one of the main herbal ingredients I use when I make healing salves and soaps. Rotted-down comfrey makes a cheap, rich source of food for plants – as long as you can stand the smell ... vegetables that like a long season are playing catch-up. How to Grow Comfrey . A healthy comfrey plant can bush out to 4 feet and reach a height of 3-5 feet tall. One of my favorite herbs, the comfrey plant, is a multitasking master. It’s frost tolerant and hardy in zones 4-9. They’re fairly common and shouldn’t be much trouble to find. You should have a brown and green liquid with what looks like slime, and the smell will be potent. Step 3 Check on the progress every few weeks. A lot of these nutrients end up in above-ground plant parts: leaves, stems, and flowers. Since I pretty much sprayed every single plant on hand, I have no 'comparison study' but the plants did well, very well so no harm done. 17 comments. Answer. Apply to your plants when they’re fruiting or as needed. It is native to Europe, growing in damp, grassy places, and is locally frequent throughout Great Britain on river banks, ditches and many many allotments. There are at least 35 recognized types of comfrey that have been cultivated. Use a brick to weigh down the leaves. Growing Comfrey is Easy. You can expect to see their violet, pink, or creamy yellow flowers in late spring or early summer. share. Comfrey contains chemicals that can cause liver damage, lung problems, or cancer. I am a virgin and have always wondered. A very effective and simple salve can be made using chopped plantain, calendula, yarrow flower, and comfrey. My chickens get 10% of their food in Comfrey. It’s great for topical wounds, so I like to combine it with other herbs that have similar strengths. (Extra Tip: The scent of crack smoke is similar to that of meth.) According to newer research, doing so can damage the liver and lungs, and even cause cancer. You can harvest comfrey from late spring through fall depending on how you use it. These nutrients are slowly released back into the soil as the leaves decompose. Comfrey is widely adapted to a variety of conditions, but it thrives best if planted in rich, well-drained soil in a full sun to part shade location. But with time, it grew on me and I think I will join the club of saying it DOES smell AWESOME lol. To get the most out of your comfrey plant, add some nitrogen into the soil. Sort by. I have tried Comfrey cooked, but don't care for it. The molecules that give eggs, vinegar and nail polish remover their distinctive odor are also found in clouds of interstellar dust [Quote] If unwashed it smells a little bit like fish, just like vaginas. I would also like to add the disclaimer that I do use comfrey around my fruit trees and bushes and such, and I haven’t read all the replies above my own. If you leave the lid off the surface will soon be covered in flies. Comfrey produces bell-like flowers in late spring and early summer. And I mean LOTS. I love your descripton of the smell, fits perfectly. Focus on keeping your plant happy during the first growing season so it develops a healthy root system. Once produced, the liquid should be diluted 15:1 with water before using it as a leaf feed for plants such as tomatoes. Let it sit out for a month or more until it smells like death warmed over. Is there a problem if it's gone anaerobic? The Comfrey Infusion tastes like cucumbers to me. Use comfrey oil to make a natural Healing Salve. Crack doesn’t release a pleasant smell when it’s smoked – it’s said to smell like a mixture of chemicals and burning plastic. Comfrey tea is supposed to smell , dilute and apply. Is it the same effects as … Comfrey makes good mulch. ... Rotted-down comfrey may smell, but after the purchase of a plant, it is free. The herb is a perennial that grows up to three feet, producing thick leaves and bell-like white to pink or mauve flowers. Close. For those of us who like to get the most out of our gardens, selecting plant that serve more than one purpose is the way to go! I did the comfrey and olive oil I turned it regularly and waited until appropriate time then mixed with some beeswax – it looked about the consistancy of your photo. He owes his success to 1 strategy. So what are gays here going on and about pussy smell then? hide. Well, it’s certainly not a bed of roses when that conspicuous musty scent saunters up your nose. An alternative is to just purchase a comfrey plant from a nursery. I thought, but I might be wrong, that anaerobic bacteria would die when they became exposed to oxygen. The deep tap root captures potassium and other nutrients far below the surface, making them available as mulch when the plant dies back each season. The ministry of the environment tests the water and we have strict rules about animals (not near the creeks). Comfrey has very deep roots, which means it extracts large quantities of nutrients from far below the soil’s surface, inaccessible to other plants. What Does Winning Smell Like? The leaves are kind of prickly, so you may want to wear gloves when trimming. Comfrey is a deep-rooted perennial, so planning out where to start a patch is very important. They are only fed Spring leaves/flowers/stalks, NEVER roots. Does this mean that I don’t have to worry? This wealth of nutrients can easily be shared with the rest of your garden! Things like 3rd degree burns, and gaping wounds are not something to use the salve on, because it is such a large, deep wound, and comfrey heals so quickly it would cause an abscess. After your oil is infused, strain out the herbs with a cheesecloth. We passed a patch of Comfrey growing in the tall grass along the side of an unkempt building. Comfrey excels at self-sowing its seeds, causing it to spread quicker than you may want it to. Leaves are placed into this pipe and a weight is placed above. I’ve fallen in love with it so much that every spring I take root cuttings, and spread it anywhere I have room. (Just simmer the herbs in a double boiler if you’re in a hurry.) What works for me is to get two buckets, fit one inside the other, drill out some holes in bottom of first, put my comfrey inside, place large stones on top then cover with lid. As morning fogs pass over, droplets of water collect on the leaves, and are drawn down to the roots below. Much like humans, they also need micro-nutrients such as manganese and calcium. That musty smell is typical of mildew and mold invading your home. You’ll know it when you smell it. Page 1 of 1: Hi folks, Does anyone have any clear pictures of Comfrey? You get awesome nutrient rich liquid on bottom of bottom bucket at end of 3 weeks or so. We were shocked to learn just how many ways comfrey oil can rock your natural medicine cabinet! If you’re planting several near each other, plant them at least 3 feet apart. As a perennial, comfrey keeps giving year after year. I started my comfrey tea about 2 weeks ago and understand that I. I usually do comfrey, Collection of 14 Permaculture/Homesteading Cheat-Sheets, Worksheets, and Guides, current server time (not your local time) is. The paste form of coca is made by soaking leaves in kerosene, gasoline, or diesel. These are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
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