crassifolium, the hairiness is less dense and often absent from the upper part of the anthers, while lower leaves are hardly decurrent and have longer petioles. [11], For the purpose of botanical nomenclature, Verbascum thapsus was first described by Carl Linnaeus in his 1753 Species Plantarum. After flowering the entire plant usually dies at the end of its second year,[10] but some individuals, especially in the northern parts of the range, require a longer growth period and flower in their third year. The 1630 number in Mitch may be a typo: the beginning of the 18th century is cited in other sources. Genetic components of life history variation were studied by growing seed from several different populations in a common garden in Durham, North Carolina. 2014 am Kemnader See in Bochum (© B. Ehses) 2010 auf Bahngelände in Witten (© A. Jagel) Blüte (© A. Jagel) Staubblätter, Griffel (© A. Jagel) [37] Vernacular names include innumerable references to the plant's hairiness: "woolly mullein", "velvet mullein" or "blanket mullein",[32][38] "beggar's blanket", "Moses' blanket", "poor man's blanket", "Our Lady's blanket" or "old man's blanket",[31][34][39] and "feltwort", and so on ("flannel" is another common generic name). The flowers are almost sessile, with very short pedicels (2 mm, 0.08 in). Seed dispersion requires the stem to be moved by wind or animal movement; 75% of the seeds fall within 1 m of the parent plant, and 93% fall within 5 m.[10], Megachilid bees of the genus Anthidium use the hair (amongst that of various woolly plants) in making their nests. Pain (mainly ear) and deafness – This medicine cures pain mainly in the ears and pain that continues to the throat and neck. This work describes life history variation in Verbascum thapsus L. with latitude. Thapsus was founded by the Phoenicians.It served as a waypoint on the trade routes between the Strait of Gibraltar and Phoenicia and as a market for the inland products of the area. [3][4] The leaves are large, up to 50 cm long. [48], In the United States it was imported very early in the 18th[note 3] century and cultivated for its medicinal and piscicide properties. ecosystems. Annual genotypes are favoured only in the long southern growing season and where survival is uncertain in the second year because of drought or competition. An infusion of the root is also used to treat athlete's foot. The information rendered in the . Although this plant is a recent arrival to North America, Native Americans used the ground seeds of this plant as a paralytic fish poison due to their high levels of rotenone. The plant produces a shallow taproot. (V. thapsiforme Schrad) and V. phlomoides L., flos . (7) In the common garden, plants from southern populations began to bolt and flower earlier than those from the other populations. [80], Roman soldiers are said to have dipped the plant stalks in grease for use as torches. [11] The hair on lower stamens may serve to provide footholds for visitors. The journal does not publish papers [28] In subsp. [5][6] This cover is particularly thick on the leaves, giving them a silvery appearance. JSTOR is part of ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organization helping the academic community use digital technologies to preserve the scholarly record and to advance research and teaching in sustainable ways. [19] Flowers are self-fecundating and protogynous (with female parts maturing first),[19] and will self-pollinate if they have not been pollinated by insects during the day. emphasized (Bu ¨ rgi and Gimmi 2007). "The thick woolly leaves of V. thapsus, the Great Mullein, have a mucilaginous, bitterish taste, and a decoction of them is employed in domestic practice in catarrhs and diarrhoea. ", In book 25, Pliny describes "two principal kinds [of verbascum]" thought to be. The five stamens are of two types, with the three upper stamens being shorter, their filaments covered by yellow or whitish hairs, and having smaller anthers, while the lower two stamens have glabrous filaments and larger anthers. European Unionherbal monograph on Verbascum thapsus L., V. densiflorum Bertol. and V. × thapsi L. (syn. Fasciculata (or sect. It never has been used for food but traditionally has been … [69412] 110. p. 223) analyzed the flow- ers of Verbascum Thapsus, and obtained a yellow volatile oil, a fatty ...ii. Populations were chosen at the northern (southern Canada) and southern (southern Texas and Georgia) limits of its range in North America, and in North Carolina and came from a range of the habitats occupied by the species. [69] The plant's ability to host both pests and beneficials makes it potentially useful to maintain stable populations of insects used for biological control in other cultures, like Campylomma verbasci and Dicyphus hesperus (Miridae), a predator of whiteflies. [5] The tall, pole-like stems end in a dense spike of flowers[3] that can occupy up to half the stem length. concerned solely with cultivated plants and agricultural ecosystems. Those that germinate in autumn produce plants that overwinter if they are large enough, while rosettes less than 15 cm (6 in) across die in winter. asperulum (Scrophulariaceae) two new records for the flora of Iran", "List of alien species recognized to be established in Japan or found in the Japanese wild (as of October 27, 2004)", "Common Mullein—the Roadside Torch Parade", "An Evolutionary Approach to Understanding the Biology of Invasions: Local Adaptation and General-Purpose Genotypes in the Weed Verbascum thapsus", "Habitat requirements of central European bees and the problems of partial habitats", "Maintenance Behavior of the American Goldfinch", "Numbers and types of arthropods overwintering on common mullein, Verbascum thapsus L. (Scrophulariaceae), in a central Washington fruit-growing region", "HOSTS – a Database of the World's Lepidopteran Hostplants", webpage with pictures of tall specimens,, Plants used in traditional Native American medicine, Articles with Swedish-language sources (sv), Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Second-year plant starting to flower, with a dead stem of the previous year, behind left, This page was last edited on 16 November 2020, at 02:04.
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