And if you count the favours of Allah, you cannot count. اور (یاد کرو) جب ابراہیم نے کہا اے میرے ربّ! And if you count the blessings of God, you will not be able to number them. Indeed, mankind is [generally] most unjust and ungrateful, And He gave you all that you have asked Him. Salat Fajr, Vol. As opposed to it, students of Comparative Religion hold that the idea of God is only the outcome of fear and bewilderment and that out of polytheism belief in One God has evolved. Home Page; All Languages; Know about Islam ; All items . Surely man is unjust, ungrateful, And of everything you have asked Him for He has given you some. لاتحصوھا (you will not be able to number them). Indeed, man is highly unjust, very ungrateful, And He gives you all that you would be asking Him for (55:29). Él ha puesto a vuestro servicio el sol y la luna que se mueven constantemente. Find a Problem? Loading... Save. This graphic picture of the Fall of Mecca is continued in the following verse. instead of Masjad, the Arabs use the form Masjid (Lane & Aqrab.). 2014 Preview SONG TIME Salat Al Witr, Dua 25 (Ramadan 1434) ... More by Bandir Beleelah. And He has given you whatever you have asked Him; and if you count Allah's blessings, you are unable to number them. The verb آتاکم (He gave you) may also be taken in the sense of "He will give you," for in Arabic the past tense is not unoften used for the future when it is meant to give the assurance that the promise made or thing stated is as good as fulfilled. But whoso follows me, he verily is of me. why did Abraham pray for personal protection against idol-worship? Jan 27, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Nithasha. ‘My Lord, make me observe Prayer, and my children, اے میرے ربّ! Verily man is very unjust, very ungrateful, And He has given you everything that you asked Him for, and if you seek to number the favours of Allah, you will not be able to count them all. اس شہر (یعنی مکہ) کو امن والی (جگہ) بنا اور مجھے اور میرے بیٹوں کو اس بات سے دور رکھ کہ ہم معبودان باطلہ کی پرستش کریں۔. Misaligned ayat? He is spoken of in these verses as saying that the Omniscient God to Whom the inmost secrets of the human heart are known, was aware that he was not leaving Hagar and Ishmael in the wilderness of Mecca in order to please any woman but to win the pleasure of God and that He might be worshipped in the Sacred House. Quran surah Ibrahim 40 in english translation Sahih International (14:40) My Lord, make me an establisher of prayer, and [many] from my descendants. in the present verse he has used the plural pronoun in place of the singular. Truly mankind is wrongdoing, ungrateful, And He gave you out of all items what you asked Him. Therefore, no feelings of love and attachment should be allowed to stand between God and man. But verily, man when practically ingrate, is a wrongdoer to himself. Er gibt ihnen nur Frist bis zu dem Tage, an dem die Augen starr blicken werden. Ibrahim 14:34 : 14:35 = Next ayah Prev ayah => 14:33 : Search IslamAwakened: Did you notice? صنم الرجل (sanuma) means, the man gave out a sound. And think not that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. Indeed, man is most unjust and a coverer of the apparent Truth! for him. If you count the blessings of Allah, you will never number them. This is what is intended by making reference to the prayer of Abraham while he was settling Ishmael and his mother, Hagar, in the valley of Mecca. If you counted up God´s favor(s), you would never [be able to] number them; yet man is so unfair, ungrateful. (close), 1470. The reason, therefore, why the Prophets of God pray to Him for غفران or مغفرة , notwithstanding their enjoying protection against Satan, is their realization of the Holiness and Majesty of God and of their own human weakness.
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