Examples include creation of harmful consequences of biological agents or toxins, disruption of immunity of vaccines, unusual hazards in the use of chemicals, weaponization of research/technology (amongst others). Using a professional language editing service where editors will improve the English to ensure that your meaning is clear and identify problems that require your review. Include the captions in the text file of the manuscript, not in the figure file. If supplying any supplementary material, the text must make specific mention of the material as a citation, similar to that of figures and tables. Figure parts should be denoted by lowercase letters (a, b, c, etc.). Dissertation, University of California, Always use the standard abbreviation of a journal’s name according to the ISSN List of Title Word Abbreviations, see. author. *) Within the first three years of publication. Supply all supplementary material in standard file formats. Using reference management software Upon request authors should be prepared to send relevant documentation or data in order to verify the validity of the results presented. Author Guidelines Scope. Please see the relevant sections in the submission guidelines for further information as well as various examples of wording. Adding and/or deleting authors during the revision stages is generally not permitted, but in some cases may be warranted. If you include figures that have already been published elsewhere, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner(s) for both the print and online format. A collection of figures may also be combined in a PDF file. Data availability statements should include information on where data supporting the results reported in the article can be found, including, where applicable, hyperlinks to publicly archived datasets analysed or generated during the study. Authors should adhere to discipline-specific rules for acquiring, selecting and processing data. Please note that the Journal may not use the suggestions, but suggestions are appreciated and may help facilitate the peer review process. The authors have no financial or proprietary interests in any material discussed in this article. • This study was performed in line with the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki. For vector graphics, the preferred format is EPS; for halftones, please use TIFF format. Footnotes to tables should be indicated by superscript lower-case letters (or asterisks for significance values and other statistical data) and included beneath the table body. Please note that journals may have individual policies on (sharing) research data in concordance with disciplinary norms and expectations. http://physicsweb.org/articles/news/11/6/16/1. These guidelines describe authorship principles and good authorship practices to which prospective authors should adhere to. The datasets generated during and/or analysed during the current study are available in the [NAME] repository, [PERSISTENT WEB LINK TO DATASETS]. It is possible to collect multiple files in a .zip or .gz file. If a study was granted exemption from requiring ethics approval, this should also be detailed in the manuscript (including the reasons for the exemption). Authors Submit a paper | Author guidelines. Learn about our remote access options, Published on behalf of the Association of Field Ornithologists, Inc. “ESM_3.mpg”, “ESM_4.pdf”. should be placed in a separate section on the title page. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, By submitting to this journal, authors agree that the reviewer reports, their responses, and the editor’s decision letter will be linked from the published article to where they appear on Publons in the case that the article is accepted. To ensure objectivity and transparency in research and to ensure that accepted principles of ethical and professional conduct have been followed, authors should include information regarding sources of funding, potential conflicts of interest (financial or non-financial), informed consent if the research involved human participants, and a statement on welfare of animals if the research involved animals. The corresponding author should be prepared to collect documentation of compliance with ethical standards and send if requested during peer review or after publication. Genus and species names should be in italics. No funding was received to assist with the preparation of this manuscript. One author is assigned as Corresponding Author and acts on behalf of all co-authors and ensures that questions related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the work are appropriately addressed. The purpose of the proof is to check for typesetting or conversion errors and the completeness and accuracy of the text, tables and figures. For articles that are based primarily on the student’s dissertation or thesis, it is recommended that the student is usually listed as principal author: A Graduate Student’s Guide to Determining Authorship Credit and Authorship Order, APA Science Student Council 2006. Enter your email address below and we will send you your username, If the address matches an existing account you will receive an email with instructions to retrieve your username. Before submitting research datasets as Supplementary Information, authors should read the journal’s Research data policy. journal retain the copyright of their articles and are free to reproduce and disseminate their work. Variance of type size within an illustration should be minimal, e.g., do not use 8-pt type on an axis and 20-pt type for the axis label. Authors should include a statement that confirms that an institutional or independent ethics committee (including the name of the ethics committee) approved the study and that informed consent was obtained from the donor or next of kin. While submitting your paper you will be asked for three potential reviewers. This journal is committed to upholding the integrity of the scientific record. Footnotes can be used to give additional information, which may include the citation of a reference included in the reference list. 91% of authors who answered a survey reported that they would definitely publish or probably publish in the journal again; Official journal of the German Ornithologists' Society; Covers all aspects of ornithology Please provide the name of ethics committee and relevant permit number; • … whether the legal requirements or guidelines in the country and/or state or province for the care and use of animals have been followed. Field Ornithol. The authors did not receive support from any organization for the submitted work. The Journal of Ethology features reviews and original papers relating to all aspects of animal behavior, including traditional ethology. Increased researcher engagement: Open Choice enables access by anyone with an internet connection, immediately on publication. Combination artwork should have a minimum resolution of 600 dpi. Journal of Ornithology sound library. Use the equation editor or MathType for equations. New titles. Although retrospective studies are conducted on already available data or biological material (for which formal consent may not be needed or is difficult to obtain) ethics approval may be required dependent on the law and the national ethical guidelines of a country. Interests within the last 3 years of beginning the work (conducting the research and preparing the work for submission) should be reported. This may be a correction or retraction. Springer 저자들이 본 교정 서비스를 첫 논문 투고를 위해 사용하시는 경우 10%의 할인이 적용되며, 아래의 링크를 통하여 확인이 가능합니다. Keep lettering consistently sized throughout your final-sized artwork, usually about 2–3 mm (8–12 pt). • The questionnaire and methodology for this study was approved by the Human Research Ethics committee of the University of D (Ethics approval number: ...). Manuscripts of this type should be short (a few pages only). If, after investigation, there are valid concerns, the author(s) concerned will be contacted under their given e-mail address and given an opportunity to address the issue. Access to Emu - Austral Ornithology is only available to BirdLife Australia members. IOP Publishing PhysicsWeb. • Convention on the Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Editors Dominic McCafferty (Editor in Chief) Rauri Bowie Dan Chamberlain Rebecca Kimball Ruedi Nager Jeremy Wilson Journal Manager Angela Langford Published by Wiley-Blackwell on behalf of BOU 2018 ISI Journal Citation Reports© Ranking (issued June 2019) 2-year Impact Factor 1.994 x 5/28 Ornithology © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. The Corresponding Author is responsible for the following requirements: * The requirement of managing all communication between the journal and all co-authors during submission and proofing may be delegated to a Contact or Submitting Author. Accept. We would very much appreciate your contribution to the Journal of Ornithology sound library. In: Smith J (ed) The rise of modern genomics, 3rd edn. This result was later contradicted by Becker and Seligman (1996). For small-sized journals, the figures should be 119 mm wide and not higher than 195 mm. • 영어 튜토리얼 페이지에 방문하여 영어로 글을 쓸 때 자주하는 실수들을 확인합니다. • As the trappings of small mammals were conducted as part of regular pest control measures in accordance with the NATO Standardized Agreement 2048 "Deployment Pest and Vector Surveillance and Control ", no approval by an ethics committee was required. 4000 words of text plus an abstract of 300 words, some 50 references and up to 8 figures and tables, respectively. When preparing your figures, size figures to fit in the column width. Collection of blood samples was carried out by veterinarians adhering to the regulations and guidelines on animal husbandry and welfare. Ideally, the names of all authors should be provided, but the usage of “et al” in long author lists will also be accepted: Smith J, Jones M Jr, Houghton L et al (1999) Future of health insurance. Please make sure that the names of all authors are present and correctly spelled, and that addresses and affiliations are current. Reference list entries should be alphabetized by the last names of the first author of each work. The author will be held responsible for false statements or failure to fulfill the above-mentioned guidelines. Reviews cover topics of current and broad interest to the readership of the journal and provide important new insights based on critical and comprehensive literature synthesis. This service provides advice on research data policy compliance and on finding research data repositories. Please provide 4 to 6 keywords which can be used for indexing purposes. Commentaries refer to articles published in Journal of Ornithology. A single study should not be split up into several parts to increase the quantity of submissions and submitted to various journals or to one journal over time (i.e. We use cookies to improve your website experience. Examples of statements to be used when funding has been received: Examples of statements to be used when there is no funding: Examples of statements to be used when there are interests to declare: Non-financial interests: Author C is an unpaid member of committee Z. This journal encourages authors to adopt RRIDs when reporting key biological resources (antibodies, cell lines, model organisms and tools) in their manuscripts. When suggesting reviewers, authors should make sure they are totally independent and not connected to the work in any way. Non-financial interests: Author D has served on advisory boards for Company M, Company N and Company O. Results should be presented clearly, honestly, and without fabrication, falsification or inappropriate data manipulation (including image based manipulation). • Conceptualization: [full name], …; Methodology: [full name], …; Formal analysis and investigation: [full name], …; Writing - original draft preparation: [full name, …]; Writing - review and editing: [full name], …; Funding acquisition: [full name], …; Resources: [full name], …; Supervision: [full name],…. General repositories - for all types of research data - such as figshare and Dryad may be used where appropriate. If the article has already been published online, depending on the nature and severity of the infraction: A notice of suspected transgression of ethical standards in the peer review system may be included as part of the author’s and article’s bibliographic record. Upon acceptance, your article will be exported to Production to undergo typesetting. See also Authorship Principles. Examples of statements to be used when authors have nothing to declare: Authors are responsible for correctness of the statements provided in the manuscript. The Journal and Publisher assume all authors agreed with the content and that all gave explicit consent to submit and that they obtained consent from the responsible authorities at the institute/organization where the work has been carried out, before the work is submitted. 원고가 수락될 경우, 출판 전 저희측 편집자에 의해 원고의 철자 및 문체를 검수하는 과정을 거치게 됩니다. Participants provided their verbal informed consent for animal blood sampling as well as for the related survey questions. Under ‘summary of requirements’ (see below) funding information should be included in the ‘Declarations’ section. 1995a, b; Kelso and Smith 1998; Medvec et al. Refer to the supplementary files as “Online Resource”, e.g., "... as shown in the animation (Online Resource 3)", “... additional data are given in Online Resource 4”. The trial registration number (TRN) and date of registration should be included as the last line of the manuscript abstract. Journal of Ornithology will collaborate with the Animal Sound Archive at the Museum for Natural History in Berlin, which will ensure that the recordings are available online (at www.animalsoundarchive.org) as soon as the respective paper is published. It is strongly recommended to suggest a mix of reviewers from different countries and different institutions. The authors have no relevant financial or non-financial interests to disclose. The WHO defines health interventions as “A health intervention is an act performed for, with or on behalf of a person or population whose purpose is to assess, improve, maintain, promote or modify health, functioning or health conditions” and a health-related outcome is generally defined as a change in the health of a person or population as a result of an intervention. Figures should be submitted separately from the text, if possible. This could be in the form of an electronic appendix which states that sound recordings are available at www.animalsoundarchive.org under the following filenames: Fig. Reasons for changes in authorship should be explained in detail. Supplementary Information (SI) will be published as received from the author without any conversion, editing, or reformatting. Published on behalf of the Association of Field Ornithologists, Journal of Field Ornithology publishes original articles that emphasize the descriptive or experimental study of birds in their natural habitats.Articles depicting general techniques, emphasizing conservation, describing life history, or assessing published studies or existing ideas are appropriate.
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