But through the years the glacier has dropped dramatically making the climb up to the hut an arduous and potentially dangerous climb. Castner Glacier Ice Cave Exploring. At least for now I feel I have good reason for making the drive. 28. This includes all the glaciers that can also be found in the subcategories. Met a guy that wanted to climb the White Princess up the Castner Glacier. From pictures I have seen of the Castner Glacier it really looks like it has shrunk. 5 Comments. Download high quality 4K, HD, SD & more. My First Visit: 14 May, 2017Type: Valley GlacierLocation: Delta Mountains (subrange of Alaska Range) along Hwy 4 between Paxson and DonnellySource: Delta Mountains between Triangle Peak, Black Warrior Mt., White Princess Mt. G9 integrates and delivers Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs and services enabling readiness and resilience for a globally-responsive Army. Mount Castner is a 5,535-foot (1,687 m) elevation glaciated summit located 44 mi (71 km) west of Valdez in the Chugach Mountains of the U.S. state of Alaska, on land managed by Chugach National Forest.It is situated at the head of Ranney Glacier and Dartmouth Glacier.Although modest in elevation, relief is significant since the mountain rises from tidewater at Unakwik Inlet and College Fjord of Prince … Join Eielson Outdoor Recreation for a hike of the Castner Glacier Trail which leads to the Castner Ice Cave. Wish I could go back there. The timing of moraine stabilization and ice retreat was determined by cosmogenic 10Be surface exposure dating for the two older moraines along with lichenometric … The trouble with maps in Alaska is that the last time the USGS bothered to really compile information was some time in the 1950s, with a revision in the ’80s. This glacier is very low-angle and has few crevasses, but the snow conditions can become very soggy during the summer … 2 comments. Sam Friedman wrote this trip report about a camping trip on the Castner Glacier ... For more information about the Thayer Hut, go to the Alaska Alpine Club’s old website at bit.ly/2vJQwxD. The glacier is located on BLM land (Bureau of Land Management). As global temperatures rise and weather events and climates become more erratic and unpredictable, who knows how long they will be around to be enjoyed. 8 months ago. What a change in 4 months! Aug 2009 ” No wonder I couldn’t locate any glaciers from the highway. As  you stand there in the chill of the cave and stare into the crystal-clear ice, it is impossible to grasp it all! Yale Glacier is a 20-mile-long (32 km) glacier in the U.S ... On this same occasion, Castner went on snowshoes some distance up the margin of the Yale Glacier, which may perhaps show that it was then less severely crevassed than in 1910 when traveling upon its surface was impossible. Today we take you inside Castner Glacier! Once awake we had to … I transitioned to day shift without sleep and we drove the Denali Highway, hiked to the Thayer Hut, and spent two nights enjoying the wonderful weather and amazing aurora. Others, I may have only a short time to spend on the ice. It may have been 1/2 mile before but the glacier has since receded and it is now just barely over one mile to the caves. As I hopped and wound my way over and around boulders and scrub brush along in the general direction of the river, shrubs became shorter and shorter until they ceased to be seen. Castner Glacier Ice Cave Exploring. Steven Miley Photography: Castner Ice Cave In Winter Was Amazing! Armed Forces Resorts US Family and … In addition to running photo operations alongside MICA guides, I had resolved to explore as many other glaciers as I could possibly get to that summer – I’m aiming to walk on and photograph as many as I can in the increasingly bleak and shortening existence they are destined to. The large ice chunks in front of the ice cave have completely melted in the 08/24 photo. It’s hard telling what parts of the maps were revised when, but I suspect that the boundaries of what classified as a glacier in either of those decades may have changed somewhat in the last 35-65 years. Like Castner Glacier, you can spend all day roaming around the moraine looking for interesting features like caves, meltwater canyons, glacial lakes, and more, or you can press up the glacier as far as you desire. Photographer Sebastian Saarloos wrote of his astonishing July 2011 photo, "After traversing up a glacier moraine for what seems like an eternity, and going up over 2,400 feet of vertical gain, you finally reach a point where one glacier turns into three. Eleven members of the Alaska Alpine Club, led by Buck Wilson and me, used their spring vacation from March 23 to 26 to make the first ascent of Old Snowy (9700 feet) in the Castner Glacier area of the eastern Alaska Range. Avoiding likely moulon areas, go up the ice tongue until you reach the intersection of the 3 branches of the Castner Glacier. Like!! The ice cave at the front of the glacier may not be … I carried a bit of hope that I could hike to at least one on this early recon mission, but I didn’t want to be too disappointed if time wouldn’t allow, and anyway, most glaciers would probably still be covered with snow at that point. There were two caves that I explored with Ross, each were double ended; you could enter through the front and exit in the back. Either way, the idea of seeing another glacier always excites me and the experiences stay in my memories like few other things in life will. Continuing on, I finally crossed the valley to the south to find a massive slope, the steep angle keeping the majority of the moraine from sticking in place, and the extra sun exposure on that side ensured that it received more heat, furthering the effect of differential melting to cut away the slope.
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