The dispenser switches send voltage to the dispenser. Profile models 24 & 27 with refreshment center and electronic dispenser (132 pages) Refrigerator GE TFX27E Use And Care Manual With ice & chilled water dispenser (24 pages) Water and ice does not dispense or drop from the fridge dispenser. Email. When that unit went bad as well they offered to fix it or give me around $700/800 to put toward another refrigerator //s.eVar15 = ""; The water inlet valve requires a minimum of 20 psi to function properly. it is flashing hrs in custom cool window. I know this View Model Specs. If the refrigerator water dispenser is not working, the door switch might be defective. First, rule out that the water inlet valve Part Number: WR57X10032 (the one in the back of the refrigerator, behind the service panel) is the problem. Step by step instructions on how to replace a Dispenser Lever for General Electric GSL25JFPABS Not dispensing water #AP3192458 for Refrigerator made by GE. If the water inlet valve does not have continuity, replace it. GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser Too Slow? The manufacturer recommends changing it every 6 months but realistically I get around to it every year or two. no pressure) then you might want to recall the last time you changed your water filter. Have a GE Refrigerator question? So, you do what everyone does and place a cup under the dispenser spout to catch the water. We carry more than 4 million parts from over 175 major brands, so chances are, we've got the part you need. // Image call From Mold. It is a GE Profile refrigerator. Find the information you are looking for in videos, faqs, tips, and more. I am assuming that the motor should turn the auger. If the doors were removed during installation, be sure that the door wiring harness is plugged in. The water dispenser works fine, but the ice maker quit working yesterday. Close the freezer door and turn on the dispenser to see if water squirts out the water line. French door refrigerator dispenser not working. To determine if the door switch is defective, use a multimeter to test it for continuity. My GE refrigerator is a side by side, circa 2007, and water collects in the bottom of the water/ice dispenser tray.

If a dispenser switch does not have continuity, replace it.The door switch turns off the ice and water dispenser when the refrigerator door is open. Remove the control panel cover and verify that the actuator contacts the dispenser switch properly and if not, check the actuator housing bracket, switch mounting bracket and the actuator pivot itself. GE Refrigerator water dispenser intermittently working [ 229 Answers ] I have a GE side-by-side refrigerator with a ice maker and water dispenser. Email To determine if the water supply tube is frozen, disconnect the tube at the bottom of the door and blow air through it. Profile GXCF35GBS water dispenser pdf manual download. ice & water dispensers are … It literally overflows and runs down the front of the door. If this is a bottom freezer model with an RPWFE filter: Refrigerator – RPWFE Operation and Troubleshooting Shop Water Filters - Purchase a GE Appliance part online Air may be trapped in the water system after replacing the filter. It … There are two basic styles of ice dispensers on GE refrigerators: one was on GE side-by-side refrigerators made before 2002 (old style) and the other is on electronic side-by-side GE refrigerators made after 2002 (new style). Download a copy of your Installation Instructions, Refrigerator – RPWFE Operation and Troubleshooting, Shop Water Filters - Purchase a GE Appliance part online. Return any part for 365 days. Replace the water valve that feeds water to the ice maker and water dispenser if it no longer controls the flow of water… I’m seeing the same issue start again. How to Replace Dispenser Lever for General Electric GSL25JFPABS Not dispensing water #AP3192458. View a short video about troubleshooting water dispenser issues. Use our DIY troubleshooting & videos. Note: On GE SmartWater filter models, a clogged or partially clogged filter will result in no water or slow running water from dispenser. GE Profile French Door by: Anonymous I agree with the other person on this list DON’T BUY a GE product. The valve requires at least 20psi to function properly. we have a ge profile side by side refrigerator with water & ice dispenser in the door. I have not checked power to the auger motor with a tester yet but will soon. To confirm a clogged filter, please remove the filter and install the supplied filter bypass plug in its place. Save more with Subscribe & Save. If it is not cleaned, then it can start to have an odor and taste when water … 1 – If your old refrigerator water filter worked and water flowed from the dispenser normally, but after installing a new water filter the water is only a trickle from the dispenser, try reinstalling the old filter to see if the cause of the issue is the new filter.. 2 – You may have bought a cheap aftermarket water filter.

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