The fort, now restored, was named for Lieutenant Caspar Collins, who was slain by Indians in 1865 while trying to rescue a stranded wagon train. He decided it would be best to banish Bretney and his Ohioans to Sweetwater Station to the west. Indians who had been hidden by the bluffs sprang forward in the northeast, east and south. With both revolvers drawn and the bridle reins in his teeth, the lieutenant fought until he was overpowered by the Indians and carried out of sight. During the conflicts that day, 26 soldiers, including Lt. Caspar Collins, were killed and nine or ten wounded. Hilty, clinging to his horse, and the other white men then made a mad dash back to Platte Bridge Station. The Oregon, Mormon Pioneer and California trails all cross Wyoming in the central and most popular corridor of the transcontinental migration of the 1840s, ’50s and ’60s. The Indians had burned some buildings at Rocky Ridge Station (near South Pass) and had left some scalped and mutilated bodies staked out here and there. Indian attacks intensified along major trails in 1865, following the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre in Colorado Territory in which 150 Cheyenne were killed after raising a flag of truce. Caper is nicknamed "The Oil City," as it has a long history of cowboy culture and local oil booms. Most fired from under the wagons,but four men inside one wagon did deadly execution through slits cut in the canvas cover. Fort Caspar is located just off Wyoming Boulevard on the west side of the city of Casper, Wyo. Casper, Wyoming: Approaching the Continental Divide By the time their covered wagon caravans reached this area, emigrants had been traveling the Oregon Trail for about two months. While Collins prepared to leave, Bretney, who had already fallen from Anderson’s grace, tried to reason with the major. The Museum relies on the donation of objects, photographs, and archival materials to help preserve and share Casper stories with visitors. Fortunate Farm is an inter-generational family farm that grows heirloom vegetables and flowers in the small town of Caspar in Mendocino County. It appears to have been done very well and all the rooms have been furnished just as if it were 1870s.A must see and only $3 Or $4 for entry. Turn left—north—and follow the Sussex Road, which turns to dirt after a few miles. But has some interesting fun facts about the city, and the whole Casper area. We have been South, where fighting is done, and we know how to do it.’ A string of profanity floated down to the Ohio men as they watched Custard and his wagons scale the dividing ridge. The fort is owned and operated by the City of Casper. Anderson apparently gave no order for a rear guard. ‘I know that, but there is danger of the Indians surrounding them and cutting them off,’ continued Bretney. The recently expanded Fort Caspar Museum offers permanent and touring exhibits highlighting regional history, and volunteer reenactors help visitors imagine military life on the frontier. With loud enthusiasm, they stormed out of the hills and sagebrush. For several days, mounted warriors had blocked their way back. is brought to you by Historynet LLC, the world's largest publisher of history magazines. Casper and nearby Attractions Ballau’s horse was shot from under him. Lieutenant Collins was killed. The sergeant had declined, saying the animals were too tired to continue that night. The Museum practiced Covid prevention, with the check in wearing masks and a very clean facility. Fort Caspar Academy (FCA) is a public school within the Natrona County School District (NCSD) in Casper, Wyoming. Follow Wyoming Highway 192 east for 19.2 miles. Werner Wildlife Museum (31) 4.7 mi. The wagon train fight, in which 20 soldiers had held off about 1,000 Indians for four hours, became known as the Battle of Red Buttes. After firing a volley, according to one account, the Indians with savage yells’seemed to spring out of the ground’ from all around. At 9:30 a.m., Anderson called an officer’s conference. The men dropped the wires and mounted their horses. Fort Caspar was established in 1858 as a military encampment known as the “Mormon Ferry Post”. The Cheyenne warriors called the Sioux warriors cowards for not taking the bridge, and the Sioux accused the Cheyenne of ‘friendly fire’ when they came down the hill after the retreating soldiers. The fort was abandoned in 1867, and the garrison moved to Fort Fetterman. From Interstate 25, take Exit 188 B and follow the signs. is a project of the University of Wyoming Anthropology Department and the state of Wyoming. It was too late; no one saw Nehring alive after that. There is a fort in the back which… For a drive along a remote, scenic route that closely follows more than 40 miles of the original Bozeman trail, take exit 254 from Interstate 25 at Kaycee, Wyo. ‘Are you a coward?’ the general interrupted. The Fort Caspar Museum is open daily in the summer. As soon as he arrived at the Platte Bridge Station, Bretney hurried to Major Anderson’s quarters. Bretney–last seen being escorted to Sweetwater by Sergeant Custard–and a detachment of 10 men of the 11th Ohio and Captain A. Smyth Lybe of the 6th U.S. Infantry had left Sweetwater for Fort Laramie, where they intended to draw pay for their companies. Another speared a soldier named Hilty, penetrating his lung, and then attempted to strike another soldier, McDougal. All agreed that the Indians would likely attack the wagon train as soon as it appeared. The Battle of Platte Bridge, like many other frontier events, had its roots in the westward migration. As they ran the gantlet toward the post, about 20 Indians tried to head them off. The Caspar, South Fork & Eastern Railroad provided transportation for the Caspar Lumber Company in Mendocino County, California.The railroad operated the first steam locomotive on the coast of Mendocino County in 1875. The furious 10-minute fight certainly would have resulted in far more casualties if not for the bridge and Bretney’s covering fire. Welcome to the home of the Fort Caspar Museum Association! Casper is a city in, and the county seat of, Natrona County, Wyoming, United States. From here the Great Plains stretch back to the east; to the west loom the Rocky Mountains and the Continental Divide. For years the North Platte Valley had been the domain of such Indian tribes as the Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapaho. In 1847, Brigham Young led the Mormons from Winter Quarters in present-day Nebraska to their new home in the Great Salt Lake Valley. Fort Caspar Museum Facts Sheet Facility and Park Rentals at Fort Caspar Museum Fort Caspar Museum has both indoor and outdoor spaces available for rent. This station was used as an overnight stage stop, where Richard Burton spent the night on August 16, 1860. As ordered, a Lieutenant Hubbard telegraphed Fort Laramie to report the action and then took K Company on a forced march to Platte Bridge Station. In 1841, a replacement structure, Fort John, was built using adobe bricks. Fort Caspar Museum Facts Sheet. All was excitement when Collins, Grimm and the others arrived at Platte Bridge Station about 4 p.m. on July 25. The Civil War had drained fighting power from the western outposts; the Indians had more freedom to harass emigrants and cut telegraph lines. Dec 28, 2014 - Explore Crystal Wilson's board "fort casper", followed by 743 people on Pinterest. In July 1865, the 11th Ohio Cavalry’s designated commander, Lieutenant Henry Clay Bretney, who had his headquarters at Platte Bridge Station, arranged for Lieutenant Collins, stationed at Sweetwater Station near Independence Rock, to take a detail of 10 men east to Fort Laramie to pick up remounts for Sweetwater. Earlier fur-trade, robe-trade and emigrant-supply forts that existed on the same site from 1834 to 1849 are less known and understood. A fort bearing his name (with the second ‘a’ left intact) has been restored and houses a museum. As the whooping Indians charged the wagon corral from the east, the soldiers grabbed their carbines and repulsed them, inflicting many casualties. They hailed the wagon train with great joy and invited them to join forces with them behind the breastwork of wagons they had set across a small peninsula. ‘Then report to your command without further delay.’, The general’s words must have stung young Caspar Collins. See all. What happened next is not certain. Sergeant Pennock, watching from the fort, later penned in his diary: ‘All this we could plainly see from the station, but we could do nothing for them….We could see the Indians in swarms charge down on our boys when they would roll volley after volley into them.’ Lieutenant Walker stated that the Indians scattered ‘like a flock of birds shot into.’, Seeing the futility of charging ahead, the Indians began to dig trenches with knives and tomahawks; they carried logs and rocks over to roll forward as a movable breastwork and fired their guns and arrows into the unprotected west side of the corral. George McDonald also died on the battlefield. For many months he had been helping to guard the overland routes. On July 26, a force of Cheyenne led by Roman Nose and Lakota Oglala Sioux led by Red Cloud, attacked an army unit that had left the fort to escort a small, incoming supply train. Park grounds include a replica Mormon Ferry as well as a “History Walk” with interpretive signs.
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