Georgina Kiely – Digital food editor, Stir well over a medium heat until combined well and boiling. Our last-minute loaf is beautifully moist, squidgy and has all the flavours of a cake that’s been maturing since November, no one needs to know. If you're after an easy Christmas cake recipe, you can't beat this one. Pumpkin spice lovers, rejoice! This recipe is a great option for a Christmas morning treat. If conventional Christmas cake leaves you cold this lighter gingery christmas cake is as far from stodge as it gets. But do you know how to make it? If you’re serving to kids as well, substitute the final drizzle of brandy for apple juice. You'll also notice, I added black treacle to enhance the flavours and make it an extra sweet mincemeat recipe … Dust with a snowy shower of icing sugar before slicing and serving with a cuppa. Our best ever Christmas cocktailsOur top Christmas dessertsChristmas cupcake recipes, What’s your favourite Christmas dessert? Ree's pumpkin sheet cake is full of holiday flavor and has a delicious cream cheese frosting on top. You can create this lip-smacking fruit cake with clever substitutes like chia seeds and coconut oil in place of eggs and butter. Mulled wine is great—mulled wine cake is even better. Stand 1 biscuit on its edge in the base of the pan. You might find that you enjoy baking a holiday cake just as much as making your go-to cookies! Citrus fans, this cake is for you! An easy Christmas cake recipe that turns out perfect every time. The bottom is coated in crushed peppermint pieces and the top has beautiful swirls of red and white buttercream. By Georgina Kiely – Digital food editor, After 2 hours, cover with paper if This impressive-looking pud uses a virtually all-in-one method so no need to stress over delicate mixing or a multi-step mess. The site may earn a commission on some products. Peppermint is perhaps the most iconic flavor of the Christmas season and this cake shows you exactly why. Grease and line a 21 - 22 cm / 8 - 9" round cake pan with … I’d always been a little intimidated when it came to making Christmas Cakes… This cake is a rich, dark, moist fruit cake, very flavorful at Christmas. The rich chocolate cake and vibrant pink cranberry buttercream are sure to impress. Learn how to make Christmas cake with our easy recipe. Forget months of feeding, these mouth-watering mini sponges can be plated up in just 25 minutes. If you’d rather not use alcohol, try tea, fruit juice or a flavoured syrup. The warm spices in this bundt cake make it a super cozy holiday dessert. End your holiday feast with coffee—in dessert form! 5 Crucial WordPress Plugins for Blogs & Businesses. This recipe for Christmas Cake Mix Cookies is super easy and so pretty with all of the red and green sprinkles. Here are five crucial plugins for blogs & businesses that can help busy bloggers and business owners make it with just basic WordPress knowledge . The mix of warming, aromatic spices go well with the fruit and makes for a marvellously moreish slice. Business Tiffany Harper-December 1, 2020 0. It's the most wonderful time of the year—especially if you love dessert! Try icing with almond paste for a more festive touch. Even if you’re not planning on getting ahead, this cake tastes just as delicious a day or two after baking. Below we have given the recipe for Italian panettone Christmas cake. Watch our video and learn how to ice a cake for a flawless finish. The beautiful garnish of fresh sage leaves and cranberries make this cake fit for a very special occasion. Use a fork to create the bark-like texture. More Nigella recipes Easy-Action Christmas Cake by Nigella. The tasty frosting and crunchy toffee bars on top make this three-layer cake a special treat. POPULAR POSTS. Ree's chocolate yule log cake will definitely be the star of the show—and it's not hard to make at all! Read more. Turn your favorite holiday cookie into a tasty cake with this recipe—it's sugar and spice and everything nice! By Georgina Kiely – Digital food editor,, Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice, Get ahead this festive season and make one of our easiest ever Christmas cakes. In this article, I will show you how I make this fruit cake from scratch. If you're looking to make an impressive Christmas cake, draw inspiration from holiday flavors and dishes you already know and love. Pour the eggs into the mixture and add a little milk. This cake is a great holiday dessert—or a special sweet for Christmas morning. Line and grease a 25cm (10 in) cake tin. Instead of one big cake, give everyone their own personal one! Spread 1 side of each biscuit with 2 tsp of whipped cream. Rub the margarine into the flour then add the sugar, spice, fruit and almonds. Our buttered rum Christmas cake is the ultimate crowd-pleaser and it only gets better as it keeps. The crowning glory of festive desserts, the Christmas cake is a must-have treat for December. Whether you fancy a filling slice of our fruity loaf cake or a bite-sized cupcake, we have a recipe for every occasion. Get even more baking inspiration with our favourite Christmas cupcakes. 813 shares. This unusual Christmas treat is fed with orange blossom water and orange juice for a slightly sweet, citrus flavour we can’t resist. Even people who don’t like Christmas cake will be going back for seconds. Some people call this cake an "Oxford lunch." People around the world are en… You'll love the streusel topping—and the sweet glaze, too. It's not Christmas without a little peppermint—or a lot! Recipe for Dundee Fruit Cake . The chocolate-pecan frosting will bring joy to all! This cake can also make a lovely wedding or Christmas cake if you decorate it with marzipan and icing. Definitely a show-stopper! If you love cookies around the holidays but want to serve them in a new way, give this recipe a try. Zesty lemon flavor shines bright in this simple cake. Grasshopper cake not only has one of the holiday's most iconic colors, but one of its best flavor combinations, too! You can make it in advance but it’s also delicious freshly made if you don’t have time. It's Christmas after all... Add a pop of red to your holiday table! This festive cake takes holiday decorations to a whole new level. Get the recipe at The View From Great Island. This is an extra-special take on German chocolate cake: It's topped with a beautiful chocolate ganache that drips down the sides. Christmas cookies are everywhere and so is the sweet scent of chocolate, peppermint, and gingerbread.You don't have to limit your Christmas dessert lineup to just cookies though: These best Christmas cake recipes are a great way to wow your family with something new and special—just look at Ree Drummond's yule log cake! You can feed it as you normally would with a spoonful of rum every week until the big day. They’re also fine to make ahead of time and freeze. The creator of the recipe tells the story that their mother—the original creator of this recipe—made the bizcocho with a boxed cake mix due to their modest upbringing. Bake for 2½-3 hours approx. Leave this for around half an hour to cool. We have quick fixes you can bake up at short notice, that are still filled with all the flavours of the season. Get some inspiration for fun Christmas cake decoration ideas. Decorate with rosemary and serve. This decadent red velvet cake has a sweet cheesecake-like swirl in the middle. This marvelous layer cake is merry and bright in every way. A generous glug of ginger wine turns this traditional bake into a light and spicy treat that’s perfect for teatime. A traditional coconut cake is great for all sorts of holiday occasions. For an extra sweet touch, drizzle some salted caramel on top. Slide the cake out, wrap securely with foil and store in a cake tin until Christmas. Preheat oven to 160°C / 320°F (140°C fan). Read more. Give the classic fruitcake a makeover with orange blossom and tropical mango for a mellow, fragrant slice. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, custard or a boozy cream for an extra dose of decadence. Leave a comment below…, Subscription offer: save 44% and receive a brand-new cookbook. This ultra-indulgent, full-flavoured cake has the perfect balance of sweetness, fresh citrus flavours and punchy liquor. So if you're planning on making your own cake this Christmas we have over 20 recipes to choose. Mix modern and traditional with our sparkly golden amaretti Christmas cake. This recipe is started in October or November so as to let it mellow before the holidays. Dress up this maple-pear upside-down cake with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream—or both! I wish that I had that old crock. Find Christmas cake recipes for your festive celebration. Chocolate and mint screams festive. This simple, all-in-one recipe makes the perfect fruit base for your festive treat.
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