Mating chases are common, with males chasing females until she is ready to accept one. Most of their diet includes seeds, grains, nuts, fruits, and sometimes roots. In those parts where the summers are hot, they may also estivate for periods of a few days. This gray cape may have a protective function, breaking up the animal’s body outline and making it more difficult for a predator to spot. Summary 3 The California ground squirrel (Otospermophilus beecheyi), is a common and easily observed ground squirrel of the western United States and the Baja California peninsula; it is common in Oregon and California and its range has relatively recently extended into Washington and northwestern Nevada.Formerly placed in Spermophilus, as Spermophilus beecheyi, it was reclassified … California ground squirrels are the only ground squirrels (other than chipmunks) found in Southwest Washington. In fact, their vision is thought to be about equivalent to a human’s. With their dexterous hands and sharp claws, these burrowing pests dig tunnels four to six feet deep and up to 30 feet in length. California ground squirrels are considered nongame mammals under the California Fish and Game Code. Pups start to emerge from burrows at around 8 weeks of age, and become weaned between 6-8 weeks. Information on purchasing licenses, permits, tags and other entitlements, can be found on CDFW’s Online License Site. They begin to burrow as early as 8 weeks and reach sexual maturity at one year or more. California ground squirrel definition is - a grizzled brown-and-gray burrowing squirrel (Citellus beecheyi) widely distributed in California and important as a vector of endemic plague and as a destructive pest on cultivated land. California Ground Squirrels Adult California ground squirrels (also called Beechey ground squirrels) have a mix of gray, light brown and dusky fur to give them a mottled appearance. They also play host to uninvited lodgers, including salamanders, western toads and amphibians. Nuts & Seeds: Acorns, Calif. black walnuts, grass seeds, seeds of elderberry, jimson weed, nightshade, tarweed, poison oak, mallow, poppies and more. Their eyes open at about 5 weeks, leave burrows at 5 to 8 weeks, are weaned at 6 to8 weeks. Otospermophius in Greek means seed-loving squirrel with prominent ears. We're here to help you plan your next hunting adventure. Their fur contains a mixture of gray, light brown and dusky hairs; the underside is lighter, buff or grayish yellow. It is also found in western Nevada and can be found north of the Columbia River in south central Washington and throughout western Oregon. Their underside is lighter with a combination of lighter browns, grays and white. They stay close to these burrows, usually straying no more than 150 feet (45 m) from its entrance. Females give birth to one litter per year consisting of 5 to 11 babies. In the colder parts of their range, California ground squirrels hibernate for several months, but in areas where winters have no snow, most squirrels are active year-round. February to April, and during the summer months, California Ground Squirrels are above ground for long periods each day. They often spend their time feeding, sunning, dust-bathing, and grooming. The coloration of the young is slightly lighter than the adults and they start to molt at about 8 weeks of age. The California ground squirrel can invade and colonize residential areas that have open grassy areas, sometimes causing … In the colder parts of their range, California ground squirrels hibernate for several months, but in areas where winters have no snow, most squirrels are active year round. As the snake glides past a mother squirrel, she stands stock-still to avoid revealing the location of her young. The California ground squirrel is diurnal, which means it is most active in the daytime. California ground squirrels are social creatures that live in burrows which they excavate themselves. Snakes – other rattlesnakes, gopher snakes, possibly other large snakes, California ground squirrel, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, California Ground Squirrels, Otospermophilus beecheyi;, California Ground Squirrel, Spermophilus beecheyi; NatureWorks, New Hampshire Public Television, Durham, NH 03824, Secrets of the Oak Woodlands – Plants & Animals Among California’s Oaks by Kate Marianchild, Thank you to our Business Sponsors who support the protection of the Ojai Valley », Content © 2020 OVLC. During foraging, they use cheek pouches to collect more food than they could eat in one sitting and store food to consume it later. There are no major threats to California ground squirrels at present. Although they readily become tame in areas used by humans, and quickly learn to take food left or offered by picnickers, they spend most of their time within 25 m (82 ft) of their burrow and rarely go further than 50 m (160 ft) from it. The lifespan of a squirrel can vary drastically due to their vulnerability to predators and high mortality rates for squirrels one year or younger.
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