The Commanders and Elites expansions effectively unlocked the psychic phase for just about every faction that has psykers, except you. Grauss... is the most difficult of all. Maybe when the full Sisters release comes out in 2020. +1 leadership is never bad, but between the SM's already high leadership and the And They Shall Know No Fear special rule, it may not be very useful. These are the poster boys for 40k. TLDR: Reim is the more precise sniper, and can actually move around the map, but the arquebus is better at everything else. Little Aximillion is a melee only unit, but not a very good one. Only one Repentia per squad is not very effective, considering it needs all of the support of the Simulacrum Imperialis to arrive safely to melee. However, the necrons do have the advantage due to slightly better weapon variety and reanimation protocols. Adeptus Mechanicus kill teams scour the galaxy for information and lost archaeotech, exterminating any they deem tech-heretics. $34.00. There is basically no difference between the "Infantry Squad" Guardsman and this one, save a change in keyword, and that leader specialization isn't limited to specific models from this unit. Nope. Inside of twelve inches, they will kill any heavy infantry and inside of 8 inches they will kill you, your family and your dog. 3CP. Small model count makes teams quick and easy to build and manage. Don't forget about your grenades either. The Default Guard List, 10 Models, 100pts. When they die you can recycle the parts: Adeptus Mechanicus in Kill Team. DeathWatch will work in a similar way, but with access to extra weapons and with less bodies around. For 1CP this was awesome as this faction does not have a medic. Make one a sniper and always overcharge it, overcharge the others if you have spare CPs. Concussion grenades are fantastic pieces of work, with a D3 attacks and extra 1 to the strength and damage if the target is within 1" of a terrain feature. Warhammer 40K Kill Team Elites Organized Play. Effectively a Psychic Cloud of Flies. This will force their Kill Team to Break, and then it's just a case of wandering around slaying shaken models indiscriminately. The model also gains a hot-shot laspistol for free with its vox-caster and has the option of keeping or ditching its hot-shot lasgun. However, if your list consists of only Scions, you do get the Militarum Tempestus doctrine. However, your defence is far weaker than theirs, so if they charge first you can take some serious damage, and they can whittle you down in the shooting phase as well. Low unit teams might find themselves picked up one by one while the Triumvirate heal themselves, so be careful and play smart. While that's a barely below average number of special/heavy guns compared to what other Kill-Teams can field, your squad members are expensive enough that it'll be hard to hide the weapon bearers behind other teammates, and you'll find yourself outnumbered more often than not. Pistols: Remember everyone in your Kill Team (except combi-weapons sergeants) has a Pistol, which can save your ass in combat, as not all enemies have one and shooting happens before melee. Elucia Vhane, the commander of the team and the Rogue Trader that leads the expedition, is a very good unit. Reason: separate pages have been made for Imperium, Chaos, and Xenos factions, this one is now redundant Despite there being obvious ways to implement them. When you add a model to your command roster, you can assign it a regiment. After this however, the modifiers will apply, meaning that if you have 2 marines already out of action your other marines will fail their Nerve test on a 6, without their ability granting them a re-roll. It feels like it was a rushed afterthought, and while it's understandable they are focusing on the main 40k game first, it's rather infuriating to see the poor sisters limited in such a way. Free shipping for many products! After a charge, she's likely the deadliest model you have on the field. He's also got a power fist and an assault cannon to guarantee he's gonna be in a fight. 3 Flagellants and a Repentia are bound to get something in eventually. While the d3 damage in melee is nice, you are hindered by 1 attack on most models so watch out. On top of that, 'Prime Reanimation protocols' needs clearer wording, since as it is, it could potentially block the activation of the reanimation protocol special rule. A melee AdMech list will run into the problem of having low unit count, considering the price of the Sicarians, W2 is not a safe number when having only S3. HQ; Elites; Dedicated Transports; Troops; Fast Attack Especially with its piddly range. The real reason you want a regular SoB going around is the Simulacrum Imperialis, a relic that gives all units all SISTERS at 6" from it 5++. You need to have a list in your rooster to appropriately deal with every type of opponent you might encounter. No ranged threats to anything other than guard chaff. Pretty much the only viable possible team. Something more grunt and mercenary like? If the enemy doesn't advance, they'll spend 2-3 turns in the present state of affairs before they can close to "12 since their weapons are almost exclusively rapid fire not assault and therefore they'll be less inclined to advance. Nope. For When Commanders Cost Points You'll want to use a heavy scion with an accuracy buff to attempt a decisive shot snipe on their gunners before they can make their points back with their splinter cannons. However, Harly's have one advantage that we haven't covered yet, which is that keeping your leader out of harms way behind solid walls doesn't do anything. The Superior with melta will be needd for those cases that need extra AP, and combined with the Comms, it will actually wound most of the time. Moreover as AM, you only have one weapon which outranges your enemy. Have fun with that. Against MEQs you might want to drop that Arquebus. Kill Team Elites is up for pre-order, and we’ve got a look at the new Adeptus Custodes faction in it. Infiltrator (Combat) w/ Taser goad and Flechette blaster; 15 pts. The Daemonhunters can just go through Sororitas to recreate the. The Librarian lets you pull off some interesting stuff when you when you combine Might of Heroes and Veil of Time. The obvious problem with this is if you and your opponent are taking turns shooting, the odds are on his side- you need two rounds of shooting to take him out, he only needs one to take two of your models out. They can definitely deal with the enemy, but the point here is that you have to actually think in order to do it. Keep yourself hidden from the heavy and you'll be good. Tau could use markerlights to deal with it, though for once the blueberries will be outranged in this endeavour. Here are a couple of recommendations for other teams to put into practise this: Example teams for regular points values - 100pt&125pt in Core/Elites and Arena here. Useless in games with no commanders, but pretty useful if you get her. Even without plasma, the tactic can still be useful for holding a line. Can be built from a single Kill Team box), Watch Sergeant with Combi-Plasma and Grenades. I was just wondering about these guys, and what people thought. May 14, 2019 emptyseven Leave a comment Adeptus mechanicus can bring up to 6 assault 2 plasma and this can prove to be quite deadly in kill team due to the following. Swap out Special Weapons as appropriate to the mission & opponent. Markerlights are scary, but, that's only until you realise that the markerlight itself still has to hit. Now obviously without a Commander option yourself, you can only participate in Commander missions where commanders are optional or where only one side. The most frequent psykers in KT are Thousand Sons' Rubrics, and they are not going to reliably fall for a S4 AP0 gun. Archeotech Device: Once per battle, at the end of the Movement phase , this model can activate an ancient archeotech device. That will give everyone a decent 5++, allowing you to move relatively safe. Your low model count and relatively slow movement will likely see your 2-3 man squad being outmaneuvered. However, Astartes can easily adapt to this by fielding specialist units, as they are one-man army knives. If you can afford it, grab 1/2 damage and an extra T - the first gives him more room to regen and the second does a lot to stop him from needing to. Vanguard Gunner (Heavy) w/ Plasma; 13 pts. It's not unreasonable for one Plasma to take out a 38point Terminator in a single round. Terrain use is key, as is using the Balistus's Concussion Grenades if you're taking an Allarus. In summary this is potentially one of your most difficult matchups. In a Commanders game, you'll be able to take a shield-captain as well, to give your guys rerolls to hit! Plasma. They also have no psykers or psychic defense, not in vanilla KT, not in Elites, so they will be victim to smite and other mortal wounds caused by them. Plus, it can only make 2 damages for shot at the very best (regular attack plus the 6+ mortal wound), meaning some tankier units can brush its attacks off if they so wish. That increases the toughness and survivability of all your models a lot. But even without looking at the list, most SM units share a 3+ save, so anything that could reliably lower that is a safe bet. This is a team mostly composed of retainers, so they will pretty much always have at least six specialists. Any breed you may want. But the Arquebus will be most likely sat on the back lines, and its range means nowhere is safe from the risk. Notably, this doesn't actually require an Auspex. And if you're paying 4pts for a sword, you want to put it to use. In exchange, the Vanguard has the radiation effect of T-1 when close, and the Ranger/Vanguard unit compensate this with much better weapon choices: Plasma Calibers are great Assault 2 weapons, and the Transuranic Arquebus can just stay in the background sniping any enemy that might need a mortal wound or D3 damage. Says GK model, not friendly model. 4 Plasma, 2 Omnispex and 3 Sicarian MEC Killer, Deploy into two groups of Two Plasma + Omnispex. Vanilla vanguards are better spamming attacks, while the rangers are better with the specialisms. The problem comes with the inability of shooting after moving, meaning if you want to use it, it will be a sitting duck. Interestingly nothing prevents you from targetting those 2 additional models when using it against a charging opponent, making it one of the rare methods to sequence break attacks. These are also one of the few units you might want spend CP on to hit your overwatch on 5-6's. Guess the 42nd Millenium is a hard time even for them... First, let's start for the basic units. Beating them in melee is difficult, but teams like the harlequins, Death Guard and (obviously) the Custodes have good chances against them. That means a Mechanicus Kill-Team is going to be a very tight-knit, elite, tactical affair. You're paying 5pts for a single shot weapon that has a flat 50% chance to do nothing, on top of the 50% chance to fail the injury roll. 1 year ago. Meh, too expensive. They are Auxilla, so do not qualify for Regimental Doctrines. Given that the bolter half features a flat face for the melta half to be glued to, it wouldn't take much to replace it with a cut down plasma or flamer barrel. Just don't push your luck and don't send them alone. What units do you plan to get for kill team elites? Mixed teams are mixed. The extra leadership comes from their L7 and the chance of boosting it for an extra +1LD if close 6" of Elucia Vhane. SotA can have their Psyker attack them quite reliably, Smite is activated at 5+, so SoB will only be able to stop the barely successful ones. Basically useless. Since it is impossible for the enemy to roll above an effective 5 no matter what configuration they're in under these circumstances, they're not particularly threatening. Grenades: You're not in 40K anymore, Kill Team's game mechanics make using a grenade a risky endeavour. Plasma spam is more likely to be moving forward giving chance to take them out. The SoB list has two commanders: the Canoness and the Repentia Superior. Consider your options if you start being denied your special abilities due to units becoming shaken, but don't let it stop you from making the best plays you can. Few models in kill team have the power to make that many shots in one turn. This thread is archived. Sniper rifles. Models that both shoot and fight good are expensive, and they can't do both in the same turn. (20pts), Veteran Gunner with Frag Cannon and Grenades. If for whatever reason there's 500 bucks worth of assorted terrain in your killzone, good luck. Though if you want plasma, you could always take the combi-flamer and the plasma pistol, thus having the option for extra AP and the dissuasive power of the flamer. Otherwise, the SoB will go full KFC on them. If you try to take a decisive shot, even if you've got a volley gun hitting on 2's, you're still left with a coinflip as to whether your target will actually die if they're in cover. If you've got GECs/hordes and they bring plasma/sniper spam or Sicarians, then take the numbers and spread out and spray with as many attacks as you can. The cost of each individual unit is so high that in a 100 point game there is no space for any specialisms or even a fire team, you have to choose either 3 guards or one guard and one terminator, and a rank 4 commander with a sword and shield will set you back by 200 points. Asking how to optimize space marine teams is an interesting proposition, considering how many possibilities this team has. Thats pretty cool, I suppose they have a built in defib, The stimm shot is the priest zapping energy into their cyborg fellows. They're terrible, but if you get caught out, any attack is better than nothing. As with their traitorous kin, Adeptus Astartes kill teams are set to benefit from a range of Chapter Tactics that add a powerful narrative-driven ability. You are too frail to survive to an eviscerator or the flails, so you better hope the 4++ of the player works. Your safety distance in a given movement phase is 9 inches. Furthermore, dealing a Flesh Wound in the shooting phase increases the chances of landing a true kill in melee. Elites is not an essential purchase unless you want to add these … SoS are strong in melee and against melee, but don't get complacent because you're half a board away, Be aware that poxwalker spam is not recommended here, the SoB will go through them like butter. The clincher here, however, is that on a wound roll of 6 your damage is upped to 3 (courtesy of the claws) and turned into MORTAL wounds (courtesy of the level 3 melee ability). Intercessor sergeant with power sword, 18 pts, Tactical gunner with heavy bolter, 16 pts, Intercessor sergeant with power sword, 18 pts (Combat), Reiver sergeant with grapnel and grav-chute, 19 pts (Leader), Intercessor Gunner with auspex and Aux grenade launcher, 17 pts (Comms), Intercessor Gunner with Stalker bolt rifle and Aux grenade launcher, 17 pts (Sniper), Intercessor Sergeant with power sword, 18 pts (Leader), Intercessor Gunner with grenade launcher, 16 pts (Demolitions), Tactical Gunner with plasma gun, 16 pts (Sniper/Medic), Scout Gunner with heavy bolter, 14 pts (Heavy), Tactical Sergeant with combi-melta, 16 pts, Reiver Sergeant with grapnel and grav-chute, 19 pts, Scout Gunner with launcher and camo cloak, 18 pts, Primaris Librarian, all commander traits, level 4 (Psyker), Intercessor Sergeant with power sword, 18 pts (Leader, Reiver Sergeant with grapnel and grav chute, 19 pts (Combat), Intercessor with auspex and stalker bolt rifle, 16 pts (Comms), Reiver with grapnel and grav chute, 18 pts, Tactical Gunner with heavy bolter, 16 pts, Scout Sergeant with sniper and camo cloak, 13 pts, Scout Gunner with missile launcher and camo cloak, 18 pts. We don’t do that around here. With only 5 guys, a loss removes 1/5 of the damage they can do, and they are broken after the loss of only three wounds. The AdMech's Archebus, SM' Rocket Launcher, AM's Sniper Rifle... You could also try to kill all the units outside of Grauss' forcefield. There's no real reason not to take the perfect list. Combat specialist. It's also possible to use as a rapid assault unit thanks to its teleporting stratagem. Then, the Repentia and the Flagellants will move in and charge everyone. Teams with higher unit count will be able to do this right, especially AdMech, Tau, IG... A full ork burna list will get the Triumvirate sooner or later, and be rather effective against the charging assassin. Should the enemy be in cover, you have about a 60% chance of inflicting a flesh wound, which means basically nothing for Astarte shooting. Perfect for short range combat, but with no invuilnerable save, it's very easy to take down. She's there to keep the gunner and Grauss in top shape. 2-3 units on him should be enough to deal with him in one go, and after that you could just consolidate on the rest. If you lose the initiative,. You can always look for the actual model from the Rogue Trader box, but GW has released a decent amount of dog models over the years. Because the mortal wound ability doesn't specify an. The only thing to watch out for is victory points - this guy is one of the costliest models in the game, beaten only by the Tyranid Broodlord and GSC Patriarch (and those only by 1 point!). An article by novembermike Kill Team Tactics December 5, 2019 0. The core of this strategy is based around two elements. Do you spend too much time browsing reddit? Keep both out of view from flamers. The Adeptus Custodes are the literal golden boys of the Imperium, and now you can field like three of them in your games of Kill Team, thanks to Elites.
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