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Shelley a bit more subtle than Herrick

by Percy Bysshe Shelley for AQA English Literature GCSE

Canada Goose Parka Ah, my favourite canada goose outlet los angeles love poem of all A lot canada goose outlet canada to do with watchingTwin Peaksas a 17 year old, I think, and less to do with poetry as such. Still, thanks to David Lynch, I became a big fan of Percy Bysshe Shelley. Forget Shakespeare with his wordplay and his rule breaking and his clever twists. The simplicity of this poem is what makes it just so very beautiful, if you ask me. Rustic country living is always a contrast with the artificiality and corruption of city life, and one that even the Greeks picked up on over two thousand years ago. Canada Goose Parka

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They just going to sit canada goose outlet online uk around and appreciate nature. He make her clothes, a bed of rose petals. And then he finishes with

In between Marlowe and Shelley, there a good degree of frustration from some poets who are also trying out the same lines. Let look at nature. Isn nature lovely? Why don you and me get busy? It only natural Herrick wrote a similar kind of poem canada goose jacket uk in the Seventeenth Century,To The Virgins, Make Much Of Timewhose basic premise is that all those lovely pretty flowers canada goose coats uk in nature fade, just as your beauty and your life will, and once you past your prime, well, nobody will want you. Nice. Get busy whilst you still pretty. One day you be old and ugly and nobody will want you. I exaggerate a little, of course, but that the essence of his view.

canada goose store John Donne tries it inThe Flea as well. He takes the idea that people used to think your blood mixed with the other person when you had sex and he uses the idea that a flea whose bitten both his love and himself, well, both of their bloods are mingled in that so they might as well get busy. It great if we immortal. But we not immortal. You soon be ugly, and canada goose factory outlet then you be dead, and your virginity won mean much to the worms in your grave. So let get busy while we still young and beautiful. canada goose store

canada goose coats on sale Seductive, these poets. Not particularly smooth, but full marks for trying. Shelley a bit more subtle than Herrick, Donne or Marvell, which is why I like it. Cheesy, perhaps, but all he wants is a kiss. None of this tick, tick, love your beauty isn going to last forever stuff. But he still picks up on the divineness of nature and all that is natural. He focuses on canada goose outlet buffalo the partnerships and kissings in nature. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance sale Let start with the form. It just a vehicle for his content. The rhyme scheme is neat, if not exactly perfect, with and forming an imperfect echo. Some of the rhymes are feminine (where the word has two or syllables and the last is unstressed, like RIVer and EVer, Ocean and eMOtion, SINgle) In fact, in the first stanza, only diVINE and THINE are masculine rhymes, finishing with a stressed canada goose outlet las vegas syllable. The rhyme scheme gets progressively more masculine with EARTH SEA WORTH ME towards the end. It seems a little softer and a little more playful to me, becoming more determined towards the end. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose online In terms of syllables and metre, those lines which become more masculine in rhyme also become more even, syllabically. The final four lines are very even, canada goose stockists uk although the last line is only five syllables to finish. The other three have seven syllables. The all finish on a stressed syllable, they fall in to iambic metre the SUNlight CLASPS the EARTH / AND the MOONbeams KISS the SEA / WHAT is ALLthis canada goose outlet website legit SWEET workWORTH/ I still undecided about where the stresses should go in the final line. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Jackets I think I like the thirdversion with the stress on and It goes best with line 8 which finishes the first verse:why not I with THINE?That said, it seems to work best with the stress on and Either way, the monosyllables in the final line also give it a more fervent pace, alongside the increasing masculine rhyme, the regularity of the seven seven seven syllables and iambic rhythm. It becomes driven and more determined by the end of the canada goose outlet usa poem. Canada Goose Jackets

canadian goose jacket Like other poems in the anthology, this poem is a one sided monologue where the reader is put into the place of the lover. As such we are voyeurs, taking the silent place in a relationship. As to whom the poem is addressed, we can only speculate. It sounds like a new lover, a lover yet to be convinced, canada goose uk site a lover yet to be kissed. This is the poem of a frustrated poet, someone pulling out big arguments as Donne and Marvell did to convince the object of their affections to submit. Thus, there is a freshness to this love just as we find in Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem. It also very natural in its https://www.canadagoosejacketsoutsale.com choice of images, just as Barrett canada goose vest outlet Browning is. Where she had trees, this poem has starts with a fact: fountains mingle with the river which then builds up through subsequent lines. I love that word though it is similar to the choices John Donne makes lexically (and who, coincidentally, wrote a poem with a line about Philosophy as the word suggests unity, a coming together and a oneness. Fountains become rivers become oceans and everything is one. It a word picked up in line three with seems to be something going on with the sounds of the words as well. Blame it on my Canadian English teacher at University, who only had to say and send me into joy. These are such soft words with the fricatives of the voiceless fricative of and their sibilant sisters in and Those and sounds give it a very breathy, soft feel which I just love. This gets really evident in the final lines of the poem as well, the sunlight clasps the earth/And the moonbeams kiss the sea all those soft s sounds. Ahhhh! Add that to the alliteration of heaven and you got more breathiness and more softness. canadian goose jacket

canada goose The first four lines of the poem set out the facts: the fountains (springs) run into the rivers which run into the oceans: everything is connected and everything is one. There a canada goose outlet authentic real sense of eternity here as well, the water, the winds, flow and movement. I read hundreds canada goose outlet online of times a year that something when writing about poetry in exams, and I hate that. It so generalised and meaningless. Here, though, it different. There really canada goose outlet in toronto IS a sense of flow, because the content fountains, rivers and oceans, the wind they are currents. canada goose outlet There a sense of natural movement and motion. I love the semi colon. It a balance, not so much a separation but a junction. It brings two separate sentences together. That just lovely the poem is brought together, balanced and equal just as he sees in nature, just as he wants with them. There a second semi colon in line 5 linking in the world is single; all things by a law divine in one spirit meet and mingle. so that the first seven lines all run into each other. Nothing stops them until they get to the question. The rhetorical question after all of this very logical, natural and beautiful argument indicates a kind of dialogue. It brings the reader into the poem once again and has a surprisingly personal quality. That why I like it. It not Shelley speaking: it is canada goose outlet england whomever I wish it to be. I think that why it become such a popular love poem. It could be from anyone to anyone. It not a shepherd (or Christopher Marlowe writing as if he were one) it not John Donne. It not Andrew Marvell and his Coy Mistress. That rhetorical question puts us right into the heart of the poem. The punctuation drives the verse like a conductor of an orchestra, linking everything in stanza two just as it was (practically) in stanza one. The colon is the crescendo, the build up. A colon marks out the springboard into an explanation, into the point: what IS all this for if you won kiss me? canada goose

canada goose deals It is as if, at this point, everything in the whole universe from the sun and the moon, the rivers and the oceans, the mountains and the sky, are conspiring together to build up to this one magnificent moment. How could anyone say no to such an argument for such a kiss? canada goose deals

canada goose black friday sale The second rhetorical question suggests that all canada goose outlet toronto factory of this is utterly pointless without the kiss. It reminds me of the moment inThe Great Gatsbywhere Gatsby kisses Daisy: canada goose black friday sale

At the end, we are left with a simple poem. It is not complex and crafted like that of Elizabeth Barrett Browning. It is not a mathematically complex sonnet with layers of meaning and dense imagery. This is what I like about it. The simplicity of it is almost more natural, more perfect. It builds up with the rhythm, the rhyme, the metre, the punctuation into a final question.

buy canada goose jacket cheap And what IS life and the universe all about if she doesn kiss him? buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose clearance Good one, Shelley. You got me thinking that the kiss was some kind of divine, heavenly, mystical, wonderful coming together, as natural as oceans and rivers and sunlight and moonbeams. Not just a man impatient for his lover to give him a bit of tongue. He elevates it into something quite magnificent, like goose outlet canada F Scott Fitzgerald does, like Shakespeare does with Romeo and Juliet. How could we doubt the sincerity of his argument? canada goose clearance

canada goose coats In terms of the anthology, this sits well with Elizabeth Barrett Browning (although you notice that I didn need two posts to write about this one and most of this one has just been raptures about the sheer, heavenly loveliness of how he takes a potential kiss and turns it into something that is as marvellous as a mountain) and there certainly lots you can say about how both use pace, images, form and language to give us a glimpse of their feelings canada goose coats.

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